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My heart flutters every time I see him...which is all the darn time ❤️ heartbeat bestill lovequotes loveofmylife partners bestfriends forever staywithme relationshipgoals ink myman myboyfriend future

Loving life right now! I have met my person. I am loving my body and my self. I graduated esthetician and laser school. Ready for my next step in life. • • • • • myman couplegoals loveme selflove selfcare esthetician graduation lasertechnician nextstep lovelife plussizemodel thickwhitegirl fashionnovacurve

My mountain lion!!! furbabies ginger cats bestfriend myman

Anybody seen MyMan recently? Word has it, things are gettin’ dicey. Don’t worry though, the cats are on the prowl. He will be found...

Mijn ventje...een hele gelukkige verjaardag! Al zovele jaren mag ik die verjaardag samen met jou vieren, al vele jaren mag ik me gelukkig prijzen om je vrouw te zijn. Onthoudt en vergeet dit nooit: "Wat met liefde is gepland, geraakt nooit uitgebloeid!"❤ ~ ~ ~happybirthday 36years birthday myhubbie mylove myman myall loveofmylife onvoorwaardelijkeliefde forever loveandbeloved foreverandever zotvanhem kriebeltjes

TBT Throwback to 3 years ago when I convinced Rich @thecakepopwhisperer to teach a Cakepop class. . .honeysboydesserts alwaysmadefromscratch dfwbaker thecakepopwhisperer myhero gaybaker cakepops myman tbt

Happiest birthday @rashid.khan19 ❤❤ You are one of the best person, sweetest person, cutest person in the 🌍 may ALLAH gives you health, wealth and happiness. Enjoy your big day 🍰🎂❤ myman rashidians rashidianforever rashidkhan rashidkhanforever 😊

Cole- this man taught me a lot this summer. After an unfriendly encounter at the beginning we made it work and found the way towards each other and now share a great bond. I'm so thankful for all the moments we shared. Cole welshcob myman connectedtoeachother reachthesoul thankyou

We celebrated our 9 year anniversary yesterday. ❤️ It was an awesome day. Just the two of us. ⁣ ⁣ It started at a VeganRestaurant in & a stroll around the oldest city. Then we headed to an almost completely empty & gorgeous beach. Sooo peaceful btw.. & It ended on a rooftop above a live band all with the man I love. ⁣ ⁣ I cherish the days we get to have like that. Thank you for such a lovely day baby. ❤️ Can’t wait until year 10! ⁣ ⁣Marraige 9YearAnniversary Anniversary WeddingAnniversary MarriedCouple HusbandAndWife MarriedLife Hubby LoveOfMyLife Blessed PowerCouple LifeIsGreat MyMan StAugustine VilanoBeach JaxBeach TheManateeCafe Vegan VegansOfInsta VeganWife

Long wine fueled post ahead.... I’m about to take my first international trip to Italy in 2 days and I owe it all to this sexy man right here. Sure, I’m successful and independent in my own right- I started as a teenage single mother on food stamps but worked my ass off to further my education and career with the hardest work ethic there was... but this man- when I met him he was a college frat boy living off his parents dime working in retail like me but he was working for beer money. 😂. We somehow fell in love, (opposites make the best soulmates) welcomed a little blondie and this man worked harder than anyone I’ve known. 3rd shift with a newborn and new wife, 70+ hours a week on an assembly floor. He dug in deep and climbed his way up, learning everything he could and doing anything he could to support his family. He travels soooooo much and he loves it yes, but he does it to support and spoil us. I finally get to see another slice of this world with him, something he’s wanted to do for me for a long time, “you can travel the world and see all the amazing things but what does it matter unless you have someone to experience it with” he says ❤️ He’s on his way home from Japan so he won’t see this until tomorrow and he’ll probably be rolling his eyes in embarrassment but... baby you mean the world to me and our kids and I thank you for being our everything 😘 . . . . .soulmate mylove mushypost love workhardplayhard workethic myman travel worldtraveler travelingman mancrush sexy husband happywifehappylife italy italianvacation vacaycountdown

He puts up with me and my Snapchat filters iloveyou myman snapchat pinkhair bonnibell futurama gamercouples

Best weekend everrrrr with the best man everrrrr! I am sooo lucky you’re mine, and that I get the best version of you! You amaze me every day with how much you are changing and growing. I’m so glad we get to grow and change together!!! I love you @justin_larson7 ! growth passion loml vikings greenbay baybeach wildlifepark amusementpark hotel It2 bestweekendever myfuture myworld myman

