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A list of a few holistic combinations for healing that we offer at Ahmawan’s Apothecary! DM for pricing and shipping cost.😊 Our passion is faith and healing! We believe in healing the mind body and spirit through the natural herbs TMH has placed on this earth!💜 ————————————————— faith healing apothecary holistic ahmawansapothecary love disease wealth herbs holistic medicine body mind spirit temple list plants diet food sickness

The Sans Plant (Sansevieria) also known as mother-in-law's tongue works hard removing toxins from the air including formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide. These beautiful plants also thrive in lower light conditions. . . .plantsofinstagram plantsmakepeoplehappy plantlife plants indoorplants plantscaping interiordesign simplyelegant inthecle

Some absolutely stunning huge leaves from my work colleagues fittonia plant. This is definitely one plant I couldn’t look after as they tend to ‘faint’ easily, so I admire others instead 🤣🍃🌱 . . . . .nerveplant fittonia foliage leaf leaves #🌱plants plant plantsplantsplants plantsmakepeoplehappy plantshelfie plantsofinstagram plantsofinstagram🌱 houseplants houseplantsofinstagram houseplantclub houseplantlove houseplantnz indoorplants indoorplantsnz indoorgardening indoorjungle indoorplantsofinstagram

YOGABITES® - Signature Energy Bars Almond | Dates | Coconut https://lnkd.in/f46BkEc Clean Food, Clean Body, Clean Mind, Eternal Bliss. Go Vegan cleanbody cleanmind yoga meditation isha Cleaneating completenutrition indiakanayabutter # yogabitesShop online at https://yogabites.covegan healthyeating taste transformations fitjarsbethechange veganlife vegan fitness fitnessmotivation fitlife plantbased plants plantbaseddiet yogafood healthylifestyle healthyfood transformation yoga butterforbetterlife bliss

🥀🍃🌿🌱☘️🍀🌳🌲🌺🌥🌦🌧 . . . . . . . .sunflower sunflowers#تصويري📸landscape_love landscape_lover landscape_lovers sunflower🌻 girasoles🌻 nature_photo naturephotography naturelovers nature_good girassol🌻 sunsetoftheday shotoniphone creativeoptic awesome_photographersplant plants plantaddict plantstagram plants🌿 plantlovers#فون_ارت_سعوديspecial_shots depthobsessed#نافذة_فوتوغرافيةskycolors sunrise🌅 vibeofvisuals

Amikor, előkerül néhány fotó a memóriakártyáról. :) Szerintetek van olyan szép a zsálya virágzás mint a levendula?aromatetapia illoolaj soil talaj bio oko organic farm essentialoils plants herbs medicalherb gygynövény zslya termszet sage salvia tjkép landscape nature

A pretty quick in and out planting job just to add a bit of colour.plants colourfulplants

Euphorbia candelabrum - Se utilizan en el exterior debido a su gran tamaño, pero como tiene un crecimiento bastante lento también se pueden tener ejemplares jóvenes en macetas en el interior. Necesitan una exposición a pleno sol. 🌵🍂 . . . . .cactus succulents cacti plants cactuslover succulent nature kaktus plant suculentas cactuslove plantsofinstagram garden flowers succulentsofinstagramlo succulove homedecor gardening succulentlove tanamanhias cactuslovers cactusmagazine mexico kaktusmini flower succulentaddict plantas echeveria

🌿floraldesign fern plants design essentialoils gift對自己運用植物的天賦感到驕傲

Happy Friday from my office to yours. Sleighin’ this day to get to the weekend! dunkindonuts holidaycup dd americanrunsondunkin coffee office homeoffice cozy pinkandblue clock vintage plants

~ . P L A N T P O W E R . Locations like these...styles we love! .plantslocationslikethesestylesweloveplayoutsidenatureinspires📷 @ocean_and_main

