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s p o o k y s n o o p ypitties

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃

Mary Kate, Boyd & Foley (Pitbull, Rescue/5), Janesville, WI . Foley was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Indiana, and his expiration date was near the end. After some wonderful people saw an amazing dog in this guy, they brought him to a foster home in Illinois. We have had him for about 4 years now! Foley is definitely a member of our family and we love coming home to him every day. He has a lot of spunk and a lot of personality, and becomes our little shadow at home as well. He has never met a person he didn't like!Foley would rather snuggle than play with toys, sleep than run around. He also has a sneaky way of tricking us into getting two dinners if my husband and I aren't home at the same time. Foley will do anything for a belly rub and a peanut butter treat! He's the best little (100 pound) guy to have and makes us smile daily!! @mkmaske23 . . . . . .doglikeme whatsyourdogstory keepwaggin dogstoryteller mldsg endbsl dogmomlove pittiepride mondaymotivation pittiesofinstagram pitbullsofinstagram pitties pitbull_love pitbullofficial pitbullgram pitbullproud pitbullrescues adoptdontshop rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog fosterssavelives rescueismyfavoritebreed dogmomforlife muttskickbutt rescued adoptlove rescuedogsrock fosteradog muttsofinstagram

ON CLOCK WORK. EVERY TIME 😂 How can I resist those eyes😭 _dogyoutuber pitbullawareness mememonday

MOOD 🖤🌞🖤

Heres hoping we can shake off this turkey coma and return to work/school tmr 🤔😂😂 Happy thanks giving 😃🤓 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . endbsl pitties pitbullove pitbullparents pitbullparentsagainstbsl turkeycoma happythanksgiving pitbulllovers

Jameson Dean & Gemma Jean ❤️❤️ werundogs runbuddymobile runbuddy terriermixes pitties pitbullsofig

Who loves him like me? ❤️ ⁠ Comment below 👇⁠ ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ----------------------------------------------------⁠ 🍀FOLLOW US->@lovingandcaringdogs 🍀⠀⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ ❤ Tag a dog lover❤⠀⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ 🎥DM for Credit or Removal 🎥⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ 💖 FOLLOW: @lovingandcaringdogs 💖⠀⁠ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⠀⁠pittiemix pittiesmile pittieparty pittielifepittiemom pittiepuppy pittieproudprettypittiepitbullbreed pitbullswag pitbullboxer pitbullsocietypittiepride pitbulls pitbullpitbullpuppypitbullmom pitbulllove pitbullnationpittiesrule pittielover happypittiespitbullsofinstapitties pittiesofinstagram dogs pit PitBullLifedogofinstaworld followus

Nobody gets by big brother 🐾💙🐾gentlegiant pitties protectingmybabybrotherimallowedonloviesbed

My cat needs help. He needs to see a cardiologist and needs surgery to fix his chest bone deformity and after paying for willows surgery i'm out of options. i hate asking for help but i created a go fund me and if anyone can help or share it i would appreciate it a ton. i really don't want to lose him, he's only 6 months old. gf.me/u/vu6tmv

Dis the look I gave Ma when she told me it's already Monday again. 😑 - Hope you all have a pawsome beginning of the week. 😊🧡 - - 🏷Discount Codes🏷 @wanderpawsco KLEO10 @simpledogco FRIENDSOFKLEO @jaxandmollys KLEO10 - 10% off & Free Shipping w/order of $35 or more @petalsandtails KLEO10

Look at my dogparkgang P.S. @pennypupp87 wasn’t at the park but she’s part of the gang so forgive the bad photoshopping. 🤣

🌿can dostunu etiketle🌿 ________________________________ ‼️Keşvetten gelenler baştacısınız‼️ ________________________________ @yasadisi.21 @yasadisi.21 @yasadisi.21 ________________________________pitbullofficial pitties pitbullsandbabies pitbulllovers_ pitbulllovers_ pitbullgram_ pitbullterrier pitbullterrier pita pitbullworld pitbullsofficials pitbullworld pitbullsofficials pitbullproud pitbullpuppies pitbullsrule keşvetteyiz keşvet illustrationgram illustree illegalszler asalet adana01 ahmetkaya 55 adana01 diyarbakir savassatis soydangelir ciobaba cengoburak

I’m THRILLED to share my new case🌻 @mannythepibble . . ❤️🧡💛💚💙💚💛🧡 New iPhone Supported FOLLOW US👉 @petsunitedus TAG US on your photo for a chance to be featured! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💚💛🧡 . .petsunitedus ilovedogs ilovemydog ilovemydogs dogmom doglover dogs dog dogsofinstagram dogoftheday petlovers pet pets pittie pittienation pittiesofinstagram pitties pittielove pittiepride pittiepuppy pittiesmile pocketpittie pittiemix pittiemom pittiesofinsta pittieproud

