• are you sure? • “How do I convince you when I myself am so confused. It’s already late and I can’t stop myself from thinking about the conversation we had today. We both are broken souls who carry their glued hearts around. Every night, I dream about that one moment when I could give up these tensions and lose the strings that hold us close and apart. I crave it to end on fires burnt and fine, roses exchanged over wine, until. We had questions to ask and insecurities to overcome. I had temptations to give in to and remember you staring at my smile. As if I don’t stare at yours. You could be everything I need, and everything that I could lose and resign, perhaps that’s why I choose to break your heart before you break mine.” -tw.

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oh to be young & in love 🕊 roaring ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ poetry poems poetsofinstagram poets roaringpoetry fall nature

I follow a page on Facebook which is a support group for women, and the posts I read on there are.... I have no words. Recently, a woman posted something along these lines, "my son is engaged to be married with a girl, who is such a darling, and there is nothing wrong with her, apart from the fact that she is not a virgin." Are virgin women prizes to be won? I was not aware. In any case, this is a discussion in itself, and if I start now, I will never finish. It's not unheard of, that when a girl "sleeps around" she is labeled "slut" but when a boy sleeps around, he is labeled "cool." Why is that? When we get married, men want a virgin woman, because he claims that this is what he "deserves" and he doesn't want "used goods." He says that his early adulthood was him "enjoying life" and he was never in a "serious relationship" and so, his explanation for why he isn't a virgin is brushed off. Oh, but oh, when a girl doesn't bleed on her wedding night, eyebrows are raised. It might not even be because she isn't a virgin (READ THAT AGAIN)! It might be because her hymen was broken long before because of daily activities, or maybe she was born without a hymen (LOOK IT UP) but the sad fact remains that she has to now EXPLAIN herself, like she did something wrong. So, what, do I now have to fear the day where I possibly don't bleed? Do I then have to explain the myth of the hymen? Do I have to give reasons for why this happened, or why that happened, or why so and so says this or that??? Do I have to hire an expert on the female body just so that I'm in the clear? I am TIRED of this double standard. And saying "if the man is a virgin, he can want a virgin too" doesn't make the situation any better. Virgins aren't better people. There I've said it! BEING A VIRGIN DOESN'T MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON. So stop making it seem like it does. Artwork by Janice Sung * * * quotes love life heart hurt heartbroken words writerscommunity writersofintstagram writers_den_ writersofig writersnetwork worldofpoets globalpoetcult writerssociety artofpoets poetsofinstagram wordporn poetryisnotdead special janicesung art poetsandpoemz instagood beautiful happy

Your mouth is prettier than the moon, because it does not hurt anyone, it does not hurt without wanting it. You take care of what you say and you prefer to read and nourish yourself to live to live. Do not think I have not seen, how you take care of the environment and smile with the flowers, and take care of each animal. Today, it does not matter who I am, you're pretty when the world hurts, and it hurts me not to see you happy. I know that sometimes it gets difficult, of course, what can I say if it happens to me too? But you motivate others, you are good even with strangers and that is why this letter is for you. Do not forget that you can, forgive those who hurt you and do not hold a grudge in your heart. Keep doing what you like, because you are triumphant every time you try. Remember that you are the muse of my nights (mainly when there is a full moon) and when reading this writing, you will feel that I feel you, even if you do not know where I will be. That's what it's about, that's the magic of life, and a star will guide us because although you think it's impossible, I love you today, tomorrow and perhaps. I love you in the improbable, in your oddities, in each day that you feel less than the others. This writing is yours, muse, because you are my inspiration. By the way, I love you, I love you more and more. As a friend, as a human being, as my great love ... in all ways I love you. In any way I trust you, and in all ways I will be present to help you not give up. Book: Four Seasons Of Love Available on amazon motivationalquotes motivational quotes tumblr sad love inspiring heartbreak instaquote quoteoftheday poetry poem lifequotes writer poet wisdom inspirationalquotes business motivational inspire success writersofinstagram positivevibes positive poetsofinstagram truth

