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We advertise books. Books are tasty erm... good and fun... Hooman should always take time to read, gives us more time to steal from the bin 😺 (not that we did that. Okay, we did exactly that) naughtycat catsofinstagram cats catcontent frechekatzen kittenlove kittenoftheday catswithbooks fluffycat britishlonghair mycatlovesbooks caturday katzemitbuch lesekatze ragdollcat catissues katzenliebe kittycat kittenofig

My cat loves my new Simon’s Cat book 😍🥰☺️ lego legocat catlego legokatze Katzenlego Cat katzen katze cats book brickanimal tier simonscat simonscats animals mycatlovesbooks booklover catlover catloverscatsofinstagram pets @lego @simonscatofficial @steineliebe @brickanimal

Knuddelfaktor und Flausch hoch zehn für diesen Montag morgen. Der Tag heute wird anstrengend werden. 🇬🇧 It's going to be a tough day, so I need fluffy cats 🐱 on this Monday morning. catstagram cats catcontent catswithbooks mycatlovesbooks mondaymood mondaymorning itsmondayagain katzenimbett catsinbed monday mondaymorning

I moved into a flat full of books 💕📚 They smell good though and this particular novel about a female private detective in the 1920s is rather interesting. catsofinstagram cats catcontent cute cutecats cuteness kittycat kitten kittenplay kittens_today catissues catstagram cutekitten kittencute kittenofig katzen lovecats katzenspiel katzenbabys catbabies bookstagram lesen catswithbooks mycatlovesbooks bücher lesenmitkatze katzeliebe katzemitbuch

My Cat is clearly an Usborne fan and wants to join in the world book day celebrations 🥳🎉

Some cats have a teddy bear, but my cat has her favorite cookbook. ❤️ @jessseinfeld cooking cookbooks foodswings foodswingscookbook cats cutecats meowmeow scottishfold catsoninstagram foodie mycatlovesbooks

Notre mardiconseil, passé un peu à la trappe mais mieux vaut tard que jamais, c'est "Sailor Moon" de Naoko Takeuchi 🌙 C'est pour moi l'une des plus belles histoires d'amour, et surtout on a des héroïnes super fortes 💪 Je suis en plein relecture c'est vrai que le début est très rapide, avec pas mal d'ellipses, et sans Tuxedo, Sailor Moon a bien du mal à se déporter de la situation, mais d'un autre côté, ce ne sont que la présence du jeune homme et ses paroles qui donnent à notre justicière la force et le courage, et elle évolue tellement 💖 Pour info, mon édition est celle de @glenatmanga sortie en 1995, avec le sens de lecture occidental (introuvable désormais). Un jour, j'aurais aussi celle de @pika_edition 📚 •••sailormoon bookstagram instabook passionlecture passionchat Georgette chat cat livre book manga monchataimeleslivres mycatlovesbooks currentread bookaddict cataddict bookworm

MardiConseil : "La papeterie Tsubaki" de Ito Ogawa aux @editionspicquier. Ce roman est un petit bijou ; c'est une amie, qui adore Ogawa, qui me l'a fait découvrir et j'ai été enchantée ! Il me tarde de découvrir d'autres de ses romans 😍 Pour celleux que ça intéressent, je sors ma chronique sur "La papeterie Tsubaki" demain. Georgette aussi vous le conseille 😸 •••book roman novel lapapeterietsubaki passionlecture litteraturejaponaise livrovore livre livrestagram instabook bookslover bookworm bookaddict chat cat Georgette catsofinstagram catslover marquepage bookmark monchataimeleslivres mycatlovesbooks

Je vous présente Georgette, mon nouveau marque-page 😂 Bon, j'avoue, quand je veux prendre mon livre avec moi, ce n'est pas pratique... Ma lecture est "Tout est vrai" de Lydia Day Peñaflor, publié aux @editionsalbinmichel •••livre book toutestvrai lectureencours passionlecture chat cat catsofinstagram bookstagram currentlyreading bookslover bookworm bookaddict livrestagram roman marquepage bookmark monchataimeleslivres mycatlovesbooks

Ale o co chodzi? Że co, nie mogę listków? To nie da mnie? 😂😂😂 • Z racji, że już jutro zaczyna się grudzień, pomyślałam że dodam to jesienne zdjęcie żeby się nie zmarnowało 😂 🍁 Co do koronaprzeznaczenia to mało jej czytałam, bo jak byłam chora to prawie w ogóle nie czytałam, a do PL nie brałam tej cegiełki 🙈 Ale jak tylko wrócę to od razu się za nią biorę, @klatwaprzeznaczenia obiecuję 😄 • • •czutam czytanie reader reading ksiżka ksiżki wydawnictwoniezwyke autumn vibes booklover mycozyhome warmandcozy cozyplace bookstagrampl welovebooks bookish mycat ilovemycat mycatlovesbooks autumnreading autumnleaves bookdesign bookishlove bookfeaturepage bookfeatures

What do I want to read this night? Für welche Nachtlektüre entscheide ich mich nur? cat catsofinstagram books mycatlovesbooks