Went on my first hike today! 😍 Since I was recovering from heart worms when I was first adopted, and then the summer was sooo hot, I haven’t gotten to go hiking until now! Turns out, it’s SUPER fun - and I’m way better at it than Mom is! 🍂⛰ . . .pitties pittiesofinsta pitmix pitmixagram pittienation hiking hikingadventures hikingdog hikingdogsofinstagram pitbullawarenessmonth rescuedoglife rescuedogsofinstagram dogsoffrederick frederickmddogs dogsofmaryland

I scream, you scream, we all scream because it’s Monday! Wait, I don’t think that’s how it goes. 🤔 • But I am screaming because it’s Monday! Why can’t weekends be longer? Anyone else feel the same way? • I had a fun filled weekend which included a stop @cielitoartisanpops for a Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Pop. It was sooo yummy! •icecrean doggyicecream monday caseofthemondays cutestpuppy pumpkin puppy fall itsfallyall itsfallyall🍁 handpickedbyhadlie @handpickedbyhadlie wildernorth @wilder_north dogsofinstagram dogsofworld dogsofworld dogsofig dogsofmiami miamidogs miami soflo soflopuppack pitbullsofinstagram pitbull pitbullove pittiesofinstagram pitties pittiesofig pittiesrule cashmoneyaltavilla

Curious sleeps with his tongue out more than any dog I’ve met. He even keeps it out when you accidentally wake him up. Such a goof. Adopt him and his homies through @angelcitypits acpb angelcitypits adoptdontshop rescuedogsrock pitties jpplaygroups pittiesatplay doglovers pitbulllovers

Reposted from @hopscotchpets.rescue (@get_regrann) - Help save nova and dusty! Posted @withrepost • @desidesi134 Update: Two Left -Nova A5304584 and Dusty A5297866Chikis and Roxy rescued. What will be Nova and Dusty's updates be? Late night sharers needed Immediately notify the shelter if you have placement. -------------------- One Rescued and One we lost. Four left are we going to make a difference? Please share their individual posts ☎️🔻🔻🔻🔻 What about our pittielove? We do pretty well about getting our other breeds into rescues or homes. But our pitties they have to be so perfect to get a better chance at maybe making it out i am sadden by the toe tapping tail wagging, happy meatballs that get left behind. Pitties deserve a family, love, a home, training and treats like sheps, poodles and Labs. These four beauties, captured perfectly by @shelterdogs4life showing their soulful and silly sides are beyond urgent. They ended up in a LA County shelter that is full. They been able to stay as long as possible. Now if we dont find commited reputable rescues or adopters for them immediately we will loose them. Put their ids in the search to see more information and pictures of the four fabulous DowneyDogs DUSTY - A5297866 CHIKIS - A5300951NOVA-  A5304584 ERNIE - A5298725Give them a fighting chance🥊🥊. Get their pictures out there. We have no time left so just repost please. These dogs deserve better, a home, a family 🕗 Their time is up. I hope we are not to late. ▶️ my posts and pictures are for reposts. To many who are blocked are using my pictures. Blocked for a reason. Location: Downey ACC 11258 Garfield Avenue Downey, CA 90242 ☎️Call 562-940-6898 or Email: ACCDowney@animalcare.lacounty.gov downeydogs a5300951 shelterdogs4lifepitbullsarefamily pitbulllove adoptapitbull shelterdogsrock shelterdogsofinstagram adoptashelterpet sheltertreasure pitbullsofinstagram adoptashelterpitbull dogs adoptme adoptlocal savealifeadopt petoftheday shelterpetoftheday betheirvoice downey longbeach losangeles orangecounty rescue changealifeadoptapet dogs Photos @shelterdogs4life

Happy Monday everyone!⠀ ⠀ China is just one of the senior dogs we help at Project Open Paw.⠀ ⠀ I saw her last Friday and she's doing well. She gave me lots of kisses and was very happy with the food and treats I gave her.⠀ ⠀ These dogs are usually more prone to health issues, so please keep sharing our posts and donating what you can so we can help them when they need us the most.⠀ ⠀ Link in bio to donate!⠀ ⠀ I am so lucky to have such a compassionate and incredible community! I appreciate you all so much. 🐾💗⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀community donate dogs pitbullpuppies pittiesofinstagram pittiesofig pitties dogsofinstagram sanfrancisco bayarea california homelessdog helpdog gofundme instadogs pitbullsofinstagram muttsofinstagram streetdog doglover doggo dogs_of_instagram projectopenpaw savinglives love dogoftheday dogsofinsta vetcare fundraiser doggy appreciation

