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✨✨✨ ...Artists, Poets, and Writers too. ✨✨✨ Repost from @thebabyfold 🍁💛🍂🧡🍁❤️🍂 magic BloNo CreativeLife Community ✨☀️🍁🍂✨

Si dices que no puedes tu cerebro automáticamente de detendrá.... Si puedo!!!! comienza a trabajar💪😎 motivacin dedicacin espalda gym magic magicbodyfit trainer personaltrainer coach ingenierofitness

. ⚡️Como escoger una baraja de Tarot⚡️ . •Hay un Tarot para cada persona y debemos tener claras algunas ideas 💡 para elegir la baraja 🃏 que mejor se adapte a nosotros . ⚡️Pautas que te pueden ser de utilidad⚡️ . •La baraja de tus inicios• •Observa todas las barajas 🃏 que puedas antes de decidir: las de tus amigos y relacionados, visita librerías y tiendas esotéricas, busca en Internet Necesitas sentirte intuitivamente conectado con tu Tarot . •Una buena idea 💡es empezar usando la misma que usa tu profesor 👨‍🏫 de Tarot o las que aparecen en los libros 📚 que usas para estudiarlo, será más fácil ya que coincidirán los smbolos y los significados . ✨Recomendaciones elegir una baraja de Tarot✨ • Escucha 👂🏼a tus sentidos✔️ • No es conveniente elegir un formato de cartas miniatura ✔️ • Para los principiantes, cuanto más sencillo el diseño mejor✔️ • No dejes que el bajo costo💵 de un Tarot sea el criterio para la elección✔️ . ⚠️El Tarot, con su energía, te facilita las cosas y llega a vos!⚠️ . 🔮Para una sesión y lectura de tarot 🔮 MD 💌 a @rincon.esoterico o @g_r_a77 📱11 5814 4018 .tarot tarotista astrologia magia tarotargentina amor energa moon eclipse luna bruja arcanosmayores sol planetas universo witch arcanosmenores tarotcards tarotreadersofinstagram tarotcardsdaily riderwaitetarot magic

Mi cara de cuando entrevistas al Mago y te saca un corazón en vivo! . . . .SoyJosueFerrer Chile Chill Foto Fotografia Photo blogger octubre october instagood moodoff magic thursday throwback tumblr picoftheday

Wanning Gibbous Gemini What are the two best and worst parts of your personality? Are their parts of yourself you hide in order to not live to your full potential? What would it look like if those parts had their day to shine. Those are the questions I found myself trying to answer this morning during my daily card pulls. Inside of @thecrowconjuring we do a journal where there a journal prompts every day to ask you really hard questions that facilitate your healing and a lot of the times I pull cards to help me understand the deeper meaning of the answer that I'm searching for. We also just did an ancestor walk that I'm going to talk about soon. inside of the crow Conjuring we like to break the rules and we definitely broke a lot of rules during that journey. But I didn't doubt what we were doing and I kept kind of sitting in nature and asking for a sign that what we were doing was going to be a success and then that today that card came up. Hey Ireland hey Irish ancestors, ya girl is here and fucking ready to make legit magic with you. Thank you to the creators of this deck. @everyday__magic who keep popping up and giving validation and sustenance for our lives and our clients lives that help us heal. 🖤 If you want to get in on these journeys that we're doing inside of the crow conjuring, shoot @thecrowconjuring a DM because we also have an ability to pop you in for October and you can get in on our group Seance that will be holding at the end of the month. healing ancestrydna ancestors magic magick spiritualcommunity spells journal journey ireland🍀 nature fall halloween spooky

As halloween is getting near, 🕸️🕸️ We can help get your shipments clearbristolairport , glasgowairport and londongatwick are just a few Of the airports which we can clear at too. ✈️✈️londonheathrow, birminghamairport and eastmidlandairport are also on our list! ✔️✔️ We can help you through the spooky mist 👀 No hocuspocus or funny magic spells We can help the process go wellimports aircargo seafreight shipping vegan coffeelovers container importfromusa importfromchina

