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Hi my name is Memphis and I beat up ALLLLLLLLL my big brothers. catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram rescuekitten fostercat kitten tinybully cat kitten adoptdontshop spayandneuter

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🛑911🛑911🛑911🛑911🛑911. ‼️‼️C O D E R E D‼️‼️ URGENT!!🔥🔥. 🎇SAVING GAS CHAMBER ANIMALS 🎇 LINDON UTAH - North Valley Animal Shelter. 💥IT CAN TAKE UP TO 30MINS FOR AN ANIMAL TO DIE IN A GAS CHAMBER!! OFTEN DOGS AND CATS ARE THROWN IN THE GAS CHAMBERS TOGETHER AND ARE LEFT TERRIFIED TRYING TO CLAW THEIR WAY OUT AND SOMETIMES AN ANIMAL IS GASSED TWICE BEFORE IT’S KILLED!! THE GAS SLOWLY SUFFOCATES AND/OR POISONS THE ANIMAL!! 🚨🚨AVAILABLE FOR RESCUE OR ADOPTION!! 🙏🙏🙏 ID # 1800 LUCID IS ONLY 18 MONTHS OLD!! SHE’S A SNUGGLY KITTY WITH A HUGE PERSONALITY WHO LOVES TO PLAY!!💖💖 💧💧💧 JUST A BABY!! 💧💧💧 SHE NEEDS PLEDGES FOR RESCUE INTEREST 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰 🚨PLEASE PLEDGE AND SHARE TO SAVE HER LIFE!!!!🚨. 🔥🔥🔥🔥___________________________________________________ PLEDGES = $0 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 LUCID 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 PLEDGES NEEDED TO SAVE HER LIFE!! 😰😰 Lindon UT Utah Valley Animal Shelter ★ GAS CHAMBER SHELTER ★ PLEASE SHARE!! AVAILABLE FOR RESCUE OR ADOPTION since 8/20/2019 ID # 1800 Named * Lucid * Female (spayed) DSH - only 18 months old!!!😢😢💔💔 Adoption fee $10 PER THE SHELTER: Lucid is a snuggly kitty with lots of personality. She loves to play. When you have a toy or another exciting thing, she tilts her head sideways and her eyes get huge before she goes after it. However, she is pretty good about not using her claws on people. She has been around kids, cats, and dogs. She takes time to warm up to other animals, but eventually does. She’d rather be petted than held, but she’s very affectionate. Please never call the shelter about the Gas Chamber issue as it could affect rescue efforts and have a negative impact for the animals. Out of State Rescues are welcome you will need to fill out a rescue group application, and have a valid business license and/or 501c3. North Valley Animal Shelter CONTACT INFO: Address: 193 N 2000 W Lindon, UT 84042 Phone: (801) 785-3442 Fax: (801) 785-0514 Email: nuvas@orem.org Director: Tug Gettling ladybug3140 LUCID1800 kitten cat cats catsofinsta instagram cats_of_instagram pets petstagram petsofinstagram instacat catsofinstagram catlover instagramcats

We're not supposed to be on the table but look how cute and comfy we are 😜 • • • • kittersdoingthings petsofinstagram catto pets petsofig instacat catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram kittens kitties cats tuxedocat longhairedcat greycat greybie latergram fff

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The pest control officer practices his surveillance poses. Having slept all day long, he’s prepared for another night of wild patrol. pestpatrol tabbycat tabbies tabbiesofinstagram catlovers catportrait catoftheday catsofinstagram wildcat wildcat browntabby badcat

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I straighten this rug out everyday ... cat catsofinstagram catmom kyrie crazy catlovers

My hoomans painted my favorite room today. I decided to contribute and turn their boring paint job into Butta art. You’re welcome. cat cats chartreux chartreuxcat catstagram catsofinstagram thebuttass buttagang art

🐱 (desliza la imagen) . . . Precio: Cierre en velcro 30.000 pesos | Ponytale 35.000 pesos . . . Diseño con cierre en velcro | Tela antifluidos ‼️ recuerda que puedes cambiar el modelo del gorro con el diseño que más te guste 😊 . . Envíos a todo el país... 🚛 . . madeincolombia odontologia fabricsdesign medicina veterinaria healthwearcol bedifferent caps gorrosquirurgicos colors cats catsofinstagram

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I think I finally figured out my Instagram aesthetic & I don’t know about you, but I think it’s purrrrfect 😻 . . . & yes I did pick this cat, because he’s my ginger spice twin 🐈 . . . cats catsofinstagram catladytribe catlovers kittens adoptcats gingercats cats_of_world justacoupleofkittens kittens petrescue catcafe catsandcoffee LongIsland Suffolkcounty selden NYC nyccatcafe

Uncle Jake has FINALLY learned, “if I fits, I sits” catsofinstagram cats domesticlonghair catuncle catrules rescuecat

정신못차리는 모래🤣🤣

Cinco de Mayo is August 21st, right? fiesta

Luna has a branch mustache 😸

Excuse me...

RepostBy @urgentdogsandcatsofmiami: "Merry heard that she was being called a land hippo and judging by that tongue, she is not amused with this nickname of hers. 🤣 Let us tell you a little more about Merry A2006262, she’s a spayed female gray and white Terrier mix, approximately 2 years old and weighs 72 pounds. She’s also available for adoption. She’s absolutely adorable and will make a family whole. @sit.snap.save . . Contact: Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166 ☎️305-884-1101 or 📧 Pets@miamidade.gov with A#, to check: availability/status/request medical records. . . . PLEASE REPOST/TAG/SHARE dogs pitbullsofinstagram bullybreed bestfriends staffy catsanddogs pitbulladvocate americanbully fitness dontbullymybreed amstaff dogoargentino bullys pitbulllover thaiboxing americanbullys boxing catsofinstagram pitbullnation americanbulldog pitbulllove bluestaffy pitties futbol personaltraining drummer drums martialarts .


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