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11.21.19 @lo.thepoet is obsolete and I’ll post my shit back on here coz reasons unless I feel like it lol. Also, it’s top to bottom, then next column. I haven’t done a multi-stanza in a while. _____________________•••••••••_______________________ lothepoet poetsofinstagram poetry quotes quotesofinstagram poemsofinstagram poem poet write calligraphy pilotpens 03 inspire love energy relationships write writer writersofinstagram usa nyc america filipina filam makhata filam filipino ilocanoak

If you are interested in the thought of Ramana Maharshi you can follow me on my Facebook profile: Alessandro Longi The subject of the photograph is The Sacred Mountain Arunachala, in the North of Tamil Nadu. Ramana Maharshi revealed that "Arunachala is the Guru in the form of a mountain. Be aware that Arunachala is the heart of the world. It's really Siva himself!" Although Ramana Maharshi has left his human form, he will always be here shining in the form of Arunachala, giving guidance and comfort to his devotees. "Silence is unparalleled eloquence, the state of grace that comes from within" "The primordial substance whose essence is the silence, that is me" "Your duty is to be: and not to be this or that ." Ramana Maharshi 🙏🕉🙏 Se sei interessato al pensiero di Ramana Maharshi puoi seguirmi sul mio profilo facebook: Alessandro Longi. Il soggetto delIa fotografia è la Sacra Montagna Arunachala, nel Nord del Tamil Nadu. Ramana Maharshi rivelò che "Arunachala è il Guru nella forma di una montagna. Sappiate che Arunachala è il cuore del mondo. E’ veramente lo stesso Siva!" Sebbene Ramana Maharshi ha lasciato la sua forma umana, egli rimarrà sempre qui risplendente nella forma di Arunachala, dando guida e conforto ai suoi devoti. "Il silenzio è ľ impareggiabile eloquenza, lo stato di grazia che sorge dalľ interno." "La sostanza primordiale la cui essenza è il silenzio quello sono io." "Il tuo dovere è quello di essere : e non di essere questo o quello." Ramana Maharshi 🕉🙏🕉Rumiquotes spiritjunkie spiritualgangster poem blessing quote quotes lovequotes blessup inspire inspiredaily poetry soul wisdom motivation mevlana mawlana beautiful # sufim universe instaquote humanity quoteoftheday rumiquotes konya rumi

Kiriman dari kak @nopeliaht ❤️ Yang ingin karya kalian di posting langsung aja kirim via DM & jangan lupa follow @sajaksidia ✍️ katabijakkehidupan katakatabijakcinta katabijak katakatabaper sajakrindu sajak sajakdetik sidia katasidia sajaksidia poem puisi puisicinta puisirindu puisisenja katakatasindiran katarindu katakatabaper bersyukur ikhlas harapan cinta kasihsayang allah

Dostlarınıza öyle umut olun ki düşmanlarının açtığı yaraya bir sargı olun. Dostun kalbine umut olup giren ilk siz olun ki korku gelince ayakta kalsın.şiirsokakta şiirheryerde şiir edebiyat kitap yenikitap dergi yenidergi sesdergisikanada serifaydin kanadanotları magazine newmagazine literature poem poetry writer reader love lovequotes sevgi aşk arkadaş friend friends friendship sevgi yenidergi

Follow for more . . . Follow👉@jnaab_ke_alfazz Follow👉@jnaab_ke_alfazz Follow👉@jnaab_ke_alfazz . . .alfazz #अल्फाज़ poem poems gulzar gulzar_poetry gulzarsahab quotes motivation ankahealfaaz rekhta shabd quoteoftheday love motivationalquotes. . . . @meridaayri @hijr___ @gulzar.ki.yadein @gulzariyaa @gulzarwords @gulzar_poetry @gulzar.ki.shayari @gulzaariyat @alfaazkasafar @doalfaaz @aapki.kalam @aapki.safalta @alfaz_asad_ke

Compartimos un poema de Travesía invertebrada, el nuevo libro de la poeta peruana Ethel Barja Travesía invertebrada / Rambling Journey, se publica en edición bilingüe inglés / español, y vendrá acompañado del conjunto de poemas Wandeo. La presentación será el miércoles 18 de diciembre a las 7 p.m. en la librería del Fondo de Cultura Económica Perú " (Calle Esperanza 275, Miraflores). Pronto daremos a conocer más poemas del libro y el nombre de los presentadores. . . .AlastorEditores Poesa PoesaPeruana PoesaJoven EthelBarja TravesaInvertebrada nuevolibro nuevapublicacin poesie poetry poem poet poeme autora escritora book livre editorial bookstagram lectura literatura literature literaturaperuana FCE FCEenPer miraflores poema

