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My baby ... who’s not so much a baby anymore is about to turn 10 in about a week 🥺🥺🥺🥺March3 MyOneAndOnly

Little explorer 🤱🏼⛄❄ to see that excitement in your eyes for new things, makes me the happiest person in the world ❤_____________________________________________________myson myoneandonly firstborn julybaby2019 julybaby littleblondie worldexplorer traveltheworld travel instalike fallowme l4l f4f love family momandson mommysboy 7monthsold canadian german instatravel instapic potd frozenlake barrie winterwonderland winter teamblau walking familie

The love from my babyboy continues to save me 💙 his love is one of a kind unconditionallove myoneandonly MCE lovehimsomuch a1sinceday1💯

Here sleeps a little girl with her best friend and a head full of MAGICAL dreams, a heart ❤️ full of WONDERS and hands that would shape the world- unknown sweetdream myoneandonly MagicalHeartsWonder

🎶 I'm so in love with you... And I hope you know... Darling your love is more than worth its weight in gold...We've come so far my dear...Look how we've grown...And I wanna stay with you until we're grey and old🎶couplegoalsloveofmylifeblessedbestmanthankfullovemixcouplehubbygermanythailandlieblingsmenschglücklichpartnerincrimemyoneandonlyasianhappyfamilylovehimlovestoryloversmomanddadtobeparenthoodbabyloveeuroasianbabyboytbtlovestoryrelationshipgoalsremixrelationshipquotes

Happy Birthday to my hubby😗 my24 myoneandonly notthingbetterthanyou

το μικρό και το μεγάλο μου μπισκοτάκι🍪!Και φυσικά δεν απευθύνομαι στα oreo αλλά στο πιο γλυκό πλασματάκι της ζωής μου την Βασούλα μου🥰🍬είμαι πραγματικά τόσο τυχερή που την έχω στη ζωή μου🤧🧚‍♀️🌸δεν ξέρω τι θα έκανα χωρίς εκεινη💗🌍💕μου δίνει δύναμη καθημερινά με το χαμόγελο της❣θα σε στηρίζω για πάντα βασω μου και θα ειμαι πάντα εδώ για εσένα👑βασίλισσα μου σε λατρεύω αγάπη μουυ🦋🌸 • • • •myqueen👑 myoneandonly mylove myactress💕 mybutterfly🦋 mystylishgirl👧💖❤ mytruelove🥰 myworld🌎 shedeservesthebest shemakemesmile inlovewithherlaskarakiacrew🧚🏼‍♀️ laskarakia vasolaskaraki

after 1 year. It felt magical ❤️ myoneandonly horseofalifetime

"Egal, was passiert, ich weiß, dass du bleibst. Baby, du weißt für mich bleibst du die Eins.."♡ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••oldieboyfriend boyandgirl girlandboy girlfriend couple crazy couplequotes couplegoals love loveit loveyou lovequotes myoneandonly mysweetheart mylove mylife myboy meandyou youandme years sweet likeforlike follow4follow like4like followforfollow lfl fff l4l f4f @timmer_scherzi ♡

Du bist das aller wertvollste in meinem Leben. In 2 1/2 Monaten wirst du schon 1 Jahr alt und bist offiziell ein Kleinkind. Für mich wirst du aber immer mein kleines Baby sein. Ich liebe dich. ~ J. ❤️👶🏼 . . .babylove babyboy mom momlife happymom happyme myoneandonly myboy sweet momandson beautiful makeupoftheday makeup love lovely lovelife photooftheday outdoor l4l lfl like4like likeforlike follow followme

