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Repost by @reposta.app_ ——— Did you know the Amazon rainforest is home to over 400 indigenous tribes? 🌿 . As fires rage people and animals are losing their homes on a massive scale! 🔥 . This woman is crying for people to wake up and help, this is one of the most important videos online today. . Remember to help out with the Amazon fires check out the link in my bio for ways anyone can help this crisis ❤️🔗 . getwoketotheplanet . 📸 @guardian . . . eco nature ecofriendly saveearth amazonrainforest natural environment sustainable pollution tribe zerowaste sustainability indigenous gogreen earth brazil crying savetheplanet forest climatechange amazon lessplastic change planet inspired cleanup woke

I don't want perfect, I just want worth it. 📸: @directorink burgundyhair pastel nature natural artistic art poet

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I have definitely graduated 🎓 to “authority”, lol. I am so.damn.empowered. Having natural solutions at your fingertips to help yourself and your family is so freeing. Are you loving 🥰 the oily life too? essentialoils doterra ginalovesoils solutions sayyes tryit rockon empowered mama oilylife youknow natural

Ci sono giorni dove tutto si annulla, dove quel rumore lieve delle onde del mare ti fa sorridere,senti il pianto di un bambino, giorni dove un grazie di un signore adulto ti fa sorridere, dove aiutare un disabile e vederlo sorridere ti rallegra la giornata,dove scambiare due chiacchiere con un turista è la routine, giorni dove sorridi ai bimbi che ti fanno ciao... Giorni dove intervieni, dove aiuti chi si è fatto male e giorni dove un Grazie mille ti rallegra la giornata e sei orgoglioso di quello che fai buonanotte goodnight salento puglia p pensieri frasi parole amore love beautiful aforismi sunrise happiness goodtimes solocosebelle cos lifestyle profondit life sguardi natural simple sorrisi dettagli spettacolo instalike instalove reflection goodtime😊🍾🎉🎉😎

Available now✖️🌵. ➕ ➕ ➕ Bargara Markets @ the Uniting Church Cnr Blaine Street and Hughes Rd 🍃 Don’t forget to check out our latest posts for our new collection. Please DM for details. Also remember to turn post notifications on to see our next release 🌱. ➕ ➕ ➕ lolaandelle fashion handmade handcrafted earrings designs natural wood hobby affordable nature hypoallergenic beauty plants earring handmadeearring scrunchie

Wao! Cuanta naturalidad En Esta Muñeca, Sin Nada De Maquillaje... Dios que hermosa que dios la siga bendiciendo siempre.. Brillando Con Luz Propia... naturalhermosanicabendecida🥰🥰

Let’s talk about Hemp baby 👶 Fresh New Arrivals hemp runners little rugs 2 by 3 and 10 feet 🦶 runners couple floor pouffes and long bedroomdecor lumbar pillows Each one is individual one of a kind hand picked hand artifacted All pieces available in store today and tomorrow Will be available @santamonicaantiquemarket this sunday Hopefully rest will upload online next week natural ecofriendly . santamonicaantiquemarket smflea treeofliferugs californiahome caliliving calidecor interiordecor whiterooms whitehomedecor

Este fin también estaremos en @traficobazar en su edición 102 ¡Y con nueva sede en Durango 275! Te esperamos con todos nuestros auxiliares de ingredientes naturales como el CBD. 🍁 . . . tantavita medicinanatural aceitesesenciales naturalsolutions naturalhealth healthyhabits goodforyourhealth natural cannabis cannabiscommunity hemp cbdoil cbdforthepeople organic wellness naturalremedies cannabiscures health

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Enamórate de tu ser, porque el físico es solo un instante✨ - No puedo dejar de amar este makeuplook inspirado en @sofiacarson en el vídeo "El ciclo sin fin"❤ - ¿Ya vieron el tutorial que les dejé en el post anterior?👉 - natural leonking sofiacarson soft makeup soymuavzla teammarianaz musuquerida guerrerasmakeup makeuplove makeupandpink maketime time day photo book model eyes beautyeditorial beauty editorial

