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Stoked to be in the bubble with these guys, my two best mates!! And excited about our 30 day healthy living challenge with Arbonne. Eating and living consciously mind body skin family lovewins

M I N D // M A T T E R Scientists believe we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day...... 💭 Maintaining a healthy mind is key to overcoming such testing times. 🧠 The ethos of CAN&WILL has always been that a healthy mind means a healthy body, and a healthy body can provide a healthy mind. ♻️ Both work WITH each other, in equal measures with and both hold equal value. ⚖️ This week, our focus will be on self belief and power of the mind. It's a good time now, to refocus on your goals and intentions that you set for 2020. 🏅 Though there may be restrictions and barriers in place, we can all still use our mind and resourcefulness to achieve great things. You have a voice and you have ideas, so let them be heard. 👇 👉Today, just think of one thing you would like to achieve by the end of this year, It can be big or small, but something that you think would make you grow as a happier and healthier human. 💭 Repeating a fact from earlier: Scientists believe we have 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day...... 💭 Use just one of them to consider yourself capable of amazing things. ✨ KEEP GOING YOU canandwill .motivation monday mondaymotivation movingforward motivationalquotes inspo inspirationalquotes quote quotestagram quotestoliveby happy healthychoices healthy positive positivity mindset lifelessons mentalhealth mindfulness thoughts thinkpositive think newstart goals wellbeing wellness mind mindovermatter marketharborough

You always have to strive for success, of course it will be difficult in the beginning, but in the end it will be easy and you forget all the fatigue when you reach the happiness of success.👍✊🏆 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸 🔸success successquotes successmindset successful instagood instagram inspiration instadaily inspirationalquotes difficult love loveyourself loveyou likeforlikes likeforfollow like4likes comment comment4comment motivation motivationalquotes motivational positivevibes positivity hustle mind mindsetiseverything easy

Desolazione psicofisica Nonché degradante concitazione Concentrazione di negativo Urge ristoro

“Breathe. Let go. Find some kind of magic”

📸2018PicMemories🖤 . . . .IamNotFakeIamNotReal.IamNotTrue.....💯But🥴 .IamReallyIamJoker 🤡 . . . .Pasti$PastLifeWillBe changedOnlyMindGood ThinkingGoodAttitude#$mart lfè_💯_îs_îñ_🤔_çøløûr_😍_bût_😕_blàçk_😎_ñ_whîtè_🤓_îs_mørè_🤗_rèàlîstîç_😘 life🖤

La calistenia es una forma de entrenamiento físico que consiste en una clase de ejercicios, a menudo movimientos rítmicos, normalmente sin uso de equipamiento ni aparatos. su objetivo es aumentar la fuerza física, flexibilidad y movilidad. utilizando ejercicios como : - Flexiones - Saltos - Balanceos - Giros - Impulso - Isometricos ———————- mind strongmind psicologa deporte sports psycology deporte gym funcional cuarentena exercise weights kettlebell deporte fit fitmotivation goals fitgoals improvements bjj judo mma football basquetball health sportshealth workout trail healthymind entrenamiento health mentallystrong mindoverbody

If I could shoot this Corona virus 🦠 away with my Thera-GUN, I would! 😎😂 . But instead, I’ll obviously use my energy to FOCUS on RELAXING my body, muscles & joints with this awesome MASSAGE GUN 👉🏼 @wook.si 🤩 . We don’t wanna be stressed in times like this, cause stress affects the immune system & our bodies, which may lead to being more prone to getting sick & we wouldn’t want that 🤓 . Hope you’re doing everything to relieve the stress that this situation is causing. . If you need additional help with that, I suggest you consider buying one of this MASSAGE GUNS - @wook.si 👉🏼 & use my discount CODE: ❗️VANJA10❗️ . Have a beautiful Monday 😇😘 . . . .recovery massage massagetherapy treatyoself selfcare selflove fitgirl girlswholift girlswithmuscle theragun fit fitlife fitfam fitnessgirl balance mondaymotivation positivevibes mind body soul monday motivation fitness fitchick