🌹 We are all trying so hard. We are trying so hard to be okay, to find happiness, to recover from the storm we have faced. We are trying so hard in our own ways. Sometimes we succeed and we have a good day but sometimes we hit rock bottom, which makes us feel as if nothing will ever be alright again. We try so hard. Every day. Every single one of us. Everyone has something to recover from, everyone carries a little bit of hurt, everyone experiences bad days. Let us remind ourselves of the fact that no matter who we see on the street, we are all just trying to love ourselves, to deal with whatever life is throwing at us and to make it through another day. We are all trying to heal. So, be kind to one another, my loves. Always remember that you are not the only one who is feeling this way. We are all in this together. And we can all be so damn proud of ourselves for pushing through. Let us cheer each other on, root for each other and never forget that through kindness, we have the ability to make someone feel a little less hurt and a little more loved 🌹

Kiriman dari kak @nopeliaht ❤️ Yang ingin karya kalian di posting langsung aja kirim via DM & jangan lupa follow @sajaksidia ✍️ katabijakkehidupan katakatabijakcinta katabijak katakatabaper sajakrindu sajak sajakdetik sidia katasidia sajaksidia poem puisi puisicinta puisirindu puisisenja katakatasindiran katarindu katakatabaper bersyukur ikhlas harapan cinta kasihsayang allah

mood: sitting by the fire on a chilly night, curled up with a fluffy blanket, hot chocolate in hand. And in the other, a book that takes me miles away... // •booklover beauty writer love read art writing vibe quotes bookaddict feels poem reader aesthetic poet romance couple book forever book romantic beautiful kiss cute novel amor together booklover movie couplegoals cold fall

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𝑶𝒑𝒆𝒏 𝒖𝒑. Jezelf niet openstellen heeft een voordeel en een nadeel. Voordeel: pijn kan niet binnenkomen. Nadeel: liefde kan niet binnenkomen.gedichten poems dichten gedicht poem poems dichtersvaninstagram rijm pozie poetry writing schrijfsels jeetjewateenhashtags daden liefde ofniet creativewriting selfawareness healing selflove relationships love fear cat vulnerability openup mattsimons

Tropical Poetry "I know who I am. I'm the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!"

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the deceit of reason and the reaping of habits even weeds are colourfulhaiku poem poetry writer writing poet writersofinstagram poetsofinstagram

Reawakening. • A poem for midwinter inspired by the christmas angel outside greenpark station, picadilly • In darkening afternoons damp air that tastes of sleet and wind, we dodge between the honk of taxis, buses, cars and other people, as from work to shops and back again we go, to and fro, intent on lists of food and clothes and gifts and then just as it all begins to feel too grim, the lights go on, heralding that soon the year will, slowly but inevitably, turn, declaring that infallible return of lengthening days, forgotten warmth of spring, currently unthinkable scents of summer sniffed through skin. It all lies in waiting, waiting for us to come and though we barely know we’ve had these thoughts, these memories of our future life of light and ease, we can see for certain now how outside the train station high above the city noise suspended by long lines of lights forever in the act of taking off (just as she was last year and the year before and in repeat, all down the street) a Christmas angel soars. • •poetry inspirationalpoetry xmas streetlights communityofpoets poetsofinstagram

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“Like the leaves in the fall, she put on a beautiful display; just to have it fall away and leave her bare as the branches in winter.” ☀️🍁❄️ • •photography fallvibes nature naturephotography naturelover nature photo poetry poem selfcare selflove selflovequotes

Mera haath chodhe Kaafi samay ho gya Tum wapis pakdne Kyun nhi aate?? Khamosi mein beet Rahe hai Din mere Tum wapis ladne Kyun nhi aate?? Waise Kai martaba Main tumhe jaane Ko kaha tha Par har baar ki Tarah tum iss Baar wapis kyun Nahi aate?? . . . . . . .writer writersofig indianwriter poetofinstagram poetsofinstagram instagram instaquotes instawrites quoteslover poetrylover #राही iloveyou raahi poem hindi hindipoems latenightthoughts lovend lovequotes latenight movingon memory poem poetry quote quoteoftheday sadqoutes sleepless shayari sad hindilovers

