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SWAPPING OUT MOVEMENTS . It's not just a matter of swapping cos you feel like it. There should be a goal to the movements you choose. . Similar to a petrol head. When they swap a car, they don't just swap for the sake of it, they know what they're swapping it for and tbe pros and cons for swapping their old car. . Here I have swapped my BB bent over row for a lever row. . The main reason for swapping. . My leg days bring about a lot of fatigue and noticed fatigue creeping into my upper pull when stabilising the hip hinge position. . This meant my limiting factor was more erectors not my upper back. . Shame cos I like the BB bent over row. . The point of this isn't so much look what I've done. . It's I'm doing this because of this and if you're experiencing something similar or might do in the future this is one way of dealing with it. . I wouldn't normally swap an exercise during a meso (phase of training) however, the movements are very similar and "learning" the movement won't have a massive impact of progress made. . Just remember to have a reason for including a movement and not just throw it in there for the sake of it or just because your favourite influencer is doing them. . What's your current upper pull set up? .team24j

Yesterday morning was the worse out of the last 2 weeks of pneumonia! It lightened up by afternoon and took my last antibiotic last night. This morning I woke up & am so grateful to be able to stand up, move without feeling like I will faint. Coughing has lessened and I actually made breakfast early! Now I’m having a fruit snack & feel life in me!! It’s a good day to have a good day, nice n easy like😂❣️🙌 ... ...feelalive fruitlover lemonwater healingenergy onthemend pneumonia plantbasedfoods hydrate slowandsteady happyvibes goodenergy shared_joy setbacks neverendingjourney patience warriorspirit feedyourbody

Success behind patience 💳💳💳 ●A R T H U RC U T S . . . . .filmmaker director camera shot lumix gimbal colorgrading patience arthurcuts camera

"Said,woman take it slow, and it'll work itself out fine All we need is just a little patience Said,sugar make it slow and we'll come together fine" All we need is just a little patience"goodthingswillhappenpatiencegunsnrosesgnrhappinessisfree

Needed this today 💜💜💜 Repost from @thediaryofagoddess using @RepostRegramApp - ✨☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️✨ If you can glance back at your past and note the areas where you KNOW you’ve changed...congratulations🍾🥂 There’s truly nothing like self-growth🙌🏾💖 Sending love and light your way💛🦄 ✨love happiness life positivethinking positiveenergy movingforward patience growth innerpeace consistency patience elevation growth selfmotivation gratitude newchapter awareness synchronicity intuition selfforgiveness alignment yougotthis manifest mentalhealth healthymind trusttheprocess selfcare selflove writer trustyourself writersofinstagram thediaryofagoddess

New growth gives me life 🌿 Today, I have decided, will be a good day. No matter what happens, I will be positive. I will have joy in all circumstances. This is not easy for me. I have 0 chill at this point in pregnancy. Also being an enneagram 4, I tend to think negatively. I have to work at a positive perspective. This morning I prayed for just that, a positive outlook. Joyful and patient is what I will be today. So far I've done pretty good, all praise to Jesus (because there is no way that was of my own doing). Let's see how I do taking 2 toddlers to the grocery store. It may not always be easy but I am choosing to find joy. joy joyfulmamas enneagram choosejoy findjoy positivity prayer patience goodday giveittoGod newgrowth plantsmakepeoplehappy fiddleleaffig

B gifting away! let’s plant it an see what happens...realbyc ilovenature naturelovesmeback friends life love hope patience

This cactus was left for dead in a woodchip drop we received a while back. Someone tossed in the grinder and the plant was split in half. Appearance wise it looked really bad. We could of easily discarded it but we didn't. We placed it under our pomegranate and grapefruit tree to heal. A couple months later with some TLC, it has new growth. Nature will never cease to amaze. Glory goes to the Almighty!urbanfarm farm localfarm 818 tarzana losangeles california growth grow tlc love heal health cactus patience reuse recycle permaculture

