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Je te lâcherai pas jusqu’à ce que je trouve quelqu’un qui .... vous connaissez la suite 😂😂😂 My everything mon Meilleur ❤️💋loveyou love everyday everywhere myrock myperson xoxo mylife photography blackandwhite photooftheday couple blackcouples couplesgoals

By @vimal_vashisth . You never knew what my love was. No! you never knew. For all things you said we won't be. You were getting there sitting in same boat. . . . . . . .poems love lines quotes postivequotes postivevibeskiss winterstyle winter november poem writing love breakup lovedyou loveyou dont give a fuck

Describe your experiences with mental health and how you overcame any mental health struggles. My experiences with mental health mainly stem from navigating life while having a chronic illness. In 2013 I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) that causes daily joint dislocations, subluxations and pain—among many other things! Suddenly it felt like my body was betraying me, but I was unaware of the hidden anxieties and depression that often befriend chronic illness all too well. Understanding the interconnectedness of my mental health and my physical health has allowed me to gain the strength to ask for help. Through speaking with my family doctor, signing up for student disability services, taking time for self-care and surrounding myself with supportive loved ones, I now have a variety of tools I can use to help me overcome any obstacle that comes my way! What does being resilient mean to you? To me, resiliency is a feeling of self-empowerment, mindfulness and introspection. I feel most resilient when I take time for reflection and self-care. Having an understanding of where my mood, feelings and thoughts are helps me to choose the activities, tools or resources that I need to tackle the day. In particular, the IMP has a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Skills course for med students to learn about CBT treatments for future patients, but also to learn skills for ourselves. This course has been invaluable to me and has helped me enormously with feeling resilient. If you could go back in time and talk to yourself in year 1, what advice would you give? If I could go back to my first-year self, I would remind myself to be kind to myself. We can often be our own harshest critic, and leaving space for yourself to make mistakes, learn and grow, all while being gentle with yourself will help you to get the most out of your medical training. I’d also remind myself that everyone’s medical school journey will look and feel different, and that is totally ok!

Dill abh kissi sy behas nhe krta”❤️ • Follow me👉🏻 @aest_world • @aest_world • @aest_world • @aest_world •aest_world aesthetic aestheticedits aesthetics aestheticedit newpost likeforlike likeforlikes like4like l4l thankful thankyou loveyou loveyourself boy posts sad sadedits⚫️ poetry poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram poetryporn poetrylovers shayari shayarilover urduposts world urdulines likeit follow • @aest_world • @aest_world • @aest_world

Jeg er så utrolig glad i deg ❤️😎 du får meg alltid til og le, jeg savner deg sååå mye🥀❤️ du r så mye for meg 😘❤️ takk for den du er love you❤️ gratulerer så mye med dagen!😉🤩 jeg håper du får en veldig fin dag men fine gaver 😉❤️ takk for den du erpernille du er alltid inni hjertet mitt😊❤️ alrdi glem det 🥰 vi må få en til tur til italia igjen😎 takk for den du er pernille @pernilleht97 love you😘😘 loveyou

-Щоб літати, не обов'язково мати крила. Потрібен той, хто не дасть впасти ❤️ _ _ _loveyou husband summer happy

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If your nervous system is out of balance, every other bodily system will also be out of balance. When we are in fight/flight/freeze in the body, our nervous system is not concerned with easeful digestion, deep sleep, reproduction, or relaxation. Take a few moments today to settle into your body and your surroundings. Really soak in the present moment and give your nervous system information about where you are. Do this without distraction for several minutes each day. Our nervous system loves this type of attention.selfcare selflove selfrespect nervoussystem nervoussystemhealth balance balancedbody balancedlife ayurveda ayurvedalifestyle parasympathetic parasympatheticnervoussystem freedom moksha oregon portland tennessee nashville murfreesboro love loveyourself loveyou lovelovelove

मेरे चाहने से ज़माने में अगर कुछ भी हुआ होता, तो तेरी गोद में मैं रख के सर मैं यह वक्त रोक लेता mothersday loveyou lifeline momlife

Just found this old photo amongst Alex’s things 😊 I can’t believe he still had this! It must have been from when we first met as I’m about 19 there so he must have been 26, so many memories with this man, I will never forget you baby! 😘❤️🌹widow memories memoriesforlife neverforgetyou loveyou widowsofinstagram widowed missmyman missyoubaby grief somanymemories

Happy 25th Birthday to my sweet boy. You are such a blessing to me and so many around you. Hope this next year is your best one yet! I Love You Babe🥳💙 • • •happybirthday 25 oldman bestyearever sweetboy faveboy loveyou itslit letsgo partyyy

Les femmes et les chats font ce qu’ils veulent. Trop chou la nounette 😍catperson homesweethome felinslover chaton gratefulheart wildcats catwoman loveyou tropchou animalovers

🌈I stayed up late to edit it. Although I didn't add special effects, I think it's great. I hope you like it, too.and i love uuuuuuu 💗@itsnikoslater tiktokboys tiktokboysedit eboy itsnikoslater nikoslater loveyou crash

8 MESI DI TE ♥️ Amore di mamma e papà🌺 . .8months purelove life happymoments georgeus amazingbaby family beautifull flowerseverywhere loveyou tomuch #🌸

Tag your lover 💞💞💞😍 @tuzya_premat_veda 🎧Request use headphone,🎧 ➡️ Post avdlyavr follow Kara ⬅️ . . . . . . . . . . .marathiloverlovelifelinemarathimulgeloverloveyoupillumumbaiaurangabadpunefriends#loversmarathilikesharecommentfollow