Volvamos a lo básico ♥️ AMOR por los ALMUERZOS EXPRESS 🥰💪🏽. . ✅ Medallón de Garbanzos de @natucereal es lo maaas! Salvador y deli 🙌🏻 con un pedacito de queso port salut . . ✅ zapallo al horno con especias. . ✅ berenjena al microondas (en 2 patadas 😱) . . ✅ tomate en rodajas (me encanta algún vegetal crudo presente 💝) . . 👉🏼 todo bien planificado es lo mejor, el zapallo es lo que más tiempo lleva y lo haces una vez para que te quede en varias comidas 🙈🙌🏻. . . . nutrition nutritionist organizacion saludable cambiohabitos healthyfood healthyrecipes fitness fit foodlover foodphotography healthychoicesprotein foodie foodporn yummy love foodstagram instagood natural foodblogger food planificar veggie

As discussões a respeito dos problemas ambientais estão cada vez mais ganhando destaque e a preocupação com o meio ambiente vem aumentando devido à degradação da natureza e destruição dos recursos naturais, ações provocadas pelo homem. Dessa forma, para darmos inicio aos nossos conteúdos julguei necessário fazer uma simples explicação sobre “o que seria meio ambiente” para entendermos do que estaremos falando, sobre o que se enquadra dentro dessas palavrinhas que escutamos diariamente. A Lei Federal nº 6.938/81, que dispõe sobre a Política Nacional do Meio Ambiente em seu artigo 3º, inciso I, conceitua o meio ambiente como “um conjunto de condições, leis, influências e integrações de ordem física, química e biológica, que permite, obriga e rege a vida em todas as suas formas”. Mas o que de fato isso representa? De forma mais compreensível, podemos dizer que meio ambiente é o conjunto de elementos físicos, químicos, biológicos e sociais formado por elementos naturais e artificiais que podem causar efeitos diretos ou indiretos sobre os seres vivos e as atividades humanas. . . . meioambiente sustentabilidade engenharia ambiental boanoite planetaterra ambiental fisico quimico biologico natural artificial

New candles !!!!! And the smells are mind blowing... . @peppamint_candles_jewellery you have outdone yourself. 🖤🖤🖤👍🏻 . merchantshoplocalcandlesnaturalhandmadelocal madeintasmania hellohobarttasmaniaandbeyond

STRIKE for Men is BACK!!! Get to my site asap...it won't last long! menshealth natural drugfree sexualsupport vitality health lifestyle happy love

blueberry & amazake smoothieee!!! : ) veganfood vegan rawfood natural cultivation #自然栽培マキヤ

Introducing the newest product to our retail shop and subscription boxes - @zookiescrittercookies Zookies Critter Cookies are only 20 calories per treat, 100% plant based, gluten free, preservative free, corn, soy and GMO free and the CocoMutt flavor in our shop is also grain free! Just add water and bake! Head to our shop to place your order for Zookies Cookies!! 🌎🐶🌎 dog dogs_of_world dogsofinstagram doggo plantbased dogs natural dogstagram dogoftheday doggy doglovers ecofriendlybox ecofriendlybusiness ecofriendlytoys ecofriendlyproduct ecofriendlylifestyle ecofriendlygift ecofriendlyliving ecofriendlyproducts ecofriendlybusiness ecofriendly pepboxpets pepbox

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Heavy Silk dobby fabric, really pretty! fabric silk manufacturer clothing factory quality natural Touch vedio

Tardes de trekking 🙌✈️ Cajondelmaipo maipoadventure santiago lifestyle vida natural ❤️🤩

This was me at my dads birthday party July 20th in Texas...this is me today, I just started using some organic super foods & this supplement that removes glyphosate and toxins out of the bowels and it is totally transforming my health!! I’ve lost weight 15 lbs!!! my skin looks better (not saggy like you see when people do crash diets) my digestion is better, my energy is better. I have been fighting a chronic tonsil issue, they wanted to take my tonsils.. but I decided to try this first and everyday it feels and looks smaller! I swear it’s healing itself from these amazing superfoods! I was so surprised when I finally bought a scale and weighed myself today! I totally didn’t expect these results! A friend of mine decided to try it along with me (suffers from colitis) and is also seeing fantastic healing results! No longer on all the medication the doctor prescribed. We are healing together a natural and healthy way. If you’re curious to learn more I’m happy to share info healing holistic natural superfoods weightloss healthyfood healthylife fresno

