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Little miss Chips here is being adorable. Chips is going to be my next vet visit as she gets fixed in March and is still having a runny nose! 🤦‍♀️ . . We definitely don't want her spay surgery postponed AGAIN. . .barncatlady orphankittens fosterkittens kittensofinstagram kittens torbiekitten kittenrescue cutenessoverload cuteness cutekittens torbiesofinstagram torbies torbiewithwhite cuddlebug cuddlykitten fosterkitties adoptdontshop animalrescue spayandneuter spayneuter fixyourpets upperrespiratoryinfection vetvisit catladyproblems

It's caturday ! Start as you mean to go on, just like Niels. Help me save my mum's cats, Niels and his brother Tom, and bring them home to live with me after she had a stroke and was diagnosed with dementia. Learn more in the link in bio.catsofinstagramrescuecatsrescuecatsofinstagramkittenrescuerescuekittenferalcatsofinstagramcatsfordementiatabbycattabbycatsofinstagramadoptdontshop🐾dementiadementiaawarenessstrokestrokerecovery

Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre, in Bardu, Norway is the world's…Polar Park Arctic Wildlife Centre, in Bardu, Norway is the world's northernmost animal park and home to Norway's large predators. You might even get the chance to meet wolves and start a pack howl! 🇳🇴 🐺 Tag someone who would love to visit this place! Video by @annekasvenskaofficial . . . . .conservationist wildlifeconservation wildliferehab animalpolis igscwildlife planet_of_animals exclusive_animals animalsmood bns_animals animalfanatics ig_shotz_animal animal_sultans #wildlife naturephotography wildlifesanctuary wildlifetour wildlife_shots wildlife_india wildlife_perfection dog cats catofthedayusafreedomfor catrescue rescue animalslife kittenrescue kittens catsofinstagram

What is this? . . Love CATS? Follow @meowiness . . Don't want to miss new post? Turn on post notifications! . . Use meowiness to be featured! Tag 3 friends to win a shoutout!

Last chance to snatch up one of our gorgeous bachelors for only $100 (until the end of February) Where’s the tuxedo and black cat lovers???!!! . 💕Bob We’re not sure why Bobby was never asked out on a date in over 2 years 😢 He’s a beautiful tuxedo and has everything to offer you’re looking for in a cat. Easy-going, affectionate and gets along with anyone including small kids, other cats and dogs. Location: Kingsford, NSW Microchip: 900079000358493 Age: 2 years & 2 months Dating profile: https://www.facebook.com/1003931019661059/posts/2685001338220677?d=n&sfns=mo . . 💕Zappa Zappa is loving, affectionate, playful, and patient with kids. He also gets along with other cats and actually prefers to have company for a good wrestle session. He’s got the best black markings with his black goatie and could be the next Instagram star! Location: Cremorne NSW Microchip: 900079000271090 Age: 1 year and 1 month Dating profile: https://www.facebook.com/1003931019661059/posts/2681190375268440?d=n&sfns=mo . . 💕Bertie Bertie Beans is still looking for love. He’s a handsome, friendly, and confident tuxedo boy. He is very affectionate and will be all over you once you sit down on the lounge. Bertie is very energetic and loves to play and wrestle so we think he might even be a perfect fit for a household with a dog who can match his excitement. Age: 8 months Location: Drummoyne, NSW Microchip: 982126053883210 Dating profile: https://www.facebook.com/1003931019661059/posts/2715547675166043?d=n&sfns=mo . . 💕Maz And last, but not least our gorgeous black house panther Maz. Maz has an inquisitive side and loves to discover new things, but can be shy around people he doesn’t know. He absolutely adores the company of other cats and does need to live in a home with at least one other cat that he can be best friends with. Location: Bayview, NSW Microchip: 982126051307895 Age: 8 months