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You might not be depressed, you might just be sad. . Sometimes just knowing it’s okay to feel sad helps to ease our pain. In the self-help community we often hear all the ways to get happy. Then we are told to get there, stay there and then do whatever we can to get back there whenever our mood dips. While the intention behind this may be good, it sets unrealistic expectations and denies our humanity. . We are emotional beings. Imagine telling a child not to feel, well as we are growing into adults we are told just that- “Hold it in.” “Don’t be emotional.” “Suck it up.” “Don’t let them see you down.” While it makes sense to not show too much emotion in unsupportive environments, it’s detrimental to hold it in and not deal our pain. . If you hold these emotions in for too long you might not even know why you are down. You may just feel a lingering energy of holding everything in and thus believe you are “depressed”. In actuality it’s just symptoms being felt from causes that haven’t been dealt with. . When someone we love dies, when we did the wrong thing, when we experience a painful breakup, when we lose a job- these are all reasons to be sad. If we keep calling our sadness depression we may seek unhealthy ways to treat this sadness. . We must honor our sadness and allow ourselves to feel it. To be sad is to realize we care. We cared enough about something to get emotional about it. When we are sad we have the chance to embrace the feeling, to do this is to embrace ourself. As we deal with our sadness and get to the root we can release it and be stronger in those areas. . If you are going through something difficult I ask you to place your hands over your heart center with me. Breathe into the pain and allow the emotions to well up inside. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel, it’s the only way we will ever truly heal. -Kaden


🎉100th post time🎉 Read on for context and info. This song is part of a story I've been working on for a while. I don't know that I'll ever finish said story, but I decided to try to figure out exactly how this would be sung. So here we are. Something special for my 100th post. Two parts because of instagram's arbitrary 1 minute rule. Swipe for second stanza. Also, it cut off words but I'm not going to fix it. Seriously, y'all are great. Thank you for your kind words and likes on my posts. poem poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity instapoet writersofinstagram writing writingcommunity

just so you know...

- Ilmu ikhlas - Kamu tahu apa itu cinta tanpa syarat? Yaitu cinta tanpa meminta balasan Cinta tanpa syarat adalah IKHLAS Ikhlas mendoakannya Ikhlas memperhatikannya Ikhlas memberi Tanpa harus minta DIBALAS KEMBALI Menuju ilmu ikhlas kamu harus melewati SABAR dan SYUKUR Puncak tertinggi dalam cinta adalah IKHLAS Sama hal seperti engkau mencintai allah Ikhlas beribadah Ikhlas berbuat baik Ikhlas dalam beramal Tanpa harus minta DIBALAS KEMBALI Apa yang terjadi dalam hidupmu Semua itu allah yang mengkhendakiNYA Termasuk kamu tersenyum Tiada yang luput dari pengawasanNYA Tiada yang salah jika kamu mencintai Tanpa bertindak itu bukan DOSA Berdoa adalah cinta tanpa syarat Karena ada ikhlas tanpa balasan Cinta paling romantis adalah DOA Aku mencintaimu Karena kamu mencintaiNYA Aku bukan ingin memilikimu Karena itu KekuasanNYA Aku mencintaimu hanya dalam doaku Karena tuhanku ingin tahu rasa syukurku Atas kehadiranmu terlukis senyumanku By poem ; @ahm.budiepoembebe_poetrycoolahm_budiewriterpuisicintaawesomepapa___bebejakartamedandoafollowmepoetrycalmfashionlovedagelaninstagramdailypostjumuahkualalumpurmakkahmadinahallahiloveyouqoutemotivation

Seems like something a totally sane person would choose to write in their bio. tinder swipeleft onlinedating dating haikyuu runaway nothanks poem bye men

मैं बस्तर हूँ, शांत स्वभाव प्राकृतिक से सरोबार बस्तर हूँ। फिर भी ना जाने क्यों लोगो के मन में मेरे लिये ख़ौफ़ रहता है, मैं बस्तर हूँ, मैं अद्भुत बस्तर हूँ, मैं विश्वशनीय बस्तर हूँ।। . . Pic Credit By @harsh__patel___ . .amchobastar sundarbastar bastarfam photography tribal india kanker kondagaon keshkal narayanpur bastar jagdalpur dantewada sukma bijapur india chhattisgarh raipur poem qoutes innocent environment nature travelphotography sunlight


people come and go, gotta get used to it. some people make you fall in love only to leave at the end. others make you fall in love to always stay. if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find someone who’ll stay with you until the end of time jmwisepoetry

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