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Social distancing band hangs with @zolto_official Sorry I haven't been super active on here since the whole end of the world thing started, but I'm gonna get back on it. I've hopefully got a solution to my whole broken mic interface problem, so with any luck I'll be posting new some brand new covers and other content coming up real soon! . . . . . . . . .zolto newmusic goth blackgoth gothic rockstar art rockband rockmusic metal singing singer vocalist metalvocalist metalsinger coversong instagram musically alternative altguy dreads dreadlocks

Biasa jadi sinden yah mba? - - - Repost @rra_official01 - - - 📝JANGAN LUPA TINGGALKAN LIKE DAN KOMENTAR👍 . IKUTI JUGA PARTNER KAMI 🎯@zonaukulele 🎯@receh917 🎯@ngamencover 🎯@zonakentrung 🎯@ukuleleoriginal 🎯@ukulele_update 🎯@musisi_kentrung 🎯@squad_ukulele 🎯@kentrung.jagoan 🎯@kentrung.in 📥 📥 📍 📣BANTU SHARE DAN REPOST GESindonesiayoutubersindonesiajawatengahbanyumaspencabulsenar indomusikgram kentrungsenar3 kentrung kentrungsenar4 indiemusic corona kentrungersindonesia metal ukulelemetal receh917purwokertovidgram I4like vidgram punkrock poppunk alternativerock storywa subscribe storywabaper storywa30detik ukulele ukuleleindonesia ngamencover

Check me out in Luna 13’s official music video for her song ‘Leviathan’. It’s sick 👹~ Thank you so much for featuring me and allowing me to be a part. Special thanks to MUA @lucidluminos for the mad makeup skillz 😜 Watch on Youtube: https://youtu.be/5EzX1_J42RM * * * *luna13 leviathan officialmusicvid luna13musicvideo shockrock deathrock darkmetal metal devil featured hospital actors demonic darkrock metalmusic alternativemusic indie goth darkmakeup film cinematography

farasu drummer Mr @fidaiyyin_al_farasu guide recording session at @trabye Karya Enigma studio... insyaa allah will continue our session after covid19 punya hal ni...🙏🙏🙏 karyaenigma studio recording session majestica mendamberahigalley metal metalhead drums deathmetalswagger melodicdeathmetal nusametal

Más Argentina q nunca! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 2Abril . Pulsera 4 vueltas!l El dije lo elegis vos! 😘 Varios colores ...! . ▶www.llevameconvos.mitiendanube.com 💳 .pulsera celesteyblanco argentina followers influencers collares quedateencasa brillos bohostyle fest sweets pulseras manitadefatima butherfly metal HAPPY style fashion instafashionista outfit look followme cristales bijou accesorios lucky @llevameconvos_acces ♥️

It’s okay not really

bring me the horizon - amo / 2019 double LP . . . . .myvinylload vinyl bringmethehorizon amo vinylcollection vinylcollector vinylrecords newwax usedwax vintagevinyl newvinyl physicalmedia metal alternativemetal rock electronicmetal @bringmethehorizon @zickzoelke @my.vinyl.load

I made this noise today🧐 it hurt like hell, but this is a song I’m making that will be coming out soon! I decided I make metal again. Hope you enjoy! metal rock rocknroll kansascity

Salman keeps forgetting what genre of music we play . . . . .guitarsarebetter lambofgod guitarsolo heavymetal metal guitarplayer

Work from home while casual. No business casual here. Shirt from an Awesome metal-friendly record store in Stockholm today. businesscasual shirt workfromhome metal soundpollutionstore stockholm @soundpollutiondistribution

😏😁 Quarantena? E allora sfida . .mod40life modalità vita in quarantena . . .nydrock_support .nydrock rock metal music singer drummer guitarist bass bassplayer live livemusic concert newyearsday photooftheday photography

Playin fast, blowin grass, and kicking ass 🎸🚬☠️ . . .sludge guitar fuzz metal weedian doom ltd esp amps loudampssavelives

¡Nos encantaría ser parte de tus proyectos, acércate para ser asesorado o cotizar lo que tienes en mente, es hora de realizar tus proyectos! Todo proyecto tiene un inicio y en estructura ofrecemos lo mejor, ya que optimizamos tus finanzas al máximo. ¡no esperes más! nunca fue tan fácil. calidadatualcance🏗 Construcción 👷 Estructura ⛏ Mantenimiento ⚙ Instalaciones de Electricidad 🧱 Ampliacionesarquitecturamx arquitecturamexicana house houses diseñomexicano arquitectosmexicanos diseñomx interior contemporany luxury renovation renovationinprogress arquitecturaydiseño consumelocal estructura metal chihuahuacapital constructora work mxico construccin instawork civil Casasempresas mineria escuelas

And go! From @songkick

New duo cover with @gonzamaldonado__ Esta canción nos representó muchísimo en nuestros peores años. Hoy, estamos contentos de poder haberlo tocado como cuando éramos adolescentes. Teniendo la misma impetud y entusiasmo. Pequeña dedicatoria a @paparoach thanks for everything guys Mezclado y masterizando por: @gonzamaldonado__ Mención especial a: @whitemagicar por ayudarnos con la batería.paparoach lastresort focusrite guitarplayer drumplayer gibson duocover numetalmusic metal sabian evans remo tama grestch vicfirth dwpedals