🐾 SATURDAY SNUGGLES 🐾 These two snugglers are ready to be adopted 💞 $200 for both, twice as much love 💓💓 Message us if you would like to give them their Happily Ever After 🥰 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆cat cats kitten kittens catrescue kittenrescue fostercat fosterkitten catsofig catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram kittensofig adoptdontshop adelaide southaustralia purrfectpawssa purrfectpawsrescue

Our gorgeous ginger fosters at the moment. Miles, Ellie and Garfield 🐱😍 cats catsofinstagram catstagram adoptdontshop adoptdontshop🐾 petadoption

Saturday off #kittenrescue miamicats catsofinstagram cat cat_on_instagram london🇬🇧 miamibeach

CCTV home unearthed kittenrescue miamicats catsofinstagram cat cat_on_instagram

Today is International cat day. How lucky I am to having you. Even when I find you, you are so malnutrition, Injured and sick and Feline immunodeficiency virus. 1.7 lbs to 9 lbs. I'm glad to see you are so healthy now. Every day I tell you thank you, and I love you so much. Also thank you get along amazing well with my rescue/foster dogs. I want you to healthy and happy life until old. ❤️❤️ . . .happydoggytails lifeofhope rescue rescuedog rescuecat dogsofinstagram puppiesofinstagram petsofinstagram animalsofinstagram internationacatday cat catlife catlove catoftheday kitten kittens_today kittenrescue kittenlife taiwan catday babycat babydog

MOWGLI “I could of died yesterday, I was put in a plastic bag and thrown into a bush 😭. Today, I have survived & I’m on top of the word ... I mean the window ledge”. kittenrescue mowgli littleguy

Accidentally interrupted a very cute cuddle mamacat

One of Milan’s sleep poses 😴

Preparing for caturday in 3! 2! 1!

Action shot 🎥 - ptooey ptooey

Quincy, Quigley & Quinn, 3 of my DCH Foster Kittens, are now on the DCH website: https://www.dchanimaladoptions.com.au/search.php?where=animals&what=Quigley+&category=incare&species=any&size=any&sex=any&age-min=any&age-max=anydchanimaladoptions dchanimaladoptionsnsw adoptdontshop kittenrescue

Look at that little tongue poking out 👅 😍

Follow @cats_of_loves Tag Someone below be featured 😻😻 🐾🐾 . . ~ double tap ❤❤ 👉Use cats_of_loves . +++ 👣Follow @cats_of_loves 👈 👣Follow @cats_of_loves 👈 👣Follow @cats_of_loves 👈 +++ 👍 Like - Comment - Save 💪 👤 All Credit to respective owners !+++.: From @prada.cat.queen: “This ! 😍😍😍😍😍 ~ : | 😍😍😍😍😍 😻😻😻😻😻 kittenrescue rescuekittens catloverclub kittenlady kittens_of_world kittenrp🌸 catstory catsofgram catshow catlover😻 kittensoftheworld cutecatkittens cats_features kittenspace kittensdaily supercatsgobritishkurzhaarbritishblueshorthair catplanet cutekittycat catfeaturefriendstopcatsclub meowdeling phcats persiancat_feature happycats catsplanets0

So, we know what you're thinking... and no, one flamingo is not bludgeoning the head of another while its offspring feeds on the blood. These flamingos are trying to feed the same chick with red crop milk. Parent flamingos produce crop milk in their digestive tracts and regurgitate it to feed their young. Video by @sciencechannel . . . .wildlife naturephotography wildlifesanctuary wildlifetour wildlife_shots wildlife_india wildlife_perfection dog cats catofthedayusafreedomfor catrescue rescue animalslife kittenrescue kittens catsofinstagram

**Warning: more cat pics** Introducing second (not so) new (anymore) family member, Pepper, aka פלפל, aka Chilli's sister, aka probably also the best kitten in the world.catspam pepper blackkitten kitten blackcat fur cats kittenrescue flyingcat snuggle nooshki

