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I feel like many of us creators feel the need to pursue our art with the idea of monetizing it to prove that it truly has value. But for me, the value has always been in the making, and how I get to be in communion with my full self and this creative energy. I can say or do anything in this space and know myself a little better at the end. I get to have an adventure, flesh out an idea, have a hard conversation, be frivolous, just CREATE. Yes, I have been paid for my art. Yes, it’s validating. But refusing the value of my creative process is trashing the idea of my own joy, and I refuse to do that! create creative creativeprocess inspiration joy write wriying writer writersofinstagram bigmagic elizabethgilbert love selflove art artist

PeekaBOO! This little guy brings sooooo much joy to our lives. We do silly things like poke his head around the corner mid cleaning and mundane chores or we dance like idiots for him while we cook. He’s very entertained by us but not as much as we are of him. joy whatbringsyoujoy nycfamily babygames whattoexpectcommunity wtemoms babyoftheyear sharetheeverymom thisismotherhood parenthood_moments

Forma tretman @studio_namaste beautiful beautifulday joy

THESE are the moments I am so grateful for 🙏.... ❤️ Being recovered I am able to be at my sons sports activities and enjoy them. He inspires me every day. ❤️ This was his first year of even playing or literally touching a football and he did amazing. ❤️ He went for it! Had faith that he would figure it out. Would make mistakes...have great moments along the way. ❤️ Those are the type of things that I try to show him is what life is all about. That it is OK to not know where or what is going on or how to do things. ❤️ The journey in finding out is how you grow. ❤️ His confidence has grown so much since August. He used to feel uneasy and unsure of what football entailed. But, by the end of the year he has moved into a great player at the line (Using his height of almost 5 feet 7 and just turned 11 years old!). ❤️ Next year is going to be awesome. ❤️ These moments I would have never even noticed while I was sick. Never have had the chance to appreciate all that goes on in every day life as a mom. This is another reason I am so blessed to be where I am. Xoxo ❤️ Everyone is worthy of having these types of moments 🦋 ❤️footballmom🏈 edrecovered recoveryisworthit journeytolife youareworthyofhappiness joy edawareness blessedmom mentalhealthawareness edrecoveryarmy edcoach hungryforhappiness inbodylove_coaching

You are in the world and the world is in you. Everything is connected. Being kind to the world is being kind to yourself. . .kindness wisdom compassion spirituality mindfulness dharma joy happiness

Things that bring great joy into my life: - Echo - Trails - Trail running with Echo Things that bring great joy into Echo's life: - Sticks - Turning branches into sticks - Tearing apart sticksbordercollieloverechoechothebordercollie trailstrailrunningjoy

I am lucky to live where my yard backs on to woods, and I thoroughly enjoy that view. But when the colors change, it’s always been shades of yellow. For nearly two decades I’ve yearned for a wider range of autumnal splendor. Then 3-4 years ago I planted a couple of maples. I have been in heaven every fall every since. ❤️ beautyjoyeasepeaceautumnyogameditationReikiKarunaReikiholyfirehealingrecoveryspiritualgrowthpersonaljourneywww.ronnitichenor.com

This Simchas Torah was epic beyond our dreams. We were packed with 100's of kids, teens, young adults and adults. Incredible spirit was felt, the joy was palpable and were sad this incredible chag is over. Huge thank you to our chosen Torah Mark Ronald and Choson Bereishis Avron Newstadt and their families for their incredible support. May their years be filled with blessings!!! honor joy blessing simcha dance unity community allages stages lchaim warmth connect Torah heritage

Last year on this day our little Maxi arrived and now he’s ONE !❤️🧸. Happy birthday 🎂 first piece of birthday cake. birthdayboy beautiful loved ourangel joy gratitude

Follow @definitely.not.a.memepage for daily memes! 🤪 feel free to DM me💕 Tag your friends! Memelord memesdaily memes meme lmaomemes lmao dank dankmeme dankmemes dankmemesdaily lol funny joke jokes laugh joy dark darkjoke darkmeme darkjokes jokes darkmemes antivax antivaxx antivaxmeme antivaxxmeme

Favorite song atm?✨ - song: dessert by dawin ft silento1milliondancestudio dessert

Follow @definitely.not.a.memepage for daily memes! 🤪 feel free to DM me💕 Tag your friends! Memelord memesdaily memes meme lmaomemes lmao dank dankmeme dankmemes dankmemesdaily lol funny joke jokes laugh joy dark darkjoke darkmeme darkjokes jokes darkmemes antivax antivaxx antivaxmeme antivaxxmeme

