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Historias Apapachadoras!!⁠ Aqui los Doctores Apapachos, somos una organización poblana, sin fines de lucro que nos dedicamos a humanizar los hospitales, visitamos cada semana a los niños y jóvenes que se encuentran en los hospitales públicos de Puebla, vamos cama por cama acompañando, escuchando, apapachando a los peques y a sus familias. Asi transformamos el ambiente para que sea más ligero. ⁠ Actualmente somos 12 Doctores Apapachos pero queremos ser más para que todos los niños hospitalizados de Puebla reciban nuestros apapachos.⁠ ⁠ doctoresapapachos artistahospitalario Puebla loving apapachos hospitales donativo fuerzaapapachos daresunamaneradeestar experienciacaedonaresunamaneradeestar apapachosenaccin ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Amsterdam is full of beautiful canals...we loved this view!! ~ 8.19.19 wow gorgeous view incredible beauty outside canal water boat bridge buildings loving amsterdam holland netherlands traveleurope nofilterneeded

“Mama, I’m going to hold your hand forever. I’m never leaving you.” 🤭🙀😭 It is my greatest honor to teach him and raise him to be the man I know a woman will be so damn lucky to have hold her hand, too. raisingagoodonefaithfulloyallovingkindcompassionatesensitivegraciousgratefulsmartempatheticcautiousvulnerablefunnyhilarioussoftsweetfamilymanmyheartmyson

Boa noiteee 💋 Ainda estou loving essa maquiagem. Simplicidade sempre nos encanta né? ❤️ makes blogueira makebr makesimples makebasica

@re_melius_perpensa; p.s.: l’ho rimessa alle 9.20.

@lorenzorossi_official ❤❤ . . . netdress loving lit glam dress weddingdress weddinghair love care

Pieces from my older works -C.L. King blackwriters romance intimacy blacklove blackwomen blackmen loving @_strengtheningblack

⚜️GUCCI ⚜️🔥LAS MARCAS MÁS EXCLUSIVAS💎 AL MEJOR PRECIO 💸 Y DE LA MEJOR CALIDAD👌🏽 SOLO LAS ENCUENTRAS EN ⚠️ @dream_store58 ⚠️ ENVIOS SEGUROS 💯 Y GARANTIZADOS A 🇨🇴 Y A CUALQUIER LUGAR DEL PLANETA 🌎 TODAS LAS TALLAS DISPONIBLES POR ENCARGO 🛬 DESEAS UN DISEÑO Ó MODELO EN ESPECIAL ? SOLO ESCRÍBENOS 📲 Y TE LO ENVIAMOS A LA 🚪 DE TU CASA 🛩 SOMOS IMPORTADORES DIRECTOS 📦 QUIERES SABER LO QUE ESTÁ DE MODA 😎Y VESTIR CON LO ÚLTIMO EN TENDENCIA ?🎩👑 SÍGUENOS‼️ •👸🏼 @dream_store58 . •🤴🏻 @dream_store58men . fendi balenciaga valentino chanel louisvuitton moschino versace gucci burberry ferragamo victoriassecret stellamccartney prada fashion moda tendencia style Colombia medellin pereira lovers lady blonde cute inlove loving love beauty dreamstore58

This hit me rightinthefeels. I’m probably not the only one who needs this type of pain heard. Maybe you are hardtolove. I’m honestly not sure. But I will say people you love who make you feel you are hard to love, are the ones with the problem. Because they have a hard time loving, whereas you do not. After all, you loved them. quote quotes quotesaboutlife quotesaboutlove quotesaboutloss quotesaboutlifeandlove heartbreakquotes heartbreak

⚜️GUCCI ⚜️🔥LAS MARCAS MÁS EXCLUSIVAS💎 AL MEJOR PRECIO 💸 Y DE LA MEJOR CALIDAD👌🏽 SOLO LAS ENCUENTRAS EN ⚠️ @dream_store58 ⚠️ ENVIOS SEGUROS 💯 Y GARANTIZADOS A 🇨🇴 Y A CUALQUIER LUGAR DEL PLANETA 🌎 TODAS LAS TALLAS DISPONIBLES POR ENCARGO 🛬 DESEAS UN DISEÑO Ó MODELO EN ESPECIAL ? SOLO ESCRÍBENOS 📲 Y TE LO ENVIAMOS A LA 🚪 DE TU CASA 🛩 SOMOS IMPORTADORES DIRECTOS 📦 QUIERES SABER LO QUE ESTÁ DE MODA 😎Y VESTIR CON LO ÚLTIMO EN TENDENCIA ?🎩👑 SÍGUENOS‼️ •👸🏼 @dream_store58 . •🤴🏻 @dream_store58men . fendi balenciaga valentino chanel louisvuitton moschino versace gucci burberry ferragamo victoriassecret stellamccartney prada fashion moda tendencia style Colombia medellin pereira lovers lady blonde cute inlove loving love beauty dreamstore58

