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Get your brick for 4/20 🍀🌴🤤 . 💥DM for more info 💥

Posted @withregram • @greengoled 🚨GIVEAWAY ALERT🚨 monthlygiveaway GREENGO Middle of the Month Giveaway is Back! We give away a free GREENGO 1200watt led grow light to one lucky winner!💥🛸 ——————————————— Enter the competition to be a winer: 1️⃣Must follow @greengoled & @leeselai420 🌱 2️⃣Like this post and repost it to your page with the hashtag greengomonthlygiveaway 🌿 3️⃣Tag 3 FRIENDS who growing plants in the comment section. ‼️US entries are free shiping. ‼️Other entries must pay tax/postage if required. ——————————————— ️Contest ends on 25th January 2020 ️One winner will be announced on 26th January 2020 . Can't wait to see all of your entries!!! . . . .ledgrowlights giveaway growyourown homegrown cannabiscommunity homegrowncannabis cannabisculture marijuanagrowers cannabisgrow indoorgrow autoflower cannabis marijuana medicalcannabis medicalmarijuana growingweed growingweed weedgrowers weedcommunity growlight cannabisgrowers greengo greengoled christmasgiveaway greengomonthlygiveaway @gregggiovanni @weedelicious030 @nazbeargrow

So we decided to buy a new bong and look how pretty it is 😍 this is @specialkglass piece definitely check them out! What should we name it? Also shoutout to @maryjaneshouseofglass for the hookup and thanks to Aaron at @maryjanes_longview for helping us pick it out! . . . .thatstonercouple23 marijuana cannabis weed cannabiscommunity weedporn thc cbd weedstagram stoner maryjane cannabisculture hightimes ganja indica sativa kush medicalmarijuana highlife life dank smoke hemp highsociety dabs high bud smokeweedeveryday instaweed stoned

The shop update is officially LIVE ✨ I didn’t want to post sneak peeks of these as I completed them because I know they’ll all sell quicker than I’m ready to handle... and, these were A LOT of work- this May be the only time I make these. Here it goes, pipes and poking sticks for your medicines 🌿🙏🏼 check out the website now to see the full shop update 💫

Some home-pressed concentrate my boy @leafivor and I made a while back👀🌿

Amazing strain with a true scent and flavor 😍🍃🔥 @trulieve_fl .mmjpatients mmjflorida deals dispensary medicalmarijuana mmjlife medicalcannabis

•Auction• (18-21+)2 separate auctions. •Pocket corn cob•done in camo tech and galaxy w/opal accent. •Pendy Pipe• queen bee with clear layered in giving some unique depth with a swirled fumed accent! •• winner add 5 for shipping in 🇺🇸. No increments. Ends when I call it•• glassblowing glassofig glassforsale medicalmarijuana cannabis thc cbd cantstopwontstop

Just take CBD! Right? ✨ www.leafblisshealth.com

What’s your favorite vape brand? 🖊💨 We had to give it to @stiiizy 🔥

After a successful first harvest of Purple Punch we have 7 more clones that are going strong 💪 and the LPC’s are lookin fat and bushy 🌲 . . . .cannabis cannabiscommunity weed marijuana cbd thc cannabisculture weedporn weedstagram hemp hightimes indica sativa ganja highlife life medicalmarijuana maryjane kush growyourown dank dabs highsociety smoke terps smokeweedeveryday bhfyp puremichigan michigancannabis michigangrowers

🔥 If you a stoner, hit the follow button. ⚠️ @Monkeykush420x⚠️ ------------------------------------------- weedpornmaryjane marijuana cannabis stayhighstonerbud hightimescannabiscommunity mmj kush jointganja stonernation pot stoners medicalmarijuanahighsociety thc 420 weedstagram420 highlifeblunts prop215bongbeauties ganjagirls420life fueledbythc bong bonghit 141k

Chronic illness and hesitant doctors make for SLOW progress! Cannabis is my medicine because I want control over when I take it, how I take it, and how much or how little I take it 💚 anxiety ptsd fibromyalgia chronicillness chronicpain chronicmigraine stoner marijuana cannabisadvocate medicalmarijuana broadcure

Work flow at its finest 1 of 8 jobs going on at once special thanks at @dpspanels for Allowing us to shine 🙏🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😤TCMACHINE thecannabismachine letdothis dps cannabiscommunity Cleanrooms cannabis cleanwork hightimes elitebuildouts panels panelinstaller losangeles instagood killinit california medicalmarijuana marijuana mota Shininglikeapenny

Meeting your clean hemp wellness needs where you live, work and play. 🌱🤗❤️ _ Visit keepithemple.com to join the community email group where you’ll get the inside scoop on the latest wellness releases. _ Your body is a temple. Keep it Hemple 🌱🤗❤️

Running out of this gg gotta grab more for sure 420 medicalmarijuana medicalcannabis cannabiscommunity dab gaspacc edibles medibles

