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Tenemos una cita el día de mañana! La entrada es por el costado de la ciudad infantil! No falten!! ankaa ankaabrones ankaaguamas rocknroll ride lovemusic openair parquemetroleon metalhead metalmx musician artist liveshow direct drummer

⛩ 🚣🏽‍♂️🌄 . . . bedroomstudio 24hour music vibes maker venezuelan musician In exile

@rezagolzar ♥️🧿🌙 هر شب بالاىِ تمامِ عكسهايت صدقه ميچرخانم... چشم است ديگر، شور ميشود گاهى #علي_قاضي_نظام . . . ٩٨.٦.٢ . . . شبیه به هیچ سوپراستاری در هیچ جای دنیا نیستى... ✊🏻🌎 ما جونمونو ميديم برات 🙌🏼♥️ . #سايت_مستدام_جانِ‌ من♥️🧿 . . . rezagolzar mohammadrezagolzar best superstar actor singer musician model famous doctor rezzar rezzarband bestteam rezagolzar #رضاگلزار #محمدرضاگلزار #بهترین #سوپراستار #مرد_همیشه_موفق 🧿 #مهربون_ترین #قوی_ترین #رضاگلزار #ریزار #ریزاربند #رضاگلزار #دلبر #چشمهایش 💚 #خدایا_شکرت . . . @rezagolzar @rezagolzar @rezagolzar @rezagolzar @rezagolzar

I am beyond excited to finally share this baby with you guys! Have you already seen our new music video for the song 'Final Tear'? ☯️ https://youtu.be/fsbMQihWHyc The message means so so much to me. I put so much heartblood, passion, love and hard work into creating that video. I hope you all love it as much as I do! 🖤 I am on fire and I have so much to say, so many emotions to share, so many lyrics on paper, so many melodies in my mind, so many aesthetic visions in my head, so much love in my heart...it took me awhile... to finally understand that's what I am...that's what makes me smile every morning. Creating art. And not limiting myself to ANYTHING!!! Last year I thought my mind is my biggest weakness...till I finally understood it is my greatest weapon. I am super sensitive. I am a way to emotional. I am a dreamer. I am a empath. I can feel everything so deeply. I am a very physical being. I am a weirdo sometimes. I have deep thoughts about life. I may have strange ideas and people around me may not always understand my actions, ideas, thoughts, visions, madness...and they will still look at me like I am crazy...and you know what...somehow I am crazy...but I finally understood all of this is a huge gift. 🖤 Everything in life changes when you begin to truly believe in yourself -unconditionally. . . . . . . feminismyogamusicvideotattooartisttattooedgirlsartmusiciangirlswithtattoosvideoproduceralternativegirlphotographytattooartistvideoclipaestheticeditsloveyourselfbts#패션#데일리룩videoproductionwriterproduceraestheticequilibriumcinematographydirector

Having a successful modeling career, being married to Keith Richards @officialkeef 🎸since 1983 & battling breast and bladder cancer, Patti Hansen @pattihansen is ageless ...🌸👏 ........................fuckcancer👊 breastcancersurvivor bladdercancer rocknroll music modeling musician therollingstones rollingstonesconcert pattihansen keithrichards connecticut london london🇬🇧 usa 🇺🇸 iconic icons weekendvibes happyfriday healthylifestyle wellness mentalhealth goodvibes staystrong bepositivelivelaughlove❤️ light

. [FREE] “LOGEVITY” Dark melodic vibes for today ☔️ I left some much room for someone to hop on this 🤘🏾 . Dm me if interested! . . Don’t forget to like comment and follow ✅ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • beatmaker producer beats hiphop music musicproducer rap flstudio studio trap rapper soundcloud producerlife artist musicproduction newmusic instrumental beat beatsforsale rappers instrumentals dj musician hiphopmusic trapmusic trapbeats producers beatmaking singer hiphopbeats

"I sit here locked inside my head, remembering everything you said, the silence gets us nowhere, gets us nowhere way too fast" - Staind staind foryou lyrics music canadian canada metalhead musician drummer guitarist girldrummer girlguitarist

Short preview of a original song I wrote called “Zero To Hundred” if you like it give me a like 🤙🏼🤙🏼 music nashville nashvilletn Virginia ameliava originalsong guitar love musician

Tonight at the Dominion-Chalmers United Church In Ottawa, Ontario, guitarists Adam Cicchillitti and @stevecowanmusic will be premiering my piece "Insomnia Rain" for guitar duo and live electronics along with pieces by other @icebergnewmusic composers along with projections by Kurt Laurenz Theinat and Lukas Pearse as part of the @21cguitar Conference's gala concert.

