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Você conhece as características dos 8 planetas do nosso Sistema Solar? O sistema solar abriga duas grandes categorias de planetas: os terrestres e os gasosos. Os planetas terrestres são os quatro mais próximos do sol: Mercúrio, Vênus, Terra e Marte . Eles têm superfícies rochosas, cercadas por atmosferas relativamente rasas. Já os gigantes de gás e gelo - Júpiter, Saturno, Urano e Netuno - são os mais afastados. Eles são muito maiores que os planetas terrestres, mas seus núcleos são pequenos e gelados. A maior parte do seu tamanho é formada por uma combinação de gases que se tornam mais densos e quentes à medida que se aproximam do núcleo. Atualmente, os cientistas contam oito planetas em geral, visto que Plutão foi reclassificado como um planetoide em 2006. E apesar das duas classificações iniciais, cada planeta é único e possui características marcantes. . . Siga @via.saturno . .viasaturno vialactea planetas telescopio astronaut cosmo correnteastronomica astrophysics astrofisica star einstein photography estrelas astronauta iss galaxies stephenhawking sistemasolar eclipse lua astro carlsagan spacex earth nebulosas matematica nasa Universe

Catania ESA/NASA-L. Parmitano 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍lucaparmitano catania missionbeyond esa nasa astronauta sicily sicilia space giuliomaldarizzi italy

ناسا اسم سیارکی که تا همین دیروز بش میگفت اولتیما ثولی و تا الان هزاران هزاران متن و‌ عکس و فیلم با این اسم منتشر شده رو حذف کرد و یه اسم سرخپوستی گذاشت روی سیارک! چرا؟ چون یه عده چپ ایراد گرفتند که این اسم مربوط به نازی‌هاست! حالا چطور مربوطه؟ یه گروه نژادپرستی بود در آلمان به نام جامعه ثولی، که اینا از حزب نازی حمایت کردند! خب فیلسوف‌های آلمان هم حمایت‌‌هایی کرده بودند، اون موقع چیز عجیبی نبود. حالا اونا اسم ثولی رو از کجا آورده بودند؟ در افسانه‌های یونانی ثولی جایی بود دورتر از همه مرزهای شمالی. یعنی یه جایی که خیلی دور از دسترسه. این نژادپرست‌ها ازین مفهوم سوء استفاده کردند و گفتند منشأ قوم آریایی اونجا بوده! یعنی جامعه علمی و مردم مسخره شدند چون چهارتا دیوانه گفتند اینکه چهارتا دیوانه در هشتاد سال پیش از یک کلمه باستانی سوء استفاده کردند دلیل کافیه برای تغییر نام! خوب شد هیتلر جایی نگفت به اشعار سعدی علاقه داره، و گرنه اینا گلستان و بوستان رو در میادین شهرها آتش می‌زدند.nasa #سرخپوست #ناسا #گلستان #چپ #نژادپرستی #جامعه_علمی #علم #فضا_شناسی #اولتما_ثولی #مسخره #آریایی

دايم من اشوف تفاصيل العين تذكرني بالفضاء 😍

The time has come. The final countdown is here. Only 24 hours to go. Applications close TOMORROW! What are you waiting for? Click the link in bio!LiftOffYou can be our Citizen Astronaut 👨‍🚀 “What do I need to apply?” You need to be from this planet, human, speak English, and be 18+ years old. See you up there!Space4Humanity

One of greatest Mathematician of India, Son of Bihar, who challenged Einstein's theory of relativity & worked at NASA, Our source of Inspiration, the legend Vashishtha Narayan Singh has left us today ! May his soul find Peace. Om Shanti !!