I am all about reading some books for my personal development and growth! Picked this up today at my local library (I love the library), but cats do not come with rental. . Do you practice some form of personal development to help you better yourself & reach your goals? . . . .readingdaily newbook ilovethelibrary mycatlovesbooks kittenmitten catsofinstagram housewifelife growthmindset bethechange betteryourself momswhoread betteryourself nightlyritual imsoexcited nightowllife ourcutecat remissionlife cervicalcancersurvivor shorthairdontcare momswithink

The Return of La Mechas ilovemycatmycatlovesbooks

Ummm what is this delicious tasting toy my human is holding... cats catsofinstagram catstagram mycatlovesbooks mycatthinksheownseverything mycatisweird

Not sure how Whisper stayed so chill at the end of sixofcrows ! Now we had to start crookedkingdom right away! mycatlovesbooks purrpurr cantwaitforthenextbook

“The life you live, the hate you feel——it’s poison. I can drink it no longer.” Oh Matthias. Such a tortured soul.leighbardugo sixofcrows readingcat mycatlovesbooks everybookisanadventure

Someone thinks is is an interesting part in sixofcrows librarycat mycatlovesbooks leighbardugo

Some things change, some things stay the same 😍 mycatlovesbooks lifewithLeo

Napping on a book about food. The only way this could be better is if some food manifested from the book. . .empresscat literatecat mykidhaspaws mycatlovesbooks ilovebooks britishshorthair british_shorthair britishshorthaircream catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catsofaustralia naptime pawsome purrfect

One of the local used bookstores is shutting its doors, so guess who got a haul of free @kathyreichs books? I'm so excited, and so is Spencer! 😂 kathyreichs temperancebrennan bones booklover freebooks readersofig readersofinstagram bookstagram spencerthecat mycatlovesbooks catstagram catsofig catsofinstagram

Why yes, Shuggie... I agree. This IS a really good book! I can tell that you really like it too by the loud purrrrrrrr in my ear! Lol! catsofinstagram catonmyhead purrfactory reading ilovetoread mycatlovesbooks books thriller thelikeness tanafrench penguinbooks readabook halfpricebooks

@Regranned from @il_rifugio_del_lettore - I libri rendono tutto migliore...e più comoda una scatola dopo esserci stati dentro 📦📑📤🐱📥mycatlovesbooks acatinabox consegneinaspettate libri lettori letturamania leggere books ibs spedizioni consegne gatto gattointenditore compagnodilettura - regrann

And now how do I read? Saboteur of readings. sabotage mycatlovesbooks

Nedjelja je dan za citanje i udovoljavanje macki ❤️catsofinstagram kitty reading mycatlovesbooks

Sophia loves my pens and books almost as much as I do. Every morning she shows up for our little tête-à-tête. She has the heart of a poet. Dust settles on my head and on my metaphors" Rumi. morningpages catsarepoets iloverumi mycatlovesbooks mycatlovesme writingmakesmehappy thehappycat journaling inspiredliving littlestoriesofmine catscanread rumiquotes rumi

Me: I'll bar the door with my to-read stack. Angel Baby: Nice try, b*tch. angelbabyiscrazy myangelbaby needanewdoorknob justtryintosleep literarycats mycatlovesbooks notreally alicesebold

Elsie likes my new book just as much as I do. We will look through it together tonite ❤️maryblair magiccolorflairtheworldofmaryblair mycatlovesbooks

Nach einer fast drei wöchigen Leseflaute, mach ich heute mal mit noraroberts weiter📖 grünwiediehoffnung bookstagram mycatlovesbooks ilovereading

Thought I'd sit back and do some meal planning with my @madeleine_shaw_ books... but Kenya had different ideas. 😻😊😽

My first attempt at taking pretty pictures of books and my cat Archie (short for Archimedes) would not leave me alone😹😹 This week I'll be posting mostly Harry Potter posts in celebration of it's 20th anniversary!! I'll still have my book reviews but after my next two books I'm taking a hiatus on in my that list to read Harry Potter again ☇🙌😁 So I hope you like this attempt lol I'll be posting the actual one I decided to go with later just thought you guys would enjoy these bloopers 😹😹 He's such a hammmmmm 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚Harrypotter always booklifeforlife harrypotterislife catsofinstagram meow mycatlovesbooks harrypottetcat kitty cat

Repost @unapologeticbookaddict with @repostapp ・・・ My friend Katie just finished the pic of Gizmo for me!!!! He's my blog mascot! Now to order a banner and some other stuff for Madtown Author Daze!!! madtown madtownauthordaze crazycatlady blogmascot mycatlovesbooks bookaddict kittylove

My friend Katie just finished the pic of Gizmo for me!!!! He's my blog mascot! Now to order a banner and some other stuff for Madtown Author Daze!!! madtown madtownauthordaze crazycatlady blogmascot mycatlovesbooks bookaddict kittylove

'Ello there just getting ready to start the Potter series' -Sox 📚🖍🔮🕯🏰🚂

'Of course I've read all these 📚, yes even those still in their package' -Sox

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