Nothing will ever feel wrong with the right person. Did you bunk lectures just because you wanted to watch a movie with your friends ? Did you and your sister fight over which channel you should watch? Did you abuse your best friend even though it was not needed ? Did you yell at your brother just because he did not bring you a glass of water ? Did you secretly keep a present for your parents on their anniversary? Did you have a moment with your partner and felt the world has stopped moving? Every person you do silly and good things with, is because they are the right ones in your life. ©nikitalokhande . . . ...poetry kavita poem poems poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram wordporn wordgasm words wordsmith poetryporn poetsofig writersofinstagram writers writingcommunity writinginspiration writerslife writersblock writersblog writinglove writinglife writingtips motivationalquotes motivation hope perfection love lovequotes loveinfinity loveyourself

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Love covers the walls here. ☕ inspiration poetsofinstagram love cafe

More gravity please, I'm losing everything but interest Nectarines on speed dial, Chemtrail hands & eyes like a funnel Push me down, say what you will This red shift back to reality- the ideal snack Forged in a fire of contrast & out-sourced emotions ⚡️🌿☀️ poetry poetryislife poetsofinstagram badpoetry forest creeking mushroomhunting poetrycommunity poetryporn poetryofinstagram sunpictures woods naturephotography naturephotos

Not sure what love is I know what lust is I know physical attraction I know innocence before we think We can finish eachothers sentences Before we can say I knew they were going to do that I knew they were going to say that That is what they always do We are smart creatures, so we recognize everything To a fault But the moment you think you know someone so well Is the moment it all falls apart Humans are complex creatures Many have said monogamy is not natural So why did so many marriages stay together 50 years ago Is it evolution? Or is is it a bombardment of distraction….of people always  Looking for the next best thing The grass is not always greener Usually not, technology has provided us with and endless  Supply of superficial relationships That never last And I am tempted to check out of the Matrix Disconnect all these distractions in my life That make me feel worse, and don’t enlighten me  In any way shape or form I love technology, but I hate simplicity And how do I separate my life The way I want it to be From artificial reality? poems# poemsofig poemsofinstagram poetry poets igwriters poetryofinsta poetryisnotdead writingcommunity writer spilledink  igpoetry life instaquotes igpoetry quotes lovepoems  lifequotes poet quotes love writersofinstagram poem art poetrycommunity quote life writing wordporn lovequotes poetsofinstagram words sad

Stress is to the upper stratosphere Break my body To break the fuck up out of here If I can keep it straight I lift that weight And I’m free to concentrate On the simplistic motion Demons so insistent and cogent Words pouring in like potions Hatred of arrows like Trojans Shields become reinforced It’s run its course, throats are hoarse With no room left to discuss it Doesn’t require you trust it Just accept repercussions Donating dollars to the dungeons Buried bodies to resurrect Ensure that trials never correct Creating probations for decades Erasing families and names Starve the community With impunity; lay blame Kill or be killed; do it with skill Reverse racism requires absence Lack of knowledge of back then Like moonwalking with a backbend Societal collars to track them Unless, your white It’s an anomaly A burger and excused sodomy Or transfer to a new parish While more children perish And blood fills the sky This is what traverses my mind In my free time • • • freethought freeassociation loaded blood sky reflection wordvomit justwrite write writer writersofinstagram writersofig writing writingcommunity writerscommunity poem poemsofinstagram poetry poet poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram poetsofig poetsofinstagram instapoet instapoetry

बाद इक अरसे के जब मेरा चांद निकला तब उनसे मेरी शिकायतों का सिलसिला भी चल निकला कि इतने दिनों तक तुम चांद कहां छुपे रहे मैं उनसे उनकी बेवफाई के किस्से कहता रहा आंखों में समंदर समेटे शायद मुझे कैफियत का इंतजार था चांद सुनता रहा चुपचाप रहा शायद दुनिया के सारे जवाब ख़त्म हो चुके थे और चांद डूब गया इस बार शायद हमेशा के लिए शायद मैं इस जन्म की अपने हिस्से की चांदनी जी चुका था poetsofinstagram poetryofinstagram poetrycommunity poetasdeinstagram poemsofinstagram poemasdeamor hindi hindiwriting hindi_poetry kavita hindikavita poetrymaykhana