Look at those B A B I E S!!⁣ ⁣ Day 17 of the @adventhealth FeelWholeChallenge is to frame a photo that brings you joy...⁣ ⁣ Two weeks ago, Derek and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary and this has *always* been one of my favorite pictures from that day, so...DONE!! ✅ FeelingWhole ad ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣wedding husband wife anniversary happiness joy love

Repost @worldpercussionist (@get_repost) ・・・Repost @eurozambrano • • • • • Have you guys already tried to play any Brazilian rhythm with this particular drum set? Let me tell you drummer and percussionist friends that I really love it and enjoy a lot each opportunity to create some music with my @meinlpercussion instruments!!! Check it out and if you like it you can share the video!!! Thanks to my good friends @pablopadillamusic @oskarcartaya @fotosdesam @scottgerow and my lovely wife @gabrielacartulano for sharing yours beautiful talents to make this music. And also thanks @meinlpercussion and @germanbaratto for all your support always!!! Han tratado de tocar algún ritmo brasileño con este set de instrumentos??? A mis amigos bateristas y percusionistas les digo que me encantan estos instrumentos y disfruto mucho cada oportunidad que tengo de hacer música con mi equipo depercussion . Vean el vídeo y si les gusta los invito a compartirlo con quienes les guste la batería y la percusión. Gracias a todos mis amigos y a mi esposa gabrielacartulano quienes pusieron sus talentos para crear esta música y por supuesto gracias a mi compañía Meinl y a germanbaratto por su gran apoyo siempre!!! • • •Repost @meinlpercussion ・・・ Hey guys - we hope you are having a good start of your weekend. Today we have a new clip with MEINL percussionist Euro Zambrano on a very interesting set, we hope you like it and if you do, give it a 👍👍👍 @eurozambrano .percussion percussionista tambor groove forro merengue salsa rumba percussao percusso congas drums drummer music love worldpercussionist joy percussionist music samba pagode brazil tamborim

Christmas challenge: You can show an orphan he or she is special and loved this Christmas by giving an individualized gift. Go one step further this year by encouraging a friend to donate, too. ⠀ boazproject.org/OGB⠀ Tag a friend!⠀ 🎁⠀ 🎁⠀ 🎁⠀ OrphanGiftBank Orphan give getinvolved helporphans ogb Christmas2019 Christmas Christmastime orphans boazcares missions missionstrip joy christmasjoy boazproject

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”⠀ ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ 🙌⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ ⠀E3 HWC HarvestWorshipCentre wisdom blueprint faith Toronto Brampton Mississauga theSix Joy Gospel Church christ Pslams Jesus baptism Bible holyspirit God Peace repentance holyghost Love MentalHealth Deliverance Evangelism Evangelist HeISRisen LIFE

Happy 55th anniversary, Mom and Dad! You definitely set the bar high!! I love you! ♥️♥️♥️ . . . .anniversary marriedlife truelove happy joy unconditional celebration 55years 1964 special parents howsweetitis

不合群的點了鴨胸 好硬🤢 但一起聊天好開心🥰duckbreast restaurant taipei lunch wine friendsgathering joy bff dachi beeftounge wine seasonalfish

Create. Inspire. Imagine. Discover for yourself what @shoplunaas is all about. We bring you the universe with a touch of magic and a pinch of joy. Try it for yourself today. Order now. Link in bio 🌙💫🌕

I’m a open vessel for you Jesus. Use me and guide me into the man you want me to be lord. amen hallelujah jesus father love grace mercy joy holyspirit jesus God happiness bible church prayer praying helping help savior holygod

This could be you 💕 . . Step 1: join us for our weeklong trip to beautiful Bali April 18-25 . . Step 2: buy long flowing pink dress . . Step 3: smile, laugh, repeat . . Details in our bio for an amazing week of rest and resetting at @Soulshinebali. Video via @annalise_ltdyoga retreat rest bali joy baliswing travel wanderlust

What lights you up and energizes your momentum? _ The fire can come to propel us forward, transform, transmute, or release energies. It can also be a guiding light. Clarity is created by illuminating the light within. Your internal vision enhances your faith in your external pathways. Every moment invested in yourself builds you up and intern creates greater possibilities. Trust your process. _ eco top: @knitwitknits _poem creative writer ootd colombiana inspire model travelblog festival ecofashion bliss joy #gratitude synchronisty spirit meditation love poet crystal trust universe divinefeminine clarity presence glow

Today is a NewDay - Jesus calls us to be in community with our family of believers. To be there through ups & downs, in joy & in sorrow. Through it all we pray for one another. And so today we ask you: how can WE be praying for you? Please comment below or private message us if you have any specific prayer requests for this week. --------- This will be a recurring post so that we can check in with our ChurchFamily about new prayers and prayers that have been answered! Feel free to comment highs and lows below! + + +AuburnUMC Community Faith Prayer OfferNurtureServe Transform