It's always important to check in on someone's definition of something. We all have varying perspectives and assign different meanings to life. What would look the "same" on the outside might, in fact, look very differently in inside. ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ Love Audrey's definition of beauty! mind youarebeautiful beautiful beauty inside

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i modified a recipe & made a vegan/gluten free coffee cake but have been isolated and under a rock for so long i got surprised that there is no coffee in it, hence the name..☕️🍰 SWIPE FOR RECIPE! stayhome• • •recipe vegan glutenfree home homebody selfie selfisolation coffee mindset mind healthy health coffeecake bored baking cook chef

Não desista , com consistência e dedicação a gente chega lá ! 👊🏻😜

If you don’t learn the difference between someone who is against you and someone who challenges you, you’ll be pushing away nourishment for your soul to embrace those who starve it ...... ⭐️ . .qotd quotes soul embrace embraceyourself quoteoftheday life lifequotes protect you yourself pma lifelessons mind positiveenergy london thoughts protectyourself

I wish I could express the amount of times I repeat a different life I'd want to live in my head A life I use to live by in my past A different personality Hijab off Attitude on But then I question myself, for who? and why? I believe in a Lord that watches me A Lord that will question me when I'm resurrected What will I answer Him? That I threw away my Deen for abit of attention, laughter and fun? Is a taste of Jahanam worth it? Nah I'm good I want the smell of musk and Angel's surrounding me Knowing that my Lord is pleased with me Receiving my book in my right hand and not my left Knowing that I finally made it The thought of it scares me So I'll keep the hijab on, abaya on and carry on striving in my Iman till I return back to my Lord They can say what they want That I look extreme, I wear too much black and that I don't have to wear this and that, where does it say it in the Quran anyways etc.. The hearts have locks upon them, And I'm not here to free them but I'll try show you the way only if you want. May Allah guide us and be pleased with us Ameen ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - - - - -deep deepthinker thoughts thought mind calm think thinking memory memories past people stupidpeople life lives peace peaceful soul writing write mythoughts jomalone aesthetic

Feeling a bit stressed today. I think it is important we are honest with ourselves and others. It is a fragile time. It is a time where as much as we want to encourage we need encouragement. Keeping my mind and body fit is at the forefront of my priorities right now because it helps me access my toolkit and think quicker in crisis situations. love fitness mind body spirit effort bold authentic self times physicaldistance input output struggles 👣 lift Giving people virtual hugs today. 🌷 fitforlife power warrior woman

There's a new Britney-inspired post on the be about it press blog, four short poems by @cuhsandra 💁‍♀️ How are you feeling? I keep logging into my company video calls looking visibly depressed. Yes I have resting sad face, please stop calling me out in public. I'm doing my best to hold it together. I feel exhausted all the time and when I sleep I do not dream.poetryofthesoul poetryistherapy traumawriting socialdistancing2020 mind mentalhealthawareness momentsoflife

Believe it or not, what you do with your 24hrs matter A LOT. If you use it wisely or waste it, is up to your goals and aspirations. How do YOU spend your 24hrs? Drop a comment below👇 Comment “AGREE” letter by letter and lucky winner get free shoutouts. . Follow - @millionaire_inthe_making . . . . . . . . Tag your frnds 😇 Positive vibes only here . . . . .success successquotes successmindset successful instagood instagram inspiration instadaily inspirationalquotes lovequotes love loveyourself loveyou likeforlikes likeforfollow like4likes comment comment4comment motivation motivationalquotes motivational positivevibes positivity hustle mind mindsetiseverything mindset fyp foryoupage millionairemindset

⠀ Como está o seu nível de autocontrole?😆😆⠀ ⠀ “Enfim, eu quero frisar hoje sobre paciência...”⠀ ⠀ Marque os seus amigos que são “controlados emocionalmente.”⠀ 😅⠀

Tea time! I love starting my mornings with any kind of tea (typically green or herbal)! Today I had some Green Tea Matcha and it was so so good. Definitely a great way to start the day (even if you have online classes 🙄)!

blanc et noir2020martyrmurderbeautybeholdercorruptperceptiondepthblindshallowmindmaterialBeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Ask a person who has realised the infinte and he will be able to find beauty in the deepest crevices of non-existence. But ask the same from a millenial and even his eyes would escape beauty. But still there is beauty even in this kind of blindness. lovesharecarefollowtagcommentbw photography

Feeling depressed today. I know I’m not the only one. It took awhile to hit me, but it’s here now. I’m hoping it won’t last too long. I’m going to go to my “step class” now, a video shot on a beach in Hawaii. Hoping it’ll make me feel better. What have you been doing to help ease depression?