" Well this aspect of the shock is also ruined by me too ... " Saying a lot in a little | Keep it real | Tag begin : #अनकहेलफ्ज़ untoldstories goodnight goodnightthoughts microtales blogger captionsforinsta captions love loveislove lovequotes hindithoughts hindi followers followforfollowback follow sayings sayingsandquotes shayari poetsofinstagram onelinerquotes yourquotes thoughts relationshipquotes englishthoughts Follow - @wordsofpen

If you can give all that love to someone else, then you can also give all that love to yourself ❤️

/ I miss you / . I miss you. I miss that minute, when you held my pieces together and calm my heartbeats. I miss that hour, when you explained me how precious I was and how lucky you were to be mine. I miss that sunset, when you asked me to be yours and promised yourself to me. I miss that nights, when you asked me if I was scared of darkness and upon my denial, you took me for a long walk. I miss those days, where you would make me laugh a lot and smile a little. Where you would take care of my choices and ask me ' Why I chose you?'. I miss those moments, when you asked me 'If I was ready to be yours, forever?' and I responded with a 'Yes'. I miss the time I spent holding you close and hearing your breath. I miss those years, when you fulfilled your promises and held onto my insanity. Now that you're gone, I miss whole of you. Not the moments, not the years and not the time, but you. ©Humakhan . . . . poets poetrycommunity poetryclub poetryhub writers_den_ lovequotes love lifequotes herquotes loveyou writer writing poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity poetryisnotdead poetsofig spilledink spilledinkpoetry writingprompts wordporn writersforlife writersinspiration tumblr tumblrwritings tumblrgirl hydcommunity

Comment ‘❤️’ 6 TIME and lucky person will win a free shoutout🌹. Tag someone who relate it 🤨 . Follow @lines_to_heart Follow @lines_to_heart Portrait credit :- Respected owner ( DM for credit or removal ) . . . . writer writerswritingwritingswritersofigwritersofindiaindianwriterspoetsofinstagrampoetsofindiainstagraminstaquoteinstawriteindianpoetsstorywordgasmwordsmithlittleconversationswordstolivebyWriteraofindiataqquotessayinginstapoet wordgasm tflers lines_to_heart

Hello hello bi-polar cloud 🌥 It's been a while guys! Drop a comment about your favorite thing about mornings😍 . . . poetry poetsofinstagrammulanpoetry writersofiglove mornings beauty happycloud motivationalquotes gorgeous sun grateful

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Haiku 10

He's a mansion of unfurnished rooms. Haunted, neglected, filthy. Yet, he's so strangely beautiful to behold. Captivating leaving onlookers aghast, feeling strangled. He is vantablack. He's magestic, in his self- absorption. Developed into an Instax, the instant, of a most stellar sunset. He's lost everything, once. And nothing means anything since. He is reckless, merciless, in need of repair. A perroetting spiral galaxy dancing within the vast current of this cosmic ocean. Compelled only towards, the gentle pull of the gravity in car crashes. -six pm *crashes 📸@nasa sixpm

can you see the music note? lol it’s my concept

Saturday, September 28th @roundtablestudiosllc will be showcasing selections from local artists, musicians, and poets at The Green Room in Somerville. The goal is to provide space and structure for like-minded creators in order to establish a network of enrichment for all. The event will be donation-based in the hopes of providing support for future engagements, but please do not hesitate to show up with only a curious mind. I hope to see as many of as possible <3 * * * bostoncambridgeallstonbostonartbostonartsceneartistsartistsofinstagram artgalleryemergingartistsmusiciansmusiciansofboston poets poetsofinstagram newartvisualartbostonmusic bostonmusicscenebostonpoetry bostonpoets painterwriterlofisingereventartgalleryshowcaseproducer

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