50 years ago today, Apollo 12 took Man to the Moon for the second time. My favourite of all the Apollo missions, I'm fortunate enough to own a fair amount of memorabilia from this mission, including a signed print by the 4th man to set foot on the lunar surface, Alan Bean (yes I'm a space nerd too) apollo12 apollo50 peteconrad alanbean dickgordon forallmankind nasa manonthemoon 50thanniversary gothsfortrump gothright makeamericagothagain maga joinus allblackeverythinggoth

If you haven’t registered, do it now! Today’s the day we videoconference live with @canadianspaceagency astronaut @astro_jenni at Flex Time. Register with Minhas/Library - only 20 seats left! sd37 delviewspaceday nasa csa spacescience delviewexplorers

Midnight shadows, when finding love is a battle

Expat wins NASA contestmaghribminute nasa contest timesofoman

This year is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and today is specifically the anniversary for the launch of Apollo 12! Apollo 12 successfully carried 6 crew members to the moon and back. It was the second moon landing and the first and only instance in history where humans have visited a probe (Surveyor 3) on another world! UFDC has a "photograph of astronaut Charles "Pete" Conrad from mission Apollo 12, dedicated to Henri Landwirth": http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00063310/00001 Don't forget our Digital Aerospace Collection! https://ufdc.ufl.edu/l/aerospace Get your Apollo manuals here! The command module: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00064732/00001 The lunar excursion module: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00064731/00002NASA Apollo Apollo12 MoonLanding Surveyor3 Aerospace ThisDayInHistory

Great Mathematician Late Shri Vashisht Narayan Singh passed away toady in Patna. One of the finest mathematician of our nation, from challenging Einstein's Theory of Relativity to launch of Apollo from NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, here are some lesser known facts about great mathematician. . . . . . .vashishtnarayansingh socialmela mathematician facts scientist patna bihar bihari maths einstein theoryofrelativity nasa isro trending

50 years ago today, at this exact hour, Apollo 12 launched.... and half a century later ‪Brian May‬ and David Eicher's Mission Moon 3-D was born, with a captivating chapter dedicated to the second crew of heroes to land on the moon! To mark the occasion ‪Brian May‬ & David Eicher signed copies are available from www.missionmoon3-d.com apollo12 moonwalkers heroes nasa astronomy 3d photography

This painting is one that means a lot to me. It was a gift to a very genuine and real guy that I am proud to call a friend. This was a small token of appreciation for something that he has done for me that I will forever be indebted to!! Thank you good sir! @iam_mattyb you are the man!! : : :art acrylicpainting lowbrowart astronaut liquitex modernart astroworld nycart galleries handpainted popart artbox nasa newyorkartist postmalone hifructose popsurrealism sohogallery sohoink painter republicrecords streetart jasonackerman nycpainter acrylic arthive lowbrow jasonackermanart juxtapoz surrealism

Voyager 2, despite its name, was the first of two twin probes NASA launched in 1977 to explore the outer planets of our solar system. And it left our solar system in Nov 2018 in order to reveal secrets of the outer space.interstellar voyager voyager2 SolarSystem nasa space spacex facts sciencefacts physics breathtaking nasa space voyager voyager1 discoverycosmos nebula galaxy planets exoplanet telescope astronauts astronomy telescope physics music musiconmind icecube universe

Pronta.... ........ ........ ........ ........ ......... ....motocycle pisto motul motul3000 motul FORTG ferramentas sata fortG honda vonder sata ferramentas xandycustonpreparaçoes superbike cg125  motulmotorzao motul motor Honda nasa xandycustonpreparaçoes leo 4mm ktm suzuki . .motocycle pisto motul motul3000 motul FORTG ferramentas sata fortG honda vonder sata  reviso pistaoforjado oficina honda  kawasaki suzuki regulagem reviso pistaoforjado motul engine connectgrod sticksmotors . 🔰Trabalhamoscom . 📍Revisao geral . . 📍Revisão parte elétrica . 📍Preparação de cabeçote . 📍preparação de válvulas . 📍Preparação de embreagem . 📍Preparação de motores .. .. .. . ✔XandyCustomPreparações ..✔PequenasMotosGrandesMotores .. .✔agende seu horário 💳aceitamos cartões de crédito

Introducing Arrokoth, formerly known as Ultima Thule and 2014 MU69. The remote solar system body (shown), visited by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft on New Year’s Day, was just renamed by NASA and the International Astronomical Union. Arrokoth means “sky” in the language of the Powhatan people, a Native American tribe indigenous to Maryland. The state is home to New Horizons mission control. Arrokoth’s previous nickname, Ultima Thule, is a Latin phrase that signifies a place beyond the known world. However, that name faced immediate criticism after Newsweek noted that the phrase had been appropriated by the Nazis as the mythical homeland of the Aryan race. Mission head Alan Stern said the name Ultima Thule was a placeholder, bound to be discarded eventually. “We wanted to honor Maryland as our mission epicenter, and the idea of using a Native American language from there just bubbled up,” Stern says. “Tying it to our mission by using the word ‘sky’ completed the trifecta.” . . . (camera: NASA, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute) . . .science space arrokoth newhorizons nasa astronomy planetaryscience