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Вчера прошло одно из ярчайших занятий в Клубе Волшебников. «Контролируемая #глупость» #Страх, это показатель того, что вы приблизились к границе своей зоны комфорта. За этой границей новые возможности, #ресурсы, #драйв, пёр и открытия и ваши #мечты. Хотите получить то, что желаете и о чем мечтаете - расширяйте границы, идите через #страх))) —————————————— #КПВ #клубволшебников #волшебники #тренинг #клуб #результат #мечта #позитив #питер #девушки #ведущие piter spb club magic #обучение #волшебство

If you are a fan of Stranger Things, and a fan of DnD and a fan of anything weird and unusual then you will most certainly be a fan of this fun key chain that we have made for the fans that are a fan of everything above! If you ever felt like you need a little help in re connecting the group or want a fun reminder of how great Stranger Things is or connected with the character Will then this is the perfect key chain for you! Product is handmade, homemade, handcrafted and hand painted!accessory accessories keychain keychains wizard magic magical wizardhat strangerthings strangerthingsinspired will geek dork nerd handmade homemade handcrafted handpainted etsy etsyseller etsyshop etsystore theserenityrealm @theserenityrealm @Etsy

دكتور ئارا حاجی یووسف بەکارهێنانی تەکنیکی تاکساس یەکێکە لە نوێترین ڕێگاکانی جوانکاری و ڕێکاری قاڵبی دەم و چاوو و شەویلگە بە بێ نەشتەرگەری لە ڕێگای بەکارهێنانی دەرزی چەوری یان فیلەر لە کاتێکی زۆر کەمدا باشترن نوێکاری جوانکاری بەدەست دەهێنرێت _______________________________________________ دكتور ئارا حاج يوسف : تقنية التكساس للوجه الجميع يأملون الحصول على وجه جميل متناسق الملامح، في مقابل ذلك كان من الطبيعي أن تدأب مراكز التجميل العالمية على استحداث وتطوير التقنيات المستخدمة في تجميل الوجه بما يتناسب مع رغبات العملاء. تعد تقنية تكساس والمعروفة أيضاً باسم V Line من أحدث التقنيات المستخدمة في هذا الخصوص، حيث تم تطويرها خصيصاً بهدف تعريض منطقة الفك السفلي و إبراز الذقن وإحداث تناسقاً في ملامح الوجه بشكل عام بهدف التغلب على مشاكل ضمور الأصداغ و الذقن المدبب. _______________________________________________ Dr.Ara yousif : texas filler / fat implants Everyone hopes to have a beautiful, harmonious face. On the other hand, it was natural for international beauty centers to develop and develop facial beauty techniques Commensurate with the wishes of customers. Texas technology, also known as V Line, is one of the most advanced technologies used in this field. It has been specially developed to expose the jaw area, chin, and facial features in general to overcome the problems of atrophy of the fingers and chin.stylebeautydrbotoxfillersulaimanyahiraqfastiondermatologistclinicdr_arayousifbodyshapedermarollerRFhidrafacial#السليمانية hairremovaltattoo removallondonlipsmagicinlovewithplasticsurgery

Desde hace cientos de años el tarot siempre ha ayudado a progresar, a mirar al futuro y ha tomar desiciones, un saludo muy afectuoso. Un saludo de su amigo Patricio de Alma tarot. Sigue el camino de la luz universal🌟quierotarot chile reiki instachile terapias terapiasalternativas chilegram tarotchile santiago terapia tarot_wizard espiritualidad tarotista tarotcards instagood igers magic amor instagram siguemeytesigo instadaily f4f followme  tags4likes love tarot beautiful instachile photography instalike magia

