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Then why even sell it? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ AggressiveChewer LessThanFiveMinutes KongNoMatchForLuna

The simplest breakfast/snack/desert ever — just slice apples and bananas, sprinkle some cinnamon, add whipped cream and voilà! Ready in less then 5 minutes🎊 . . Thank you @ndamask for introducing this delight to my daughter🙏🙏

Dinner aka dump salad (🤣any of you make a dump cake?!) I found the largest bowl and dumped in greens, almond slices, pine nuts, cut up an apple, chopped some broccoli, and squeezed some lime juice over it! 🥦🥬fwtfl salad apples sweettangoapples broccoli slicedalmonds almonds spinach greens pinenuts limejuice intermittentfasting getresultsfast eatingschedule delicious healthyfood healthylifestyle fuelyourbody worthit chef easyrecipes lessthanfiveminutes

Imagine what your teeth would look like if you didn’t brush them every night before bed. Keep sleeping in your make up and your complexion will decay. truth bedtimeroutine skincare skincareproducts takeoffyourmakeup brushyourteeth everynight habits habitsofhealth priorities lessthanfiveminutes youareworthit

A little bit of pressed powder foundation, bronzer, and lip gloss can really be enough to give a little Saturday morning boost! 2 minutes can really make a difference 💜makeupmadeeasynotyour90scompactfoundationoctobercustomerspecial youniquepressedpowder youniquekudos lucrativelipgloss beachfrontbronzersunset mommakeup easyfoundation lessthanfiveminutes

🔊Ahhh Fix It, Fix It Good. What can you fix in less time than the 80’s Hit Song “Push-It” by Salt-N-Pepa? You’ve got 4:31 seconds. Just Fix It! Is it as easy as changing a light bulb? Putting the string back in a hoodie? What little project needs less than 5 minutes and fixing it will bring you joy? Hit play and Go•Get•It•Done!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Share your results!pushit fixit saltnpepa changethelightbulb lessthanfiveminutes bringsmejoy fixed smallchangesbigresults sparkspacesolutions

It’s amazing what a little eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrows can do for a girl! This is my everyday look and takes less then 5 minutes! (Not counting the fresh curls. That took about 10.) I can do a tutorial tomorrow if anyone is interested. Let me know! •everydayface mascara eyeliner eyebrows @elfcosmetics lessthanfiveminutes freshface readytogo sahm wahm christianmom singlemom

Atomic Apple: 1 and 1/2 apples, 1 cup of snapple apple flavored snapple, 1/4 of a strawberry for flavor. Apples yum antioxidents fiber delicious easytomake collegelife nutrients lessthanfiveminutes snapple snappleapple

Loving this flawless and glowing look! Of course I forgot the Maskcara. One day I’ll get it all right. How about this hair tie!? @shockjewelryetc maskcarabeauty lessthanfiveminutes momsofinsta

I made my first pillow ever with our Chalk Couture ink! It was so easy! 👏👏👏🙋‍♀️😎

The week is half over! Yippee! Time really flies and I'm trying to take better care of my skin. Y'all I'm 31 now and at this rate I'm gonna be 50 in the blink of an eye. 😳😂 . . My skincare routine is wayyyy simple! Let's face it, if it takes me more than 5 minutes to do it probably won't happen. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . ☝🏼 I wash my face with the Charcoal Goats Milk soap from @fragrantfarmhouse and won't use anything else! The activated charcoal keeps my skin clear, pulls out toxins and impurities, and leaves my face feeling sooo soft. And the goats milk keeps my skin young! 🙌🏼 Do you, or maybe your teenager, struggle with acne? I highly recommend trying this soap! . . ✌🏼 When I get out of the shower, i spray my face and freshly shaven skin with the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Hydrosol to lock in the hydration. . . 🤟🏻 Once my skin has air dried, I apply a tiny amount of the Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream. Some days, I will add a drop of Frankincense or Lavender (or both) to my moisturizer before I apply it. These oils are fabulous for the skin and keep my face lookin and feeling healthy. . . 🖖🏼 While the moisturizer is still slightly tacky, I then proceed with applying my mineral makeup from @savvyminerals. . . 🖐🏼 Now swipe to see my bare naked, fresh out of shower, happy healthy skin! 🤪 It's not perfect, but I'm pretty pleased at how well my skin feels and looks. Not bad for a tired mama of two running two businesses from home. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . . What does your skincare routine look like? . . .skincareroutine dailyroutine charcoalsoap goatsmilksoap naturalskincare hydrosol moisturizer mineralmakeup skinsupport lovetheskinyourin healthyskin happyskin skincare 5minutes lessthanfiveminutes antiaging skintastic face nakedface nofilter freshface clearskin acnefree acneprone detox activatedcharcoal charcoalsoap hawaiiansandalwood sandalwood