Andrómeda ya está disponible de forma completamente gratuita en nuestra página web (link en la biografía) nasa estrellas espacio poesia fancine

Space Artifacts, Part 4. I can’t stop looking for more docking targets.🤓 These definitely have to be turned into a poster or something. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀wip graphicdesign graphic design space spaceexploration visualresearch nasa jpl curatory illustration thedesignblacklist itsnicethat TDKpeepshow visualgraphc generaleclectics designspiration eyeondesign behance digitalarchive fruitsartclub

Throoooowwwww baaackkkk to me and the Narco!!! tbt wayyyyback kids hoodlums nasa dgaf carefree

Işık aynı ses gibi dalgalar halinde yayılır. Şeffaf olmayan yüzeylerde ışık yansır. Şeffaf ve farklı yoğunluktaki yüzeylerde ise ışık kırılır. Bu deneyde su konulan cam bardaktaki ışık kırıldığı için oklar yön değiştirmiş gibi görünmektedir. . Daha fazlası için 👉 @whynot_science 👈 -icatching mühendislik engineringlife bilgisayarmühendisliği engineeringlife endüstrimühendisliği amazing elektrikelektronikmühendisliği makinemühendisliği inşaatmühendisi fikir muhendislikfakultesi diy electronicengineering mühendis bilim youtuber youtube uzay nasa mühendis üniversite engineer engineering mühendistan bilim teknoloji mühendislik mühendis bilimveyaşam bilim ışık sosyalmedya

Sneak Peek... [Astro & The Universe] Castaway.madebystudiojq . Creation: @maxonc4d Cinema4D R21 Renderer: @otoy Octane Post: @adobe_aftereffectsspace cosmic astronaut nasa galaxy moon cinema4d cosmos spaceart trippy trippyart deepspacexx visualsoflife c4dr21 followmeaway creativegrammer gfxmob creartmood xceptionaledits castaway imaginativeuniverse discoveredit thecreativers theuniversalart visual_creatorz designarf moodygrams night glow @space_lovers @photoshop @adobecreativecloud @spacespot @manipulationteam All Works Copyright © 2019 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆

¡SE LLEGARON LOS OMNI UPDATES!, disfruta de nuestras 8 jugosas noticias a continuación😎: . 1.Para esos aventureros y amantes del mundo ¡les tenemos buenas noticias!, Google Translate se integrará con Google Maps, contará con un botón que traducirá nombres y direcciones al idioma en el que esté configurado nuestro teléfono, ¿Qué les parece este avance?😱😉 2.Facebook Pay es el nuevo método para hacer pagos a través de diferentes plataformas sociales, podrás realizar transacciones seguras y llevar un mejor registro de tus pagos. 🤑 3. ¡Ataque al corazón!, rumores aseguran que actualmente se están llevando a cabo conversaciones para el regreso de Friends. ¡Calma, chicos!, aún nada es seguro, necesitan aprobación del elenco y los creativos.😜❤ 4. Google Translate lanzó un emotivo mensaje de Stan Lee como conmemoración de un año de su muerte. El curioso hecho conmovió a miles de fanáticos del Universo Marvel, por lo que se hizo tendencia rápidamente. 😍 5. ¡Todos amamos los emojis!, La versión de prueba de WhatsApp recibe los nuevos emojis que pronto estarán disponibles para la versión normal.🤪 6. El nuevo sistema operativo de Microsoft incluirá un nuevo mecanismo de actualizaciones en el cual los usuarios podrán activar funciones de la versión anterior.🙌 7. Un asteroide de 147 metros de diámetro que ha sido caracterizado como “potencialmente peligroso” por la NASA se acercará este miércoles la Tierra. 8. El anuncio llega cuando ni siquiera se ha estrenado la primera temporada de la serie protagonizada por Henry Cavill y Anya Chalotra. La segunda temporada de The Witcher llegará en algún momento de 2021. La primera temporada, en cambio, llega el próximo 20 de diciembre. . ¡Hey!, coméntanos cual fue tu Omni Updates favorito. 🤟 .google googlemaps marvel superheroes friends series espectaculos entretenimiento facebook tecnologia miami marketing marketingdigital emojis NASA USA