🔸️🔶️🔸️ 🔆 РОЗЫГРЫШ 🔆 Турция уже давно стала не только излюбленным курортом, но и одной из самых популярных стран для шоппинга. Шоппинг во время отдыха в Турции -это ни с чем не сравнимое удовольствие! По этой причине, прям из Кемера, мы и решили провести РОЗЫГРЫШ трёх футболок отменного турецкого качества! 🔆 УСЛОВИЯ РОЗЫГРЫША: 🔆 🔅 подписаться на @kibo.tur ; 🔅 быть моим подписчиком 👉 @olga_kibotour_official ; 🔅 поставить 🧡 этому посту и последним трём постам на двух страницах; 🔅 отметить одного друга в комментарии на странице у @olga_kibotour_official . Помните, чем больше комментариев, тем больше шансов! Уже 27 октября в воскресенье будут определены три счастливчика! 🔸️🔶️🔸️ призы можно будет забрать в офисе "КибОтур" по адресу: г.Гомель, ул.Гагарина, 49, офис 4 🔸️🔶️🔸️ С 🧡 компания для отдыха"КибОтур". Вы готовы? Тогда погнали! Удачи 🔅🔆🔅 _________________________________________ #подаркиГомель #розыгрыш #ПодаркиБесплатно Turkiye earthfocus magia magic instaturkiye turkiye_vacations map_of_europe lovelife living_destinations travelgram travellife travelblogger gomeltoday gomeltut gomelgram felicita dolcevita lavitabella livelife happyheart lifeiswonderful happyday beautifulday beautifullife

How bout a little fire, scarecrow? 🔥 I woke up this morning with a real damn bee in my bonnet about dealing with some protective magic for my apartment. I found this railroad spike (FOUND. not removed from a rail line!) Tuesday and before I can do anything with it, it needs both spiritual and actual cleaning. Florida water, salt, fire, incense... and I guess if you don’t have a cauldron, a pot you used to use when you kept kosher that still has the pareve marking on it will do. NOTE: the fire has already burned out. Keep an eye on something like this if you choose to do it at home. Y’all look good with eyebrows. now jewwitch witch witchogram witchesofinstagram frenchquarterwitch neworleanswitch wearetheweirdosmister magic

Внимание! Книги-артефакты по ультрасовременной магии. Полный путеводитель по астралу, инструкция в восьми томах по диагностике и прогнозу развития магических способностей. Книги написаны для людей с развитым уровнем сознания, магическим мировоззрением или с элементарным осознанием основ эзотерики. Для приобретения пишите Администратору (при приобретении полного комплекта - скидка 22%) и бесплатная диагностика на картах таро от Яна Азина. #книги #таро magic #мудрость #дух awareness illusion knowledge carloscastaneda

Ciao raga! Oggi nuovo video sulla magia! 🌠🌠 Andrò a spiegarvi cos'è la visualizzazione e come applicarla. Troverete anche degli esercizi per fare pratica sulla visualizzazione e sulla percezione delle energie. 😁 Se vi piace il video lasciate un like e se vi va iscrivetevi al canale. Grazieee 😁❤️ AngelinaWitch youtube wicca magic nature youtuber visualizzazione

✨✨✨INTEREST POST✨✨✨ “ELSA & BRUNI” by Andrea Meier ❄️🦎 🔹You asked for this design to be made into a pin, so here it is! 🔹And as a SUPER OFFER for the next release of the new movie FROZEN 2, only during this PRE-SALE you will get a FREE PIN designed for the occasion! Do you guess the mysterious character?😆 🔹It’s size will be 3,15” 🔹Elsa’s Dress will have glitter sandblast ✨ 🔹For it’s launch they will have a special price of 35€ + shipping. 🔹Once they are in hand it’s price will increase to 50€ + shipping. 🔹Worldwide shipping!! 🌎 🔹They are a LIMITED EDITION of 50 Pins! 🔹How many of you would be interested in purchasing one (or more) from this new EXCLUSIVE PINS?🤗 We will need a minimum of 10 spots to start the production! 🔹Please, comment below if you’re interested and I’ll tag you for the Pre-sale!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••frozen2 frozen elsa queenelsa snowqueen bruni sidekick animalfriends salamander disney disneyfanart disneygram instadisney disneyprincess snow fantasy disneyfantasy magic blue disneyland disneylandparis disneyworld tokyodisneyland hongkongdisneyland shanghaidisneyland missmikopete specialoffer free glitter