TAG your day ones 👇 Loyalty is rare 👁 Comment “AGREE” letter by letter and lucky winner get free shoutouts. . Follow - @millionaire_inthe_making . . . . . . . . Tag your frnds 😇 Positive vibes only here . . . . .success successquotes successmindset successful instagood instagram inspiration instadaily inspirationalquotes lovequotes love loveyourself loveyou likeforlikes likeforfollow like4likes comment comment4comment motivation motivationalquotes motivational positivevibes positivity hustle mind mindsetiseverything mindset fyp foryoupage millionairemindset

What will make your experience of this week beautiful?⁣ ⁣ We will certainly see things on the news. It may frighten us. Make us feel scared, nervous and lost. ⁣ ⁣ And then, after that, here we'll be. ⁣ ⁣ Getting to the business of being human beings. ⁣ ⁣ Being, is the optimal word. ⁣ ⁣ Things are happening out there. ⁣ ⁣ And we're here, being human. ⁣ ⁣ 1. Write down 5 things that in this very moment, right now, you can be grateful for. Feel the energy of gratitude in your heart. Allow the energy of your heart-gratitude to spread. Gratitude feels so good. ⁣ ⁣ 2. Now, write down 5 things that you will experience in the next 5 days that will bring you joy. This is future-pacing. You are deciding, in advance, of how you're going to feel. Play a game. Write a silly song. Dance with your kids. Write them down. This is the first step to living into it. ⁣ ⁣ 3. Put yourself mentally into one of these moments of joy. What will you be saying to yourself? What will others be saying to you? How will you feel? ⁣ ⁣ 4. Raise both hands in the air. Create the energy of winning. ⁣ ⁣ 5. Go forth, and enjoy being human. It's within your control.

Rilassati. Non stressarti. Respira Per maggiori informazioni circa i nostri approcci terapeutici si prega di consultare la sezione dedicata. 👉👉Segui il link in bio . . .psicologia psicologiaclinica italianialondra italiansinlondon psicoterapia coaching counselling psicologolondra love selfcare psychology amore emozioni mente psychologist therapy london londra crescitapersonale benessere salute healing mind genitori figli mamma bambini

¿Si esto es verdad cuántas veces cambiaron en su vida? . . Si te gustan nuestras publicaciones, no olvides seguirnos! . . . IGNORAR: curiosidades sabiasque datoscuriosos mente mind inteligente curioso interesante pensamientos noticias sabio sorprendente cerebro curiosidad curiosidadesdelmundo

Не будьте тупыми.... ОЧНИТЕСЬ !!!!!! (Смешно слышать это от человека который выставил себя тупым и несерьёзным) но все же - ОЧНИТЕСЬ!!!... Выкупайте за всю ответственность в том что вы делаете,как говориться "Бога нет но Бог прощает"... Живите а не плача за уроками и оценками существуйте в инфополе которое вам навязали... Любите-но не путайте ПРИХОДЫ чувств с реальностью... Будьте щасливы ведь you never know,you never know... . . . .mindlive streetvibedream fuckthem music

