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“Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”beyourownkindofbeautifulselfloveliveyourbestlife

@kobebryant will always be a legend comment 😍👇👇💯💯 ---------------------- Follow--@gravity.motivation_10 --------------------------------motivation motivationalquotes entrepreneurlife bethebossofyou hustleandmotivate hustlehard liveyourbestlife betheonepercent success successquotes sucessfulmindset #believeinyourself attitude fuckothers millionaire billionaire .....

Neighborhood is dark and the air is crispy cool. Like 95% street lights are off/out. I saw two couples walking together. What's up with that? Well maybe I wake up and walk in the am too..omg another couple. Well thanks to Matt who told me my curfew is 9p. I better pay attention to my surroundings. Getting lost in my music as I feel my body heat rising and soon sweat to follow💪👍😊💨 Today is a great day to be alive. ❤socialdistancing tammitime intraining carpediem2020 memories liveyourbestlife livelifelovelifesharelife

Sweet memories of our recent family vacay -just prior to the great lockdown. Soaking in the healing waters of the fountains at Porto Gardenas de mamá. Finding peace and serenity watching the sun dip down the Canyon, whilst sipping a great 2020 micron filtered municipal tap water blend, from the Kelowna Hills region -Superb over ice. blessed liveyourbestlife cruisewascancelled thisisallsarcasm staysafeeveryone

मिलता तो बहुत कुछ है इस ज़िन्दगी में, ​बस हम गिनती उसी की करते है जो हासिल ना हो सका। -gulzarstayhome staysafe believeinyourself believe likeforlikes loveyourself liveyourbestlife

bikelife bikes bikstagram havefun liveyourbestlife fun little clip hope you enjoy

Good morning is not just a word. It’s an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day.goodmorningquotes goodmorning morning martabaranchykova belief liveyourbestlife live

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Being confined brought my attention even more to : 𝐛𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝗼𝐰 (𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭). We are often lost in the past being sad and/ or nostalgic or we are worried and/or making plans thinking about the future, which leads to anxiety, stress or unhappiness. ⠀ It seems that nowadays we are always in a rush. By forgetting to be here now we start feeling out of tune with ourselves. We feel lost and forget that the current moment is all that matters and it is all that is. ⠀ I hope in this quarantine you are having the time to “slow down” a little, to quiet your mind, tune in with your inner self and to find peace within yourself. ⠀ I hope in this quarantine you are appreciating more the simple things we often take for granted, such as our freedom or our Health for example. ⠀ Be grateful, Worry less, complain less. 𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐞 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝗼𝐰! Everything shall pass. The sun AWAYS shines after the storm. ❣️ Let’s raise the world’s vibration and spread love and light 🙏🏼 spreadlove spreadpositivity beherenow liveinthemoment liveyourbestlife liveinthepresent carpediem raiseyourvibration masteryourmind masteryourthoughts gratitude gratefulheart quarentinelife quarentinereflections quantumphysics lawofattraction lawofvibration

Each time i Travel the beauty of Nature☘️ hepls me to discover onself💪naturelover liveyourbestlife selflovefirst❤️

The little me wants to Strangle the Big Me within dream liveyourbestlife livelifetothefullest dreamlifestyle

🙌🏻 14/14 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ‪JPP‬ ‪LiveYourBestLife‬ ‪ig‬ ‪igers‬ ‪igersasia‬ ‪igdaily‬ ‪igersoftheday‬ ‪instagram‬ ‪instalike‬ ‪instafollow‬ ‪instagood‬ ‪instadaily‬ ‪instapic‬ ‪instaphoto‬ ‪picoftheday‬ ‪photooftheday‬ ‪like4like‬ ‪ig_worldclub‬ ‪grammerph‬ ‪travel‬ ‪bloggerlifemarch sunday march292020

Build a Better World he said... And I asked how? The world is such a vast place and so complicated now.... I am Small and Useless, What can I do? In all his Wisdom he said, "Just Build a Better You." 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🧘🏻‍♂️buddha buddhism meditation philosophy buddhastatue culture chakra bestversionofyou buddhist love zen yoga peace temple spirituality spiritual liveyourbestlife mindfulness wisdom dharma enlightenment dhamma compassion awakening positivevibes nameste

Chill babes we all r bad in someone's story😎😎🤘model liveyourbestlife tiktoker livebstmoments fashionblogger followforfollowback likesforlike sunrise_sunset_photogroup artistsoninstagram