Maskcara makes me look alive even when I feel like 💩! Thankful I can apply with one hand while holding my baby girl! This makeup truly has simplified my life and brought life into my face! makeupsimplified maskcara hac colormatch personalizedpallet lessthanfiveminutes light bright momlife girlmom sahm maskcaraartist

Amo mi pate de palmitos que viene fantástico con todo!! Y más me encanta que muchos repliquen la receta en casa en mil formas! . . Esta semana tocó con albahaca y le vino perfecto a mis fideos de porotos 💕 . .palmitos palmheart lessthanfiveminutes

We began harness training! Crookshanks tolerated it better than Saphira but not by much 😅

When your day is rushed but you make sure to set the foundation right with the entire Mary Kay Timewise skin line..... A little MK cc cream and MK eyeliner/mascara with MK sheer tinted gloss is all you need. . . .momlifebelike dontlooksick moisturize foundation cccream savedbyroutine rush timewiserepair timewise skincareroutine skincare eyeliner mascara tintedlipgloss ready lessthanfiveminutes notimetowaste marykay mymklife fleek summer beautyconsultant hitmeup joinmyteam linkinbio

Another day, another @beautycounter flawlessinfive Check out my stories for details on what I use! simplyfying busymornings

need some texture to your curls? swipe right 👉🏼 this duo is perfect for it. texture + shine! ✨

New toy squeakerectomy was successful...now I must roll on it. . newrecord lessthanfiveminutes beagle beaglesofinstagram dogs dogsofinstagram cutedogs

❤️Fanny Check Talk❤️ smeartestSo, I went to birminghamwomenshospital for my first appointment with a gynecologistLet's just say, it wasn't a great experience. She spoke to me as though I was stupid, spoke as though I didn't know my own body. And didn't seem to want to hear what I had to say. I was there to discuss the possibility of me having endometriosis along side my Pcos but as I say, she wasn't the nicest Doctor I've seen before. I explained how I have heavy painful periods and have had periodproblems since I was 11 (I'm 30 in June) and also explained how I haven't got on well with the 2 different Pills that I've been on previously. I also don't want the Coil fitted, mainly due to not liking the thought of a Foreign object being in my body... But no, she wasn't interested in that. Again, all she cared about was stopping my periods, thinking that will solve all my problems, she wasn't interested in my pains and ovary problems. Just kept saying I'm experiencing all these symptoms due to polycysticovariansyndromeThen after I got frustrated she agreed to give me a "Vagina Check" and then sprung on me how she'll do the smear at the same time... Well, let's just say... I'm not about to sugar coat shit at all, but my God It hurt, and she didn't care. I cried out in pain, baring in mind, I have a very high pain threshold 😭 and even though I had the Smear, then her hand check and then a Swab test, I wouldn't not have it all done again. So no matter what horror stories you hear ladies, don't skip or miss your smear. I'm 30 this year, and haven't had one since 2014 (emergency one, which was a walk in the park compared to today) So let's end the stigma... Not everyone experiences pain like me... Or discomfort, but we are all different. And the fact it took less than 3 minutes 💪💪 SmearTest smear smearcampaigns smearforsmear smearforsmearcampaign smeartests smeartestssavelives vagina ladybits cervix internalexamination gynecology gynecologist unexpected betterlatethannever fannycheck spreadyourlegs lessthanfiveminutes pap cervicalsmear papsmear

I never used to spend much time on my face skincare routine....and....I still don’t.....but, now I have a regimen using amazing skincare products that work! The photo below ⬇️ shows my Sunday night skincare routine! All those products took me just 7 minutes!!⏱ I do not use the microdermabrasion paste, the roller and intensive renewing serum every night.....so, it usually takes less than 5 minutes each night! ⏰ How much time do YOU spend on your face skincare routine⁉️ Do you have 5 minutes every morning and every night? 💵 Are you wanting some extra income every month? 🕰 Are you needing time freedom? 🙋🏼 Want to be the CEO of YOU? Dr Rodan and Dr Fields wants to empower you...they are amazing entrepreneurs!😊 Whether it’s products and/or your own business you are interested in....I’m here to help you get started and answer any questions you have! Through April 15th....anyone who partners with me in business will be able to have the roller and intensive renewing serum for FREE!! Check out the photo below! ⬇️ Don’t miss out on this opportunity! I will support you every step of the journey! It’s more than skincare....I’m grateful for the personal growth and the amazing friendships that I’ve been blessed with! Changing skin.....Changing lives!premiumskincare rodanandfields #productsthatwork consistencyiskey loveyourskin betheceoofyou timefreedom extraincome newfriendships empoweringwomen freegift rflife lessthanfiveminutes refreshyourskin springcleanyourskin letsgetyoustarted

