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I am a complete chocoholic person ... I was extremely happy to receive this Chocolate Body Scrub from @bodycupid ... The scrub is extremely light and not harsh for your skin... I have a sensitive face so I am avoiding to use this body scrub on my face , but if you all want you can use this for your face as well ... . . . . . . . . .fashionista fashionblogger stylist fashionbloggers styleblogger styleinspo beautybloggers kolkatafashionblogger kolkatabloggers bodyscrub bodycupid chocolate kolkata_ig kolkataphotography likesforlikesback likes likeforlikes likesforfollow followforfollowback follow4followback followbackinstantly followtrain mouliroy healthandhygiene staybeautifulwithmouli beautifulgirls healthylifestyle fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl

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New pic... of Harry Styles.

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Kamu tau ga bedanya kamu sama motor apa? - . Kalo motor itu panas di mesin, kalo kamu bisa manasin hati aku yang lagi dingin 😜 HAHAHAHA Bacoddddd belajargombal - - -lfl lfl💛 l4like likeforlikeback likeforlikes likesforlikesback yamaha scooter ls2 ls2helmets ls2rider ls2rookie helmet helmetlovers helmetlovers_indonesia

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This is what i love about this business. We work and play at the same time. JEUNESSE EXPO 2019 ! 💜💜💜🇸🇬🇸🇬🇸🇬 jeunesseexpo2019 singapore globalentrepreneur millionaireteam teamjeunesse ilovemyjob lifestyle.likelike like4likes likeforlikes likeforfollow likeforlikeback likesforlikesback like4follow instalike followforfollowback follow follow4followback follow4like follow4likesbacks

•MY TODAYS CHEST WORKOUT• See the first video I tried editing my video for the first time 🤣 Don’t laugh i am learning 😜 First video is just a mashup of entire chest workout and... In the other 4 videos I am doing: •Seated Pec Fly 3*12 •Incline Bench Dumbbell Press 4*8 •Flat Bench Press 3*8 •Cable Crossovers 4*15 ________________________________________ Was short on time & the workout planned for today was “Push Workout” So this was all I did in 50-60mins ________________________________________ As i said in the very first line this is MY WORKOUT, but yea anyone can try this for some insane pump., the results/gains depend on things like body type, intensity of your workout, tempo, rep range etccccxx. _______________________________________ Feel free to try and ask questions in the DM💤

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just vscoboytings 🤓

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Elegant as always...

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@shawnmendes why didn’t you bring Julia 🥺🥺 - - - - - - 📍liketobeyou 👼🏼

190919 The cover photo for my new album Disco girl > VSCO girl


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夏海とプチ旅行🧼 何十年前に行ったのに覚えてないハワイアンズ 沢山食べたから体重激増🐷💧 でもシャトルバス出てるの知らなくて 2日間往復2時間歩いて遊びに行ったから0㌍! ほんとに楽しかった〜〜!🐳 ネクスト-----大阪さ行くだ!✈︎ ・ ・ ・ ・ #ぷりんと倶楽部FuRyu#自己満グラムinstagraminstagramjapanInstagoodinstagrammersinstaremakeInstalikel4likef4finstaphoto like4followlikesforlikesbackfollowme #いいね返しlovemetbtcutephotoofthedayhappytagsforlikes tflersswaggirl#ハワイアンズ



Tonight is my last night here in Hawaii and I’ve loved every second of my trip from the incredible attractions, the beautiful beaches & delicious food, but most importantly, the people here, with they’re welcoming smiles, warm alohas and happy spirits are truly what makes this island magical 💕 - - - - - - - - - - - ‪ igaily photooftheday igersphotooftheday potd selfie tagsforlikes likeforlikes followforfollowback likeforlike me igersdaily instalike filipina asian pinay hot hotgirl pretty prettygirls cute hawaii oahu waikiki ootd instalike beauty beautiful beautifulwomen likesforlikesback

... I spy a Puppy in the sky!! God is SO creative!:)

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