Moss Agate Bracelets 📿 £22.22 https://www.crystalharmonyuk.co.uk/products/miss-agate-bracelets?p=Bkjmlgwi4 Gorgeous Moss Agate Bead Bracelets📿 brings peace and stability 🙏🏼 It is especially helpful to those who experience extreme mood swings and those addicted to emotional drama in their lives 🤯😱 It soothes volatile tempers 😡 and promotes patience, wholeness, and inner calm 😊 Moss Agate releases deep-seated fear and stresses, expanding your personal space and growth 🙌🏼 It stimulates a good self image 😁 and strengthens positive personality traits, including the ability to get along with others. An optimistic  Crystal 🥰 Moss Agate is helpful for those suffering from difficult life circumstances, depression or brain imbalances to find hope and trust, and to keep trying 😅 moss agate crystal bracelet positive moodswings fear stress depression balance calm patience drama jewellery healing

Have Patience - God is preparing something better for youpatience patiencequotes patienceisavirtue patienceiskey🔑 yourquote

There's no stronger person than the one that understands the power of 'alone time.' sage sageseeking growthmindset growth truth understanding spiritual stoicism stoic patience life love loveyourself peace faith l realshit t learn peaceofmind

Don’t continue giving away unnecessary money 💸to creditors due to high interest rates. Invest in you, patience is key 🔑 * * * * 🚨Check out my *LINK IN BIO* Or Call me or email today for all your credit/finances needs. * * * * Coya Stewart 📞Office: 678-515-2222 📧Email: coya@cbfinancialconsultants.com * * * * *CreditPlug 🔌dedicatedtoresults crediteducation creditrepair creditprotection financialgoals cbfinancialconsultants creditrepairspecialist singlemother personalfinancialgoals creditmatters personalfinances CoyaStewart realestate firsttimehomebuyer womenempowerment linkinbio lookingtomove creditiswealth mentalhealthiswealth breakinggenerationalcurses

Aujourd'hui je vous dévoile ma transformation physique certes loin d'être encore parfaite mais j'y ai consacré du temps et beaucoup d'énergie. Il a fallut s'adapter avec un environnement qui n'a pas toujours était favorable à la musculation je parle par exemple de mes expériences dans la restauration, avoir son bon apport calorique était très compliqué pour réussir à prendre du poids. Mais je suis resté patient et déterminé dans mon objectif, j'ai découvert l'existence d'un diplôme afin de devenir coach sportif je me suis donc lancé car pour moi vivre de ma passion étais un objectif de vie. Même avec le diplôme en poche je continu de m'instruire tous les jours sur le sujet car je pars du principe qu'on peut toujours faire mieux. N'oubliez jamais que l'important c'est d'être satisfait de soi-même, nous sommes l'auteur de notre propre vie.coaching sport changementdevie motivation kilos avignon lepontet sorgues coach determination patience temps

I really do think that he's done an abso-brilliant spectacular job on this!! Not 100% the same but still. 😁🤣😂😊 My goal is to be filthy rich. By that, I mean, rich in knowledge, rich in experience, rich in health and adventure, rich in love, rich in laughter, with family and friends 😊😘❤💜 . . . .lifewelltravelled 2019 uk ukig london londongirl britishbornchinese october friendswedding caricature caricatureartist drawing love patience motivation globetrotter passionpassport happyday weddingparty party godisgood portrait portraitphotography

What I respect I attract. What I disrespect I repel. Money Family Friends Children Spouse Business Career Health Spirit ❤️❤️love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfullness gentleness selfcontrol fruitofthespirit unconditionallove jesus god jesuschrist grace mercydepression leadership family life bible marriage relationships purpose ❤️💜💚💙🧡 My prayer is that you see yourself as God sees you; worthy, unstoppable, limitless, forgiven and equipped to conquer and accomplish anything you desire.

Slowly getting to know each other with Sebastian🐱💪🤗 britishblue petservices patience catsofinstagram challenge lovemyjob

When you feel like giving up this week....FIGHT YOUR WAY BACK. Unfortunately, some days will be harder then others. However give it the best you can for that moment, fill your head with encouraging affirmations, catch your breath and remember “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Change doesn't happen overnight. It starts with the desire, then one small step in the right direction.” yougotthis dontgiveup smallthingsoften smallstepseveryday positivevibes positivehead patience keepingpushingforward keeppushingforward 9roundjb travelinglightcounseling mondaymood