Filet de saumon ou de truite saumonné érable et moutarde Sirop d'érable Moutarde de Dijon Marmelade d'abricot Huile de sésame Assaisonnements Graines de sésamesalmon eatlessmeat fish lessthanfiveminutes foodprep mealprep keepitsimple eatrealfood dashdiet mrsdash nosalt eatwell primalmeal nosalt maplesyrup inspiration cuisinefutee

You don't want to wait? ....get off your lazy behinds and get in there at opening time!🙄🕢centrelink reporting empty early nohassle lessthanfiveminutes

The many different sleeping positions of Kaelyn... P.S. these were all in less than 5 mins 😴💤 ohthisgirl sleeping lessthanfiveminutes allthetime

Simple quick side salad to go with today’s lunch - arugula, sweet peppers, cucs, mango, fermented carrots and turmeric root...dressed with saffron infused grapeseed oil, @traderjoes himalayan truffle salt, and fennel seeds. Ready in under five! salad sidesalad arugula mango fennel infusedoil saffron grapeseedoil trufflesalt fermentedveggies cleaneats plantpowered nourishyourbody feedyoursoul fitfood healthylifestyle goodbacteria guthealth eatclean eattherainbow eatwellbewell easy lessthanfiveminutes readyinfive wellnesswednesday feedyourcells hautecuisines CraveCreateDigIn

After getting a bit too much sun on my face yesterday, today I opted for my 3 in 1 BB Cream! How is it a 3 in 1 you ask? Well it’s a moisturiser, it has natural spf in it and it’s tinted. You can use as is or for that little extra coverage apply either your pressed powder or tinted spf setting powder 🌟 Available separately or in this seasons Be Younique Up and Stunning collection where you save 15% 😍 I call this look today my easy mummy look....BB Cream, Waterproof Epic and my Lip Bonbons Tinted Lip Balm! Want to know more send me a message or drop your fave emoji in the comments and I’ll message you 💜 Michelle bbcream bbflawless younique beauty naturallooking myeasymummylook lessthanfiveminutes epicwaterproofmascara lipbonbons

How long it takes me to drive to work.lessthanfiveminutes

Best mail is Beautycounter Mail! Got my Flawless in Five & some customer orders are in!!! 🙌🏼 Stay tuned for some before and after pictures!!! beautycounter beautycounterconsultant flawlessinfive flawless lessthanfiveminutes mail bestkindofmail cleanbeauty cleanskincare loveyourself staytuned beforeandafterpic

My whole @beautycounter nighttime routine with the products I use daily ... Instant Eye Makeup Remover, Countermatch Cleansing Milk, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, Countermatch Sleep Recovery Cream! 😴beautycounter skincareregimen countermatch lessthanfiveminutes readyforbed selfcareroutine

Soo....somebody need to come help the saints because they trippin’. I dozed off for moment while babygirl was nursing and came to to this...🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I didn’t even feel her get down and can you believe this is the improvement because it was much worse... Time for the kiddos to learn a hard lesson in cleaning up after themselves. They are gonna pick the majority of this up She is pretending like she can’t get out of her seat so she won’t have to help, but she got in it on her own...I can’t A&E ChroniclesThisMommaIsTiredJesusNoMorePopcornForThemLessThanFiveMinutesHowSway

What's your favorite meal to whip up when you're short on time? Try my Three-Minute Asparagus-Shrimp Stir Fry. For this recipe, please visit HayliePomroy.com and enter SHRIMP ASPARAGUS in the search engine.

Continuation of learning letter sound /c/ Activity curly cat Items - sandpaper letter /c/ Miniature cat Crayons Worksheet of curly catlessthanfiveminutesoffhegoesagainmontessorilettersmontessoriphonicsmontessoriathome

Gotta run to the store so MK Deep Nude Lipliner, Silver Moon Nourishshine Plus Lip Gloss and MK Mineral Powder Foundation is all that’s going on! Less than 5 minutes! ❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️ Para hacer una diligencia rápida, solo necesito el Delineador de labios, Deep Nude, el Brillo, Silver Moon y la base de Polvos Minerales Beige 2! joinmyteam skincareroutine earnwhileyoulearn uneteamiequipo lessthanfiveminutes storerun aquisehablaespañol sehablaespañol lipgloss lipliner mineralpowderfoundation statenislandny newyork puertorico