Qualquer responsabilidade sobre sua vida e seu corpo só cabe as escolhas que faz! Então não culpe o outro. Você toma as rédeas da sua vida e da sua alimentação, coma melhor por você, se exercite por você, se dedique por você e nada vai te encher de orgulho do que fazer algo pra você! baconzero dieta natural vamos hoje sagrado saudavelgostoso cuide-se ali hojesim viver porvoc


Yesss ! 😍 healthy hair for the win @___rroniiworks ______________________________________ silkpress atlsilkpress healthyhair shortbobhaircut atl atlanta natural haircut babyliss stylist

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I don't have anything but smile😁 love sweetboy loverboy cute natural blackboy youngsters starboy davido

Thirsty? It means that you already dehydrated. Stay on your water in this summer heat. It's a simple Natural Solution to many health problems. ..... water healthtip StressFree breathe healthylifestyle healthy vegan vegetarian sports emotions natural inflammation depression meditation relax headaches mindfullness anxiety depression sleep worry mentalhealthawareness anaturalsolution

New beauty & well-being treatment room for everyone in Aylesford Maidstone!!! @girl_viking_brand @jaywonnacott salon beauty insideandout girlviking vikingos lashlift bamboo massage maidstone kent nailbar tan uplift skincare makeup natural vegan

Salada vnatural vegan #

おはようございます✨ 今朝はBEAUTY BRENDの 温かいお茶で✨✨✨  🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀   39te #ハーブティー #薬膳 #漢方 #東洋医学 #ハーブ #無農薬 #有機 #オーガニック #緑茶 #烏龍茶 #薬膳茶 #漢方茶 #デトックス #ダイエット 39te #薬膳茶#漢方茶 #お茶好きと繋がりたい orientalblend kyushu Japan chemicalfree  organic detoxbeauty diet relax stress naturalgreenTea oolongTea

おはようございます✨ 今朝はBEAUTY BRENDの 温かいお茶で✨✨✨    🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀   39te #ハーブティー #薬膳 #漢方 #東洋医学 #ハーブ #無農薬 #有機 #オーガニック #緑茶 #烏龍茶 #薬膳茶 #漢方茶 #デトックス #ダイエット 39te #薬膳茶#漢方茶 #お茶好きと繋がりたい orientalblend kyushu Japan chemicalfree  organic detoxbeauty diet relax stress naturalgreenTea oolongTea

This is still one of my favorite shoots to date. And it almost didnt happen because I was scared. I was scared because it was something that I'd wanted that was so, so specific and I was terrified it was actually coming true. One year before this, I was in Haiti wishing that I could do a photoshoot on @wynnefarm with a young Haitian woman entrepreneur. One year later, it was happening. And I almost pulled out and kept making excuses...but @miss0phie has a relentless spirit that I felt immediately when I met her. She pushed passed my BS and made it happen. And I've only met her 1 time for just a few hours but I consider her to be a friend and a personal she-ro. I challenge you to get out of your own way this weekend. Just put it out there and go for it. Also check out @takemeth3re if you're looking for the most culturally-immersive travel experience ever. 📸:me Model:@miss0phie 🌠 Photo assist: @resplendent_ecclectic_soul 😘

ره آسمان درونست پر عشق را بجنبان پر عشق چون قوي شد غم نردبان نماند تو مبين جهان ز بيرون که جهان درون ديده ست چو دو ديده را ببستي ز جهان جهان نماند دل تو مثال بامست و حواس ناودان ها تو ز بام آب مي خور که چو ناودان نماند تو ز لوح دل فروخوان به تمامي اين غزل را منگر تو در زبانم که لب و زبان نماند تن آدمي کمان و نفس و سخن چو تيرش چو برفت تير و ترکش عمل کمان نماند ((مولانا)) #مولانا #شمس #شمس و مولانا nativeamerican native nativedreams goodvibes naturalspicial nature location instagram new esa esaa esa esa.now

Reiki self treatment 😑 The Solar Plexus Chakra -Manipura in Sanskrit.. sphere in form.. yellow in colour.. located just under your sternum where your stomach sits.. representing self-respect, self-worth, integrity, good judgement, decision making & power. . When unbalanced.. a lack of self-confidence, self-esteem & self-respect.. poor judgement & difficulty in decision making.. leading to symptoms like poor digestion & a slower metabolism. The Pancreas is associated with this chakra. . Healing crystals for the Solar Plexus are Citrine, Rhyolite & Tiger's Eye. Essential oils include Juniper, Cedarwood, Cardamom & Lemon. . This is a fire chakra.. so sitting around the campfire.. for example.. is found to be very healing.. along with incorporating the colour yellow in what you wear & what you eat 💛 . solarplexuschakra reikihealing handplacements