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 launch. This was humanity's 2nd moon-landing mission. NASA is celebrating this milestone with several live-stream broadcasts and videos throughout the day. Linkin.bio!. . Pictured here are the three crew members of Apollo 12. (Left to Right) Commander Charles "Pete" Conrad, Command Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon, and Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean. Sadly, all three men have passed away before reaching today's milestone anniversary. . As aviation lovers, we have the utmost respect for these men and their mission. We may never be able to fly one of our jets into space, but we sure can dream!nasa apollo12 space spacetravel moon moonlanding aviation aviationhistory astronauts dreambig 📷Credit: Photograph taken from nasa.gov Copyright Disclaimer: Planemasters does not own any images featured in this post. All rights belong to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Crystal X adalah salah satu kenamaan produk yg laris dipasaran produksi NASA...👍 Terbuat dari mineral alami yg diramu secara khusus, berfungsi untuk..: 💃 Menjaga n merawat organ intim wanita 💃 Becek, Gatal, Keputihan, dan Bau tak sedap. 💃 Melancarkan Haid 💃 Membantu mengembalikan elastisitas organ intim wanita... . Dapatkan produk yg asli hanya di Distributor Resmi.😍😍 Untuk informasi produk, pemesanan n mitra usaha 👇👇 Chat WA 089601230990crystals crystalx nasaherbal moreskin nasa naturalnusantara lacoconasa lacoco hitamputih vitanosteen amotee rose rosev herbalife instagram likeforlike followforfollow dtwo greece maklambeturah

50 Years - Countdown To Apollo 12 : PAO: "We are now T minus 48 minutes and 53 seconds and counting. The count is going well, but the weather appears to be deteriorating. However, we are still counting. The front that has been northwest of us appears to be coming in. We'll be standing by."Apollo12Apollo50apollo50thanniversary Apollo50 Apollo apollo50th Apollo12 apollo50thanniversary Apollo50th apollo12 APOLLO50 apollo apollo50 APOLLO12 apollo50aus Apollo50th NASA @nasaJohnson @nasa_es @nasakennedy @nasa nasa usa usnavy

Today’s the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 12 launch, the second moon landing and the rookie spaceflight of Alan Bean, my favorite astronaut!! 🚀👨🏻‍🚀 . We recall Apollo 13 as the near disaster, but Apollo 12 was famously struck by lightning twice during launch!! All the electronics got scrambled and the launch was seconds away from being aborted 😱⚡️⚡️ . Luckily John Aaron in Mission Control knew setting “SCE to AUX” would fix the problem, and Bean by chance knew the obscure command, saving Apollo 12 and putting humanity back on the moon 😎 . Learn more about Apollo 12 and Alan Bean’s amazing life story - full post on blog (link in bio @astronomical_returns) ⬅️⬅️ .space nasa astrophotography spacephotography astrophysics rockets planet universe cosmos perasperaadastra toinfinityandbeyond moon mars spacex astronaut otd thisdayinhistory lightning lightningstrike apolloprogram manonthemoon goldenanniversary capecanaveral ignition liftoff apolloprogram apollo11 apollo12 alanbean electric rocketscience

Fechamos a semana com algumas reflexões para os alunos do 2° ano B através da atividade interdisciplinar de História, Sociologia, Matemática e Física: o filme "Estrelas além do tempo". Valeu Professora Gabi e Professora Marina por conseguirmos mais este trabalho colaborativo. Nós e os alunos só temos a ganhar com isso! E ver a reação deles a cada cena e as palmas ao fim do filme valeu todo o esforço! 😌🙏✨💕 AprendizagemColetiva Educaço EnsinoMdio EducaçoPública AtividadeColaborativaInterdisciplinaridade Histria Sociologia Matemtica Fsica MariaAlice Filme Nasa 20deNovembro DireitosCivisCorridaEspacial

Looking forward to the winter? • • • What do you think of this capture? • • • Follow @the.astronomy.daily • • • TAG @the.astronomy.daily or use TheAstroDaily to feature your photo • • • Credit: @itseriksen Please check out photographer's page! • • • Sony 𝞪9 Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art