The Great Roy Ayers

I hope l didn't scare you guys off.Happy Sunday💖liveyourbestlife

. . “she’s a champagne princess, a little 4:20 hunny, a splash of class & sass, all mixed up in a whiskey glass, she has a ❤️ of gold, A life that’s young, a soul that’s old.” . .daydreaming socialdistancing sweetdreams babessupportingbabes liveyourbestlife cannamom makememories familytime sunshineandgoodvibes takemeback exploremore makeyourdreamscometrue girltribe

અહીંયા સમસ્યા શબ્દ ની ઉપયોગ કરવો પડ્યો કારણ કે જો સેક્સ સમસ્યા ના હોત તો આજે આટલા બધા રેપ ના થાય, સેક્સ ખરેખર સમસ્યા નથી પણ જો એનું દમન કરવામાં આવે તો એ ચોક્કસ એક બીમારી બની જાય છે, વર્ષો થી ધર્મો અને સમાજે ફકત સેક્સ નું દમન કરતા જ શીખવાડ્યું છે, . અને હવે એ ધારણા તૂટી છે, લોકો સેક્સ ને સમજવા લાગ્યા છે, . ખરેખર સેક્સ ફકત શરીર સુધી સીમિત નથી એ એક એવી ઊર્જા છે જે દરેક માં સક્રિય હોય છે, અને ઊર્જા નો નિયમ તમને ખબર છે, તમે એનો નાશ ન કરી શકો, એક રૂપ માંથી બીજા રૂપ માં ફેરવી જરૂર શકો, જે વ્યક્તિ સેક્સ નું દમન કરે છે એના માં એ ઊર્જા દબાય છે અને છેવટે ફૂટે છે અને વ્યક્તિ ક્યાં તો મહાન બને છે ક્યાં પાપી, . ખરેખર આ વાત ધ્યાન થી સમજવા જેવી છે કે આજે દરેક પ્રજાતિ નું અસ્તિત્વ ધરતી પર સેક્સ ના લીધે જ છે તે છતાંય સેક્સ એ ભૂલ બની ગયું છે, . જો તમારી ઈચ્છા હસે તો ચોક્કસ હું આના પર એક વિડિયો મૂકીશ જે જીવનમાં ઘણો ઉપયોગી સાબિત થશે અને એ મારી જવાબદારી... . . . . . . વાહિયાત વાતો ને શેર કરતા તો તમે અટકતા નથી પણ કામની વાત પર તમે એટલું ધ્યાન આપતા નથી . . કદાચ આના લીધે જ ઈન્સ્ટાગ્રામ માં એવા પેજ ઘણા ઓછા છે જે ખરેખર કંઇક આપવા માંગતા હોય, . . કારણ તમે પોતે જ છો.. . . હવે આ તમારા ઉપર છે કે આ ડગલું તમારે ક્યાં સુધી ભરતા રહેવું, . . આભાર . એદી . . 👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣 ♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️ . બીજા થોડા એવા પેજ કે જે તમારા માટે કાર્યરત છે. . @prernadayi_vichar_ @sachi._.vato @vicharoni_vanzar @vicharonutofaan @ek_prayassss @lakh_rupiya_ni_vaat @_talaash_lafzon_ki @jay_shree_krishna1 @daglu_ . . 👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣 ♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️ . . @daglu_ pansexual sex energy healingmindfulness lovequotes gujjurockssurat life change hope liveyourbestlife gujratisuvichar gujrati peace happy ahemedabad lifeisgoodInstagram like4likes.daglu_ . 👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣 ♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️👣♥️ . આભાર . ડગલું .

Collage for day 3 💋 this one is more me than the others but I still can’t seem to move away from the pink 💕 Today I am grateful for love x I hope you are keeping positive, busy and creative during this lockdown, busy hands are the best thing you can do to keep your mind happy at these times 🌈💛 Keep smiling Keep well . . . . .motivation motivational_quotes mondaymotivation gratitude gratefulheart thankfulsoul selflove loveyourself gratefulmindset gratefulmoms uniteinmotherhood momlife realmotherhood motivationalmom livekind liveyourbestlife momlifeisthebestlife positivequotes happypeople beautifulsoul motivating motivators gratitudejournal gratitudequotes gratitudeattitude coronamotivation coronalockdown gratitudeartjournal

Dream Big and Take Action. Hold space for your most amazing life, dig in and do the work then watch it manifest before your eyes. beunstoppable thisiswhatis dream manifest create timingiseverything liveyourbestlife

The first step of not being afraid is acting like you’re not afraid. 💋blue streetphotography street strollingaround travel travelphoto thailand🇹🇭 smile liveyourbestlife happinessishere chubby confidenceissexy confidence beyourself beyou loveyourself blessed ... 📸 @ricosiaron