inktober! Ornament! Genie who free but carrys her lamp to be safe! :)inktober2019 ink inktober genie magic colour sketchbook emjaysdream love characterdesign cartoon illustration

Comment one thing your grateful for 👇 Follow 👉 @bobproctorfans Follow 👉 @bobproctorfans Everyone’s Favorite Mentor 😊

Join us November 1st for our Dia de los Muertos celebration! • Don't miss out on 💀 face painting 👩‍🎤 live music 🤹‍♂️ magic 🍹& featured drinks!!! •diadelosmuertos facepainting sugarskull dayofthedead magic magician livemusic austin atx atxeats atxrestaurants ztejas arboretum 6thstreet thespiritofz eatztejas celebration friyay thirstythursday drinks

-Un estilo de vida, eso decidimos los que estamos lejos de casa. Algunos hablan de cómo vivimos, de lo que hacemos, de a dónde vamos, pero nunca se preguntan: cuántos abrazos dejaron de darse, cuántos momentos dejaron de compartirse, cuántas caricias han sido anheladas en la distancia... placeresdelavida soloseviveunavez magic perfectshots colombia onair lifestyle life unamsalacolección atr42 camporubiales fromtheair

Я не верю в чудеса, ведь я кудесник сам.fordmustang ford girl onehappysmile car oldcars magic Vid: @godofmovies Crew: @trofimov_88 @impertinent_sinner Loc: @pro_detailing.ru

Wow...😍😍😍 ▶follow @crafty_.idea◀ ▶follow @crafty_.idea◀ ▶follow @crafty_.idea◀ ➡Like, tags and comments. ➡Turn on post notification. . . .5minutecrafts video tiedye tips drawingsdrawing lifehacks hack diyideas craftsymagic ideas crafts diy crafts ideas craftycraftsforkids lifetips recycle ideas easydiyhacks crafts breadsticks ideas ideascreativedaily lifehacks imadethis ideasdoityourself ideas tricks feelingcrafty craftsawesome tricks blossom picofthedayamazing

Second post today so that I can catchup with Inktober. Inktober 15: book. Because of the po I made in one of my last stories I saw that most of you are there because you know me and want to see personal things. I will try to do my best. . . . . .flpinktober19 furrylittlepeach kreativershit book inktober magic read art procreate


. ☆ ⋆☽ ⋆ ☆ . the veil of the future is thinner to you than to most everyone else everybody dies eventually but not him not before you not like that full of suffering and cruel unexpectedness here one moment and irrevocably gone the next the crystal may speak in riddles but you know what it means you’re sure of it because the only loved one you have left is him so here you are, surrounded by the remnants of those you have lost before, an ordinary little witch with the useless powers of healing minor ailments of comforting souls of drawing out all the weight they’ve been carrying …and protect them with everything you are you cannot be certain that this meager bit of magic you hold will be enough to keep him safe but you are stubborn enough to try - nobody the tenacious . ☆ ⋆☽ ⋆ ☆ .