🆘️🆘️🆘️ WE ARE LOW ON CAT FOOD FUNDS. Please donate for cat food and supplies for FEBRUARY‼We still need $239 for cat food and supplies and $113 for vaccination and deworming of 5 kittens. Any amount is a big help. Please help me share and repost 🙏🙏🙏🙏 . 🔴PAYPAL: ladez_12@yahoo.com . ⚠️If you choose to donate thru PAYPAL, please send as money to Family & Friends. If you send as you’ve bought something they expect an invoice to be sent & take a fee out . ➡️Please check the linktree on my bio .rescuedkittens rescuedismyfavouritebreed sharingiscaring adoptdontshop ninjasrescuedkittens cats catsofinstagram rescuecatsofinstagram bestmeows savethestrays rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram rescues catstagram cats_of_world chat petstagram instacat rescuedkitten rescuecats catrescue kittenrescue

‼️URGENT DONATIONS NEEDED FOR STAR ⭐️ . Last night Star was admitted to the hospital. Her sugar, heart rate and temp are all low. Throughout the day today she has been crashing, then stabilizing, then crashing again . star tested positive for Panleukemia but the staff at oradell aren’t truly confident that’s what she has as her white count is normal and she’s still eating on her own. Star was in foster together with her sister, who is doing fine, and has now been quarantined to make sure she is ok as well . We Visited baby Star tonight and she looks much perkier than she did last night! She has had her good times and her bad times throughout the day. She was crashing earlier today but now she’s been stable and her temp is finally rising! She has been screaming for her food and loves to eat! lets hope she continues to thrive Thru the night into tomorrow! . We will never turn down medical care due to funds. NEVER. . All babies like Star deserve a chance. She is just a baby and we are giving her that fighting chance to have a chance at life . The staff at Oradell Animal Hospital are giving her the best care possible. Let’s continue to pray she keeps doing better! ❤️ .donate helpthekitties donations donationsneeded babykittens rescue fostercare fosteringsaveslives fostertoadopt adopt adoptdontshop newjersey kittenrescue kittenlady orphanedkittens tinybutmighty fightforthelittleguys tagsforlikes instagood instadaily instalike instafollow photooftheday animalrescue warrior yellowbrickroad star

Our handsome fella that had to have his leg removed is loving life in his new home. As you can see he's already made it into the bedroom and onto the bed. Thanks to all who donated for his surgery and recovery. He such a sweet boy and deserves a happy and long life without pain and suffering 💕adoptdontshop catrescue kittenrescue rescuelife catsofinstagram mustlovecats whcp westfieldma

Catastrophic cat kitten kittenrescue

Meet our newest arrivals from Campbelltown Pound! Dolores & her three bubs! M/C: 900164001861702 These four had been at the pound for a while & needed a rescue to step in & help. Dolores is still a little shy but that’s all apart of her settling in to her new environment! She has no problem smashing down her food! More updates to come! 🥰cats catsofinstagram kittens kittensofinstagram rescuecat rescuecatsofinstagram rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram babykittens somuchlove blackcatsofinstagram mummacat campbelltownpound newestarrivals catrescue kittenrescue adoptdontshop moreupdatescomingsoon hillsdistrict catsofsydney

Tu kan main" kok.dekat air kejebur jdi nya,ganti dulu.air nya,lap dulu bogel yukkittenlucukittenskittenrescuekittenstagram kittensofinstagram mommycatrescueprosterilkucing

Cold? Try a rescue baby quilt. Better than a blanket, it warms your heart!rescuekittens rescueonly kittenrescue kittensleeping kittensofinstagram kittensoftheday rescueanimals kittens kittensnuggles

Tired mama! ☹️ I think those baby beans have kept her a little too busy in the last 24hrs.