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No make up, beach days are the best.... love and miss you Mallorca ❤️

Sai che non ho un posto nel mondo, quindi cercami dove il mare finisce .⚓ • • ••likeforfollow italia istamoment istaphoto istagramit istapic istragram it girl tumblerphoto me photographer natural italiangirl versace .

♥ i had a dream, in the dream someone told me: wildflower ✾ 🧚🏻‍♀️ pick up your pretty little head, It will get easier, your dreams are not dead⚘ self love ꕤ 🧚🏻‍♂️♫ colorful happy selflove jewellery lovemylife love jewelry goodtime photooftheday style ootd fashion classic dreamer instagood glamourous glamour instadaily magic girl tbt quotes inspiration universum classy natural world lovely me makeup

Gracias a este cielo: Soy Estoy Conecto Voy camino Enfoco Aprendo Me espero Habito.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..lovephotos filmisnotdead ser life 2019 alma music botanical photography love mente revolution explorer namaste empowered bohemia astrology energias naturaleza natural mujer cuerpo equilibrio film analogue wine winter vegetariana yoga

Down South, get ready! The highly anticipated CURLFEST* is now coming to Atlanta and will be held on Saturday, September 21st from 12-7PM at Candler Park. Giving away free 10 Individual Silver tickets ($35 Value), 1 Pair Gold tickets ($95 Value) & 1 Pair Platinum tickets ($130 Value) to randomly selected winners which includes: ✔️Access to CURLFEST ATL ✔️Access to CURLFEST Beauty Row, featuring the official beauty partners of the festival with exclusive deals, products giveaways, games, activities & more ✔️Access to the CURLFEST Marketplace featuring hand-picked vendors from around the country ✔️Access to the CURLFEST Main Stage & dance party, Empowerment Stage, Merchandise Shop & Food/Beverage Vendors ———————————————————————— Rules (READ CAREFULLY; any missed tasks makes your entry invalid) For Silver: 1) Must be FOLLOWING this account & LIKE post ❤️2) SUBSCRIBE to Tressfully.com mailing list (Skip if you entered a previous giveaway) 📧 3) COMMENT “All Mine” below 💁🏽‍♀️ That’s It! ————————————————————————- *BONUS* Want to upgrade to Gold or Platinum? You must also: 4) LIKE the @TressfullyYours Facebook page 👍🏾 & Share pinned giveaway post publicly /OR/ FOLLOW the Twitter page 🐦 & RT pinned giveaway post /OR/ SUBSCRIBE to Tressfully Yours Youtube Channel ▶️ 5)TAG A FRIEND in your comment. If they complete tasks 1-5, you’ll also be entered into a separate drawing for a bundled pair of Gold tickets (2nd pick) which includes official CURLFEST gift bags or Platinum tickets (1st pick) which includes VIP admission, access to VIP area & official CURLFEST gift bags.———————————————————————— Winners will be announced and messaged on Saturday 9/07/19 at 12PM. For more event info, check out: @CurlyGirlCollective CurlfestATL HairGoals HairCare HairofInstagram LongHairDontCare LongHairCommunity HairStyling HairStyles ProtectiveStyles HairDo Melanin MelaninPoppin AfroHair Natural NaturalBeauty NaturalHair TeamNatural TeamNatural_ Naturalista NaturalHairCommunity NaturalHairStyles NaturalHairDaily NaturallyShesDope NaturalHairJourney NaturalHairCare NaturalHairDoesCare NaturalHairKillas NaturalCurls CurlyHairstyles

COMPARTIR : abrazos, risas, charlas, silencios, mates, música, budín, cereales, mandarinas, claveles del aire 🍃 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..lovephotos filmisnotdead ser life 2019 night music botanical photography love moon revolution explorer 35mm empowered bohemia astrology energias naturaleza natural mujer astrology autoretrato film analogue wine autumn vegetariana thebeatles

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