the ace of wands is a high-powered, intensely exciting flash of inspiration and energy. sometimes the best ideas truly come out of the blue, bursting forth when we least expect them and shifting our path towards something deeply creative and richly internal. this fiery, passionate energy pulls us forward into a new journey of exploration, creation, and manifestation, urging us to build something that reflects the spirit of who we are. and even if we’re not someone that identities as super creative or deeply artistic, the ace of wands indicates a huge YES, a vivid green light, an invitation to innovation. we have a chance to take raw potential and excitement and turn it into something tangible and lasting, something that could inspire many others. . i have a different kind of writing coming out next week - a personal essay, one that i’ve wanted to write for a long time. it’s scary to share something so vulnerable, so deep, to put such an intimate part of my story out into the world for anyone and everyone to see. yet i can’t wait to see what this experience brings out in me, and i can already feel my creativity growing, new ideas brewing. today is a day for dreaming, for brainstorming, and the ace of wands indicates that something new is just around the corner. . today, don’t be surprised if you find yourself joyfully consumed by a new idea or perspective, a creative burst that pulls you in and demands attention. inspiration comes in many forms, and you may be on the precipice of an exciting project, a shift in direction, a new goal that adjusts your movement. stay open to possibility, to unexpected opportunities, and see where they may lead. this could be the start of something incredible. . this might hurt tarot by @this_might_hurt

TOMORROW X TOGETHER WELCOME BACK SHOW I Teaser 2019.10.21(월) 7PM(KST) Mnet / M2 YouTube, V LIVE, Twitter 동시 중계 #투모로우바이투게더 TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER TXT WelcomeBackShow #웰컴백쇼 - Follow & Like @txt_bighit.members for more TXT update ✔️ - #수빈 #연준 #범규 #태현 #휴닝카이 SOOBIN YEONJUN BEOMGYU TAEHYUN HUENINGKAITXT TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #투모로우바이투게더 TheDreamChapter MAGIC

Why should you? We are all sexual beings built with sexual desire. It's time to stop acting as though that's a part of our identity that should be a source of shame. Instead, embrace it with this mantra that helps to reinforce the fact that our desires are natural and totally OK. Grand Rising Everyone 💗NakedHustletvSexologistSexpertSexpreneurClassyCulturedCaptivatingLoveSexMagicSexualityFuckItIntoExistence ProtectYourMagic NakedHustleSexSellsLilBootiesMatter ThickThighsSaveLivesAsexualBisexualPansexualAllSexualSexCellsBlackGirlMagicPolygamyLoveisLoveMonogamyProtectYourHustleProtectYourSisters SupporttheNakedHustle WerePeopleToo

Gearin’ up for Mercury retrograde - showcasing on Halloween in two weeks 🎃 . Be aware of the masks people wear both during and after the party . (P.S. Mercury retrograde isn’t actually scary!) .mercuryretrograde mercury retrograde astrology astrologersofinstagram cosmoswithin retrogradeseason seasonofthewitch scorpioseason scorpio mercuryinscorpio halloween spookyseason spooky witchyvibes witch magic energy energyhealing energyiseverything ruleyourmind empowerment universalenergy cosmicenergy pic via @devanshatray

Most people are blind to magic. They move through a blank and empty world. They’re bored with their lives, and there’s nothing they can do about it. They’re eaten alive by longing, and they’re dead before they die. - L.G. . . .poetry levgrossman nature wildandfree gypsy wanderlust nomad naturalist positivity earth forest peaceloveandnamaste mountmansfield LightlyTraveled travelgram happy instatravel wanderlust nomad travelling girlsthatwander themagicians fillory filloryandfurther magick magic