Sending these baby sea turtles out into the world! The eggs are collected from the beaches and moved into a hachery to protect from poachers who will sell these eggs on the black market. Once they hatch, the babies are released en masse to the ocean! 8k baby sea turtles released this season from this hatchery in Esterillos Oeste. . . . .turtle seaturtle ocean love turtlerelease costarica puravida wildlifeconservation turtleconservation conservation tortugavida animals fauna climatechange travel wanderlust joy

Thank you to my incredible clients, family & friends 🌿 I absolutely love designing for you!!! My cooler is stocked full of Gorgeous Florals!! Protea. Roses. Eucalyptus. Button Mums. Alstroemeria's & More 🌿 For all your Floral Wishes, Call Kelle 250.801.9240 kelownafloraldesign flowerinstagram floraltherapykelowna protea designers styleinspo flowerdesign freshflorals iloveflowers instapics pics instagood treatyoself createdwithlove joy luxuryliving flowerartist flowershop ylw okanagan beautifulbc grateful enthusiastic entrepreneur dowhatyoulove lovewhatyoudo

◍ - - Súper hermosaaaAAA - - My angel [@hi_sseulgi ]💘 - - Sígueme para mas contenido꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱♡ @seulgi.reveluu ෆ - - Tag ꒰ignorar⛅꒱ ♡˖꒰ seulgi redvelvet redvelvetseulgi kangseulgi seulgikang kang seulgiedits wendyredvelvet Wendy ireneredvelvet yeriredvelvet joyredvelvet sm smtown sonwendy baejoohyun irene kimyerim yeri yerim joy parksooyoungrv

Let’s sing the chorus one more time: 🎤🎼🎹 You belong among the wildflowers You belong in a boat out at sea Sail away, kill off the hours You belong somewhere you feel free 🎼🎹🎤 tompetty wildflowers openfield flowers musicmakesmehappy flowersmakemehappy joy thingsisee gratitude

The good days ALWAYS outnumber the bad days. Please excuse the rough take, but I had a praise on my heart. grateful positivethinking thankful blessed love joy peace happiness ThankYouLord

Who are you? What type of life are you creating? Why? 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you don’t think about these and decide for yourself, someone else will decide for you. 👏🏼 And you’ll blindly step into the boxes created for you in an effort to keep everyone around you happy and meet all their expectations. And guess what? It’ll be no one’s fault but your own. Step up. Own you’re damn life already. Follow your gut. Make decisions based on YOU. Allow others to own their choices. Take nothing personally. And watch magic happen✨ 📸 @channnndlerj entrepreneur joy scottsdale arizona

Do you love this? YES or NO

This is baby Sarah’s Simple Joy when she stood there eating her bread while watching other kids play in the mini horse carousel.. we didn’t want to spend $ to let her play as she may be too young to appreciate.... When you are older then 姑姑 let you play okay! ongyylife babysarah princessofmultitude ongsiting play fun modelsg babysg happyness joy love laugh bread endorsement ambassador

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gabrielleunion and her daughter 😍 cuties

I promise this took me away ! I tell myself there is more Demetrius hold on baby god has so much more for u and I will live to see it ! @lexitelevision baby u just blessed my whole heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️ GOD IS THE ONLY REASON I AM HERE !! HE IS THE REASON FOR IT ALL faith havefaithingod THERE IS MORE AFTER HEARTBREAK! JUST HOLD ON !! NOW I SMILE AS I WATCH GOD MOVE MOUNTAINS FOR ME JOY

Be happy in the moment, that is enough. 💛 Crisp blue autumn sky + a brilliant yellow hue, Aspen trees are lovely this time of year 🍂. .yellowleaves aspen trees autumn co durango mountainside sunshine hike bluesky fall joy colorado nature glowing yellow lovely #🍂getoutside october feelslikefall happy leaves


If you have a way to view social media, I guarantee there are billions of people who have it worse than you

Dear hater’s I Couldn’t help but notice that ‘Awesome’ ends with ‘ME’ 🦊 and ‘Ugly’ starts with ‘U’🐒. Im the little foxy 👑................... fox gold lebanon sexy handsome beauty holidays marrakesh morocco jardinssp tan dubai alcohol cocktails zara addicted pool joy

Check out the full 9 min meditation on YouTube (link in bio). This is a great meditation for when you wake up in the morning or right before bed. All of us need a moment each day to center ourselves, connect, and find stillness. When you begin to feel stressed, turn your attention to your center to remind yourself that you have balance and control.yoga meditation wellness joy yogamen mendoyoga yogapose relaxation yogabody yogainspiration yogalove yogalife yogaeverydamnday mindfulness yogaflow yogajourney yogaguys healing realmendoyoga mindset health yogateacher asana strong iamjamezb

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