Follow the link in my bio for links to great music gear giveaways, including this Hartke KB12 Kickback Bass Guitar Combo Amp and Bass Attack 2 Preamp/DI Pedal! enter win hartke bass guitar amp amplifier comboamp pedal basspedal guitarpedal bassguitar bassist bassplayer bajo guitarra guitarrista bassamp bassamplifier musician victorwooten bassgear entertowin winit winitwednesday freebiefriday enternow inittowinit freebie regalar

Content is King, Always be producing Content, and switch it up, there are so many ideas for Content, that can really stimulate your audience. 1. Get interviewed at a local Location.✅ 2. Try on Makeup, Shoes, Clothes and record it it. ✅ 3. Record a Vlog of you preparing for a Performance. ✅ 4. Record You hanging out with your Boothang. ✅ The point is to keep the audience engaged and to switch it up, on them. That way it really draws there attention.

Encuentra en JimmyWess lo que necesitas para que no dejes de tocar. 🎸👌🏻😉 . . . . FamiliaJimmyWess Music Musician Guitar Bass Picks Strings JimmyWess Rock Metal Instruments KeepPlaying

So excited about this next chapter in our life together! We feel so blessed to be doing what we love! ♥️🎶🎨 NoteWorthy Music & Arts is currently accepting new students for piano, guitar, and art lessons! For more information, find us on Facebook and please spread the word! 😊 Photo cred: @lisajbrucephotography noteworthymusicandarts piano guitar art music musiclessons artlessons musician artist sunflower farm summer fall lisajbrucephotography

one day - Tate McRae @tatemcrae singing singers musician youngtalent hotvocals dailysingoff crazygoodvoices wowmusicians starsuncovered thelivevoice topvoice greatmusicunited singersspotlight upvoices trending trendy chorus starmusicians voice vocal vocals sing song songs vocalist vocalists tatemcrae oneday singing🎤 @singers @upvoices @thegiftedvoices @giftedvoices @giftedvoicesx @thegoodvoice @hotvocals @omgvoices @wowmusicians @thelivevoice @crazygoodvoices.1 @singersspotlight @chorus @youbettasing @amazingvocal @__thebestvocals_ @bestnewvoices @best_ig_singers @thespecialvoice @topvocalist @topvoice @topvoices_

Tudo pronto para logo mais, às 20:30 fazer um som aqui na Cachaçaria Santa Dose em Araras. musicaaovivo musician music bar pub cachaçaria acousticblues acousticrock brazilianmusic acousticguitar unplugged araras ezequielbraga

tomorrow 8/24 we’re in Norman at @2ndwindcoffee’s Fall Festival on Campus Corner ✨💘 5 pm 🎟FREE 🏄‍♀️

"Clouds" - Storytelling Rap Beat EmineBulut.Fedai Varan stabbed his ex-wife Emine Bulut to death in Kırıkkale on August 18. Their 10-year-old daughter was also with them at the time of incident. After stabbing Bulut, the ex-husband got on a taxi and fled.Coming to the scene of incident, the emergency health teams took Emine Bulut and her daughter to hospital. Bulut lost her life there.The last words of Emine Bulut, her cry of "I don't want to die" . . lmekistiyorum rapper rap hiphop music artist producer trap rappers beats hiphopmusic newmusic rapmusic singer dj musicproducer unsignedartist art musician songwriter typebeat darkflgang abletonStorytellingtürkçerapbeatmakerflstudiosad

Needy - Ariana Grande ~slowed down~ I got my recording mic back! I asked for suggestions and the first one I got was this song from @ariellebdomingo. I’ll be asking for more suggestions soon, stay tuned! . . . needy ariana arianagrande grande music sing singer musician piano cover record sweetenertour thankunext

Voice of the nation....fela musician activist advocate freedom kalakuta Fela kuti aside being a musician; was also the man of the people, he saw the nation falling apart with so much corruption and injustice, he didn't hide his voice........not for once. entertainment Africa music hiptv afromusic shrine afro naija africanart painting oil bella lindaikeji magazine soundcity mtvbaseafrica....

@FTFcity Bosnian / European Musician is about to Make history in America. As the First European Rapper in American HipHop noticed by Sony. musician artist bosnia balkan bosnian musicianlife rapper hiphop bosanac balkan thebalkans tuzla sarajevo mostar beograd prijedor inked tatted dtla losangeles nyc atl stlouis stl followhim producer lasvegas dj wshh atlanta dubrovnik

Repost @tweet_ missyelliott musician believeinyourself ・・・ MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. ITS DROPPING🔥🔥🔥🔥 Repost @missymisdemeanorelliott ・・・ This year has been a tremendous year for me…I am humbled and grateful. THANK YOU for allowing me to smell the roses. You, my fans, and God are the reason I am here and have celebrated every milestone with me! So, I have a SURPRISE for you... let’s continue the celebration at midnight tonight…I’m dropping a collection of new songs! Let’s ThrowItBack to a time when music just felt good and made us want to dance! Sincerely, Dr. Melissa “Missy” Elliott Iconology

.60mm? .50mm? Why not both? Get both and save with our double-strike double-pack!