PESO MUERTO COVID-19 ⚰️ 1 x 203lb/92kg Mucho por mejorar aún @ironmaiden de fondo y a chingarle 👺 . . .deadlift chilefit chilefit legday pesomuerto powerlifting crossfit aesthetic fitness lifestyle ironmaiden rock metal ironmaidenfans gym training coronavid19 covid19

More cliff spam⚡️

S͟A͟V͟E͟ T͟H͟E͟ D͟A͟T͟E͟ 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀viledescent metal heavymetal music losangeles la locals thrash punk death rock rocknroll band musicians newmusic mentalmetal explicit metalheads bloodyhands

If this doesn’t tell you God is in control, I don’t know what will 🤷‍♂️

Send me an Angel 🕊️ ph:@mariomedinacarvajal, styling: @rafael.delgado.n Mua/Hair: @oscarvega.al mod:@angel.villa98 .styling Test photo photography studio  fashionphotography fashion model style woman rock rude girl black makeup pose modelo diseñochileno design diseñochileno chileandesign black white metal moda photoshoot portrait

The @currieenterprises turn9 floater is now fully assembled! Massive thanks to @jon_henson for all of the help he provided me so that I could assemble my very first rearend. I already can’t wait until the day comes when I am able to go out and push this entire unit to it’s limits. One thing is for certain.... the 300 breakin miles will happen in one day! - - -chevy chevrolet camaro currie currieenterprises rearend mechanics assembly metal wilwood ridetech ridetechnation ridetechsuspension dse detroitspeed protouring autocross 1969camaro camarofamily musclecar protouringcamaro carbon progress reborn

This whole Quarantine thing is really annoying, but I found quite a lot of inspiration during this whole event. These are two riffs that I came up with and feel confident about, even though I might’ve messed up in the vid. lol riffs metal guitarist progressivemetal guitar guitarambient prsguitars prs markholcomb mrak coronacation songwriter eboy periphery amps satellites fenderamp

3yearsold and 5yearsold isn’t to young for @poison nothingbutagoodtime @c_c_deville 80’s hairband metal rocknroll @bretmichaelsofficial fun pinkguitar to get my 3yearold daughter to eat I had to tell her @c_c_deville loved chicken pot pie. She ate it! They call the dog CC now and Bethany asked to be called “littlecc” 😂 Dads music influence is great hahaha fun side note the “pink guitar song” Bethany calls it she saw the pink guitar and her brother Braydon took $10 of his birthday money and wanted to buy her one ❤️ proud we went all around town and found one...well it’s a ukulele but she was happy 😍 bigbrother kindness

Iron Addictions can take care of all your custom sign needs! This piece was just finished up this week. myironaddictions customsigns commercialdesign sign metal

Si hablamos del rap controversial y puro nos viene alguien a la cabeza que forma parte de 6IXMUSIC. MH(Mayhem) aka "La mano que porta la espada", es un rapero y beatmaker el cual se une al sello a finales del 2019. MH expresa un estilo agresivo en sus letras, recargadas de verdades y sentimientos oscuros, y alguna que otra lírica cargada de amor. Como detalle curioso, MH forma parte como guitarrista de una banda de death metal y tiene proyectos instrumentales de psytrance que pueden ser escuchados en la plataforma Soundcloud.6661 6IXMUSIC 👻💔 rap cultura musica hiphop trap sad lofi thrash metal

More @vildhjartaofficial. This one is dedicated to my friend @mtthwcnnlly 🤩 thall

Throwback Thursday! @breakingbenjamin at Quebec City last January.CentreVideotron QuebecCity BreakingBenjamin IWillNotBow Rock Metal Show Concert Music

Been Delving into the Ukrainian heavy metal scene lately pretty good stuff really enjoying Drudkh and Nokturnal Mortum if you guys know anymore please let me knowheavymetal ukraine music metal based epic awesome memes

@pete_izzard @pete_izzard_gtr challenged me to play a riff a day for Instagram for a week! Rather than procrastinate, I decided I’d do it just before going to bed. Consequently, my attempts to play Periphery riffs failed. So, here’s Oblivion by Mastodon. Got some fond memories of playing this at a gig with Pete, Joe, and Dan @fromlyngford . The good old days! I challenge @djcmusicproducer because I know this man has enough riffs to post one a day on Instagram for about ten years. (Filmed on my iPad, so I edited the video to look all fucked). daemonesguitars bareknucklepickups mastodon riff metal

Hope everyone’s stayin safe and sane! “Fire in the mind.” Available everywhere if you’re bored and need somethin new to jam!

Decided to draw Gaara through his years

★Cuffs+Ring+Earring★NSA #ノーサ #セクシー rock #ロック pop #ポップ metal #メタル punk #パンク contemporary #コンテンポラリー epic #エピック heart #ハート shootingheart #シューティングハート art #アート fashion #ファッション style #スタイル foodie #パーカー #パステルカラーの季節

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