So trueeee

➟¿SABÍAS QUE EL MASAJE ES EFECTIVO PARA COMBATIR EL ESTRÉS CRÓNICO?➟ . El estrés es la reacción del cuerpo a un desafío o demanda. Según la (APA, 2014) existen 2 tipos de estrés: . 🔸️Estrés agudo: Estrés a corto plazo que desparece rápidamente🌀, v. gr.: (esquiar una pendiente o en momentos emocionantes). . 🔸️Estrés crónico: Dura un periodo de tiempo prolongado. Lo peor del estrés crónico es que las persones se acostumbran, se olvidan❓que esta allí y a la larga puede causar problemas de graves salud🚑 o el suicidio☠, v. gr.: (problemas de trabajo, pareja, dinero). 🔸️Rosales et al. realizaron una revisión documental y bibliográfica en 2018 usando las palabras: estrés, masaje. . La mayoría de estudios coincidían en que los masajes💆‍♀️ pueden disminuir; la PAS y diastólica en reposo, la intensidad el dolor neuromuscular💪, el estado ansioso, una reducción en la FCR y disminución en los niveles de estrés. Por ende, los niveles de relajación🧘‍♂️ y estado de animo🔋 en general mejoraron significativamente. Algunos de estos estudios también concluyeron que se pueden disminuir los niveles de cortisol⬇️, aumentar la actividad de ondas delta (relacionadas con el sueño profundo)😴 y el razonamiento matemático📖. . 🔹️𝗖𝘂𝗿𝗶𝗼𝘀𝗶𝗱𝗮𝗱: En uno de los estudios, mujeres con cáncer de mama♀️ fueron asignadas a masajes y a un grupo de control de atención. El masaje disminuyó el deterioro de la actividad de células NK que sucede durante la terapia de radiación y bajaron el ritmo cardíaco y la PAS (Billhult, Lindholm, Gunnarsson, & Stener-Victorin, 2009). . 🔹️𝗔𝗯𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗶𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗮𝘀: Asociación Americana de Psicología (APA), Frecuencia Cardiaca Reposo (FCR), Presión Arterial Sistólica (PAS). . 🔎𝗥𝗲𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗰𝗶𝗮𝘀: Rosales, Y., Acosta, R., & Reynosa, E. (2018). Massage in Cases of Chronic Stress. Apunts, 95-109

Hey Moms! How are all of you doing out there? I just wanted to let you know that I have created a page on my website with free resources to help you during this time. It is filled with recipes, kids home school activities, Bible devotions and more. I plan on continually adding to this to help out as much as I can. ⁠ ⁠ Also, if you have any tips to helps moms and families send me a DM and we can get it up on our site! We are all in this together! ⁠ ⁠ ⁠faithandfood360 faith food mind habits gut vegan plantbased guthealth healthwarrior healthymoms mom thehappydiet happydiet originalphotography foodie veganlife govegan crueltyfree vegansofinstagram veganfood Homeschool Kidsactivities Bibledevotions

People always seem so surprised to hear that I have always had anxiety from being a young child. I mask it well until I absolutely can't! Ironically, I am great during an emergency. If something big happens I cope really well. When I spill cereal all over the floor or can't get something right that I am trying really hard with then I don't cope so much ❤⁣ I was afraid to speak about my anxiety and the fact that I am autistic for such a long time as I worried it would make people view me differently but actually the positive effect it has far out weighs any close minded opinions and reconceived ideas on anxiety and autism that the few people who seem perterbed by my "confession" have. ⁣ ⁣ The beautiful hair in this video is the 16LY @follea style wig in the colour 6020 Irish Cream ❤

Folge ----> @wolf_of_marketing <---- für das, was du mir eines Tages danken wirst!👨‍💼 Ich mach keinen Content, ich bring dir was bei! 📚 Denn das was andere dir geben ist Unterhaltung.🖥 Was Ich dir gebe bringt dir $$$$$, aber nur wenn du es durchziehst!💰 - - ♤ Es wird ein langer und schwieriger Weg zum Erfolg, aber wenn du es durchziehst und immer ein Schritt mehr machst, wirst du das Ziel erreichen! ♧ - - Hashtags▪︎ -business geldverdienen geschftsmann geschft mindset mind money ag gmbh investor aktien brse businessplanning businesscasual mentorkurs produkt gehirn online geschfte brand geld reich wissen unternehmer geldmachtglücklich onlinebusiness motivation erfolg