When in the studio, do you prefer to use a click track or go without? clicktrack performanceorperfection studio recordingstudio engineer musician

Gestionar tus viajes 🧭, tu tiempo ⏰ y tu trabajo 💪 en el negocio de las artes escénicas puede ser agotador... ArtistsOntheWay simplificará al máximo estos dolores de cabeza. ☝️Descarga la app en el link en bio ☝️ App Promoter Artist Dj Draw Dance Communicate Promote Events Tours Gigs Musician Music

Favorite musician of all time?? 🎸 🥁 🎹 ⁣ Ready... drop them in the comments 👇 ⁣ ⁣ worshipmusic musician

You're going to love the Gear Masters episodes we filmed with Mohsen, Hayley, and⠀ Graeme, of @taliskmusic, last week! They have one of the most unique gear setups we've ever come across. Can't wait to release these videos!

Es hora de zarpar hacia lo desconocido... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLAwdv8Ju_g musician musicians ambient space Journey talentonacional chill chillout backgroundmusic relax original new music art

Might just go ahead and put this on @soundcloud tomorrow... fun PlanetMEalz MDE fuckyobox🖕🏾🙉🙈🙊🇯🇲♊️🖤☯️✌️🏾 music hiphop rap artist producer rapper dj spotify singer musicproducer trap djs beats rnb love musician songwriter hiphopmusic art youtube rappers song itunes unsignedartist coverart lightworker💫

Happy Saturday!! ✨ have you plan your afternoon yet? We’ve got it sort it out for you! we’re delighted to bring you culture and music TODAY at 3:30 pm with Melbourne Veena Festival at Chandler Community Centre ✨ Bring your family, your friends and any lucky ones along as this is a FREE TO ATTEND event!! 😱🥳 We’ll see you there!

KURT'S BAT DRAWING. Look at its face! I'm bat talk it could be saying "Fuck all of you! I will leave this world!!" 😐😑 kurtcobain kurtdonaldcobain kurtdonaldcobainforever sketch drawing art artist museum museums repost bats immortality halloweeniscoming halloweeniseveryday musician nirvana IMAGE: screenshot, @nirvanaakashadavey screenshot Photograph: @charlyhood museodelamoda

R.i.p remix 💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥 who want this song 🧐🧐❓@__trail @engine.rev.dev _______________________________________________________ rappers rap hiphop music rapper beats rapmusic hiphopmusic producer trap newmusic artist soundcloud dj musicproducer singers unsignedartist hiphopculture rapartist hiphopartist like djs explorepage upcomingrapper musicvideo beatmaker youtube love musician bhfyp

Wearing my Whitney shirt and feeling the Whitney vibes today!

Honorable Mentions 🏆 NewSingle out AUG 30 ✌️ HonorableMentions > The song was originally written as a sort of “fuck you” to some people who were spreading rumors and causing drama behind my back but ended up becoming a song that expresses both searing sarcasm and genuine, sincere gratitude. I recorded the song in one take as one of the final tracks to appear on my debut album. It managed to find an audience despite never being released or promoted as a proper single. I am releasing it now in celebration of the first anniversary of my debut LP’s release. 🎉 x Chris

Singing tonight @casaclaremont with @alekzandur from 6:30-9:30 and tomorrow is my last show @seaworldsandiego from 5pm-7:30pm! 😊 It has been such a music filled summer and I am so grateful! I’m excited for things to come and can’t wait to share new music with you all!! 💕 . . . . . natjonesmusic singer songwriter singersongwriter musician gocountry model modeling lifestyle photo pop country countrysinger countryartist popmusic countrymusic photooftheday fashion beautiful love me womanportrait girl happy portrait christianwoman artist pickmeup upandcoming christianlife

last night was a blast! thanks for coming babe! even tho it took me dragging you there, i know you had a good time cuz i certainly did! thanks for being amazing😉☀️🌿🌙🌱🔮

💻🎼🎶📀💷⏳ _____________________________________________________________ 808 beats makingmusic producerlife artist 808mafia trap instamusic beatsforlease trapbeats trapartist instrumental flgang hardbeats musicproducer IMakeBeats dopebeats beatsforsale instabeats beatmaker musician producer beatz trapbeat firebeats trapmusic beatmaking musicproduction trapproducer needbeats ———————————————————————————

What do you think of this beat? The full version is in the bio.

Anyone that’s reading this post do me the biggest favor and give me and my music a chance. We only live once so why not new music on the way and I hope y’all are ready to be in music videos and meet ups and shiii let’s gooo!!! Follow me on my SoundCloud here @Drew Bone easy and simple . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . likers like4likeback like4follow likeforlikes likeforlikealways likeaboss likeplease likeall like4followers likeforliketeam likeforliketeam likelike likeme likeforlikeback likeitup likeforlike likes4like like4likes like4likes like4me likeit likethis liked l4like l4c l4f f4l f4follow f4f musician singer producer

welcome to check out and enjoy impressions of glowing morning sky moods through my eyes :) (photo © Werner Puntigam)

Checkout my songs on YouTube (link in bio) 💙 . . . . . . . . music lovemusic #🎸 guitar #🎶 song insta musician songwriter happy singing composer picoftheday photooftheday producer passion instamusic singer artist musicproducer #🎤

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