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Lets take a break from my serious rows and lets enjoy one of this adorable cute pupper named sofie! She is my,sisters dog and i love her so much! .❤ .💛 .💚 .💙 .💜 .💖 .👌 softboi softboy puppy cute pupper animal pet pets soft sweet adorable blessing good goodvibes petsitting naptime goodday relax goodtime fluffy baby babyboy babygirl dog doggy dogs thebest love loveyourself lovepets

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The perfect way to say, ‘thank you’ 💙

If you’ve ever had a man come on SUPER STRONG one day . . . And not even answer your texts the next . . . You need to drop whatever you’re doing and go watch this tiny little video about what to text him to get his attention. TAP THE LINK IN MY BIO to watch right now! . . Follow for more @poetrycosmosofficial . . Dm for credits/removal Dm for promotions of your work/book/business . Tag us for in your inspiring posts/videos for feature poetrycosmos poetsofig poetrycommunity poetry poetryisnotdead poetsofinstagram quotes loveyourself lifequotes quotestoliveby lovepoems positiveenergy

I had a choice of keeping this photo or not. As you can see, I chose to keep it of course and to share it publicly. Although my eyelash wanted to fly away, I found this photo to be the best one. In that moment I was genuinely happy as I closed my eyes to smell the flowers. The reason why is because in the world of social media we only love to post the “perfect” pictures of ourselves. I want to influence others to love their imperfections because your imperfections are what makes you unique and beautiful.💖 Photographer: @gxphotos.mke imperfections unique beautiful embrace loveyourself genuinlyhappy flowers aspiringmodel influence followyourdreams followyourheart

living with a chronic illness is draining. i woke up yesterday in immobilizing pain. my agenda was filled with productive tasks, but my body had other plans. sometimes, i let my sickle cell win our daily battle. not today. today, i fight back. even if it puts me in a crisis, i refuse to become a victim to my chronic disorder. i won't let this destructive disease ruin my entire week. "Are you surviving, or are you thriving?" today i fight to thrive. ◇ ◇ ◇ chronicallyawarrior survivor thrive fight sicklecellwarrior youareabadass yesyoucan happygirlsshinebrighter selfcare loveyourself spoonielife chronicillness

" amadureci com o passar dos (d)anos" . armyhelptheplanet prayforamazonas Se pegar comente "☀️" E nos dê os créditos ☺️ . Marque alguem pra ver essa frase também !👥 . Viu no explorar 🔎? Aproveita e já segue nossa página 🥰. . . {Tags}: bts btsarmy army btsdance frases smile fofodogcatjeonjungkook loveyourself jiminsuga barmys brazil vtaehyungbighitentertainment jin rm jhope loveyourself love summer boy girlphrases sad

Mental health is so important!! My dad didn’t take care of his. His life is in the gutter now. Don’t underestimate the importance. It’s everything. . . . . . mindfulness loveyourself positivevibes meditation life ptsd mentalhealthawareness mindset recovery health healing happiness beauty selflove mentalhealth anxiety depression goals selfcare wellness lifestyle yoga art quotes beautiful love motivation happy inspiration fitness via @hashtagexpert

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Don't let anyone in Life talk down on You. Don't let anyone say that You are Worthless or You can't do anything in Life because whatever Your heart is set for, You know You can do it! You know You got this! Don't let anyone tell You that Your Beautiful Dark skin makes You look hostile and ugly, and don't let anyone tell You that Your hair looks unprofessional and wild...they are mad because they are not You! They are mad because they wish that they can be You! They are mad because they don't got it like You do, You live Your best life UNAPOLOGETICALLY with NOBODY'S APPROVAL! PEACE, VIBES, AND GO FOLLOW @mami.lotus!! . . ForTheLoveOfAfricanWomen AnkhLife AfricanWomanIsGod MelaninMagic HealHer DarkerTheBerrySweeterTheJuice AfricanWomanIsQueen CrystalMelanin MelaninLove Nubian LoveYourself Nubia TeamMelanin NubianReflections MotherOfCivilization AfricanWomen AfricanPower TeamNatural AfricanQueen MelaninLoveMatters MelaninLoveRocks AfricanLoveRevolution