Show us your @celinedion CourageWorldTour TICKETS! TAG US AND WE WILL REPOST YOUR PHOTOS. TAGUEZ NOUS DANS VOS POSTES ET NOUS ALLONS LES PARTAGER.Repost @carolmartigny ・・・ @celinedionaddicts_official dis pourquoi c’est si loin le 2 juin?!?!?! 😬🙄 patience courageworldtour celinefan encore223jours celinedion suisse

Surrender to Noaction is the card for this Canadian Thanksgiving Monday. Today you are being called to self-care. Motivation will not come easily today, and it will require your conscious effort to participate in the activities that are essential and meaningful for you. Relationships may be a little tumultuous today, so tread carefully and strive to be more responsive than reactive. Don’t go looking for trouble! Breathe. A lot.thanksgiving surrender mondaymotivation monday motivation peace selfcare relationships tarot wellness patience wisdom health healthy

Everyone is different. health cancer listen patience https://www.raynacares.org/blog/incurable

The Christian life is not always going to be a continual euphoric high. There will days that require more faith than feelings. Just keep walking with Jesus, day after day. onedayatatime walkingwithJesus patience hope

At least that’s what I feel like waiting for my blocked shawl to dry. Inevitably I’ll attack it with the hair dryer later. I finished the wrap yesterday but then ripped it back 18 rows. If you swipe, you’ll see why. As much as I love the orange yarn, it was too stark a contrast. malabrigorios lindenwrap stitchtogetherofficial malabrigoyarn hookedhazel patience iloveyarn crochetshawl crochetersofireland crochetersofinstagram ichliebewolle hkelschal crochetwrap workingonpatience

Ça y est, j'ai relié mon premier livre. Dans les règles de l'art... Enfin presque. Cela m'a pris plusieurs semaines pour venir a bout de toutes les étapes. Je suis assez contente mais ce n'est qu'un premier pas dans ce monde complexe et exigeant de la reliure... .reliure livre couvrure artdulivre patience

Sorry for the radio silence. I have been having some building work done in the studio for what seems like a year! Dust is everywhere and there are things in places they shouldn’t be. I have been quite depressed about it not even having space to lay a nib flat! Now I am on the long road to redesigning the living space for nearly everything. Today the wall of books was completed and the pigments placed on their column of colour. The kitchen area is, well, not anywhere near close to solving. I think I have too much stuff. I decided a mobile bookshelf was a good idea and they would be work in progress. The office is another matter BUT I am getting closer to my goal of beginning to teach in my London Studio. I just need to finish tidying up and placing this mountain of stuff I have! @tim.whitmore @tncaligrafia @angievangalis patience repacking reshelving magic howamigoingtodothis

Fun last fly weekend of the season, I finally summoned up the courage to get back to flips.. or side flips whatever but I'm happy to end the season with no mental block 😄😄 backflip practice fly hydroflight endofsummer lakefun patience jetdeck defy gravity

Still standing inspite of calamity. All I know is this to shall pass and I know to stand on God's word I want be in this season for to much longer. I have faith that God is gone work it out for me and mines ❤❤ womanofGod patience endurance strength favor blessed Godsspeed livingholyisright redeemed righteousness saved graceandmercy

Anger is a common emotion we all experience. It is best known to express our negative emotions. Sometimes we consider it as a good thing since it helps someone to release oneself from the negative energy that dwells within the circumstance seeking for solutions, but excessive anger could cause problems and sometimes even threatening to the environment. So how do we take control over it and change this negative energy in to positive? Let us dive in to some quick tips to take control over anger instantly and then move on to transforming it as a positive energy. Click on the link in bio . .anger angerissues angermanagementhowto howtomanageanger temper shorttemper blogs bloggers follow blogging bloggersofinstagram happylife positive positivity spreadpositivity positiveenergy uae tipsforanger negativethoughts gethelp seekhelp emotionalwellbeing boundaries forgive patience successfullife lifelessons socialise socialisingskills

I can’t help but share!! My mom is unbelievably talented and patient! I don’t even think she realizes 💜 she does this all on a little singer sewing machine from Walmart we got her a couple years ago 😱 This is only one of many blankets she has made. This will be Cal’s present this winter 💙 talentedwoman mymomisamazing patience vision diyprojects greatnesswithlittle iloveyoumom inspired