"If you want to watch the video of the MAKING of this scribble, go to https://www.facebook.com/markonakari.nakari/ ". cartoon scribble drawing markonakaricartoon piirros piirustus lessthanfiveminutes picoftheday pivänkuva pivänpiirros todayscartoon cartoonoftheday marko unterfünfminuten pivänpiirustus sarjakuvataide goodlaugh hovertable makingcartoons makingscribbles drawingdrawings

Anoche invitados en la cena y derrepente arme algo muy rico, colorido y liviano... Quedaba un poco de arroz al curry, abrí un tarro de atún que lave... tomate limachino, pimentón verde, lechuga francesa, semilla maravilla y lonjas de mango... 💕💕💕 rico rico rico y si no comen pescado le pueden poner hummus o alguna hamburguesa vegetal✏️ healthydinner saludable vidasaludable tuna atun eatarainbow eatyourgreens eatyourveggies love friends family lessthanfiveminutes healthyfood dinnerideas ideasdecena

No tenía un mar de verduras pero las preparé de tal forma que sacaran la dispersión de mi cabeza (vata) y me ayudaran a enfocar 🙄 Este salteado tiene champiñón, zanahoria, cebollín, salsa de mango y fideos de porotos ... estos fideos son súper para salvar mis cenas... tengo tantas cosas que hacer a esa hora que son mi rescate ⛑dinner lowcarb saludable nutricion nutricionista nutricionintegrativa healthyfood lowglicemicindex carrot mushrooms beannoddles cena cenasaludable comosano comidasaludable ideasdecena a healthylifestyle octopusmom mamanutricionista sintiempo menos5minutos lessthanfiveminutes mangosauce

If you can complete a task in less than five minutes, do it immediately! Don’t let the small shit add up to a pile of big shit, later. inspire inspired inspiration getshitdone lessthanfiveminutes dontwait dontputitoff doitnow noprocrastination doneisbetterthanperfect done timediscipline discipline startwiththesmallthings

LETTER RECOGNITION 💪 . I've been wanting to share this all week as we went out for lunch with the little ones on both Thursday and Friday (😮) but had to wait till I had one with Albie's name on as I don't share the other names 😉! Yes I know it's not the healthiest lunch but what I'm trying to show is just how easy it is to get letters into your days without really thinking! This idea just came to me when one of the small ones asked for ketchup with their lunch! As an early years educator I'm passionate about getting learning into absolutely everything ! How simple and easy though... Next time your little ones ask for ketchup write it in letters or numbers or anything they are learning at the moment 😉! @fiveminutemum I reckon you'll enjoy this one ! . . .childcareadventures easywin toddlerideas toddleractivities eyfsteacher

Enjoyed another date night last night.. which means I had to put myself together a bit. (My SAHM look isn’t that cute) With not much time, nor skill in doing makeup, I kept it simple. What am I wearing? 👇🏼 •dew skin tinted moisturizer •touch up concealer •rose glow highlighter blush •brow pencil •holiday cream eyeshadow (my new fave!) •volumizing mascara •lip conditioner 👇🏼 Applied in under 5 minutes! Loving a look that takes little time, is easy to apply, and that I still look like me.. well a little revamped from my normal SAHM messy bun look. 🙌🏼 PS: lovin my new hair! Done by the amazingly talented @bishwithbangs! . . .datenight movienight parentsnightout simplemakeup naturalglow beautycounter switchtosafer bcorp ewg beautyshouldbegoodforyou betterbeauty lessthanfiveminutes getyourglowon creameyeshadow looklikeyou sahm wahm knowbetterdobetter redhead hazeleyes atx texaslivin thebetterbeautymama takethejob

✌️ 1 thing you don't need to feel bad about today: procrastinating. Yup, 95% of us do it. Today try the OHIO method (and no, it's not the state). 👆🏻 Procrastination = a gap between our intention + action. We delay an important task—then feel guilty, making it even harder to start. The fix: Making get-it-done our default. 🙌🏻 Today, when tasks come your way, live by OHIO: Only Handle It Once. Read an email? Respond ASAP. Pile of junk mail? Toss it out. If it can take less than 5 min, commit to it. 🧖🏼‍♀️ Make 'get it done' your go-to. 🙏🏻 👥getitdone yourgoto youdontneedto procrastinating ohiomethod intension action delay importanttasks feelingguilty hardtostart findafix default onlyhandleitonce oneanddone respondtoemails asap tossoutthejunk deletespam pileofjunk tossitout lessthanfiveminutes committoit committothetime justgetitdone cancersux solutionsaturdays startsaturdaystrong sweatysaturdayselfie pickyourpoison

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