When I got my first shorthair, I was just a horse girl who wanted a fun dog. I had always loved GSPs but was never in a situation to own one. When I finally had the opportunity, I obsessed over finding the right one. I visited and spoke with some really reputable show breeders who had some really lovely, well-balanced puppies. But I knew they weren’t the “crazy” I was looking for. When I found Sundance GSPs, I fell in love with everything about the field-bred dogs. Even though I had ZERO intention to hunt, I loved their look, their purpose and their temperament seemed to be aligned with what I wanted. When Fred emailed me back saying he currently had a puppy currently available, I couldn’t have been more excited. I had thought about getting a male, but the universe knew better (thank you 🙏🏻) and only one female pup was available. I scoured his Facebook page and read all the comments on photos of the sire (Dan) and dam (Lina) of the litter. Everyone had such great things to say about them both, but I was particularly excited about the Lina comments: she’s so fast, she can go for days and never get tired, she’s a wild girl, etc. Exactly what I wanted! When I went to meet the 3 week old puppies, I knew that the last female left was meant to be mine. She was feisty: beating up on her siblings (not much has changed LOL) and trying to escape the whelping box. I named her Blitz because I wanted her to be energetic, intense and driven. She certainly has lived up to her name and has turned out to be so much more than I could have ever dreamed of. I’ve always loved dogs, but never like this. I love every minute we have together, everything we do together and never want all of our adventures to end. It’s crazy when you look back and see all of the things that led up to something so life changing. I think it’s more than luck that led me to Fred and his only available puppy. She turned my world upside down and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful for this special girl every single day and can’t imagine life without her. 📸 @cassidybrookephotography foreverandalways myoneandonly

Happy birthday wiggle worm ❤️😘 @academyfree 29 birthdaygirl mylove myoneandonly oldlady gettingupthere loveyoulots

I got ink in L.A. Shout out to the amazing artist @xonegoldtooth for kicking my ass with this beauty while I rocked bronchitis, she just did her thang! infinity endlesslove valentinetattoo myoneandonly yesitfuckinghurt loveit laink losangeles

my cheetos puff/cheese call loving baby!!! he’s on a new thing since he been feeling better———> wake up in the middle night n won’t go back to sleep and the only way for him to stop Whining is to feed him his favorite snack🧀 @mangomaxton maxtonletran myoneandonly myeverything cheeseballslover cheetopufflover

Jeg er muligvis inde i en mørk periode, men jeg har mine lyse øjeblikke... Når min verden ramler, løfter du mig op med al din kærlighed og omsorg ❤❤ @harboechristian krlighed depression lysetihverdagen mylove myoneandonly iminlove art tegning

MCM my favorite guy 🥰🥰mrhandsome myoneandonly

Here are my awards I got from last year (2019) show season I am beyond proud of my girl and I cant believe how much we have improved this year since we moved I can’t wait for the first show and for how 2020 show season goes!! •••••• 5th in 14-18 trail 6th in 14-18 HMS •••••• 🌺🌸•{TAGS}•🌸🌺artiasweettee aqha quarterhorse dreamhorse loveher sohappy lookatthatsweetfaceneedmoresweetieinyourlife #aqhaproud horsesofinstagram aqhapridehunterundersaddle westernpleasure hahashesagoofball myoneandonly everyoneneedsagrey westernpleasure allarounder halter showmanship equitation trailpattern westernhorsemanship 2019horseshowseason equinelife•••• Ambassadors/sponsors: @roughtraditions~ 10% discount code= “sweetie” @cl.equine.boutique

With my best friend by my side 😚🥰 loveyoumom myoneandonly babyshower 39weeks

Happy Independence Day! 💯💥👩‍🦽 thisislovestory MyOneAndOnly KTMfreeride 246

Happy Independence Day 👩‍🦽💯💥 ThisIsLoveStory MyOneAndOnly ktmfreeride 246

170 days today and I marry my soul mate I can’t wait to finally call you my husband I love you so much Brad loveofmylife myoneandonly soulmates marriedlife

Just a girl and her pet lion daughter myoneandonly poppyrose thatface

Because you are my number 1 babyyy. 💓🤗 mynumber1 myoneandONLY credit


BARBARA 😍 I love you always, Mother 😘 @lornatolentinofernandez . . .lornatolentino imeverywoman chakakhan mamabear - kakamiss to! youarestilltheone mynumberone myonlyone myoneandonly hahahaha - ba't pati ito nakahashtag?

