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He found a warm patch. loki lokithecat

Dok neki rade, neki se izlezavaju....lokithecat 💙 mornings catsofbelgrade catsofserbia🐱

How you doing? lokithecat catlife

Hi mums.....oh were you reading this? catsareassholes catsofinstagram catsarejerks lokithecat

Cats are intangible. lokithecat

Loki’s eyes have been seeming a lot better, and he’s been really affectionate 🥰 cat cuddles are the best lokithekitten lokithecat kitten kittens kittenspam kittensofinstagram comickitties cat cats catspam catstagram catsofinstagram tabbycat

Loki's favourite game, chasing our hands between the bannister 🤷 loki lokithecat lokithecatofmischief cats cat catsofinstagram catsagram love video videostar favourite cutenessoverload cats_of_instagram catlovers happycat handsome

Essense of relaxation!!lokithecat catsofinstagram cats

Beauty and The Beast The feline beauty 🐱 and the human beast 💁lokithecat feistyfeline felinebeauty love theeyeschico theyneverlie catsofinstagram petsofinstagram

Meet baby loki! (...) My mom wanted to take care of him and find a family ... but she broke down and she kept it! . . . . . . Photos by my wonderfull mother. ♥cats cat kitty catsofinstagram catofinstagram cats_of_instagram catlovers catoftheday meow chat chats chaton chartreux greycat greycats loki lokithecat nap catnap sleep sleepingcat babycat

I just cant get over how handsome Loki is 😻😻😻lokithecat catsofinstagram catstagram

These two LOVE their cat tree. 😻 @loki_the_house_cat catsofinstagram lokithecat oliverthecat lovemykitties

They call it “Chillin’ with the stoopid hoomans” catsofinstagram catstagram loki lokithecat thor thorthecat

You go to work mom I stay right here in warm bed. lokithecat blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule adorable inbed

Introducing Loki's favourite toy: the tissue box! It's a very odd toy, but he loves it. He loves squeezing his head in and marching around the house like he's unstoppable! 😇💕 catsofinstagram lokicat lokithecat fluffycat tissueboxcat catsinboxes

Meet baby loki! A friend found him under a car. But she was allergic so she brought it back ... . . . . . . Photos by my wonderfull mother. ♥cats cat kitty catsofinstagram catofinstagram cats_of_instagram catlovers catoftheday meow chat chats chaton chartreux greycat greycats loki lokithecat nap catnap sleep sleepingcat babycat

Shhhhh. I'm hiding.lokithecat

Hmmm... Who's the most spoilt kitty of them all.. Loki, that's who. I got this photo from Kyle, seems loki is sleeping over at his place tonight 😂😂😂 cozycat lokithecat catisking🐱

COME ONE, COME ALL, AND VISIT MY MENAGERIE OF FLOOFS.harleythedog clownpupperofcrime @pancakelongboi lokithecat thorthecat freshprinceofasgard myhouseisazoo somuchfloof

Loki coraz bliższy osiągnięcia kształtu doskonałego ;) . . . . .loki lokithecat rudykot rudecat circle sweetcat sweet sweetanimals petsofinstagram catphoto catofinstgram catoftheday love adoptdontshop

Catching the last evidence of autumn 🍂

Sunday snuggles under blankets to keep warm during this unusually cold weather for November.loki lokithecat lokithetuxedocat loki_the_tuxedo_cat tuxedocatsofinstagram catsofinstagram tuxedocat cat sundaysnuggles keepingwarm

Loki is never too thrilled when his brother wants to cuddle. . . . . .catsofinstagram dogsofinstagram loki mochi lokithecat mochithepom cat catlovers dog pupper Pomeranian pompuppy

Super, duper nieczęsto występujący moment kiedy siedzi na tyłku nie na suficie i gdy nie ciamka czyjejś kończyny. Bliss. goodboy lokithecat mybaby kitten insta_cat catsofinstagram loki lordgryzak

Our humans got married and I had to let dad know that I loved mom first and will always be her number 1. I mean look at how handsome I am, I can’t blame her 🖤😼🖤

Grooming time 🤗🦁 Do your cats like to be brushed? I cant say Loki likes that but he is really polite when I do that. 🧡 .groomingtimebrushcatsundayrelax catfollowerspetoftheday kociapielegnacjafluffycatlokithecat

Loki's beauty sleep 😇💕 catsofinstagram lokithecat lokicat fluffycat

So why does this only ever happen when I have things to do ? cats catsofasgard loki lokiofasgard lokithecat lapcat sleepycat sleepingcat catgram catsofinstagram cat catcuddles mycat lovecats😻 catlady catpic cats_of_instagram catlove

Homemade toys for Loki. I think he likes them. lokithecat cattoys catsofinstagram instacat catstagram tabby kitty homemade

Staring at the light, waiting for its prey Looking for small moving bugs, all darn day!! 😼😼 lokithecat catsofinstagram cats

Being stuck inside for the last 3 weeks really made him a mommas boylokithecat blackcat catlovers

Brothers 🧡🖤 . . . . . .catspam brothercats jetthecat lokithecat love

My new sibling Thor doesn't do much cat lokithecat grey greykitten catsofinstagram photography

My boy Loki. If you like cats, please follow their Insta account @lokinutandodin

"hooman pet me please" 😺😺 . Have a great cozy weekend and enjoy it as much as loki enjoys getting petted 😻 . . . . . .. ... .... ... .. . . .. . .. ... .... ..... ..... .... ... .. ... .... .... ... .. . . .. ... .. . .beauty catlife paws picoftheday catsofinstagram instagramcats instagood cutepetclub cutecatcrew pawpack catstagram catsoftheworld cats_of_instagram whitecat lokithecat fluffypack fluffycat puffycat picoftheday posing whisker whiskers cat cats greeneyes cute cuteanimals cutecatcrew cutecute adorable

New member of the family🐱Lokithecatkittensofinstagram countryliving

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