What are your thoughts on this❓ Comment what you think below and tag a friend 👇💭💙🔥 • 💬 Whenever you are not working on your craft, there's someone out there working on theirs. You need to put in as much time to work on yourself to beat your competition. • 💬 In order to master something, you have to willingly put in as much time as possible and then and only then will you get your desired outcome. • 📕This quote was taken from the book "Millionaire Success Habits" written by Dean Graziosi but was originally said by Malcom Gladwell. • 📱Instagram: ➡️ @toolsforknowledge 🔥 📱Twitter: ➡️ tools_knowledge 🐦 •DeanGraziosi MalcomGladwell entrepreneurship entrepreneur business mindset brain mind growth success successhabits motivation smart education money books book wise library collection millionaire billionaire tools toolsforknowledge goals dreams dreamjob achievement innovation

lockdown training with the smallest Mali malinois I’ve owned. Kinks is training to be a search dog where her size will come in useful. She’s still the mind of a normal sized Mali and will bite well. I want her to trust me and be able to get her into tricky areas dogtraining dogtrainer detectiondog

lockdown training with the smallest Mali malinois I’ve owned. Kinks is training to be a search dog where her size will come in useful. She’s still the mind of a normal sized Mali and will bite well. I want her to trust me and be able to get her into tricky areas dogtraining dogtrainer detectiondog

Поговорим о плюсах карантина, раз уж мы тут все собрались, в четырёх стенах.. Понимаю, ситуация отчасти напоминает анекдот про „постарайтесь получить удовольствие“, и всё же. И всё же мы ведь пока у себя ещё есть. И выбор у нас тоже кое-какой есть. 1. Наконец-то можно сделать паузу. Остановиться, замедлиться, узнать себя поближе, "о душе подумать" да и вообще подумать. Например, о том, нравится ли мне моя жизнь. Хочу ли я что-то изменить. Всё ли меня устраивает. А если не устраивает, то как и чего бы мне хотелось. Можно наконец-то заняться тем, что откладывали в долгий ящик, до чего не доходили руки и на что не хватало времени. Можно читать, высыпаться и заниматься тем, чем хочется. Ведь у нас появилось то, чего нам так часто не хватает: время. 2. Можно встретиться со своими близкими. Сейчас в сетях бродит много смешных мемов, картинок и видео в стиле „а у вас ещё не появилось желание поубивать друг друга?“ или „пообщался с женой, оказывается, интересный человек“. Ну да, в каждой шутке есть доля шутки. Остальное.. У всех по-разному. Кому-то в кайф вместе. Потому что они и вместе и порознь умеют. А кто-то начинает задумываться о дальнейшей судьбе отношений. Потому что даже возможность разойтись по углам не даёт спрятаться от отношений, сбежать от них на работу или ещё куда-то и приходится смотреть фактам в лицо: делошвах в отношениях-то.. 3. Можно рассчитстить свои авгиевы конюшны и избавиться от хлама. Разобрать вещи, повыбрасывать старое, отмыть, украсить и освежить своё жилое пространство, навести порядок в мыслях и планах. Впустить в свою жизнь что-то новое. Вспомнить о своих мечтах. 4. А ещё можно прокачать полезные навыки и пойти учиться чему-то новому. Записаться на курсы, обучающие программы или получить образование дистанционно. Кто знает, что там день грядущий нам ещё приготовит, какие „сюрпризы“ выкинет из своих рукавов. Не исключено, что это новое откроет новые двери и новые возможности в профессиональной жизни и саморазвитии. 5. А ещё можно испечь и съесть торт😌 Просто так. Без всякого повода.

me in the most me moment. Nature gives you everything you need. In those moments society structures like cities and metropoles become more bizarre then you would ever expect. Loosing the invention of ‘time’ which lends you physically and mentally trapped in a loop. The only way to escape is finding the way back to the roots of human being and bringing back the real manners to your continuousness. Its easier then you would expect 🌲🧚‍♀️ Join me❤️ . . . . . . . . . . .nature backtotheroots mind calm invention meetingwithnature meeting stayhome home trees woods fulfillment eacape creativity mindpower powerofmind