actually imagine being this FLAWLESS

“fall 7 times and stand up 8“ I was reminded by this quote while I going through pictures. I came across this old photo of my girl Elly @the_chitown_yogi and I attempting to do a complicated yoga pose. We both kept falling and couldn’t stop laughing. What’s amazing is we never stopped trying to attempt the yoga pose!! You might be in a place in your life where you have fallen down to your knees wondering how will I possibly get up? Or your exhausted and don’t have the energy to stand up again. Just do it. Stand up again . Do it for you not for anyone else but you. You never know this might be the final and last 8 th time. Stay tuned for my mind changer workshop !! chicagoyogaclass chicagoyogaevents chicagoyogis chicagoland yogainstructor mindfulness mentalhealthawareness mentalhealthquotes yogamedicine yogatherapist yogatherapy yogathoughts yogatherapies mindfulnesscoach mindfullnesspractice chicagotherapists chicagoland chicagoyogastudios loveyourself lovequotes picoftheday

my phone’s percentage runs out so easily 🙄 ——— ♡ ——— follow me @simplyselfcaree for more threads like these! ——— ♡ ——— fc: 25641 all hate and self promo will be deleted give credit if reposting ilysm beautiful ——— ♡ ——— hashtags: selfcare selfcarethreads explorer threads advice selflove selfcareday explore explorepage aesthetic aestheticposts instagram selfcareaccount followme loveyourself

If you are not already - why not??? bestlife loveyourself lifeisshort lifeyoulove wakeup evolve2live

Today is Rocky’s first birthday party!! We spoil him too much.. 😅😅 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + . . . . . . . . . . + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + read comic comicbook comics sabrinatheteenagewitch bookstagram reading tattoo loveyourself photography vsco happy spring nature behappy positivevibes gamer gamergirl comicbooks puppy beach view girlswithtattoos anime kawaii grunge feetworship explore alternative

The devil in I here you go @jyohio lol lol devilindesguise sillysnap sillysnapchat snapchat👻 had to lol lol snap ohsnap loveyourself selflove happyfriday

Sueña en grande ❤️🥰

take care if yourself boo💕💕 follow for more☀️💛 - - - - - - - - -ignore tags- —————————— threads threadaccount threadacc loveyourself selfcareaccount selfcareacc selfcarepost newpost post selfcareday followformore twitter instagram instagramers sunday sundayspaday takecareofyourself

Choose Joy 🌻 . No, I do not mean just in life. I mean in every single thing you do. Choose joy in going to get groceries. Choose joy in getting up for work. Choose joy in getting the oil in your car changed. Choose joy in everything you hate doing. Choose as much joy as walking through a sunflower field. Why you ask? Well because your attitude is your result. If you go into something with a positive attitude it will be less like a chore or a “bad thing” and much more like something to be grateful for. You’ll succeed and your mindset will change and you’ll stand tall and beautiful and you’ll bloom into the best version of you 🌻 sunflowerfield selflovesolider loveyourself normalizenormalbodies mindsetiseverything summertime

This was resonating with me today after I read it.💚 loveyourself loveisthemostpowerfulforceintheuniverse

Nuestra alumna @daigordillo en su día de tren superior. Actualmente realizando un pequeño recorte calórico para de a poco mejorar su definición muscular. ¿Aeróbico o pesas como prioridad? La respuesta es simple 😀 👉 PESAS • • • 🍏 weightloss wls toptags wlscommunity weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation health brandnewlife fitfood gettingfit healthy gettinglean loveyourself

My parents are the bed rock to whom I am today.- - I believe that a strong foundation like your parents will put you in position to get what you want in life. And simply put, I am doing some of the things today because of a great upbringing that my parents instilled in me.- - One of the biggest lessons that my father taught me is to never be too high or never be too low, and that has helped me tremendously! And my mother has always told me to treat others how I want to be treated because karma works in funny ways.- - So as I write this on this Friday p.m. I just want to give a huge shoutout to my parents whom I love tremendously!- - I will spend the next 5 to 10 years figuring out how I can pay back my parents for what they did for me! I love my parents!- - ❤️ xoxo

Be a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins 💕✨ girls girlstyle motivationalquotes loveyourself lovelifequotes

I give to you..."The Sandwich"

You have changed throughout these years and many of you would not know you unless they read the history books. You were brought down by economics, vandalism, and terror but from that you were rebuilt stronger, wiser and more aware of your surroundings. We must all learn to overcome our fears, loss, failures and move forward, create happiness within ourselves and never be defeated. nyc siferry myquotes loveyourself livestrong knowyourgoals livehappy passonstupidity earthlover naturelover photography treehugger hobo 70'sgirlatheart veganmom vegangirl plantbased nycskyline