Life is full of surprises! Although it is not always certain what’s going to come your way. It is when you have your mind set on something that you’ll be in the state of knowing. Already knowing it’s going to happen and the feeling of being alive gives you that never ending drive. Set a goal and then imagine being in it. Once you do that remember the feeling and stay in that feeling as much as you can. Before you know it you’re already there! That’s how you manifest what you want. Remember the law of attraction. It is the law to match your vibration and so if you’re immediate environment doesn’t match it then the universe will help make it match. Have a wonderful day world! inspire motivate happy blessed grateful liveyourbestlife live love laugh gratitude smile livelifetothefullest

I think that's what everyone actually feels right now!! Let's hope this time ends soon so that we can get back to our lives again... . . . . . . quarantineandchillthoughtoftheday liveyourbestlife love 21dayslockdown mountains river memes minipoems shortquotes goodthoughts canvaspainting artwork peace

🍨🍧🧁💒🌃🌅🌍 NNNewWww Yearrr vibes 😘 to all of you!! 🤩😋😉 Spread smile and cheers to love!! 🥳❤💓 Take a deep breath and smile 😋 ☺ 😁 $⭐‼️🔵‼️🔵 $⭐⛅⛅ loveforall 💗positively 😬newvibes💭2020👑 happiness😊 doinwithlove 🕊 peace 🏖 liveyourbestlife spreadkindness

Losing faith in your dream right now?⁣ ⁣ Because there are cancellations, late payments and clients aren't knocking down the door right now. It's hard to imagine selling anything right now.⁣ ⁣ It's hard to see the HOW. Do do you create something from nothing? ⁣ ⁣ But there isn't nothing is there? There may not be what there was before, but there are infinite possibilities. There are still infinite resources. ⁣ ⁣ Trust in your dream. ⁣ Be grateful for what's gone. ⁣ Be open the universe. ⁣ ⁣ We have to let go of the old FIRST to make space for the new xxx⁣trusttheuniverse manifestabundance moneymindset mindsetcoach believeinyourdreams manifestingmindset manifestingmiracles manifestingmoneyliveyourbestlife

Hiermit möchte ich alle, die mich aufgrund der Quarantäne schon länger nicht mehr gesehen haben, auf den neuesten Stand der Dinge bringen: Ich bin immer noch crazy und sexy🎀doggirl doglover quarantine quarantne corona pinscher coronamemes crazygirl sexygirl laterhaters selfconfidence behappy girl girlpower gassirunde fotografie nature spiegelselfie spiegleinspieglein funnygirl selbstbewusstsein goodlife liveyourbestlife ignorehaters loveit love lassdirdiekartenlegen ichbinderporsche dunicht iamhappy

Tucked away on 2+ acres in this gated enclave of exquisite homes surrounded by towering Oak and Pecan trees.. Very private Santa Barbara Transitional offers classic living with an abundance of outdoor spaces overlooking the pool and nature preserve. Plenty of room for family and friends with a separate one bedroom guest casita and 4-car garage..... . . Kathryn Scarborough | 512-970-1355 | kathrynscarborough.com | LOVE.LIVE.AUSTIN . .forsale lakeaustin custom acreage private austin texas santabarbara designer realestateagent milliondollarlisting santabarbara gated vandergrift designer exceptional liveyourbestlife lovewhatido forsale realestate luxuryliving luxury luxurylifestyle @luxuryleagueatx @liza.savage.richardson @engelvolkersaustin

Tollean de siran te ne naam chalde... Veerean de naal SARDARI Jachdi ...🤞🏻 tarsemjassar throwbacktoJAN2020 liveyourbestlife lifestyle livememories ♥️🌈

✨DAILY AFFIRMATION ✨ This is one to repeat any time you feel pain, discomfort, sniffles, a sore throat, after a breakup, after an argument, anything really where you don’t feel like your best self. It is really important to remember this throughout this time in the world when we can become more anxious, more depressed, more paranoid about becoming sick. When you feel like it’s all much, just remember you are growing and you are healing 💓

When you’re in the garage at 10pm pouring resin and making waves because you want it to dry overnight so you can wake up in the morning to your masterpiece, you might be addicted.


