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Mom, are you done eating so I can cuddle again!?!? . . .dachshundsofinstagram dachshundlove longhairdachshunds cuddletime shastagirl

3 little dachshunds all in a bed. Daisy (black/cream), Groot (chocolate), Romeo (cream). dachshunds dachshund longhairdachshunds minidachshund dachshundpuppy minidachshunds dachshund longhairdachshund minilonghairdachshundpuppy

So happy tomorrow is Friday! Too long of a week, tiring being such a good pupper

Mommy got me more aguilty equipment to practice. I love it! Aguilty teats are awesome!😋luluhyperfit longhairdachshunds dachshundlove dachshund minidachshunds akc agilitytraining agilitydog

Help us congratulate Buckeye and Coco as they are expecting their first litter of long hair miniature dachshund puppies by March 1, 2020! We are hoping for a few chocolate babies but these two Carey for a few other colors as well, so the anticipation is building to see what we will get! . . . . . .dachshundpuppy dachshundsofinstagram longhairdachshunds chocolatedachshunds doodlesanddoxies

Help us congratulate Buckeye and Coco as they are expecting their first litter of long hair miniature dachshund puppies by March 1, 2020! We are hoping for a few chocolate babies but these two Carey for a few other colors as well, so the anticipation is building to see what we will get! . . . . . .dachshundpuppy dachshundsofinstagram longhairdachshunds chocolatedachshunds doodlesanddoxies

Spring Brook Farms Doxies made it on TV! Brenda - a Tillia and Creole daughter (half sister to Fabio) and Dobbs - Fabio’s full sister are celebrities today along with my Son-in-law🧡🥰🤩 home&family dachshunds hallmarkchannel robbelushi longhairdachshunds atspringbrookfarms springbrookfarmsllc @lwernsman

Our website is now live. Check the link in our bio to keep up to date with litters due and puppies available. ❤

"Fawn" (SPOKEN FOR) long hair female, extra squishy, snuggly and simply gorgeous. Bow by @_hollyandco

"Plum" (SPOKEN FOR) beautiful long hair female, always milk drunk, extra squishy. Bow by @_hollyandco

"Aspen"(SPOKEN FOR) smallest of the litter, short hair female, loves her mummy and is vocal. Bow by @_hollyandco

"Bear" beautiful male, extra squishy, loves cuddles and is always milk drunk. Bow by @_hollyandco

"Dash" sweet little long haired male. He has stolen my heart! 😍 Bow by @_hollyandco

Little Honey is quite comfortable this evening! dachholiday dachshundpuppy englishcreamdachshund longhairdachshunds honeybeaucoup

Yes, I like to stand up like a person when I want some attention... doesn’t always work tho. Piebalddachshund longhairdachshunds cutedachshunds funnydachshunds

Mommy took me for a nice bike ride and a nature walk today. I just wanted to kiss her when she was trying to get a selfie of us🤣I loved the nature walk, lots of good smells and tweeting birdies! luluhyperfit dachshund longhairdachshunds showdogs dachshundpuppy dachshundlove starkeyparktrail

MOM POST AHEAD # A year ago this crazy weirdo of a dog dad had my entire day planned and ended it with a huge surprise and I had no idea. # The day started with my mom and sister asking if I wanted to go get my nails done, I asked b and he said why not. I then went with them and he told me he had to go work for a few hours. Little did I know he was over hanging out with his grandma showing off the surprise. # A few hours pass by and I think he's still at work, he comes home, we ate some lunch and then planned for the dog park. # I get ready wearing warm clothes and not really caring what I looked like. Little did I know I would regret that decision. We get to the park and let the boys do their thing, we walked over to favorite part of the park and we stop. # All of a sudden B is down on one knee and I am like "wait what's happening" and he says "oh, I think you know what's happening" and my best friend asked me to marry him, in our favorite place with our babies. # He ended the day with dinner with my family which I thought was for me finishing school, nope because we got engaged and every one knew but me 😅 # I am so grateful he had some one there and was able to capture this moment that to me is kind of a blur. # Now we have 5 months to go to our big day and I am so excited 🥰 #dachshundsofinstagram longhairdachshunds pnwdachshund dachshund doxies doxiesofinstagram dailydachshunds longhairdontcare winstenthewiener rookthesausage rainbowsixsiege rook tomclancysrainbowsixsiege siege siegeoperators dachshundsdaily sausagedog longbodyshortlegs dogsoftacoma dogsofinstagram pnwdachshund pnwwonderdog sausagedogcentral pnw engaged theproposal shesaidyes heasked wedding

My humans thought this gift was appropriate. I’m not impressed 🙄weiners weinerdog dachshundpup minidachshunds doxies puppyplaytime weinerpup canadianpuppy longhairdachshunds

Wolf Abjekt + Opal Stuka due this month! We are now on the lookout for beautiful homes for our babies. Available to fly within Australia and free door delivery within Perth Metro area, Western Australia. Puppies will be available from 8 weeks of age. They will have their first lot of vaccinations, be microchiped, and wormed every two weeks. Price: $3,000. Non refundable deposit: $500.00