It’s been such a week of change that I never officially told y’all ... I took the full time SLP position at my school for the year! ♥️ • This was definitely not planned haha but I know everything happens for a reason. I am so excited to spend my days doing something I truly love alongside my other true love of coaching! Someone asked me today how I am going to handle it all. And here’s the thing .... when you love what you do each and everyday, you can handle anything life throws at you. Here’s to another year of helping kids TACO ‘bout it 🌮😂 slp

NUEVO VIDEO: vestido playero adaptado a la ciudad, con cambios básicos, fácil de encontrar en su closet ! Espero les guste ☺️💕 dejen sus comentarios✨

Here’s a picture of a smile to brighten you day. It’s been a pretty good week. I’m full of happy feelings! feelinggoodvibes feelinggoodtoday seniorszn fakeittillyoumakeit loveyourself goodwordsinspire

I heard bighit are debuting a girl group and tbh I dont know how to feel. Like TXT are only 5 months old and they just got Gfriend like BigHit can you calm down 💜 I purple you 💜 Bts Btsmemes KimNamjoon KimSeokjin MinYoongi ParkJimin KimTaehyung JeonJungkook Kpopmemes BTSArmy Sugamemes Jinmemes Jhopememes Vmenes namjoonmemes jungkookmemes jiminmemes memes Nichememes Niche btstwitter btstwittermemes BangtanSonyeondan Bangtan Loveyourself IArmy kpop InternationalArmy aestheticmemes Bangtan

🍀🍃Let Go🧙🏽‍♂️🍀

You are so much more than the food/calories/points you consume.⁣ ⁣ Enjoy your evening.

Full poem below⬇️ Three days ago i met you well we didn't really exchange names or  numbers or anything like a real meeting, but  i came in through the door and it was the first time i saw you and you saw me ~sunday~ the first time we talked and the first time you smiled at me and i at you, the first time we shared a joke and the first time i laughed with you and you with me it was quite a day, wasn't it? you were here and there clearing tables, taking orders, serving and you managed to look so good, i was a mess- wrong outfit, wrong bag both nervous and excited at the same time not like it occurred to me then but i met you- and you stole my breath away . throughout those three hours i was upright in my seat my eyes constantly darting around, i guess looking for you and everytime you smiled your eyes dimmed out everyone else and my heart skipped a beat, we were strangers- i didn't even know your name but when you spoke, you looked at me with so much sincerity- and that same glint in your eyes like we had crossed each other's paths before it's not even like we met really, i was a customer and you were doing your job But i couldn't help noticing the way  your mouth tilted to the right when you smiled, i couldn't help the butterflies knotting in my stomach when you looked at me, and i couldn't help wanting to stay around you just a little longer. i couldn't help wondering if you were like this with everyone else, if there were others too who you captured three days ago at this very time, i opened the door to leave; three days ago, you looked back at me | @unalomicpoetry 🌹

Dobrze jest wracać do mojego drugiego domku ❤️ @studio_tanca_fame Dzięki @natba8 za super zajęcia 💕 Był ogień 🔥🔥🔥🔥💃🏻 dance girlpower beyonce friday loveyourself @showdancebis

Every journey begins with a step 🌍

🍫🍓Chocolate Covered Strawberries & A Spritz... Tastes Like A Summer Friday Happy Hour To Us😋🥂 Get Your Pink Puffs Today At Freshyfare.com (link in bio)

Thursdays are for thinking 💭 • • • • I’ve realised in life if you don’t put your all in your not going to get what you want. Making your attitude more positive towards everything you do is the hardest thing I’ve done but also the most beneficial thing I’ve done for myself 💗 • I used to walk into the gym scared to go into the weights area because it was soo busy but now I’ve changed my attitude towards that. Everyone in the gym has a goal and everyone is working towards achieving that so why should I let the weights area being busy stop me achieving my goal?, I’ve learned stop caring what people think and start caring for myself because that’s the only person who can change you for the better 🙏🏽 • When it comes to effort, there’s just some days you don’t feel like it and I’m like that today. Today has been a tired day for me but I told myself if I go to the gym I’ll feel 1 millions times better after it, I may have not worked to my full extent but I did push through and got my workout done ✅ • Some positive vibes coming your way this Thursday 🌈

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