Hard at work my loving dog

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"When I visualize success it looks like right now."✨ If you’d asked me what success meant to me a few years ago, I would’ve gave you a description of mostly materialistic things I would’ve expected to acquire in order to consider myself sucessful. Sometimes I still have to check that part of myself that tells me I'm not doing enough..solely based off the things I want but can't yet afford. ✨ For the most part tho, these days my perspective on success is a bit different. I think of the person I was a few years back..That young women that was so full of anger & resentment toward the world for continuously not giving me what I thought I was ENTITLED to. I spent so many years being angry & sulking in my sadness, literally sitting still for years. It took long for me to realize, I’m entitled to nothing! But.."A hard head, makes a soft ass." Right? ✨ All that we want to be & achive is possible, but not a soul is going to hand it to you. We have to work everyday, mostly on ourself. The choice to wake up & put a smile on your face (whether fake or genuine), try to be happy, & just show up is not easy at all; but absolutely necessary. Give yourself credit for those little victories. No matter how small they may be to someone else, they can be huge to you! You’ll get to a point where you’re no longer "faking it till you make it." You will have actually "MADE IT." ✨ Everything is part of "The Plan." Just try to look at the bigger picture..And if you're feeling lost, which we all do once in a while (some of us more often than others)..spend some time alone. It may be uncomfortable & you’ll most likely feel worst at first; however, eventually things will become a little more clear, a lot calmer. The answers that you so desperately search for will begin to appear. ✨ So today, success looks like this..I’m successful for making it this far. For completely changing my perspective on the life I’m blessed to live. For coming to the understanding that although I’m quite far from living the life of my dreams, I’m very well on my way. Everyday I’m learning a bit more about myself..the things my soul craves, what speaks to my spirit & that's all the success I need right now. 💙

Happy Saturday ❤️ I’m happy today for not one but two reasons .. one it’s weekend😊 and two .. finally we got some sunshine here in Melbourne☀️💕. . . . . . Aadhya’s bow from @gusandmecreations. Do not forget to use code AADHYA15 for 15% off your order, how cool is that 😉😎

Where are the boys? 🤔 Was it because I said we were going to stretch at the end?

....and I secure my own bag !! Men like females that need them !! NOT I SAID THE PUSSY CAT 🐱 femaleboss billspaid criblaid living loving learning

One other great thing I got in my relationship other then the bf was this beautiful doggy 😍 we are legit like sisters where we annoy each other ❤️ but at the end of it we’re always back to cuddles and kisses 😍 I hated her kissing me and trying to lick me when I first met her...now I just let it happen 🤣 she’s my baby❤️ dog dogs staffie staffcrosslab labrador ginger loving soppydoggy soppy doggy pets pet

"I don't pretend to be wise, but I am observing, and I see a great deal more than you'd imagine. I'm intrested in other people's experiences and inconsistencies, and, though I can't explain, I remember and use them for my own benefit"- Louisa May Alcott♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ quotes beautiful mentalhealth feelings justgrowing intense building growth empathy tapping in to other's shoes loving and hurting fixingmyself and building a betterversion of who I am blackaesthetic tumblr

Star is the cutest floppy-eared pup who's looking for a home! 🌟She's a 2-month-old Beagle x BlueHeeler mix and will likely be the perfect little spoon size at 40lbs. Her foster says she's a ✨ total star ✨ and will fill you with joy with everything she does. Star loves to spend her days getting her puppy zoomies in, playing with her toys and receiving very satisfying belly rubs. She's an incredible snuggler and the best good girl you could ask for. She almost has her pad training down, and is poised to impress her future forever family with how sweet and smart she is! Star is available for adoption through Muddy Paws Rescue now at www.muddypawsrescue.org. If you're already a pre-approved adopter, please email adoptionmeetings@muddypawsrescue.org adoptdontshop adopt dogoftheday dogstagram cutedog dogsofnyc rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedismyfavoritebreed doglover lovedogs dog dogs adopt shelter love cute adorable kindness dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta soul loving shelter