My Wonder Woman 💪👸 WeightLoss WeightLossJourney Transformation Change WhatAWoman Strong Wife Life Love MyOneAndOnly ILoveYou 😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍💜😍

I tak już 3 lata 💘 anniversarycouplefiancetbsummerlovemyoneandonly 👩‍❤️‍👨

When you ask me how I made it through I will show you this.MyRock MySoul MyLove MyOneAndOnly UnconditionalLove MummysBoy BlueEyedBug MyHeart MummaAndSon WeGotThis

• Grateful for so much. But especially for you! 💕 • •

«Σαν τη μουσική μέσα στα νερά, η αγάπη είναι μία γλυκιά φωνή που ακούω» Λόρδος Βύρωνας love myoneandonly youmakemesmile

❤️ myoneandonly @sumkinda_kris

Oops i broke ur neck better go get a look at it.🤪🔥 zociety 370z racing drift loveit myoneandonly motivation

💚💚💚 Wishing you a truly fabulous Day... May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to You on this Day !!! 😊💛🎉🎉 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !! 😍😍💟💖💕😘😘 ...... 💚 With LOVE 💚 ...... . . .happyKyuJongDayallmyLoveforYoumyOneandOnly KimKyuJong . . . @jdream_kyujong 🎂🎈😊💛

My little man Rocking his new haircut 💇 @the_one_men_spa eyad myoneandonly myprecious lifeitself newhaircut sundayfunday

Only mine 🥰🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤ drummer babe 🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤ @light_up_the_town ❤❤ drummer mymen love bestboy drummersofinstagram lightupthetown lutt inkeddrummer inkeddad myoneandonly family

If it weren’t for you who knows where I’d be! You are my reason to speak my truth and live each day to the fullest💓 🌏 the choices I make are for us baby G 💫🌻mygirl foreverandalways myoneandonly lightattheendofthetunnel

Day 23 of 29! “One and only”. This word for today is very fitting because this weekend I got to spend my time with my boyfriend @willy_1923 ☺️ he doesn’t come up to Davis often, but when he does we spend HELLA MONEY lmaoooo and a lot of time w each other too ❤️ we got Italian food, went shopping, had a picnic, tried to do a puzzle, watched movies, went out to eat, etc. it was the most perfect weekend w my one and only ☺️❤️ veronicaletterschallenge . . .calligraphy ipadprocreate moderncalligraphy oneandonly myoneandonly february februarychallenge lettering handlettering pink pinkandblack blackandpink

I am blessed to have found you. ❤️ heistheone myoneandonly theloveofmylife

Wenn die kleine Maus am Wochenende frühstücken will und Papa noch 1-2 Stunden Schlaf Gebrauch hätte 😅😊😍 .daddy daughter family babygirllove strong mygirl daddysgirl daddyslittlegirl proud breakfast myoneandonly daddysprincess goodmorning coffee sunday weekend

Solid Sunday night with these fine folks.myoneandonly livemusic

. . . Happy birthday my dear Sai Darshan baby. . . . நீ எனக்கு இறைவன் கொடுத்த குழந்தை எனினும், உன் படைப்பின் கருவியாய் அப்பா ஆயிரம் கர்வம் கொள்வேனடா... . . எனக்கான ஒரே அன்பு, நட்பு, ஆறுதல், அரவணைப்பு எல்லாம் உன் வடிவமாய் நான் உணர்கிறேன். . . இன்று உனக்கு 5 வயது. உன் வயதில் மாறுதல் ஏற்படினும் என்றும் நீ எனக்கு மழலை கொஞ்சும் குழந்தையே. . . பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் சாய்தர்ஷன். . . . birthdayboy happybirthday saikutty feb24 lovelykid mykidismylove onlymylove birthdaywishes myson lovelyson birthday sonbirthday saidarshan wish manymorehappyreturnsoftheday 5yrsold love soul fatherandson myoneandonly son mykid mykidismylife

I damn miss u right now. U were always there for me. U even cuddled me when I looked like hell and smelled gross. My little warrior! 💗 RIP! . . .missyou catstagram cat catlove morethanananimal missingyou mylove cutiepie family myfamily cutie mylove myoneandonly rip restinpeace love loveyou warrior mywarrior blog influencerstyle influencerlife bloggergirl

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