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Talent... @nugatory_utters_ Follow and share... . . . . . . . nugator uters poem poems quotestoliveby quotes follow share life lifestyle lifequotes facts factz love human talent laziness lazy

दोस्त है साहब बेज़्ज़ती करवा ही देते है ।। If you like this post Share it !! . . Follow - @akshat8327 🌸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Turn on Post notification💯 written by - @akshat8327 🌸 . Use hashtag- linesofakshat Share this post💯 Written by - @akshat8327 ………………………………………………….................................. poetry love poetrycommunity writersofinstagram poet poem poems writer quotes poetsofinstagram writing art wordporn quote writersofig quoteoftheday thoughts lovequotes words writerscommunity poets shayari music inspirationalquotes writers follow wordsofwisdom instagram bhfyp

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What You have created, Protect. Spare your children the pain And neglect. As we all share your Love, They can share Fragrant Harbor, for sure. The heartache, we cannot endure. Let not the anguish last long, For there’s life to be lived in Hong Kong. alevgefenpoetry alevgefen poetry poems poemsofinstagram prayerforhongkong hongkong hongkong🇭🇰 followme

Poem 83 - Being infected Daily Poetry by Praveen Mayakar poems english poetry daily 365daychallenge thoughts infect

Have you ever felt this way? Changes. Changes are something that's important for life & at times these change actually changes you from the inside. I went through some changes within me, Some changes in people's behavior. At times you don't get bothered, But sometimes you do. After that, The rough time starts & fades like it was never there.. And this makes you something that you lost a long ago; It makes you,YOU. And at last, What actually matter is You,Yourself. Cherish what you have, Let go what goes, Same way let things come to you. Let more light enter into you, And shine brighter than you already were. Make way for Love, Make way for Life ❤ Sending strength to whosoever in need🤗 Your forever, Ted🤭 Do share,like,save & comment down your views. Been a long, Would love to read some❤ Haqikat naa rahi darmiyaan, Jaise pehle hua karti thi.. Mujhme naa rahi tu utni, Jitni pehle hua karti thi. ~Aahad Memon ©thenyctophiler poetrynation poetrycommunity writingcommunity writersofindia writersofinstagram wordgasm love poetry poems sher urdupoetry changes thenyctophiler weekendswithted

...vuelve... a decirme lo de siempre... - @beret1996 me hace tanto daño como no verte. - LoQueNoTeDigo Project Words Unsaid Poems writing thoughts Cute Spanish Poems Poesa escritoresdeinstagram Escribir

»»»»» 💯 FᏌᏞᏞ ᏚᏌᏢᏢᎾᎡᎢ 💯««««« . . .FᎾᏞᏞᎾᏔ :»» 🎭@shahzad._.writes 🎭 . . . FᎾᏞᏞᎾᏔ :»» 🎭@shahzad._.writes 🎭 . . . FᎾᏞᏞᎾᏔ :»» 🎭@shahzad._.writes 🎭 . . »»»»»» 🎭 ᎷᏚ ᏞᎾᏙᎬᎡX 🎭«««««« . . .~~~😍 ᏞᏆKᎬ & ᏟᎾᎷᎷᎬNᎢᏚ / ᏚᎻᎪᎡᎬ 😍~~~ . »»»»»»»»😘 YᎪᎪRO 😘««««« . .»»»»👍ᎢᎡᏌN ᎾN  NᎾᎢᏆFᏆᏟᎪᎢᏆᎾNᏚ 👍.«««««« . . ```````👌__ᏴᎬᏚᎢ__QᏌᎾᎢᎬ 👌```````` . ```````😎__ᎪᎢᎢᏆᎢᏌᎠᎬ ᏚᎢYᏞᏆᏚ 😎``````` . ```````😍 ᏆNᎾᏟᏟᎬNᎢ ᏩᎡᏞᏚ 😉```````` . »»»»» 📱 ᎠᎪᏆᏞY ᏢᎾᏚᎢ 📱 ««««« . ~~~ 🆔 KᎬᎬᏢ FᎾᏞᏞᎾᏔᏆNᏩ 🆔~~~~ . KᎬᎬᏢ ᏚᏌᏢᏢᎾᎡᎢᏆNᏩ 👤 ᏴᎬᏚᎢ ᏢᎪᏩᎬ ᎾN ᏆNᏚᎢᎪ ❤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . === FᎾᏞᏞᎾᏔ ᎷᎬ @shahzad._.writes ======== ===== ====== ======= = . writersofinstagram poetry writer writerscommunity writersofig love writing poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity writingcommunity wordporn quotes writers quoteoftheday poet authorsofinstagram poem thoughts writerslife lovequotes poems quote bookstagram words igwriters wordsofwisdom writersofindia inspirationalquotes instawriters bhfy