Before, and after! The old cookies and cream is back in our new and improved packaging! throwbackthursday⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀astronautfood astronautfoods astronauticecream spacefood spacesnacks icecream eatlikeanastronaut astronaut nasa spacefoundation freezedried icecreamlover spaceman universe freezedriedicecream space

Make it two days until GalaxyLights presented by @reliantenergy opens to the public for the first time! Warm up on your adventure with holiday treats like hot chocolate in Rocket Park and s’mores in Independence Plaza or grab a bite to eat in our Zero-G Diner. Alcoholic beverages are available for purchase for guests ages 21 and older.comingsoon upcoming holidays houstonholidays hou htx travel travelgram instatravel thursdaythoughts space nasa

😍😍 . . Follow us for more astronomy stuff. Repost @scienceoftheuniverse Follow -----👉@beingastro.cosmos -----👉@beingastro.cosmos -----👉@beingastro.cosmos -----👉@beingastro.cosmos - ------------------------------------------------------------------ -----Repost if you love. -------------------------------------------------------. DM for cheap promotions. -------------------------------------------. . . .nasa quantumphysics scientist space elonmusk milkyway moon science blackhole eienstein spacex stars galaxy rockets Tesla sun  hubble heaven multiverse universe facts astronomyy astrophysics wormhole earth spacetime quantumphysics mars saturn StephenHawking

#کیهان #گیتی #هستی #جهان #منظومه_شمسی #کهکشان #کهکشان_راه_شیری #ستاره #خورشید #فیزیک #کشف #اکتشاف #انفجار_بزرگ #مهبانگ #ستاره_شناسی #نجوم #بیگ_بنگ #سیارکcosmos astro astronomy astrology astronaut esa bigbang nasa

50 Years - Countdown To Apollo 12: PAO: "This is Apollo Saturn Launch Control at 58 minutes, 56 seconds, and counting. We're into the last hour of the Apollo 12 countdown, and with the exception of that weather front that we're keeping a close eye on, all still going well with the countdown."apollo50thanniversary Apollo50 Apollo apollo50th Apollo12 apollo50thanniversary Apollo50th apollo12 APOLLO50 apollo apollo50 APOLLO12 apollo50aus Apollo50th NASA @nasaJohnson @nasa_es @nasakennedy @nasa nasa usa usnavy

50 Years - Countdown To Apollo 12: PAO: "The spacecraft commander Pete Conrad completing his guidance and control checks, working with the Spacecraft Test Conductor here at KSC."apollo50thanniversary Apollo50 Apollo apollo50th Apollo12 apollo50thanniversary Apollo50th apollo12 APOLLO50 apollo apollo50 APOLLO12 apollo50aus Apollo50th NASA @nasaJohnson @nasa_es @nasakennedy @nasa nasa usa usnavy

. 🇧🇷 Asteroide de 370m de diâmetro não atingirá a Terra e/ou a Lua em 2029!! . Apophis é um asteroide que causou um breve período de preocupação no mundo científico porque as observações iniciais indicavam uma probabilidade de que ele poderia atingir a Terra em 2029. Observações adicionais melhoraram as predições e eliminaram a possibilidade de um impacto na Terra ou na Lua em 2029. O asteroide tem 2,7 × 10^10 kg e um período orbital de 324 dias. Nós estamos @falandodeciencia 💥💥💥. . 🇬🇧 370m diameter asteroid will not hit Earth and / or Moon in 2029!! . Apophis is an asteroid that caused a brief period of concern in the scientific world because early observations indicated a likelihood that it could hit Earth in 2029. Additional observations improved predictions and eliminated the possibility of an impact on Earth or the moon in 2029. The asteroid is 2.7 × 10 ^ 10 kg and has an orbital period of 324 days. We are @falandodeciencia 💥💥💥

FOR ALL MANKIND ... We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept- John F Kennedy shotoniphone apple . . . .nasa capecanaveral jfk forallmankind florida usa space vancouver canada disneyworld launchpad houston johnfkennedy orlando astronaut instagram dreamers disney appletvplus spacex travelphotography iphonography moon spacestation apollo nasa🚀 inspiration missioncontrol

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