It's like a jungle sometimes... green home plants greenlove

campomadre.wordpress.com - Da fine marzo cominciamo a seminare il mais, di varie varietà antiche recuperate in questi anni. Appoggiamo il chicco sulla terra e lo spingiamo a 30 cm in profondità aiutandoci con un cannetto di bambù tagliato all’altezza dell’internodo [...] alessandromontelli campomadre entelekiaseeds1957 ortoentelekia orto ortosinergico agricolturasinergica emiliahazelip agricolturanaturale masanobufukuoka agricolturabiologica ortobiologico natura garden gardening farm farming naturalfarming permaculture agriculture plants green vegetables vegan raw natural permacultura vegetarian verde grow

Pots day 15 of bgwgplantsgiving Today I just wanted to feature some of the thrifted pots that I have found this year. There's just something fun about finding great deals while thrifting. Pros: Pots can have cheap prices, often less than half of the store prices. Plus you may find something unique or vintage. Cons: Sometimes it's hard to find matching pots and you end with different colors, sizes, and styles. Styles that may not match your current pots/style. So if you're looking for a 3 piece matching pot set, then thrift shops may not be idea. Well then again you never know what you may find!thriftstorefindsthriftedthriftstoref plantersplanterplantstagram Iloveplants plantsofinstagram houseplantsofinstagram houseplants houseplant plants plantstagram plantsmakespeoplehappy plantpeople louisvilleplants keke_plants#

My Peace Lily ❤ My girls been drooping a bit recently, I'm pretty sure I'm giving her enough water, so I'm not sure what's causing it?plants plantlife plantgang peacelily witchcraft witch photo photography

Happy plants, happy home 🌵

Mom and I had tons of fun at our community vendor event to support a local school in our neighborhood. My face says “I’ve taught elementary school all day, sat down for ten minutes then networked and shared oils for six hours after but it’s all good cause... P E P P E R M I N T and Ningxia!” When I started my business I did a LOT of vendor shows, and I do enjoy them from time to time. Now I like to stay local and do smaller shows 1-2x a year. I love meeting new people, seeing their reactions when they smell ‘real’ oils, hearing their stories and connecting them to the lifestyle. Sometimes when you’re a veteran Oiler, surrounded by lots of veteran oilers you forget the simple stuff and what it was like to first smell an oil, learn about harsh-chemical free living and how to use a diffuser. There’s a world out there and there will never ever be a lack of opportunity for educating people on how to live better and feel amazing 🤗 Also there’s a whole community who has sniffed Christmas Spirit oil! 💧🌲 Happy Fri-Yay!

The first rule of decoration is that you can break almost all of the rules... billybaldwin

We’re back at our favourite event this weekend @popuppalmhouse in Sefton Park 😀🌿🌱🌴🌵 Come down and say hello 👋🏻 We’re there tomorrow and Sunday 11am until 6pm. Our shop @the_bluecoat is open all weekend as normal and is full of new plants 😀💚🌿 . . . . .roothouseplants plantsofinstagram plants plantlove houseplants houseplantclub greenlife plantsofliverpool plantinspirstion plantsagram plantgoals indoorplants foliage urbanjungle indoorgarden plantsmakepeoplehappy instagarden indoorjungle greengrow allthingsgreen urbanjunglebloggers plantscout plantstagram plantsofig botanicalpickmeup plantoftheday palmhouse liverpool houseplantsofinstagram houseplantclub

Daily dose of plants for y’all 🥰🌱 crazyplantlady plants pottedplants indoorplants plantshelfie

Why you should have plants?!🌱 Bc; 1) it cleanses the atmosphere. 2) sets color to your room 3) you control what you are eating 4) can cook with fresh herbs 5) Less money on herbs 6) Healthy Hobbies . . . . . . . . . . . . . plants plant botnist botanist plantbased terrarium mushrooms horticulture plantlady nature garden plantlife succulents plantshop succulentlover landscape indoorplants livingwithplants houseplantjournal houseplantclub houseplantplantclub planthoarder basil growingbasil loveldup ipreview via @preview.app