•• Happy 40 weeks due date to me!! I look a little crazy because I feel a little crazy 🤪I have been getting tons of messages so for an update: I am exactly 0 cm dilated. In fact, if you could be reverse dilated I would be like -10 🤣And apparently I have an unusual amount of amniotic fluid still at this stage so little baby girl is nice and cozy and happy and has tons of space to move!! But it’s all okay, she has to come out sometime and the only thing I can control right now is my attitude 😊☀️I know many first time moms go wayyy past their due date so please don’t remind me or tell me your horror stories, just send me your positivity ♥️🙏🏼 my mantra this week: “ I’ve got this!” •• * * *duedate 40weekspregnant readytopop letsgobaby babygirl patience mindset attitude babyhealthy healthymama alittlecrazy alittlecrazyisgoodright ivegotthis

Be patient for what was written for you was written by the greatest of writers ...👑🌸💫streetphotography candid photography lightroompresets islam masjid patience love religiousquotes

This is gut wrenching information for me. Gut wrenching because I always see myself in the future - I know where I want to be, and I'm working towards those goals.... but bloody hell, its harrrrrddd waiting sometimes... I need patience dear Lord 💆🏾‍♀️🙏🏾 Selah Joyce Meyer describes patience as "loooooooooong suffering". I guess the lesson in right there. This, believe it or not, is a motivational quote. It forces you to ACCEPT your current position, with ALL the joys and ramifications. Acceptance is the beginning of a successful journey. From acceptance comes growth. ThisIsYourRealityMayYouBloomAndGrowAcceptanceGrowthJourneyJourneyToSelfPatience SabaliJoyComethInTheMorningEntrepreneurMindset EntrepreneurSuccessIsRelativeSmallBusinessBigWorld🌍

Give ur self the patience and time u deserve for thingspatience goals objectifs

Gracias @drlibby ❤ kind patience food

On this Indigenous Peoples Day, let's recognize the stength, resiliance and patience exhibited by all Indigenous cultures around the world! strong . . . . . . . . . 📸 @mai.fotografias @pesi_yalkru @apothecarydan @lil_coyote discover travel live theculturenook cultures indigenous indigenouspeoplesday women men child dance travelblogger travelmore travelphotography travelgram traveling travelholic traveling traveller culture cultures explore getcultured traveltheworld explorecultures resiliance strength patience

Bonjour encore Los Angeles, enchanté🌱 Je m’appelle Elle💫 paris losangeles

Power, patience, patience! Happy Columbus Day! 🤗 rowing patience technique fitness moonsquad OTFmv columbusday workout coach

And what do you contribute?⠀⠀ If you know what you want to do with your company, then perhaps one of the most difficult things is to state that very briefly and concisely in one sentence. But wouldn't it be great if you meet someone for you to state in one single sentence what it is that you contribute with your business? Maybe that person is a potential customer! If you, like many, struggle with that, keep following us. Right after summer, we will be starting a brand new program to help you formulate your contribution with great precision.⠀⠀ .⠀ .⠀ En wat draag jij bij?⠀⠀ Als je weet wat jij met jouw bedrijf wilt gaan doen, dan is misschien wel een van de moeilijkste dingen om dat heel kort en bondig in een zin te benoemen. Maar zou het niet te gek zijn dat als je iemand tegenkomt en je kunt in een zin zeggen wat jij bijdraagt met jouw bedrijf? Misschien is die iemand wel een potentiële klant! Worstel jij daar nou ook mee, blijf ons dan volgen. Na de zomer starten wij met een gloednieuw programma om jou te helpen dat haarscherp te formuleren.⠀

Patience and fortitude- something I've needed a lot more of recently and certainly for this piece. I've had this variegated pink lemon tree for about five years now and it's never fully fruited so the lemons seen here are fanciful in more ways than one. According to my dad, "Patience and Fortitude" was something his mom said to her twelve kids (maybe more to herself than to them) a lot when he was growing up- except that he thought she was saying "patience and forty-two" so the message didn't quite make it. 11x14 gouache on paper + digital text (because I'm indesisive about color 🙃)

S T R A T E G Y | business GPS | chess moves • determine (clearly) the goal • loyalty (always) • what are you ready to give up • what the other is ready to give up (empathize) • think - analyze - break - think again • PATIENCE • more Patience • still patient businesstips strategy smartplanning loyalty chess chessmoves patience goals 📸 tommcnemar @fineartamerica

