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I love when Bear sits on me and hugs me comfy lapkitty

Sometimes the games are boring and the weather is nice so it becomes nap time naptime lapkitty

Do you like my serious look? - - - - - - - - - - - -ilovemydad lucakittydaddysboylapkittyonlyondaddyslap tonkinese seriousseriouslook#ルカ #パパっこ #パパ大好き #トンキニーズ #にゃんすたぐらむ #ニャンスタグラム #シリアス 📷 @akabeeswork

"You're the best cat mom my human." Cat, 2019. Aaaand you're the cutest lap cat 🐾lapkitty friendsforever catsareawesome neveralone withcats blackcat weeklyfluff cutepetclub purringtonpost teamcats

Day 6 of 15 in the dsowk3rdanniversary series. This photo looks to me like she either loves me or loathes me. I choose, being an optimist, that she loves me. choosehappiness She is a cat, so I really don’t know . . . #😼dailyshotofwhiskeykitty shelovesmeshelovesmenot edgehillherbfarm vistacalifornia sandiego rescuekitty pinknosecat airplaneears cosycat lapkitty thankfulgratefulblessed igaddict tweegram instagood ilikeyou

Look at this sweet old man! Sweet Pea has definitely been my best reading buddy these last few months. He’s cool to share my lap with the kindle, but if I’m reading a physical book he tries to climb on my chest to get in front of the book. He might be my favorite cat ever, which is why this post is bittersweet. Despite just adopting him in July, this is our last weekend with him. When I took him to his annual exam last month we found out his health is in serious decline. We’ve tried a few things to make him more comfortable, but at 15 years old some things just weren’t the risk. So we’ve been spending these last few weeks soaking up his sweetness, loving on him, and working on saying goodbye. He’s been my buddy since the beginning, and I was not ready for this to happen so soon. .fearyournovelsquirrel - blankets & booksampersandnov19 - U is for Under covers .readingbuddy lapkitty bookshelf booknerd readinglife alwaysreading bookish ebooklover bookfriendsarethebestfriends shelfie

If I move he gets upset. lapkitty

Loki, the elusive lap-kitty. A rare moment.

Is this Wimpy or Baby Boo🤷‍♀️ Give it a guess⁉️ This little guy knows momma needs some extra snuggles today💔

This is how Emoji looks at me while she waits for me to lean back on the couch. Once I do, then she hops onto my lap. emojicat catsofinstagram lapkitty snugglecat

Mom works best with me on her lap… Even when her legs fall asleep and she can’t move ....because I’m so cute 🖤 lapkitty catnapsallday upsidedownlife thatbellytho hardatwork tuxielove Dexter 💙💙

Hi, happy Tuesday

I just love making my mum unproductive lapkitty blanca furbaby catsofinstagram beautifulgirl

I might be biased, but she's the sweetest sleepy kitty in the whole wide world. catsofinstagram mimosakitty princessmim lapkitty snugglebug

lapkitty sokka blackcat furbaby cat cuddle cuddlebuddy cuddlebug The pictures don’t do justice for how sweet and precious he is. Everyday.

Hey Mom, I love the fuzzy grey blankie you got me. Your lap isn't too bad either. Love, your girl... Ireland (aka Tater)manxofinstagram manxcatsfurbabiesblankies lapkitty purrmonster ilovemycat catslife catsrule happinessisacat purrfect

Meowmy is back from vacation!👍 I’ll sit on her all day to make sure she won’t leave again!😸😅❤️ • Happy sundayfunday furriends!😽🧡 •lazysunday rainysunday lapkitty gingercat orangecat cutecat oranetabby catofinstagram instacat bezzas_friends meowdelfeature cutekittens topmeowdels stormiesfeatures sonicsamazingfuriends featurememeow trendscat meowstagram

Sunday snoozers. Hope you find a good lappin’ for a nappin’! . . .tallyho kittysleeps snugz snuggler catlife best lapkitty thecutest behb exoticshorthair mysquish cutecatcrew instacute meow sundayvibes relax

Back at home, I was greeted by Mystery Cat coming around for some lap time. mystery cat kitty tortie precious multicolor catinlap lapkitty cats catsofinstagram catsrule catlife catlover ilovecats catlove

I swear this is his favorite part of the day: when I get into bed, he parks in my lap, and we listen to an audiobook. 😍gratuitousfluffy authorsofinstagram mainecoon felinemilitarybrat lapkitty kittycuddles

Guess I’m not crocheting tonight 😂💜🐾 love this girl 💚💙 kitty lapkitty cat ragdoll lazy fluffybutt furry fluffernutter mygirl bestcatever love

Punkin!! We have the sweetest, people loving babies! ❤️ Available and ready to go home!dentonsbengals amesiowa bengalboy kittens kittenvideo video igdaily igvideo punkin healthyandhappy happylife familygoals pet purrfect lapkitty rawr purring vetted

