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So you know on Jersey Shore.. they call Snooki & Ron “spiral squad” when they get out of control with alcohol? Well.. yeah.. that was me this weekend except mine was with food. After my dinner and a movie Friday with my friend.. I spiraled the rest of the weekend & basically ate whatever I wanted & definitely didn’t drink enough water. Weekends are always so hard for me to stay on track. I usually do so good during the week & mess up on the weekends, then spend all week getting that weight off from the weekend to just do it all over again. It’s such a vicious cycle. I’m so sick of it but yet I can’t seem to stop doing it. I’m going to try something different this week. I’m going to do my normal “4am gym sessions” but I’m also going to be adding in Bizzy Body Vol 1. So I’ll be doing double workouts 5 days this week. Im hoping it will keep me on track with my food. Because I hate how I feel when I workout after eating horrible. weightloss spiralsquad fitness bingeeating fitnesslife gymlife weightlossjourney fitnessjourney bizzybody planetfitness fitbit 21daymealplan mealplanbabes fitmom nutrition #fitfam

Monday LET’S DO THIS! First up— leggggies! This weeks Workout Split: Monday-legs/glutes Tuesday-shoulders/bi/HIIT cardio Wednesday-LISS cardio & core only Thursday-back/tri/HIIT cardio Friday-legs/glutes/LISS cardio Saturday-bench/total upper/ Tabata Sunday-REST *Each week my workout split may slightly change depending on my work/ event schedule for that week. That doesn’t matter to me as long as I plan the week ahead, then all I have to do is follow it👊🏼

HAPPY MONDAY! Guess what?? Monday’s don’t suck, especially when you have your fix! Stop by for our awesome energy boosting teas and mega teas for that EXTRA pick me up!

Monday blues bar! Travel day, get it done early! 75hard navy getshitdone planetfitness 100to0 c5mi

Being plant based is about improving the overall quality of your life. It is an awareness, a consciousness, of the food you are consuming . It is not about veganism or saving animals or the planet, although those are positive side effects. It is about improving the overall quality of your life . Plant Based means intelligent awareness .physicalfitness healthlifestyle healthcoach nature mentalfitness spiritualfitness emotionalfitness earthing completehumancoaching natureimmersion healthishabit greenexercise organic plantbased avoidartificial vegan vegetarian planetfitness lafitness weightwatchers overweight fitnessjourney

Monday morning plank time ... back up to 3 minutes!! planetfitness motivation motivationmonday strong coreworkout

Frontal raises for upper inner chest 💪 keep a your arm slightly bent, focus on squeezing and flexing your pectoral while raising the weight. Vid credits @twhatoname T20RonaldJ for 20% off all Redcon1 products. . .fitness fitnessmotivation healthylifestyle gym planetfitness workout workoutmotivation fitnessjourney gymlife healthyliving gainz gymgainz workingout strongman bodybuilding tieroperator redcon1

One reason I buy organic food is to send a financial message to the chemical industry that I don't want you to kill plants and soil microbes that take in carbon from our atmosphere and put it into the soil. Spraying weed killers not only adds to the problem but robs our solution to climate change. I urge you to please help, use your wallet wisely. Most non organic grain products will have weedicides on it. saveoursoil climatechange climatechangeisreal climate soilhealth soilgrown environment environmentalist environmentdesign saveourplanet saveourearth savetheworld regenerativeagriculture regenerativefarming regenerativeag planetfitness planet planetearth ourplanetdaily livingsoil supersoil worldsoilday environmentalart environmentallyconscious environmentaljustice carbonfootprint carbonneutral

Aweee maaa🙆🏽‍♂️ @vee_songstress BAsu mlilo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎥🏋🏾‍♀️ vrekafitnessbodybuildingbodybuilderfitfamfitspirationinkedgirlsinkedtattoodancechallengemenshealthzalifestylebloggerwomanfitnesseatcleannutritionhealthyeatingpumasouthafricabeardfashionplanetfitnessaestheticsmodel

Nothing Better than to start a New Week with a Bang!! Leg Day was Insane!! Thanks to @blackstonelabs_official for giving me the right Supps to push thru a Hard Monday Workout!! Get yours and used my code ANDYITSMYTURN or Used link on my Bio!! HappyMonday Blackstonelabs blackstonelabslegion DeepWater otomix planetfitness

Well Day 1...not one day.. Wake up before the chickens....I have quit so many things lets see what winning feels like... planetfitness workout workinprogress traviaweightlossjourney tryingagain fallseventimesstandupeight gotmyworkoutpartner fitness fitnessmotivation gymtime gymlife

