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Inktober Day 13- King Beleth He who commands 85 legions of demons and is a mighty and terrible king of Hell. Once a member of the Angelic Order of Powers (now fallen), Beleth is a useful Love Spell Spirit, and can enable the conjurer to gain the love of both men and women until they are satisfied. He appears in flames and is ferocious and is very angry when summoned, but must be treated with courtesy and without fear, less Beleth lose respect for the summoner. Apparently, a bottle of wine will help mellow his temper. . . . . . . . . . . . .jasminetwil jasminetwilsinktober2019 Inktober inktober2019 traditionalillustration magic spooky beleth kingofhell fallenangel ferocious flames cat feline penandink demon lesserkeyofsolomon  halloween artistsofinstagram  kingofcats love marianne illustration characterdesign demonologyhell summon cute illo goeticdemons

Literally just fuck off I was sleeping you ballbag. What do I need to get peace and quiet round here? Shit on you? However it did feel quite nice so please carry on thanksbosslife blackcat kingofcats oldboy catsofinstagram

Rusken's only got a couple of weeks to go before his fur is fully grown after he once again had to get shaved for the Summer. And once again, I'm determined to keep him from stuffing it up this time around, so we'll get to keep him furry all year around for once.. . . . . . .cat cutestcat catslife furbaby cute cuteness catstagram instacat catsofinstagram cutenessoverloaded catsofinsta catsofig petstagram instapet petsofinstagram cutenessoverload kingofcats catslove

Furriends, on this winstonwednesday I bring to you my most royal wednesdaywaddle yet! SOUND UP and catch my story for the full cinematic experience! 😹 All hail Prince Winston as he earns his rightful crown and begins his rule as the good king of kitties! 👑 . . If you too would like to become a waddlemodel use the hashtag wednesdaywaddle and notify my food furriend @whisk_n_ham for details! 😹 😹 whiskerswednesday winstonwednesdays catwalk topmeowdels modelli̇fe kingofcats catking cutecatsclub ilovemycat catslife tuxedofeatures tuxiesofinstagram

Kolejny post z moim kotem🐱🐱mjkotmjkociakkrlewiczkotekPestoPestumjprzyjacielkotphotophotographycatfriendmydriendkittenkingofcats

Sometimes the most productive thing to do is Relax thinking meditatingcat chillmode cat kingofcats photo photography instapost instagram meow k.a.photography23 @superhumanaj @kaylavargas86

Just so everyone knows, I’m still the king of the castle 😼👑🏰 zeus catsofinstagram kingofcats

Dad saying his finally goodbyes to Elektro.kingofcats rip you will be missed brother

Tomás king of cats cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world catscatscats king kingofcats

All hail king Finn! 👑

Feeling full on Panther!

RIP Elektro 🖤 kingofcats

Hello guys! 🐱 this is my second inktober work! He is a character I'm trying to create for a story, but it didn't turn out as I imagined him. That's why I didn't even draw a background for him. Sometimes it's really hard to put what's in my head on the paper 😖 do you struggle with it too? I haven't drawn everyday since forever, and inktober is giving me a chance to get back to what I like to do the most 😊. The last panel shows the materials I used for this, and it's basically what I'm going to use in every inktober work this year. I hope you guys like it! 🐈 . . . Oi galeris! 🐱 aqui está meu segundo trabalho para este inktober! Ele é um personagem que eu estou tentando criar para uma história, mas ele não ficou muito como eu imaginei, por isso eu nem fiz um fundo pra ele (tadin). Às vezes é bem difícil por no papel o q está na minha cabeça 😖 vocês tb penam com isso? Faz milênios q eu não desenho todos os dias, e o inktober está me dando a chance de voltar a fazer o que eu mais gosto 😊. A última foto mostra os materiais q usei nesse desenho, e é basicamente o q vou usar durante todo o inktober desse ano. Espero que gostem! 🐈


Repost von @dawbooks There are Fae living among us in San Francisco Seanan McGuires OCTOBER DAYE series is hands down my favourite book series ... Super happy that DAW Books decided to print a hardcover special edition to celebrate its 10th anniversary. It features an additional novella ... If you’re loving fairy creatures and urban fantasy please give yourself a treat and read these books. I swear I do love them as much as buffythevampireslayer Also: Can someone please make a tv show out of these, please? seananmcguire octoberdaye tobydaye faerie fae winterrose rosemaryandrue urbanfantasy mustread dawbooks oberon titania secrets fairytalenoir fairytale fairycreatures bookstagram tybalt amandine pixies luidaeg seawitch kingofcats curse sanfrancisco goldengatepark booklove

Still thinking about you.

Keeping Washington Street safe, Buddy remains King of Cats tabbycat rescuecat pestcontrol catsofinstagram catsofinstagram tabbys cat tigercat whodunit pride proud kingofcats mousepatrol

Vært på besøk hos Lothe i dag😊 er han ikke majestetisk og vakker?😍puspusekattlothepusmaincoonbergencatbeautifulhunterkingofcats

-Лёв!Посмотри на меня!❤ -Нет😾 -Ну,Лёв!!Ну посмотри!!🥺 -Нет!😾 -Лёв!Ну ты чего, обиделся? -😾😾😾 -Ну,Лёвушка🙏 -Нет😾😾 -Ну хоть одним глазком? -Я что,косой?😾🤦‍♂️ -Ладно..не смотри. Уходя,краем глаза убедилась,что посмотрел🤗 Обижен,но все еще любит🥰 #Леонард #Лёва #левочка👑 #мойцарь #обиженныйкотик #сибирскийкот Leo Leonard catking kingofcats siberiancatofinstagram siberiancatlover siberiancat beutysiberiancat offendedcat ilovemycats❤️ ilovecats catsinhome