أدعو لأبي🌞💙💪🏻🌍 #جمعه_مباركه 💙🌞firstandlastlove dady myworld heart myman myhero myking angel alexandria

Annoying your partner is a sign of love, even when he’s paying you no mind. You put anything car, motor, hotrod, etc on the tele and his ADD kicks in. Take 1 of trying to annoy him failed when BloodAxe knocked me down. He’s like “you’re drunk mom, go home!” Take 2 of trying to annoy him was another fail as you can see he forgot I existed lol. Shit, I guess I’m glad my only competition is metals, and pipes, and pistons and shit as opposed to these damn badge bunnies! 🤷🏻‍♀️ We’ll be building our own hotrod soon. It’s already in the making and by we, I mean WE because if you can’t beat em, join em! And honestly, it’s looking like it’s gonna be a hella fun!

mybfisthebest mymcm myman sohot fixingcars theloveofmylife forevermine #내남친 #개멋짐 #내꺼 #최고 #남친스타그램 #연상연하 #국제커플 #럽스타그램 남자가 뭔가에 열중할때 젤로 섹시해 😍🔥💯

Missing the water already. 💦. seadoo myman whyissummerover

I love you and the life we are creating 🦋 couldn’t have found a better man to do this adventure with ♥️love happy wedding parentstobe lucky myman

Yeah I’m crazy, crazy bout you 🤪🖤 @kboltzz 😈 myman dontplaywithme ireallywillgetcrazy 😏🔪

A lovely getaway with my lovely man. Thankful for Santa Barbara, Wine, Concerts, Donovan, and love. ❤️❤️❤️myman gay instagay ofmonstersandmen santabarbara santabarbarabowl concert getaway love live

@nicholsgrayson Looking pretty badass in his hero shot, now get your butt home! 🥰 . . . . . .badass heroshot action caf helo helicopter navy hmcswinnipeg hunk worklife training magicwands blades ocean myman sexappeal

Found this beautiful pic today. Missing and thinking of these two loves of my life today 🙏 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .family love babylove staystrong winning menshealth myman prostatecancerawareness prostatecancer cancer forever beatcancer bestdad myhusband bestfriend mygirl @emilymareestar ⚓️ . . .

I am so proud of my husband for joining this journey with me, in losing weight. We have been able to get healthy again. He’s lost 60lbs! It’s incredible how much he’s lost! & how much he will continue to lose! I am very very proud of you baby & the man you’ve become for us. We will always be next to you being your # 1 supporters and # 1 Fans! We love you baby continue !! . . . . couples loseweịght weightloss healthylifestyle daddy dads dadsofinstagram dad proud healthyfood healthy lifestyle myman iloveyou instagram momlife dadlife dadofboys dadofthree dadrules number1dad 1dad

Tank enjoying the cooler temperatures (82 degrees 😂) with a breeze. tankthedog floridalife mydog dogsofinstagram myman mymutt dogmom

Happy Ten Year Anniversary my love 🖤 . We were just babies when we made this commitment to each other. We’ve grown so much in these last ten years. Let’s be honest, a few of them years were rough. We have weathered many storms. Storms that could have broken us, but we’ve made it through. I’m not the girl you chose then, and you certainly aren’t the boy I walked down the aisle to. && that’s okay, because guess what? I’d still choose you. I have loved you every day, even the days when I really didn’t like you. & even on those days, there’s no one else I’d rather spend my life with. You’ve blessed me with four beautiful children & are an amazing father. & when you want to be, you’re the best husband a girl could ask for. I love you so much Gregg. Always! . . .TenYearAnniversary WeddingAnniversary TenYearsStrong ManyMoreToCome CheersToTenMoreYears MyMan MyHusband LoveOfMyLife MyFavoritePicture

Get you a man that looks as good as mine. 🥰 . . . . . .136days husband myman allmine interracialcouple braids

When “Rio” ( @lbmannymontana ) is LIFEEEEEEE to you lmfao with all hims sexy ass self! Ooof your wife is one mf LUCKY LADY lol. goodgirls rio mannymontana sexylife hotforhim shimssexy tohot homescreen drool jawdropper badboys loveem myman lol