Hi! I’m Blaze! 😸 I’m a sweet 10 month old girl who would love to live in a home with other pets or children! I am very loving, friendly, and I need a playmate! 😻 I am very active - looove to climb, play, and chase! I’m a real beauty! My tabby swirls will mesmerize you, if you can get passed my gorgeous green eyes! I don’t like to be held much, but I will cuddle all day!! 🥰 Learn more about me and follow my journey to my forever home with @the_foster_babes! We have printable versions of this flyer in our stories! Please print and hang at your office, local coffee shops, etc to help us find Blaze’s forever home! DM us your email for a higher resolution file to print nice and clearly. Let’s find this beautiful baby her forever home!! 🐈🏡👨‍👩‍👧💓 babygirlBlaze Blazethecat adoptdontshop adoptable happyholidays meowycatmas cat catrescue kitten kittenrescue broward southflorida losolas coralsprings wiltonmanors weston savinglives classicaltabby gorgeouscat somuchlove adorable staypawsitive goodvibes tfw trainingforwarriors adoptionevent homefortheholidays

If you could interview one person in your field, who would it be? . . Love CATS? Follow @meowiness . . Don't want to miss new post? Turn on post notifications! . . Use meowiness to be featured! Tag 3 friends to win a shoutout!

Flashback to April 2017 - My first foster babies 💕 I want to say a big thank you to whoever recently sent me a new pop-up play pen from my Amazon Wish List. There was no name in the box but thank you SO much! The pop-up that mama and the baby beans are currently using is my original one from 2017. It’s barely hanging on, the wires inside are broken. Once they’re done with it, I’ll be saying goodbye! SO many babies got to live in there - including my first foster baby and now permanent resident cat, Leia. She’s the kitten on the left, eating. I still remember the day I ordered the play pen because it meant that my dream of fostering was finally going to happen! I barely had any supplies - 3 ceramic food bowls, a tiny scratch post, 1 litter box, a food scale, a few blankets and a few kitten toys. What a journey! 😩💜

Vinnie & Pixie When you’ve having a kitten nap and your foster sister, Pixie, decides it’s bath time! Check out their DCH Profiles here: https://www.dchanimaladoptions.com.au/search.php?where=animals&what=Vinniedchanimaladoptionsnsw dchanimaladoptions adoptdontshop petrescue kittenrescue kittenadoption doubleadoption

Levi is resting up for his big move to The Frisky Cat Café. We plan to open in 2 weeks! The official date will be posted as soon as we have one. . .adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives fosterkitten fosterkittens beautifulkitten kitten kittens thedailykitten animalrescue kittenrescue kittenrescuelife cutekittens chat gato furbabies bestmeow10k

Resting!あんなにヨチヨチだった彼らもガチ取っ組み合いできるように🐈 * * #猫パンチ炸裂 #こっそり猫キック #はちわれ猫 #こねこごはん #こねこそだて #こねこ #ねこ #こねこすたぐらむ #こねこすたぐらむ #ねこのいる生活 #ねこのきもち #ねこ好き #ねこと暮らす #ねこすきさんと繋がりたい #ねこのいる生活 #やっぱり猫が好き #じゃかるたこねこ #じゃかるた kittens kittensofinstagram tuxedocat blackandwhitecatsonly kittenlife kittenrescue lifewithkittens lifewithcats kittens_of_instagram fosterparentsneeded jakarta kittenjakarta #里親募集猫

Giving mommy lots of cuddles for her birthday today!🥳🥝🐾🥰🖤 @isabellaacres kiwicutiepaws

Born just today, this little one somehow got separated from her mommy. She ended up at the Broward County shelter, where they had to cut the placenta off of her! Poor baby… We feel bad that she doesn’t have her mommy, but grateful that we have a loving bottle feeder to care for her just like mommy would. Our upcoming kitten nursery is going to specialize in saving the lives of neonates just like this! ♥️ Kitten nugget kittennugget goodkarma southflorida florida fortlauderdale bottlebaby babycat babykitten adoptable catrescue kittenrescue animalrescue shelterrescue kittenseason rescue rescuelife adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives @gkpetrescue

A picture of two kittens who will get away with anything for the rest of their lives 😅

Coffey under the coffee table❤️ ☕️ kittensofinstagram kittentuxedo kittenlife kittenrescue coffeythekitten

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