Multidão de ausentes presentes na solidão (colado em 2015) A fome não tem preconceito (colado em 2018) poesia poemes poems poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram haiku osombrapoeta artwork artistofinstagram poetsofinstagram instapoets writer instawriter photography instaphoto streetart

We are the same you and I It's not too late. Sharing posts to spread awareness is good but what would be better would be to actually get shit done, to mend our ways in respect with she , who gave us all. It's all a matter of balance. The rhythm of life and death has gone to ashes . It's the deed of not just today but of thousands of generations. Blame ignorance and indifference and a lack of gratitude , not to mention duty. Let's at least try and do something? Check out these profiles to discover people who are getting shit done and partner with them. @krino_potter and @sovlanatir and @kee.kh It starts with every single one of us, in every corner of the world. If you want to see accounts that support nature and/for awareness head over to @mylifesatravelmovie @natgeo @leonardodicaprio poetry poems nature prayforamazon

Chasing the storm. ——————————————————————— Please leave a “❤️” in comments if you like my posts. Thank you. . Feel free to tag | comment | share . Follow : @thequietcorn for musings,poetry and relatables . image illustration by the amazing @andreysamarin . . thequietcornthegoodquotewritingcommunitypoetryisnotdeadpoemsquotesdailyquotesaboutlifequotesforlifermdrakeatticuspoetrypoemofthedayquotestagraminstapoetwritersofigpoetsofinstagramwritersofindiapoets


EXHORTACIÓN Ya no quedan cuentacuentos en las plazas, en los hospitales. La palabra ya no es atenuante de la muerte o el desamor. Charlatanes insípidos cazan suscriptores haciendo ruido para no tener que decir nada. El Arte ha dejado de ser Capilla Sixtina, Guernica, Noche Estrellada. Ahora se mercadea estúpido y anodino en recibos del súper o perros globos de acero. La música ya no bebe de la furia creativa ni de las pasiones del alma. Se ahoga repetitivamente en la peligrosa simpleza de la industria. Ya casi nadie pinta una pared de verdad: “La imaginación al poder”. Los muros virtuales se atiborran de memes, etiquetas, pocos caracteres. El cine cansado se recicla. La ciencia sufre del Síndrome de Estocolmo. Ya no hay sombras ni árboles ni manzanas. Quizás todavía quede algún poema merodeando la noche, maullando ferozmente de tejado en tejado, languidecido, herido de muerte. Si lo ve, sea amable, o mejor aún, déjelo agonizar en paz. poem poet poetic poems poets poetry poetrys poema poemas poetica poeticasacciones poeta poesia poesias arte artes literatura escritor escritores

I still can’t grasp that you hurt me so consciously. Your heart must be ice cold, yet all I saw was warmth inside of you. I chose to see the best when the worst was right under my nose. I just couldn’t see it or I didn’t want to see it. You provoked emotions inside of me that I didn’t even know existed. In your arms, I felt safe and sound. I felt like I belonged. My eyes would sparkle every time you would enter the room. I felt joy, pure and impassable joy I couldn’t hide. You saw right through me. You saw the effect your closeness had on me. A grown woman would turn into a naive girl every time you were near. Your presence made me unable to think straight. I was so intoxicated by my love for you that I lost myself in it. You knew that well. I am sure of it. It was all part of the game. To sweep me off of my feet with words I had never heard before. To do things that would leave me in awe. To touch me in a way that left a mark on my body long after you were not there. You played the role of a perfect boyfriend so skilfully that I didn’t even notice the small manipulations I was under the entire time. I trusted you completely, and you used it. You benefited from it. You knew I would hang onto your every word like it’s most sacred and honest. I would never second guess, and if I would, I would silence my mind, telling it to stop overthinking. I muted every thought and every feeling that was telling me you were playing with my heart. I refused to believe that you could ever do anything to hurt me intentionally. But I should have listened. poetry poem poet poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing poetsofig poet writer poetrycommunity poems wordporn writersofig words spilledink instapoet typewriter prose poets creativewriting instapoem writers write writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity spokenword poetryisnotdead igpoets

20 Poems From This Instagram Couple Will Make You BELIEVE In Love … couple Instagram love Poems 20 Poems From This Instagram Couple Will Make You BELIEVE In Love More Source by tjbarrett82_82

'Invictus' Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds and shall find me unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. ~ William Ernest Henley, 1875 Happy birthday William Ernest Henley Artist of image unknown poems poemsoftheday williamernesthenley

Sahi pe shabbash..galat pe aawaz uthni zaroori hai!!!! hindi kavita poem poetrycommunity poems

Read poems by Alix Anne Shaw, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Mimi Jennings, and Stephanie L. Harper in our Summer Gallery of Poets in the Summer 2019 Edition of Kosmos Quarterly here: https://bit.ly/2Nxyf2r Photo by American Meadows poetry wildflowers navigation nature compost mayuary poetrycommunity poems kosmos kosmosjournal kosmosquarterly globaltransformation summer2019 allmyrelations summergalleryofpoets galleryofpoets transformation harmony alllife