Testimonial from one of my clients. If you (or someone you love) need more peace to your mind, body spirit I’m offering remote sessions. Great gift to yourself or someone in need. Please feel free to reach out here or on my website healingsbylisam.com Sending love & light to everyone. 💫♥️💫♥️

he fill my mind up with ideas. . . . . .fill mind ideas you skin eyes nude lips miami love

I listen to future tapes and switch to solange album everyday. I drink natural juices, do pull ups, and pray. Don’t bother me. Leave me alone. Let’s push the culture forward. This a Sabote, Papaya, and mango smooth. . . .plantbased vegan natural juice sabote nature mango love mind body nutrition fit nutrients drinks smoothie immunesystem appetite sick healthy savetheplanet healththyself healthylifestyle nodiet abundance papaya exoticfruit garden eatclean eatplants medicine

İspanya Madrid'de, bir Kundalini Reiki Master ile birlikte ,Evrensel şifa için Dünya Anaya, Toprak Ana için çalışma yapıyorlar. Videodaki ellerin pozisyonu, evrenle bir olmak imgesidir. Zor günlerfen geçirdiğimiz bu dönemde, sizde Kundalini Reiki Şifa Enerjisi öğrenebilir ve Uyumlanabilirsiniz .Hem kendinize hem de çevrenizdeki yakınlarınıza sevdiklerinize Kundalini Reiki şifa çalışmaları yapabilirsiniz. Öğrenmesi çok pratik ve uzaktan öğrenip, uyumlanma için harika bir enerjidir.Sevgiyle öneriyorum. İletişim 0 530 704 12 25 reikiusuireikimasterreikihealingenergykarmaizmirlifestyleasklife motivation mind quotesselflove happiness#crystalcrystalscrystalhealingloveinstagramyoutubesosyalmedyasekanslarşemsailedizimidünyatoprakanadoğadoga

Se me ha olvidado lo que iba a poner aquí. Tu asiente y sonríe, y nadie se ha enterado. . . . . . . . . .design diseño traveltravelgramtravelphotographyskinmodelbodymindseabodyskinvscostreetphoto art streetart citywalk yoga fit beach nature relax

¿Nos hemos vuelto ya todos locos? ¿Esto ya lo había preguntado? ¿Que día es hoy?... . . . . . .design diseño traveltravelgramtravelphotographyskinmodelbodymindseabodyskinvscostreetphoto art streetart citywalk yoga fit beach nature relaxtime smilehappy

Alors oui... Quand je fais pas de squat je m'entraîne souvent en chaussette 😂 ce qui a bien fait rire Cybille et orionetk j'en suis sûr x) (aller voir son profil a ce ptit gars). mindspiritgapadvisecounselsporturbanshirtgymsharkteamfitboybrainexercisewheyproteinmotivateonlysolohealthyfoodspendcaloriemealsmealpreprowingbackstrong

Hammer hold à 14kg ! Ça me gave j'arrive pas à dépasser 1min20 en hammerhold.. En même temps tu douilles tellement sur ce mouvement 😂😂mindspiritgapadvisecounselsporturbanshirtgymsharkteamfitboybrainexercisewheyproteinmotivateonlysolohealthyfoodspendcaloriemealsmealprephammershouldershammerstrengthstrength

A la question : peux - tu prendre une photo bien pourrie ? La réponse est tadaaaa Le frigo est vide. L'entraînement j'étais trop absorbé par la séance. Donc voilà 😂😂mindspiritgapadvisecounselsporturbanshirtgymsharkteamfitboybrainexercisewheyproteinmotivateonlysolohealthyfoodspendcaloriemealsmealprepbicepscurlmusclesdarkdarknessnutrition

Men who takes this snap tell me "you have this position when you think about our sanction because we make shit on our movment" mindspiritgapadvisecounselsporturbanshirtgymsharkteamfitboybrainexercisewheyproteinmotivateonlysolohealthyfoodspendcaloriemealsmealprepbicepshandsfreepassionnutrition

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