Throwback to a couple year ago, been rollin like this for years 👀

Who caught CommCan’s President Ellen Rosenfeld on MyFM’s In the Morning Show today with Ray Auger? Check it out now if you missed it (link in bio). Ellen pulls back the veil and breaks down her recent accomplishment of being certified as the state of Massachusetts’ first woman-owned cannabis business, ever. Congratulations Ellen!!! 🥇❤️ 📻 ⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠ •⁠familyowned womanowned womenowned womengrow leadersinbusiness breakingbarriers familyownedandoperated CommCan CommCanInc Massachusetts Massachusettsdispensaries OG cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabisheals familygrown homegrown myfm myfm1013 madeinmassachusetts millismass medwaymass milfordmass nationwide worldwide medicalmarijuana recreationalmarijuana womenleaders womenincannabis

I am a strong cannabis patient advocate, each legislative session I read each proposed bill that may impact my patients. HB 2546, if passed, would restrict the sales of all cannabis concentrates with over 10% THC to anyone except *registered* medical cannabis patients. A quick perusal of the Novel Tree’s offerings confirms my recollection that almost all FECO and cannabis concentrates contain more than 10% THC. Patients who choose to remain unregistered would be affected by this bill. ⁠ ⁠ A little napkin math to help you understand how much THC is in cannabis extract/concentrate packages: Ravengrass farms Frida CO2 extract contains 48% THC, which is significantly lower than most extracts. A 1 gram package of this product will contain 480mg of THC and costs $40. The Fairwinds 1:1 Clinical Terpenes FECO extract contains 20.2% THC, which again, is less than many extracts. A 1 gram package of this product will contain 202mg of THC and costs $55. A recreational user would not be able to purchase this product under HB 2546. ⁠ ⁠ If you purchase edible cannabis products, they are currently sold in up to 10mg individual servings, 10 servings per package, or 100mg THC max at $25. You can purchase multiple packages up to a combined weight of 16oz/1 lb. A package of Verdelux Cherry Illuminations contains 100mg THC in a product that weighs .917oz and cost $25. You could buy 17 of these packages without exceeding 1 lb of product weight, which would be about 1700 mg of THC. ⁠ ⁠ Singling out cannabis concentrates is silly when assessing how much THC an adult can purchase in-store between various products that can be consumed orally. If the legislature’s primary concern here is restricting THC access because of the “risk of psychosis”, this bill is misguided. ⁠ ⁠ There is a lot more to unpack, I’ll be sharing information about the actual research cited by the bill in my next installation. In the meantime, read and comment on the bill here: to share your opinion with your house representatives. https://tinyurl.com/v7waant⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

A Range Of Sweet Products by @sweet.stoned 🍁

Vertical grow, weekly update: finishing off week 9 and I must say that these girls r swollen. I would say I'll be starting flush in a week or 2 at most. I'm watching the Terps with a microscope and they r so close to being done.cannabiscommunity cannabissociety cannabis cannabisculture medicalmarijuana medicalcannabis marijuanagrowers marijuana marijuanaculture mmj weed weedporn kush smoke emeraldharvest growlife weedlife dwc thc led hightimesmagazine tattoo 420 smokeweed growweed horticulturelightinggroup 420life dabs

Hey Guys here is something fun! Must read! Please Share and Tag me!! Earth Keeper in association with nextgensoil is looking for growers in massachusetts & maine they will be selecting a few growers to run their soil! If you live in these areas please send me 3 pics of a grow cycle mid Veg, mid Flower, near end of flower. Pics must include a shot of the entire plant! Dm me if you need more information and are interested!cannabiscommunity aficionado growingcannabisoutdoors growingcannabis growingcannabisindoors medicalmarijuana livingsoil organicgardening weedporn usa🇺🇸 usa growingpot aficionado barneysfarm seedsmanseeds attitudeseedbank


Introducing Frankenstein

RIP-Roll In Peace til’ you RIP-Rest in Peace

It’s an art 👩‍🎨



I don’t have a portal gun... so I had to improvise

First back roll💫

Thanks to @thelvac for making this happen. Shirts and much more to come. 3 color ink (white, green, yellow) on maroon shirts. Limited run, limited sizes coming soon. •NOTION is more than drawings. to be continued. limitededition limited pineapple fruit fruity cannabiscommunity cannabis tshirt tshirtdesign shirt shirts white green yellow pop tobecontinued popupshop design illustrate graphicdesign graphictees comingsoon limited medicalmarijuana mmjcommunity mmj notion notions

Berkshires No.1 edible brand! 🤤

These are delicious 🤤 Get orders in for weekend!! Got allot flying out

These are the only Watermellon’s that will not leave you standing up right 🤩

3 color ink (white, green, yellow) on maroon shirts. Limited run, limited sizes coming soon. •NOTION is more than drawings. to be continued. limitededition limited pineapple fruit fruity cannabiscommunity cannabis tshirt tshirtdesign shirt shirts white green yellow pop tobecontinued popupshop design illustrate graphicdesign graphictees comingsoon limited medicalmarijuana mmjcommunity mmj notion notions

🍑-🍏-🍒-🍉-🍒 We fully promote your 5 a day over on this page 😋

Who don’t love a baileys 🤎

🍑 Chews THC

Terry Choc 🍊 100mg Fudge 💨

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