10 years married to my BFF 💍❤️🎶 WeddingAnniversary 10YearAnniversary BluesToHues KarenVee . . Connect with me @blues.to.hues for more beauty and lifestyle inspo! 💙💄

He gets so excited for his dad to come home! lol puppylove greatdane mylove myman

🌷🖤 - forever sitting on the counter & forever missing my best friend. • • •yeg oilfieldwife myman comehome countingdownthehours favoritehuman pov howdidigetsolucky girlswithtattoos

Bientôt 3 ans avec toi .. Ça passe si vite en bonne compagnie. Jamais je n’aurais penser être capable d’aimer et avec toi ça l’a été si facile... Du respect... toi tu sais comment ça marche ! Ma relation avec toi vaut beaucoup plus qu’une relation d’amour ... tu es mon humoriste préféré , mon meilleur ami, mon frère, mon amant, mon chum ..... Je t’aime tout simplement ❤️ amour hommedemavie bestman myman boyfriend bestrelation bff humorist bestlife bestmoment

My before the dinnerdate with myman selfie 👌☺

Send something sweet🍓🍫 to your sweetheart Side note: Always remember to be sweet to yourself too, as you are your own sweetheart first and foremost❤ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Oh hey, we got engaged in Portland. isaidyes portland myman

„Ihr gebt mir halt ohne mich festzuhalten, schafft‘s, wenn ich nicht kann, mich auszuhalten, würdet nichts tun, mich je aufzuhalten, eher bringt ihr mich dorthin.“ - Julia Engelmann Meine Familie seid ihr. Ich liebe euch. 👫🐶🐶❤️ myman couple love dogs dogmom dogdad couplegoals pomchi goldenretriever mybabies family forever berlin germany juliaengelmann art poetryslam

Woohoo... @i.noaa I have always thought of you as the best of the best. And that has not change one bit. When I started @arbonne you have been there to support me in everyway possible....I love you beyond measure and I am soo proud of the human you have become and the transformation I have seen you undergo💪🏽👑✅👊🏽🤴🏽🙌🏼. You are on fire my darling❤️ Two months in and you have gained muscles you lost. And don't think I don't see those abs coming through. I. C.U. • • • • •transformation muscle progress pic bf bff mylove abs arbonne proud love gains strong legs arm fire strongman muscles iloveyou protein healthylifestyle babe muscleup healthy myman yum bulking stronger sexy sixpack

Shout out to my amazing husband. I dont tell you enough how proud I am of your hard work and dedication. You're going to crush your exam tomorrow. I love you!! myman realtortobe hubblebubble

Just because I'm so lucky to call you mine! I've been nothing but an emotional stressed mess since going back to school and i just want to thank you for being my shoulder to cry on and my stress relief, I'd never have the confidence to tackle each day if it wasn't for you thank you so much babe for putting up with me and being my rock loveofmylife myman foreverandalways futureengineer futuremrsswitzer myrock stressrelief imsolucky hessosexy daddaddydad manofmanytalents mybestfriend bestsupportsystem thankyou

“We’re just one kiss away from heaven, so baby hold on tight, ‘cause I want to get wrapped up in your love” brettyoung duluth northshore wentnorth august love travel minnesota myman vacation photooftheday

I want to celebrate this kind generous soul tonight. I am so fortunate to have you by my side every step of the way. Your heart and kindness is something I am thankful for every day. . .kindness myman mshope mswarrior multiplesclerosis mslife ms thankful family truelove myheart

I love our vibe . To have someone who you can be yourself with at all times is amazing. Lover and Friends 🤞🏽 That’s how we rockin and I wouldn’t trade it for nothing 💋MyBaby MyMan MyLove

Lincoln Family night out 🖤👏 lovesthem idiots myman myfam

He is so classy. 🥂 - - - wine tasting pinkysup love mine forever myman trulyblessed @saiiyan_st

Wenn du diese eine Person gefunden hast, die dich vervollständigt.love couple #♥️ mrright vacation myman soinlovewithyou happy proud futurehusband

When you're home alone and suppose to be studying but @jacquees is babes 😍 . . . Alittle procrastination and distraction to this man's amazing/sexy ass vocal talent 😍✨ . .prettysmiles smileitlooksgoodonyou

S M I L E😆

Wassup IG....just hangin out wit DA KIDD FATHERANDSUN...PRICELESS...

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