When you come at 230 am you get the place to yourself. .fitness gym workout planetfitness

Você é daqueles que diz que não tem tempo de treinar? Daqueles que arrumam desculpas todos os dias para faltar o treino? Então pare de desculpa, você ainda terá 96% do seu dia para aproveitar! Treine! Otimize seu tempo! Aproveite mais seu dia! studio2019 planetfitness vem saude

Those faces say it all 🤣. Monday motivation coming to you from yesterday’s leg session with The big man @liam86aleman Oooooh we sore today! Session is still on the story if you fancy some punishment 🍗

Started with cardio. Ready to get myself back.flatbed truckdriver killinmiles makinmoney myhandleisred pf planetfitness truckerswhoworkout newbodywhodis @planetfitness

140lb @ 4 sets of 10. Hello spaghetti legs 🤣🤣😭 flatbed truckdriver killinmiles makinmoney myhandleisred pf planetfitness truckerswhoworkout @planetfitness

Got here at 3:30 am. Can’t go after work for a while. Gotta get it in somewhere. planetfitness workout workoutmotivation weightlossjourney

Apparently my gym is empty at 3AM. Hauling my ass out of bed before work has it’s perks! . . . . .planetfitness nurseswholift selfcare anxietyrelief maniamanagement yogaeverydamnday gymlife weightlossjourney plussizefitness

This was yummy. First drink wasn't what I expected, not too sweet but definitely yummy! • • • • • •weightlossjourney pcosweightloss caloriecounting naturalweightloss fattofit planetfitness pcos healthy weighday progress chobani

DIL DA VEHDA TEMPLE AE,,, JATT JEONDE HOI EXAMPLE AE..... surrey planetfitness fitness motivationalquotes motivational influencer supplements @supplementkingnewtonsquare @supplementkingsurrey fitnessmotivation jattlyf thuglife follow illuminati evil

Mondays can be tough.... remember to have a massage 😊

Officina della Danza- 16/09/2k19- inizia la nuova stagione palestra senigallia danzamoderna danzaclassica hiphop danzaaerea planetfitness

Sunday session🚨 Started with a glute focused workout and finished up with 30 minutes of biceps💪🏼 - Do you train on weekends too? - Also, Feliz Día de la independencia🇲🇽 - - - - - - - - -gimnasio gym gymmotivation gymshark gymselfie gymlife gymgoals gymlover fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitspo fitnessgirl fitnessaddict gluteday glutes glutework health weekendworkout planetfitness gluteo gluteos rutinasgym nutrution rutinasdeejercicios

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .eram dads_warrior planets planet pluto plutoisaplanet plutoinscorpio sailorpluto planetfitness planetearth planet_earth_shots planetshakers planet_birds planetstattoo planetsurfmakassar

Monday Starting the week off w/ Chestday w/ a Lil BackAttackSaveTheChubbyUnicornTheCountDownHasBegun RiseAndGrind gym PlanetFitness MyMisery myjourney theGloryofAlmost50 letsdoittogether ketoish 3rdShift RiseAndGrind Indianapolis TheCountDownHasBegun 338Days Until.. CheckInWithDavyRollCall @barbiebuilder @djres1985 @jodicaldwell85 @lynns_healthy_journey @stronger_than_fat @melissa_mccowan444 @x_j_lolo_x @brooks_weightloss @shrinking_with_keto @mateorhodess @lacunagrrl LetsGo

🏋️‍♀️ Gym App 🏋️‍♂️ 1️⃣ Scan Card to Activate account on App. 2️⃣ Add fitness goal, activity level, weight/height, and a selfie. 3️⃣ Gain Access to Workouts w/ different intensity levels. 4️⃣ Learn how to do an exercise you are confused on. Or ask me 🤷‍♂️👍 Schedule a class ahead of time so I know. (If no one is in scheduled class we can change class towards your fitness goals ✔️ 5️⃣ Join a class and learn something new. Do a cardio class instead of a cardio machine for something different. I’m here to help you. Have fun! Any questions? Just ask the guy in Yellow.trainersteve planetfitness planetfitnessapp

I like wearing a dress and makeup once in awhile, but gym clothes and no makeup is LIFE! Anyways had an amazing workout 🏋️‍♀️ PlanetFitnessLegsGlutesGymTherapyGainz