***Can we get some love for these boys? If you know someone looking for a new kitty family member in Las Vegas, but might not be even considering a “teenager”, please tag or share so they don’t miss out on the perfect kitty!*** None of us can believe these boys still here! It’s such a shame because we know that if they were any other color than black, they would have been adopted many times over by now. As it is, these amazing kitties have been waiting over a month to find their homes. 😢😢 Nahmani and his brother EJ are among the most outgoing and affectionate kitties we’ve ever had in our center. If you come in and sit down, these handsome boys will be the first to jump up on the bench and walk right into your lap for cuddles. They will follow you around the room and ask you for attention. Gentle and calm, EJ even got right into the lap of a 4 year old boy who visited the room, even while the boy squealed loudly with delight. And EJ’s reaction to the loud little human? TO ROLL OVER ON HIS BACK FOR TUMMY RUBS! (And unfortunatly, the parent wanted a different, more aloof kitten for its looks 😞 ) While they are both gentle, Nahmani and EJ are also incredibly playful and will jump right into a game of laser pointer chasing or feather wand catching. They are also our “greeting ambassadors “ when it comes to new kittens in the room; we often see them grooming and cuddling the new arrivals. These amazing boys are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Please come down to meet these brothers, who ever adopts either one of them will be winning the kitty lottery! • • •adoptus adoptme blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule blackkitten blackkittens perfectkitten lapkitty needsahome adoptdontshop kittensforadoption blackcatsneedlovetoo vfapadoptions

Ik voel m'n benen niet meer 😂 cat blackcat blackcatsrule catsofinstagram lapkitty

“I’ll help you feel better mom” 🐈😻 odincatofwisdom oneeyebesteye lapkitty

Check out this warm and delicious loaf of cat. ❤️lapkitty catsofinstagram

When there’s enough room on the lap for both of us. catsofinstagram lapkitty kitten pipandpaisley instacat

My mother-in-law taught me the saying “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself.” In trying to learn it. Yesterday I felt I should have gone for a run after school, but my friend & running buddy persuaded me that a 15° windchill was not a good partner for my head cold. Today I feel liked I should add to my book, but I also taught all day, had student council after school, and then ran errands. I kinda want to just sit here by the fire, with my kitty on my lap, and enjoy a book and a cup of tea. .. .. Where is the line between rest and laziness? Between pushing through a lack of motivation and falling victim to guilt? .. .. I still have much to learn. teacherlife amwriting rest leanintorest saynotoguilt motivation kitty lapkitty nova novascotiaforshort fireplace bengalspicetea

Awww man, my mom has to pee so bad, but she knows the rules. She has to wait until we get up. ~ CuSith and Senestra 😈😈. black blackcat blackcats blackkitten blackkittens cats cat kitten kittens blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram kittycats kitties kittensofinstagram spoiled spoiledrotten spoiledcats spoiledcat lapcatsofinstagram lapkitty

Johnny is a 6 1/2 month old love baby! He loves to be on your lap, and gives kisses! He gets along great with other animals too!⠀ ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . ⠀ .⠀4paws4rescue cat cats cat_features stray adoptme adoptablecat kitty animalrescue adoptus rescue adopt adoptdontshop stlouis rescuecatsofinstagram kissingkitty lapkitty

Goodnight from Willow💤💕 Sound up for kitten purrs 💗 She will be at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Shelter tomorrow @rcanimalcenter , go check her out, she purrs the instant you pick her up 🐾💕 Address is 11780 Arrow Rte Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 🐾 willow fosterkitten goodnight sweetdreams purr zzz socute cutekitten catvideo instavideo nightynight adoptme ranchocucamonga california massage happykitty sleepykitten kittensofinstagram fosterkitty blackcatsofinstagram blackcatlove catsofinstagram instasweet sosweet purrfect cuddles lapkitty paws fosterkittensofinstagram adopt

They live for this 🐈🐱lapkitty

It’s a special kind of Hump Day today because this quirky lady finally found her furever home! 😻 It won’t ever be the same in the sanctuary without my Swiss Miss, Kim-Joy around, but she found the BEST home and will be treated like the queen she is.👑adopted humpday lapkitty kimjoythecat survivor

Wishing Mom and/or Dad was home to cuddle with me on this super cold whiskerwednesday !! I need a warm lap to sit on 😺

My little outside, wild cat has recently become the most cuddly lap kitty you've ever seen. The second one of us sits down now, boom! He in your lap. It's presh. Been so cold recently @mring619 bought him an oil radiator heater and we're putting him up in the shop at night. I like knowing he's warm and safe. My handsome Toby ❤precious kittyboy littleman lovehim somuch lapkitty cuddly kitty cats catsofinstagram kittiesofinstagram pets

🚨ADOPTION ANNOUNCEMENT🚨After being at East Hill Animal Hospital for over 1yr, looking for the right person to take him home, we are thrilled to announce that Siam has finally been adopted! 💕 He absolutely loves his new family, and is the greatest lap kitty for this sweet family!!! . . We love you Siam and we will miss you dearly, but we’re so happy for you!!! 😊 . . . .adoptionannouncement adopted congrats catsofinstagram siamesecatsofinstagram siamesecat companion lapkitty bestfriends bestofthebest snugglebug easthillanimalhospital

Keep me warm, human. lapkitty

Another “stressful” morning on the patio. Taking full advantage of the cooler weather and my servants lap, I mean hoomans.

I'm feeling better now. Lounging around this caturday . Wishing all the black cats a happy National Black Cat Appreciationday ! My old sister was a black cat and she found a good home too! tsarwilliam domesticshorthair dsh adoptdontshop cat catsofinstagram instacat fakerussianblue lapkitty

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