Some Monday motivation for you ✅ If you're ready to crush your goals this week comment "BRING IT ON" below 👇 . . .entrepreneuroquotes patience marketting goalset mnfworldgroup smallbizlove onlinemarketingsuccess admit smallbusinessbranding mindet wishyouwellth🌹

Appreciate where you are in your journey, even if it's not where you want to be, every season serves a purpose. ⁠ Follow us today and get your daily motivation.⁠ProgressTribe motivation inspiration passion purpose determination patience hardwork lifestyle mindset focus dream goal future discipline entrepreneur positivethinking hustle grind success

Not the best time lapse but I’m getting there. Had some more queen of the night flowers bloom last night and happy that I can share this with you guys! ・・・growninhaiti queenofthenight dutchmanspipe nightblooming timelapse flowerpower beauty patience ayiti haiti gardenlife love stilllife

ArchManCat in all his morningglory. . . . . . . . @prequelapp patience kittycuddles catsofinstagram

There are no shortcuts in this world. Everything takes time, hard work, and adaptation. Stop falling for the magic pill marketing strategies out there. Slow and steady wins the race. It’s not a sprint it’s a marathon success authenticity amg authenticmentalgrowth patience lifegoals hardwork passion dedication growth loveyourself

Ich verstecke mich besser. Herrchen möchte morgen früh live gehen und ich bin ja nicht so der instadog .. 😂. Doch er meint das es mal an der Zeit wäre. Dabei mag er das Wort ja nicht besonders. Wir waren ja gestern bei @pippi.litstrumpf und ich habe mich nicht korrekt verhalten. Also, nur aus Katzenperspektive. Als Hund habe ich getan, was ich tun musste. Es ist auch nichts wildes passiert, ihr Katze ist verflucht schnell. Schwanzwedelnde Grüsse von eurer Camibe human dog hund Lovemydog Autor schreiben patience feel meinhundundich  travelwithdog Tagebuch blog camisblog perros Ruhrpott Dortmund 4pfoten hundewelt  camino  pilgerhund backpacking backpackers Hundeliebe europa

Some frontal work over the last couple months practice progress patience persistence hairstunnaa bayareastylist

I'm grateful for a day which reminds us to be grateful. To look around us and truly give thanks. ... For me, I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to carry my daughter Journey inside of me. It ultimately changed my perspective of the world, of our bodies/how we treat them, and why we were all put here on this earth together. ... After she arrived and we finally surfaced from the deep abyss of transitioning/adjusting to our new life together; I held her in my arms knowing it was my job to guide and care for her. To do my part to make choices that would help her, and us, to lead a healthy and empowered life. ... That was also the moment I realized that wanted to dedicate myself to understanding the truth about the things we consume and how they affect our bodies. ... So many of the products you find on shelves today contain questionable ingredients that our bodies do not respond well to; ingredients that can potentially pose a serious risk to your health and well-being. ... The majority of these products simply act as a bandage, providing temporary relief—meaning the symptoms are certain to resurface time and time again. ... I am beyond grateful for Journey's presence in my life, not only for this newfound awareness and growth of my heart-led business; but also for her ability to teach me presence, gratitude and patience in everyday life. ... She continues to teach me life lessons, like how innocence and imagination are valuable traits that we often end up burying deep down inside. She reminds me to make time for self-growth and self-reflection on a daily basis. ... There's so much to be grateful for, but most of all, my daughter is a companion, a constant source of love and light that gives me the strength to pave a path for us both. A conscious path that leads us both forward to the future. ... Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Hold your loved ones close and remind them how grateful you are to have them by your side. ❤️ —thanksgiving thankful grateful gratitude patience bepresent inspired mondaymotivation mondaymood journey growth mom momlife motherhood motherdaughter lifelessons smallbusiness supportlocal magnesium wellness

C'était la pause dessin du week-end. 🎨 C'est beaucoup plus sympa que la rédaction du mémoire, mais bon... Maintenant, boulot boulot ! Format A3, 29.7x42 cm. Encre noire et Posca argenté. 23h de travailmemoire dessin dessins patience noiretblanc passeletemps precision encre posca! inkart inkwork artist artiste drawing frenchartist penandink inklouvre blackinkart pilotpen ink inktober blackink inkdrawing inkdrawinginktober2019

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