🤍Passer nos journées ensemble H24. C’est tellement chouette d’être avec toi, dans notre nouveau chez nous. Tout est parfait et malgré le outcome de tout ce qu’il se passe tout restera parfait! 🤍 •colorado booboo couplesgoals coupletravel harmoniedecouple alwaystogethercheesygirl couplefrancoamericain boobooandrew nationalpark visitusa rockymountainnationalpark estespark visitcolorado montagnes paysages nature neige bonheur lamontagnecavousgagne liveyourbestlife vistameilleurevie amour love toietmoi

Log gratitude in daily pics 📷 Use your phone to snap photos of all the things you are grateful for in a day. ✨However big or small.✨ Then you can either print them out and stick them in a notebook🗒, or keep them on your phone📱 to look at.DailyTopTip LiveYourBestLife anxietysucks socialanxiety hypnotherapy negativethoughts negativethinking thinkingnegative ibs ocdproblems relaxingvideos fearofdriving workstress examstressbuster sleepbetter sleepevadesme whenwillieversleepagain whycantisleepatnight insomnia sleephelp brainfog icantsleep helloinsomnia willieversleepagain nighttimelonliness amitheonlyoneawake sleepcure helpmetosleep whocanhelpme ineedsleep

Full your eyes with memories n wonders . Live as if it’s the best moment . Travel 🧳 See the world 🌍... It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories 🏭 . . Solang valley . A beautiful location at an altitude of 8400 feet nestled amidst snow capped mountains 🏔 . . Solang valley or Solang nala derives it’s name from two words Solang Nallah Enjoy winter sports here from November to February. Based on weather conditions one can choose to skiing ⛷ Or paragliding 🪂 . A wonderful experience where one could feel as if you got wings like a bird 🦅 Do not miss to try the paragliding 🪂 Costs about 2000 ₹ for a 30 minute ride . . Memories for ever . . 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 Where - Solang nala manali @himachaltourismofficial Best time to visit - November to February . Travel trip carry winter wear 🧣 Reach by early morning at around 9.00 am . Solang nala is about 15 kms from manali town .. Hire a taxi 🚖 from manali to and fro . 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 For more such updates on wonderful travel 🧳 destinations do follow @krantikrishna007 . 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 This is a throwback post 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Most important please do stay indoors be safe Let’s be responsible and support our nation . Let’s fight against this chaos collectively . 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹solangvalley solangnala solang manali manalidiaries himachal himachaltourism travelindia travelphotography travelblogger travelrealindia traveler indiatourism mountains mountainview paragliding paraglidinglifestyle travelpostdaily travelpicture instapostoftheday instapicoftheday livelifetothefullest traveldreams liveyounglivefree liveyourbestlife travelguide travelers photographer krantikrishna007 krantiawelltravelledgourmand

Life as we know it, for the foreseeable future captured in one image. Wake up, Sit in Power & Meditate. Work. Watch Studio Ghibli movies with Wine. Sleep. Rinse & Repeat 😊💕💫🧿🔮 liveyourbestlife covıd19 socialdistancediaries

me learningtolovemyself liveyourbestlife love checkout @the.ugly.monkey

They say there’s always that one wild one in the group.. I say YUP! 🤪🤪🤟🏼betterdays forever wildlife wildstyle loco puropari dj djlife djlf • • • • • • Photography by @_emerald.perspective_ . . . . . . .latinflavor followthemusicadjs djndjculture djworld djproducer djlife🎧 vibes vibrasspotifyspotifyartistsoundcloudnightlifefunliveyourbestlife music godisgood saturdaynight saturdayvibes

Valladolid is rich with history and culture. You can find the famous San Servacio o Gervacio church and plenty of underground cenotes. ⛪️ travel travelblogger travelgram mexico valladolid cancun tripadvisor magicalmoments live liveyourbestlife blessed moments positivevibes emotional colourful memories trip worldtraveler travelphotography

Deciding what to wear to a big event like going to the letterbox whilst in quarantine is not an easy choice. Playing dress ups was fun though! Stay safe everyone. positivepsychology mentor coach wisewords inspire motivate liveyourbestlife fifties fiftyplusandfabulous fiftiesstyle netpositivelife netpositive vintagestyle vintage ballgown cocktaildress griffindor robe wellington newzealand

Italians dealing with self-isolation by partying in their balconies.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Video Fb: Fabrizio Pizzo⠀ ⠀saturdaynight italy🇮🇹 nightlife

Happiest of Birthdays to this grandmother of 8 ❣️GrandKids! It was filled with LOVE, Laugh and YUMMY Food!!! HappyMothersDay!!! 🥘 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 💥 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 💟 Travels ThisIsUS Buffet LiveLifeHappy TBH TravelGoals PartnerInCrime BetterTogether Goals BestOfDay PicOfTheDay Eeeeeats SeafoodLover FoodOfInstagram NaturesBeauty BuzzFeedFood HealthyFood PopularPhoto TravelAwesome YummyLicious GramOfTheDay LiveLaughLove LiveYourBestLife IGTravel MyTravelGram TheGoodLife 🦞🦀

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