Babies come pre-loved, so we suit every kind of family. 💝

Hank and Mitsy would make wonderful shop or office dogs. They are chilling with me at work today, even though they would have been perfectly happy crated at home as well. . They are quiet, low key, happy, and friendly pups- perfectly content to hang out or explore with you. . They are 8 & 9 years old, housebroken, crate trained, good in the car, good with dogs and cats, but would prefer a quieter home without young children. . If you may be interested in adopting please apply with @sophiasgracefoundation . .adoptabledachshunds longhairdachshunds dachshunds opttoadopt dachshundrescue

Miss Honey has loved having all the other puppies to play with...but now the nursery is empty except for her. dachholiday dachshundpuppy longhairdachshunds englishcreamdachshund honeybeaucoup

Happy 14th birthday to the cutest puppy ever! You are the best cuddler! Your may scare the neighbors with your bark but they should be scared of your mean licking! dachshund dachshundsrock longhairdachshunds 14andstillspunky

Happy 4th birthday to this sweetie!dachholiday longhairdachshunds dachshundbirthday

Picking these two beauties up this afternoon for @sophiasgracefoundation and fostering for a few days here in southern Maine. If you are located in Maine and interested in fostering or adopting this pair please let me know, otherwise they will be moved to a longer-term Foster home. Their owners were not safe where they were living and could not bring these two with them where they had to move. . . Hank, 8 years old, 23lbs Mitzy, 9 years old, 12lbs . Both are crate trained, pad trained and housebroken. . Mitzy is good with all other dogs while the owner says Hank prefers female dogs. They are both great with cats. . Unfortunately Hank does not like the chaotic atmosphere when children are running around being too rough so kids who are old enough to understand he needs a slow hand are okay . “Hank and Mitzy are a couple who love to run outside (in a fenced in area or they will keep running), spending time curled up in your lap or by your feet. They love sleeping in your room and are very interested in everything you do from running to the bathroom (you're not allowed to go alone you know lol) to making a big dinner (they love accidentally dropped food when cooking). They are great on a leash, love boat rides, car rides, long snuggles on the couch. Mitzy has a hard time seeing and relies on Hank for just about everything. He takes very good care of his sweetheart by cleaning her face, bringing her treats & making sure she feels safe!” . .opttoadopt rescuedogs dachshundrescue maine adoptabledachshunds longhairdachshunds dachshundsofmaine dachshundsofne

One day I chased a squirrel in my Star Wars shirt. (He got away) longhairdachshunds

One week old puppy pile! 😍

We are one week old today. ❤ Dash, Plum (SPOKEN FOR), Bear, Fawn (SPOKEN FOR), Aspen (SPOKEN FOR).

Nope! You can’t make me stick my tongue out. I’m with my bro Paddy. Sensible and dignified. We will stick together through thick and thin. I think the others must have been adopted or something. 🙃

Moose and his new friend. Came all the way from the US from his friends Maggie and Poppy. puppyplaymate puppytime meandmyfriend cuddlydachshund longhairdachshunds

Aspen (middle/pink), our smallest is so full of beans. 🙈

Working hard at the milk bar. 😍

I have three new litters. Deworming and such gets to be a big job. I put them out in a blanket once I weighed and gave medicine so I could keep track. This is my lap now that we are done. What a sweet blessing! I will have them posted to my website soon. www.ajmdachshunds.com. dachshund, dachshunds, doxie, doxies, weinerdogs, sausagedogs, ajmdoxies, ajmdachshunds, smoothdachshunds, smoothdoxies, longhairdachshunds, longhairdoxies, dappledachshunds, dappledoxies, piebalddachshunds, piebalddoxies,brindledachshunds, brindledoxies, kansascitydachshunds, kansascitydoxies, kcmodachshunds, kcmodoxies, kcksdachshunds, kcksdoxies, midwestdachshunds, midwestdoxies, heartlanddachshunds, heartlanddoxies,missouridachshunds,missouridoxies,

Australia has lost an estimated half a billion animals from bush fires. On behalf of @wa_wieners and @wildflower_face_and_body Cody and I are digging deep and donating to NSW WIRES to show our support for bushfire affected animals. 🐨🦘🐾 wires australianbushfires wireswildliferescue donate

This is what I have to listen to all day everyday— the song of the Dachshund. *these are meant to hunt and track down Badgers, clearly they need to express that energy elsewhere, Bc were badgerless so they pick on the only female (GURTIE, the sister) as you see the dad (Sherman) tries to break it up, loses it and joins in with Fletcher,, 😝 familygoals brotherandsister dachshund bluedachshund blackandtan chocolatedachshund longhairdachshunds excusethemesswelivehere weeniedog michigansausage cottagelife puremichigan spayedandneutered germandog german badgerhunters subarudogs furbabies

I’m not crying, you’re crying.. 😭💚💙 dachsundsofinstagram longhairdachshunds CalvinNHobbs Leonard

Frankie...Buckets...Merlin...Lexie Belle A sleepy afternoon! dachholiday longhairdachshunds blackandtanpiebald dachshundpiebald dachshundpuppy

A New Years day experience I will never forget. I got to work side by side with a vet delivering five puppies by cesarean. These sweet puppy noises are such a relief after the work it took to make sure they all started to breathe and cry. Stormie is doing very well, and now we have many sleepless nights ahead.

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