Who loves him like me? ❤️ ⁠ Comment below 👇⁠ ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ ----------------------------------------------------⁠ 🍀FOLLOW US->@lovingandcaringdogs 🍀⠀⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ ❤ Tag a dog lover❤⠀⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ 🎥DM for Credit or Removal 🎥⁠ -----------------------------------------------------⠀⁠ 💖 FOLLOW: @lovingandcaringdogs 💖⠀⁠ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------⠀⁠pittiemix pittiesmile pittieparty pittielifepittiemom pittiepuppy pittieproudprettypittiepitbullbreed pitbullswag pitbullboxer pitbullsocietypittiepride pitbulls pitbullpitbullpuppypitbullmom pitbulllove pitbullnationpittiesrule pittielover happypittiespitbullsofinstapitties pittiesofinstagram dogs pit PitBullLifedogofinstaworld followus

These two are way too cute! 😍 . . Develops👨‍💻 your Dog's 🐶 "Hidden Intelligence" 👉🏻 To eliminate bad behavior and Create the obedient, well-behaved pet of your dreams... You Also Get 7 Trick Training Videos including, obedience 101 training and more ... You can click link in our bio to get everything for you and your 🐕 . These things will help you and your dog 🐶 love each other more . . .Credit: DM if you are owner!pits ilovepitbull pitbullove pitbullofficial pitbullterrier pit pitbullsofinsta pitties bullybreeds lovepitbulls pitbullgram pittbullsofinstagram pitsofinstagram pitbullgram_ pitbullnation pitbulllife ilovemypitbull

Good morning world! pitties pittbull puppy cute adorable happy goodmorning smile @emtolle

Meet Arya!! This is one of our 4 week board and trains at our facility right now. She is here for a dog aggression rehabilitation. This entire first week has been all about forming a deep bond with this dog. We do this through foundational obedience, feeding her though her training only, and establishing firm boundaries. She reacted how many dogs do when they first get dropped off. “Who are you, why should I listen to you, I’m the one who calls the shots at home.” - ARYA - Once we establish who we are and what we are asking, dogs often completely shift. Arya is now so pumped to work with us. She loves learning new commands and pleasing us at every chance she gets 🙌👌P.S. - We have a soft spot for pitbulls

Hoy lunes tocó baño y a la humana no se le ocurrió mejor idea que ponerme esta bata de pato. ¡Feliz lunes a todos! • Today I had a bath and the human didn’t have a better idea than to put on me this duck robe. Happy Monday to everyone! •uber_thepit pitbullperuperrosperuperrosperuanospitbulcachorrocachorrosdoinstagrampitbullfluencerpitbullifepitbullsarelovelospitbullsnosonpeligrososadorablepitbulldonotdiscriminatepitbullspitbullpitbullovepitbullgram_pittiespitbullofinstagrampitbullsofinstagrampitspitbullsofficialpitbulllifelovepitbullsourpitpagepitbullfriends

My new hobby : being an office pup

Lilo is worthy!! ⚡️We love marvel, and we so wish we could have been @acecomiccon this past weekend, hopefully next year will finally be it for us!! 🐶✨💗 ————————————————cute pitbulls pitties lilothepitbull lilothepittie lilo liloandstitch dog dogs bluetickhound hound hounddog cutedogs cutedog dogsofinstagram cutepittie cutepitbull happy allsmiles happydog puppy hakunamatata iloveyou3000 dogsofig

Wishing it was a beach day everyday🌊🐶

Check out this gravity defying Pitbull practice for Mexico's wall climb competition! 🐶⁠ ⁠ We're highlighting some of our favorite videos of the year made by you! Have you captured a share-worthy moment lately? Share it with us at the link in our bio and tell us what you want to see more of in the comments!⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠ .⁠ ⁠pitbull pitbullgram pitbulls parkour wallclimb competition pitbullsofinstagram pitbull bullies pitties pitty pittbullgram bulliegram bullygram⁠ ⁠

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! 🍁

I want to get out of bed, however there is 90 lbs of dog on my lap.... dogmomproblems pitties doggosnuggles

Meet Leo, a young pittie mix, who was rescued by our Humane Law Enforcement team just over a week ago. According to medical records Leo's owner reported that she was keeping him in a crate in the basement. As you can see from these photos, Leo is in a severely emaciated condition (when he arrived he weighed less than 20 lbs.), but he's safe now in the care of our Shelter Hospital. Leo has a long road to recovery, but when you approach his kennel in our hospital, his little tail still wags.These are the lives that you help us save every day! Thank you and stay tuned for Leo's progress. animalrescue animalwelfare dogs dogsofinstagram pitties pittiesofinsta pitbullsofinstagram endanimalabuse endanimalcruelty

bella is my whole mood right now 🌫

my sweet lil dumb 🤦🏼‍♀️💓

I smell something but I don’t see it.. therefore.... I must find it.. . .guccigoodboy dogsofintagram dogsofinsta ilovemydog pitties sillydog

why does bella always look worried 😩

sound up for the ending🙄 lil spaz

cuteness overload engage



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