"Hay personas a las que nunca les caes bien por qué tu espíritu irrita sus demonios. " D.W. . . . . . . godisgood photography instagram instapicture wonderwoman loving

#첫줄 . . 2019년 생일은 12시땡하자마자 케잌먹는다👍🏻 못오는줄 알았는데 잠깐 다녀간 오빠야 고마워요 . 29 #생일 #파리바게뜨 #치즈케잌 #좋아요 #동구에서남구까지 #고마워 mhsloveysh thelove loving happybirthday

We are far from perfect. We get stressed. We snap at one another. We even say things we don’t mean when we argue. We are human. No marriage is sunshine and roses. It’s a decision to continue loving someone. It’s not what you see in movies, tvshows or fairytales. The sooner you let go of that ideal - the better your relationship will feel. following real people helps as well. #😉 resentment will eat away at your connection ...that’s a very hard obstacle to tackle and often gets harder once you have children. Every mom and dad can relate. But you keep working, you stay devoted and you work through that shit. Because the joy outweighs the roughpatches if you’re on the right track. I plan to choose to love @wolverine3753 until I no longer breathe air.

loving Ostuni- lecarrube 😍

this took me so long to make omg really happy with the turnout tho! all creds to @thenbhd for music🎶 also late hbd to @jesserutherford ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✦ 𝒅𝒂𝒕𝒆: 24 aug 19😙 ✰ 𝒎𝒐𝒐𝒅: PROUD/baddass🥵 ✧ 𝒇𝒄: 217🧡 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐲 𝐬𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐬 ✨🌱🧸🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ thenbhd theneighbourhood love rip2myyouth youth rip jesserutherford art days loving hell gotohell rip youthful youngster young stars chanel starry star aesthwtic moodboard music

Is the weekend. Go get her tiger 😁✨

So in love with you baby💓

My little happiness, my little soft moments 🔆 — (Also Instagram, as much as I wish I was Elvis, I am not, therefore, I don’t own this music)

loving life fun happy blessed #🤑🤑 liveit fl girl swfl 20

Stunning for @festivalmodedesign using @nyxcosmetics_canada products lead makeup by @mletj ❤️❤️❤️ Creative Confident Playful Artistic Authentic Optimistic Loving Brave Colorful Crualityfree nyxcosmeticscanada makeup makeupartist fmdmtl

Congratulation to my lady on her promotion!!! I’m lucky to have a smart, charismatic, funny, and fearless person as my partner! You always impress me, especially with all the new skills you’ve acquired and all the hard work you’ve put in to our new home!!! Uno, Coupe, and I love you!!! boss fearless smart funny badass loving

Dopo aver lasciato in preda ai loro entusiasmi amorosi Cip e Ciop, esco dal locale. Un “Psss, ...psss” richiama la mia attenzione. È seduta su una traballante sedia di plastica. Sulla testa una specie di abat-jour tempestato di zirconi dorati, capelli corti biondo platino e del trucco troppo marcato: occhi neri e rossetto fucsia. le sue lunghe gambe da fenicottero escono vistosamente da sotto il tavolo. Sopra un mazzo di carte tarocchi disposte a ventaglio. Allunga la mano e mi fa segno di accomodarmi. Leggo: AVETE DEI DISPIACERI? CONSULTA LE CARTE. LIA TI AIUTERÀ A CAPIRE. (soltanto 10 euro per 3 minuti!) So già che mi racconterà una caterva di frottole. Non ci casco. Non sono così stupido, per chi mi ha preso. Mi siedo, che c’è? Ho cambiato idea, e metti che fosse vero? E poi mi sono ricordato che ho ancora un paio di buoni pasto che stanno per scadere. Ho sempre una forma di pudore nell’usarli alla cassa ma è vero pure che sono come soldi. -Salve, Come va? -Beh, non troppo male. -Però potrebbe andar meglio, eh? Annuisco. Ha indovinato. Che brava. Soldi ben spesi. Pronti, via. Scelgo. Prende la carta, la gira e con occhi accigliati mi dice: Il lavoro va male, l’amore anche peggio, la salute così così, la famiglia insomma, la vita sociale un disastro, la casa parliamone, la fortuna cerchiamola, il passato è andato ma dulcis in fundo ..il futuro è in arrivo. Merda, speravo meglio. Chiedo: ma per l’amore si può sapere di più? Niente, allunga la mano e mi mostra il palmo. “Sono 10 EURO” intima. Grosso modo penso: beep, beep🎶??!! La fisso negli occhi, prendo il portafoglio, la fisso negli occhi, prendo i buoni pasto, la fisso negli occhi, allungo i tagliandini, la fisso negli occhi, mi alzo e vado via. Mi guarda un po’ crucciata, si vede che non gli vado a genio e caccia un urlo: IRINA!! La nonna diceva: è inutile pretendere che certe persone si facciano un bagno di umiltà se non conoscono nemmeno il sapone. . (21 iconsiglidellanonna ) ioscattotuscrivi