Woke up empty, sad and alone Emptiness filled my chest Nothing but a vast void of black Today I felt as if I was dead Gone, lost and alone Hiding my tears in the shower As I let my sadness wash away Darkness covers my light My soul fades I feel nothing as if I’m already gone I can’t hold on I can’t feel So sad Dead inside and alone. poems poem poemsofinstagram words dark depression

E mentre sto in spiaggia il moto delle onde mette in movimento la mia mente

Part 3: Brain Vs Heart My brain says listen, I showed you the logic. Why must you make this all seem so tragic? My heart says I can only love one, And I'm sorry but this battle's already been won. My brain says no, give him a chance. He could be your new perfect romance. My heart says maybe, but I don't want new. I made up my mind already: all I want is you. My brain just sighs, you're going to get hurt. Your scars now healed but you want to get burnt. My heart agrees that there will be pain, But I survived before, I can do it again. poetry poem poems poemoftheday brainvsheart brain heart feelings love confusion photography photo pic picoftheday photooftheday sunset sunsetview ddi downdislands mountains life sea ocean water boat view views islandlife

~Part 2: Brain Vs Heart My heart says yes, this feels so pure, My heart says I couldn't ask for anything more. My brain says no, don't you see the other boy Who made it clear he wouldn't treat you like a toy. My heart says yes, let's not start all over. With nobody else have we ever been closer. My brain says child, spare us the heartache. This is simple, you know which choice to make. My heart says no, now I'm confused. I know what I want, but I don't know what to do. poetry poem poems poemoftheday brainvsheart brain heart feelings love confusion photography photo pic picoftheday photooftheday sunset sunsetview ddi downdislands mountains life sea ocean water boat view views islandlife

~Part 1: Brain Vs Heart I wish I could listen to my brain and not my heart. Cause my brain says no, you will be too far apart. But my heart says yes, it feels so safe To be here with you everyday in this place. My brain says no, listen to these people. They can make your choice while you are feeble. My heart say yes, you make me feel so blessed, My heart that doesn't want to stay in my chest. My brain says no, another is better, My brain points out both name's first letter. poetry poem poems poemoftheday brainvsheart brain heart feelings love confusion photography photo pic picoftheday photooftheday sunset sunsetview ddi downdislands mountains life sea ocean water boat view views islandlife

Y que mejor formar de cerrar celebraciones de 4 Años de Micro Abierto para Poetas PerVersos que con un micro abierto al uso, es decir; 2 minutos por poetas, varias rondas. Pues eso es lo que haremos hoy a las 20:00 horas finalizando participación este verano con la Biblioteca Pública Campo Grande en nuestro micro abierto número 53 en lo que va de año. Nosotros, que amamos el micro abierto... perversosgrupopoesiapoesiapoesiavalladolidmicroabiertopoetasvalladolidpoesiadelalmapoetrypoetasdeinstagrampoetasespañolespoetrycommunityescritorespoemsfrasesversosmediodiadeversospoetryslamvalladolideditoresedicion#

thoughts can be bitches sometimes, can't they

Till my eyes can see, I'll find you till that place..! Yes..You & only You resides in my memories. I never thought of to get rid of your memories. It's you only You, no one else. Not only for now but, I'll ensure it that remains forever..!! . . . caughtatwentyeightpoemspoemsofinstagramwordsbrokenheartpoetrycommunityinstaquotesgrampoempornmeheartbrokenlovequoteslifeheartwordsmypoetrycommunitypoetrydessertdesiredreamcrazyroseinstagoodnightgoodvibesbeautifulpassionoopswilliamshakespearepoetryisnotdeadheartfeelingsmeinstagoodpeaceme

W R I T I N G I think I'll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up... It always does in the end 🙂 ~Luna Lovegood~ . . . . . . . . . . poetry poems poetrycommunity poetryporn poetress poemsporn poemsofinstagram poemporn poetryisnotdead poetrylover poemlover vancouver poet writer creativewriting spilledink writersofig poemoftheday dessert toronto quoteoftheday quote quotes instapoem europe photooftheday foodlover toronto food canada

W R I T I N G My sadness is beautiful. It infuses everything I do. It is at the core of my identity and has always been, just as happiness is in some people. I refuse to hold that as a flaw. I will not mute it with medications for the sake of society. I will hold it close to me and celebrate it rightfully while the rest of the world fails to see it for what it is, and it will be their loss 😌 ~Ashley Lorenzana~ . . . . . . . . . . poetry poems poetrycommunity poetryporn poetress poemsporn poemsofinstagram poemporn poetryisnotdead poetrylover poemlover vancouver poet writer creativewriting spilledink writersofig poemoftheday poetslife writing quoteoftheday quote quotes instapoem europe photooftheday instapic toronto montreal canada

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