Comme souvent le week-end vous êtes invités à dîner chez des amis ou à déjeuner dans la famille ? Et si au lieu d'apporter le dessert🎂🍰 vous apportiez une belle plante qui dure🌷🌿 ? Alors ok..., ça ne se mange pas mais du coup, ça ne fait pas grossir non plus !!😁 ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀plants greenaddict plantsofinstagram girlwithplants botanical indoorplants urbanjunglebloggers urbanjungle greenaddiction plantlove houseplants green reconciliationvegetale plantpower greenlife

Meine (wieder) glücklicke Fatsia 🌿 fatsiajaponica . . . . . . . . . . .plant plantsofinstagram plants fatsia plantlady grünzeug plantstagram

Настроение 🔝🔝🔝 theworldtroughmyeyesukraine#львов#природаукраины#осеньсолигорскеinstasoligorsk#мобильноефотоinstagramfotofotografia#фотоприроды#красотабеларусь#искусство#осень2019plantsnaturenaturephotographyphotographyinstainstalikepicturesunsetlifebeautifulmobilephotography#замки#фотографлюбительbelarusgram#деревьяminskphotopikabu

Happy Friday everyone. .... . Exoticsucculents.com to shop for other plants.

No one in my house cares about this new leaf coming in on my Tineke rubber tree as much as I do and this was made clear by the fact that Dustin and Tavo both completely ignored me when I squealed this morning. 🌱🤗

Hi everyone so we decided recently that its important for us to introduce ourselves and who we are. I tend to stay quieter on social media generally (IRL I’m not very quiet) but I definitely enjoy being a bit more private. I’m Tara the younger sister of twosistersbc. I was born in Sweden and lived in Iran for a couple of years. From there it was a bit of back and forth until we eventually moved to Canada over 20 years ago. I think having the opportunity to live in more than one country has given me a unique perspective for different cultures. It has allowed me to embrace different lifestyles from one spectrum of living to the other understanding how different they can be but yet how similar. I’ve grown up around art my entire life. Most of our family is involved in art in one form or another from musicians to poets to painters. I started painting into my 20s. My first painting an oil painting for a friend. That took me 3 years on and off to finish… I am a full-blown procrastinator. I then got into watercolour for a few years and then acrylics. I fell in love with watercolour mainly because of the way it moved. (Cleaning is also two different worlds between oil and watercolour if you know you just KNOW) I love the outdoors. I love trees, breathing the amazing air we have in Vancouver is truly a blessing I will never take for granted. I love the Lynn loop trail it is my absolute favourite hike. I love seeing all the cute dogs that come even the ones that completely ignore me (crying) it happens a lot. I have two cats their special they eat poop and sleep. They don't protecc they don't attacc they always ask for additional snacc. I also love indoors my favourite setting would be a cottage somewhere in London on a gloomy day with a hot chocolate and a fireplace sitting down painting (Kill Bill is playing in the background). I recently gave birth to my baby boy Kai. I still can’t believe I’m a mom. Being a mom has been the most beautiful experience in my life. I have a lot of respect for women and what we are able to do with our bodies. Growing a lil human isn’t easy. Caring for one 24/7 isn’t easy either, continued in comments⬇️⬇️⬇️

Don’t you wish you have this hill? 😃 . . . . . 📸 Vuon sen da

二人の成熟した女性 🏮🌈🏮 ⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷ ↳See You Space Cowboy. . . ⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷⫸⫷ •DeviantArt→ shitentca •YouTube→ 「 TCA」 •Flickr→ 「 TCA」 私たちが愛していない女性と私たちを愛している女性の2種類があります。 二つの両極端の間には多くの素敵な女性がいますが、私たちはそれらをどのように感謝するかを知りません。 ___________________________________________________flores flowers whiteflowers landscape landscapephotography floresblancas death vintage spring plants blooms flowerpower flowerstagram flowersofinstagrambotanical floral flowermagic floweroftheday love flowerstalking natureonly garden instaflower flowerslovers flowerporn petal petals bloom instablooms flora winter___________________________________________________

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