Life is better when you have a little fun, even if you fall a couple times 🤙🏼😽💕 surfskate carver summer loveyou adventure

Ik vindt hem gewoon geweldig dus is heb heb maar gewoon gepost!! @liekehams liekehammink loveyou followher moonlight queen flowers sunshine🌞

'Aşk' onu çok sevmektir. Her yıl acaba hangi pasta tarzıyla gelecek diye beklediğim güzel adam, iyi ki varım ve beni bulmuşsun. Çünkü sensiz olmazdı. ❤️loveyou aşk mutlum ailem mutluluk doğumgünü kasım pasta yeniyaş happybirthday

Magallanero ⚓🛳💙!pug loveyou babythorconsentido😍amolospug🐾 • • • Amo tomarme fotos😍

<3 “When you focus on the good, the good gets better.” rinothefrenchie frenchbulldog frenchielove mybaby bigboy loveyou winter focusonthegood thegoodgetsbetter

Если я ушла, то только потому что ты отпустил мою руку...loveyoulovehiminstalikewedding#

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Eu quero ter você pra mim, dormir do seu ladin, acordar de velar na nossa cama 😍🔥 . . .♻️ MARQUE A PÁGINA NOS SEUS STORIES CURTE E COMPARTILHA COM GERAL ♻️ . . . 🔔 ATIVEM AS NOTIFICAÇÕES 🔔✅ . . . .grauporamor puxoucortoueraspou mt09 kawasaki susugede suzukisamurai motostyle paixaopormotos graudelado yamaha bmwgs transalp falcon loveyou loveyourself 244noécrime

Got to see one of my favorites last night!! So nice to have such good friends to keep you laughing. reunited ballstatebold watchout ohgod loveyou whatjusthappened 🕺🏼💃🏻

Thank you so much for this great birthday party ❤❤❤ . . . . .birthdaycake birthdaygirl family loveyou

Et c'est parfois dans un regard, dans un sourire Que sont cachés les mots qu'on n'a jamais su dire.loveyou

Dm Me If You Want This Account..Can Provide Lobby Proof An Any Other Type Of Proof You Need, But Unfortunately We Don’t Go First💜😔 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow @mood.altz For More ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‼️💜Thanks For Visiting‼️💜 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‼️Ignore Tags‼️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~fortnite fnbr fortnitememes fortniteaccounts fortniteaccountfortrade fortniteaccount fortniteseller legit legitaccounts legitseller noscam memes fortnitememes 2019 thanks loyalty loyaltocustomers viral worldstar faze fazetfup fazeontop fazeup tsm soar soarup ninja sway tfue drlupo loveyou

La mia anima gemella ❤🍀loveyou myhalf

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Estou olhando para o próximo milionário curtindo essa foto. digite "eu" Por mais difícil que seja o momento que você está passando, acredite no seu propósito.dannyfashion_official lastnight lastlevel followforfollowback likeforlikes dannyglover loveyou nikeairforce1 wello amarelo portugal🇵🇹 fashionable instadaily

Can't believe its been a year.. A hummingbird got into moms apt the other day with no way possible, all the doors were closed no vents to come from but I know it was you just visiting us so thank you! Always and forever missed/ i wiped a million tears. resteasylola missyou loveyou ❤🥂 cheers

~ broeder liefde ~ 💘💘 mycutie mybtother loveyou

5 лет назад,этот молодой человек,предложил мне встречаться 💎🙈💙loveyouforeveryoungpahis_sve#динамо

A nos 8 ans. ✨ Le 8 novembre à la naissance de l’amour de notre vie et à mon anniversaire c’était aussi nos 8 ans de relation ! «  J'pourrais m'tatouer notre histoire sur le bras Me mettre dans de beaux draps si t'es avec moi C'est toi dans ce monde de fous Je l'sais c'est tout » couplegoals couple amour love mavie lifestyle lifeisbeautiful loveyou parents amourdemavie amourinconditionnel amourpassionnel passion frenchgirl polishgirl polishboy myman man mumlife mum photography likeforlikes like4likes instagram instalike instalove

This is so sweet this girl is probably crying 💗 love lovememes mood relationship tiktok loveyou cute smile positivevibes positivequotes

Make them uncomfortable Queen 👑 loveyou smilemore divinebeauty knowhowyouare

Coffee peetey peetey ☕ nehailans nehafam fanpage loveyou fangirl @nehajethwani529

Let go of anything that holding you back! Good morning beautiful people wherever you are 💙🙏🏻🌏🦄 . . . Follow for daily motivation, story telling from a blonde's perspective. Comment, share or like whatever you find interesting. Let's spread some love and kindness. 🙏🏻🌏💙😍🦄

Good morning beautiful people wherever you are.. give someone special that heart to heart hug. Or.. hug someone who needs it.. just do it, as long as it's given from the heart. Hugs are soooo beneficial for our health.. and hug speak more than 1000 words. Therapeutic hug lasts 20 seconds and it's beneficial for our overall wellbeing. And pay attention.. if someone holds you for more than 5-10 seconds in their hug.. it means they care about you. Usually, hugs last about 3 seconds and you will notice that people just don't know what to do, so they "escape". Like, this can get awkward, I don't know what to do, so let's finish this hugging stuff. That being said.. hug, hug often and when that special one tries to escape from your hug, hug them even tighter. 💙🦄🙏🏻🌏 . . . Follow for daily motivation, story telling from a blonde's perspective. Comment, share or like whatever you find interesting. Let's spread some love and kindness. 🙏🏻🌏💙😍🦄

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