Goodbye , Corona. I am so honored to have visited all of my friends from the palace to the Snuggly Ducking! 🦆🌸✨❤️ 🚨SAPPY POST AHEAD🚨 It’s very hard to put in words the feelings that I am feeling today. Today was the last day of my current job with Disney Cruise Line. For the past two years I have had the blessed opportunity to work for the company that I have dreamed about since I was a toddler. I have cherished the movies, loved the characters, and embraced the company that dares people to dream. Because of Disney, I have tried to experience life in an optimistic and magical point of view. Sure, life is not all sunshine and daisies, but Disney allows us to live happily while chasing our greatest passions and conquering our deepest fears. If there is one thing this company has taught me, it is to stand up for who you are and to be brave. To be bold. To be daring. Discover what truly makes you happy. My friends, we must never settle. We must go out into the world with a positive outlook and be ready for anything that comes our way. In two years I have found my dream. From the parking lot of Animal Kingdom, to the youth spaces on the Disney Cruise Ship, to meeting two very eccentric bald friends who have done nothing but bring joy to thousands of families. I have made it. To those who are still searching for their dream, all it takes is for you to have an idea. Run with that idea and see where it takes you. I promise you, you won’t regret that decision. In the last two years I have experienced highs and lows, I have met countless friends, and seen breathtaking places. I was a part of a well oiled machine with people who put their heart and soul into everything they do. They are grateful. They are humble. They have taught me that magic can be found in so many different places, if we are willing to look hard enough. To Disney Cruise Line- I don’t know when we will meet again, but I will be eagerly waiting to see you soon. Thank you to the company who allows us to dream. You have helped me find my Happily Ever After. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you. *please direct all comments to the character friends of Tangled! I’m gonna miss them like crazy*

Love Lessons from the Cosmos (no. 16) Keep it one hunnit today🤣Ok no for real.. It’s amazing that this came up today because it came up yesterday in one of my readings! Today is all about stepping into our future higher selves. We are reaching really crazy amazing levels of spiritual evolution. You are probably noticing the wild synchronicities and people coming in and out of your life and heart like magic. Are you feeling like a new person today? Like anything miraculous could happen at any point? It’s because we’re now stepping into this new level of awareness. We have so much more power than we ever realized, and so many of our brains, souls, and networks are being connected together, so we’re experiencing a lot of the same messages from the same messengers, as well as having the same downloads and consciousness! This is such a strange dream to be living in, but a beautiful one indeed... Check back on my previous post because it actually ties into this quite a bit. Do you remember having a vision of your future self when you were a kid? What did that adult version of you look like? Are you that person now? Do you still want to be that person? Well you can be whoever you want. I mean it. Own that ability to change and transform, because it’s gotten you SO far🖤This is your ultimate self-love challenge. Don’t back down from it.

[...] Biliyon de mi? Aşıklar ölmez Yusufum. ×Deli Yürek dizisinden bir alıntı×

__________ Moments of peace and silence, window open to the cool air, watching daylight seep into the shadows of the room, listening to the chirping of crickets singing to each other and train whistles echoing in the distance. The day will begin. A fresh start. Another try. And maybe, just maybe some magic waiting to be found. 🧡 .susanb susanbwrites sbwordmuse sb sbt wordsbysusanb footnotes moodsandmusings lostandfoundshadowsoflove poetanddidntknowit poet poetrycommunity poetsofig poems sbpoems poetry poetryforthesoul poetrylovers poetryisnotdead womenwriters writersofig writer writingcommunity quotes sbquotes spilledink author daylight shadows magic

October's Very Own 🌞 || Photography: @tamsindavisphotography Dress: @nancy.dee.clothing Makeup: @katydjokicmakeup || London AllThePlants OVO

Massive congrats 🍾 to @azzurrasailing on their overall 🥇🏆 place in the @52superseries ! @yccs_portocervo 📸 @nicomartinezphoto • • • • •tp52 syrs instasailing placetobe passion goforit magic sailinglife winners overallwinners sailors cheers congratulations

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. Therefore, you just need to take a break and find a way to make a little magic! Laughter is always wonderful. Live life boldly with passion, kindness and love. Follow me to learn more about my work and travels! www.Ginette-Rondeau.com Instagram: ginette.rondeau.art * ** ** ** ** ** ** **supercalifragilisticexpialidocious marypoppins magic magical magicallife ilovemylife ilovesurrealart hollywood surrealism surrealist liveyourlife lifeblogger artblogger lifeisart caligirl wanderlust livingmybestlife joy fun happiness love behappy artlife caligirl adventure

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