We cannot grow with constant hate and battle. We can only grow through love and harmony. Positivity is a powerful thing and it goes a long way for people trying to better themselves. Staying positive and believing in other people is the path to growth. GLAZE quote quotestolivebyquotesaboutlife life naturequotesnaturelover mothernature godinstagood instamoodquotestagram planetfitness galaxydubai sharjah interiorsinteriordesign art architectslikeforlikes like4likes followerslikeforfollow

We working like this though 💪👀 planetfitness

Yeah baby! We got squats we got legcurls we got deadlifts we got legextension legday stairclimber let's kill it today!!! gym planetfitness grinddaily

When olympia charges you up...... Gym at 3 am..... Ek kutra navhta akhya gym madhe...🤣🤣🤣balachmaaz planetfitness

Difficult roads are only torturous when we fail to see the opportunity, everything that we experience serves to expand our growth and ultimately align us with who we truly are. 💟 Deep within, thats the greatest of all to be fully aligned with our true self during every moment of everyday. 👊🏻💟 usnfaceoffitness2019 usnsa fitnessmagsa planetfitness gymgirls 🚺 grind workout exercise motivated gymgrind hardwork consistency neverquit doyourbest beleiveinyourself bethechange bethebestyou vision goals courage entrepreneur dailydose @fitnessmagsa @usnsa @planetfitnessza

Don't get impatient if it takes too long and drink it all even if it taste too strong. Yeah, I gotta feel alive even if it kills me. Promise to always give you me, the real me.nocturnal fitfam beyondrawlabs planetfitness satx

Heading into a new week means setting myself up for new goals! This week I plan to accomplish: 1. Passing my exams. 2. Hitting cardio atleast 4x. 3. Pull some new PRs on lifts. 4. Focus on more core work. 5. Sleeping 💤💤 6. Studying more. 7. More Bible time and studying this months book of Hebrews for church. Have you set up your week of success yet ? If not - you should. bairaesthetics failtoplanplantofail successfulwomen fit fitnessofohio ohioexplored ohiofit ohiofitness fitnessofinsta womenwhoworkout womenwholift bikinicompetitorintraining bikinicompetitorinthemaking liftheavy healthylifestyle ohiofitgirls planetfitness dedication determination npcbikinitraining bodybuilder bodybuilding deltsoverdudes bouldershoulders mondaymotivation goalgetter pushyourself tunnelvision gymmotivation gymlife

Here’s a light SHOULDER VIDEO. Side lateral db raises, shoulder press resistance machines, front db presses (two variations), straight bar front shoulder raises. 👏🏾💪🏽 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ TIPS ✍️🙏✍️ 1) STRETCH well for 10 min or more beforehand ✅ ➖ 2) ALWAYS start off light to loosen up the shoulder to avoid injury ✅ ➖ 3) whether it be front raises or lateral, you raise the weight to your shoulder length, no higher to keep tension on the delts ✅ ➖ 4) Shoulders get burnt out extremely fast so if you’re a beginner, I’d suggest doing 30 min solid of shoulders & then 30 min of a different muscle group to mix it up. ✅ ➖ ➖ ➖fit fitfam fitness gym gymmotivation gymlife hardwork shoulders shoulderday planetfitness classic swolemate cables detail csusm fitnessmotivation mensphysique bodybuilding sandiego cali consistency personaltrainer trainer train upcomingartist bodybuildingmotivation grind physique delts gymlife

Still got it in & Killed two hours at the gym... got two hours left before my next two classes start. Shoot, Monday’s are long but like everything in life you got to suck it up b. 💪🏽🙏 ➖ ➖ ➖fit fitfam fitness gym gymmotivation gymlife hardwork arms armday planetfitness classic swolemate cables detail csusm fitnessmotivation mensphysique bodybuilding sandiego cali ie artist rapper newmusic upcomingartist bodybuildingmotivation grind physique swole gymlife

You want a great arm day & PUMP?! Limit your rest time between sets to 30-40 seconds max. The lighter the weight, the slower you contract. The higher you go, just pump those babies as fast as you can without using your back & swinging (back straight, chest out!) 👏🏾💪🏽 start off light, 4 sets x 15 , go up in weight - 4 sets x 12, go back to light— 4 sets x 12... ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Let me train you at Planet Fitness in Hemet, ill show you how to get this done. 🙏💪🏽 ➖ ➖ ➖fit fitfam fitness gym gymmotivation gymlife hardwork arms armday planetfitness classic swolemate cables detail csusm fitnessmotivation mensphysique bodybuilding sandiego cali ie artist rapper newmusic upcomingartist bodybuildingmotivation grind physique swole gymlife

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