It was sort of spiritual experience. I met Nimame in my dream the other night for the first time in a while. He was sleeping really like the 2nd pic, hide his face by his cute paws. (This pic wasn’t in my phone, just found out from piles of his pics after the dream) . When I saw him, I was just before falling asleep, in a between dream and reality. As soon as I saw him, I felt a mixture of emotions - no words of mine can tell you how complicated emotions they were - came rush like a wave with great force and after that I felt like all the cells in my body awake and activated, and my heart rate was elevated. And then I woke up and cried for no reasons. . That was 2 days ago and I’m still feeling a little differences. It’s like there is a gap between my physical body and the inside of me. (It’s really hard to tell you in any words) . After that dream, I could sleep incredibly well for the first time since I got insomnia. Thank you Nimame. . I feel him everyday, every moments but this was absolutely sensational experience.

The three stages of Sherman: *adore me *adore me *LET ME SLEEP catsofinstagram cats kingofcats kingofnaps

Tarachan just turned 4! 🎉🦁 . 今日はタラちゃんが4歳になりました〜!🎉 お誕生日フォトは、俺様な性格の象徴としてキングタラちゃんで👑🦁 ポカスカの怖い目付きが人気だったりするけど、本当は超美にゃんなんですよ😂 性格も我が家で1番面白い。オモチャで遊ぶ。何でも食べる。素直。愛すべき次男、また1年健康で楽しく過ごそうね😂🦁 .happybirthday catsofinstagram scottishfold kawaii bestmeow weeklyfluff catlover cat 9gag meowed ilovemycats like kingofcats king topcatphoto igersjp

Last day of 3,200+ mile, 13 day road trip north - LA to Portland and back. We were welcomed all the way by friends and family so graciously. I am deeply touched. BTW, I drove six of those miles cuz some people are born to ride and some people are born to ride. Love to all and thank you. ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏽 @jl_pato @cassapill @keelypack @keith_wilsonjr roadtrip morrobay lastleghome kingofcats fantasticrip mau tired

Леве тяжелее всего. Он же царь🤴 Я останавливаю его,когда он начинает шипеть на Босю. Но,иногда думаю,что,может,я не права🙄 Раз через раз надо позволять Леве проявлять свою царскую натуру?🤔 Он отказывается от еды. Переживала,что тоже заболел😱 Но мясо,тьфу-тьфу-тьфу,ест. Степа заболел,так даже мясо не ел☹ Думаю,стресс от чужака в доме. Один раз в день даю капли. Интересно,что не у всех от капель обильное слюнотечение. За Левой,Шелой приходится бегать по всей квартире с полотенцем🏃‍♀️ Сегодня я ухожу на работу. Выходные закончились. Как всегда,очень быстро😕 Боюсь оставлять надолго и Босю,потому что..не писал он еще😧 Мечется,плачет..в подьезд просится😥 Ну и кто знает,не подерут ли они друг друга в мое отсутствие?🙄 #левочка👑 #Левацарь #Леонард #царькотов #котцарь #главныйвдоме #котобормот #котикмой Leonard Leo mycat myking catking kingofcats cutecats_oftheworld cutecatking siberiankitten siberiancatlover siberiancat cutesiberiancat siberiancatofinstagram


This might just look like a cute tabby cat having a sleep.....but this is actually Tessa the Blue Heelers bed, Freddie frankly doesn’t care, he is kingfreddie and he will@sleep where the heck he likes teamfreddie myboy firstbornfluffy freddie kingofcats himatangibeach tessawho

Золотой Котя. Golden Cat. . . #золото #золотойкот gold goldencat #котя feliscatus #домашнийкот domesticcat #портреткота #пушнина catportrait #кот #котик #зверушка cat kingofcats catsagram catstagram kitten kitty pet animal catsofinstagram ilovemycat instagramcats lovecats lovekittens catlover instacat

Sitting on my throne, looking down on you, poor little humans... cat cats catlife catstagram chat chats catsofinstagram catslover cats_of_instagram gato gatto katze catseyes cats_of_world meow catslovers animals animaux gameofthrones got kingofcats

Jakobych ty uši neměl nikdy, když na mě Ela řve ať vypadnu z tej linky v kuchyni ☹️cat lui funnycat kingofcats cats

Martin decided he needed a throne 🤴gingercatsofinstagram catsofinstagram catthrone kingofcats bossofme

Waking up to this dreamboat every morning 💗 kingofcats keith on a sad note I am working overtime this weekend so still have three 9-5's left 😥 thinking of setting up a just giving page or becoming a social influencer instead 😄

He be king of the jungle ☝🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏽❣️📸 credit @bonebone29 kingofthejungle bigkitty kingofcats catsofinsta instacats instacats_meow catsoftheworld catsarecool

We are raising money to help save the Scottish wild cat! All net proceeds from our Scottish tiger hoodies and pins go to the Scottish royal zoological foundation! Maybe consider a pin or hoodie 🤗🖤! I am proud to announce we have raised over $5k for them so far! Big thanks to @gamegrumps for modeling and @Vanduobones for making the beautiful art!! scottland scottish scottishwildcat scottishwildcats highlandtiger highlandtigers kingofcats catsofinstagram gamegrumps

Jarvis - feline relaxed with the weekend in front of him!🐾

L is for Leopard... the true king of the cats 🐆 A to Z of animals coming soon portlandpaperco wallart atoz atozofanimals leopard leopardprint leopardspots bigcats animalworld kingofcats artprint wallart giclee

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