I was reminiscing while looking through old photos and it reminded me how crazy life can be. I’ve been alive for 18 years and to be honest it has gone by so fast. I now live with my brother in his new house and I don’t think either of us would have pictured our selves were we are when we little kids. I’m so grateful for everything in my life and more than the things are the people I am grateful for and even though sometimes we may fight or have problems I will always love you! Don’t neglect those who stick with you even on your lowest of lows because those are the ones who matter! - - - family friends love laugh live life memories grateful gratefulness gratitude wise wisdom woke motivation motivational speaker mentor health mentalhealth mentality lifecoach teacher helper global loving

🎶❤️ Destination Unknown ❤️🎶 Viva Las Vegas, bayyybayyyy! 🎶🤘👅♥️♣️♦️♠️👅🤘🎶 @ericacarmona5 @coachbiglou @jenn_carmona we’re comin’ for youuuuuuu!!! 🎶❤️🎶 Baecation pool HoneymoonForever RideOrDieLove MarryYourBestFriend Shenanigans WhatHappensInVegas vegas vivalasvegas lasvegas paris partyrockers rebels LetsDoThis party romance dancing laughing loving truelove happiness goodtimes liveitup enjoylife travel vacation adventure hothubby happywifey mikeandjentilltheend

Even though I'm mentally feeling like crap right now, I wanted to say that I love you and that while you have me here, you've never truly alone. I'm fighting through this because I am the Battle Raven. . . mentalhealth anxiety depression youareenough youarenotalone help loving kindness warriornotworrier

Fica a dica 👍👍

these edits are so cool i like them a lot @real.chills 💫. do you guys like them ? poll on story! - If you’d like more posts like this follow @wuvposts 💫 - If you repost tag me ❤️ - Tag your S/O 💞 - wholesomememes wholesome memes hearts cute adorable lovememes happymemes love lovely happy bestfriend bestfriendmemes perfect softmemes meme soft softhours ilymemes ily loving loveandsupport iloveyou animetiddies uwu crush couples softmemes

My gbaby Princess Za'Ryah singing her favorite song lol she was 2yrs old 😂🤣 so adorable. Her mom said we go back down memory lane like she's our child; She Is lol😂😂😛🤣🤣😁. She is my heart and I cherish every single minute; especially since she lost 1 and one was tubal so YES I am very thankful and I live in the moments of the best of my past but I loved my past too. alwayslove lovealways grateful thankful loving nanie lovingmygbaby grandbaby princesszaryah singing itsybitsyspider song cherishing cherish memorylane reminiscing 1stgrandbaby myheart gratitude lovinglife lovingmylife beloving bekind lovethyneighbor

Ready for exclusive dinner with the winners⭐️✨The only person missing is YOU❤️ It’s important to put yourself in the right place and to build your courage, increase your confidence and then EXPAND your choices. Sit with the winners, the Conversation is different‼ . . . . . . . . . love oriflame vipdinner products skincare makeup wellness personalcare fragrance novage empowering women my job oriflame oriflamescandinavia ladyboss oriflamenorway oriflamesweden oriflameonme dream big workforit be kind loving inspiring fearless humble thankful dior

Tag your sweetheart. 😍

Después llegó la negrita.

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