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This Face poetswithcats

What happens when you leave a laundry basket upright against the dryer: Wendy in prison. I had to help her out 😏 writerswithcats poetswithcats catsofinstagram

On guard duty. He heard it was called Wolf Moon. 🤣 wolfmoon fullmoon winter poetswithcats catsatwindows

This is Dexter, but it is just one of many names he has been called. He lived his life on the streets of Phoenix for twelve years or more. He evaded every trap that kind people set for him—and who knows how many that bad people set. He was covered with scars and his ears were screwed up, but he was still gorgeous when you looked into his soulful eyes. When he knew the end was near he sought out my friend who had given him food and soft words, asking to end his days with her. She gave him a home for the past couple of weeks while he peacefully faded away in a quiet place. She was with him, petting and consoling him, when he passed away today. Dexter was a strong cat, a brave cat. He lived life on his own terms and died that same way. RIP to a cat I will never forget. cats catsofinstagram streetcat feralcat straycat homeless rescued grayandwhitecat grayandwhitecatsofinstagram bravery strength smartcat poetswithcats mourning grief

headshots by Luanne Kana ready for her next film. She’sa Home Fur Good alumnus. adoptdontshop rescuecat sheltercat blackcatsofinstagram seniorcat @home_fur_good poetswithcats bestcat catsofinstagram blackvelvet love portraitmode

Perry showing off his textured tongue. Kana being beautiful. Fefe wishing I would stop. Trying out my new iPhone with portrait settings. thankful to @markothesharko19 @marishacastle @jasongrauerholz @rachel_a_castle poetswithcats adoptdontshop rescuecat sheltercat catsofinstagram cats

It looks like he’s dreaming of Hanukkah. hanukkahcat cat catsofinstagram hanukkah poetswithcats

Hanukkah cat watching Santa come through town on the night of the winter solstice . caturday poetswithcats happyholidays wintersolstice catsofinstagram hanukkah christmas

An uneasy alliance for a square of sunlight. “No-neck” Maxine (Tuxedo) ensures she, as Queen of the household, has 2/3 of the square. poetswithcats writerswithcats catsofinstagram

He likes to help with Christmas or Hanukkah paper! cats catsandwrappingpaper happyholidays2019 poetswithcats

My sweet grandcat Isabella Rose in front of a photo of her mom with her first kitty Mac. RIPMac poetswithcats adoptdontshop allforlove catsofinstagram cats tabbycatsofinstagram seniorcat sheltercat rescuecat rescuecats

It’s that time of year— when the box fairy brings cats! catsinboxes poetswithcats cats holidayseason

Free cat toy with every purchase! cats catswithbags poetswithcats

Waiting for the Thanksgiving meal. cats catsofinstagram thanksgiving poetswithcats

New TV installation day! Dirt and cat toy discovery!! newtv poetswithcats cattoy catsofinstagram rescuecat adoptdontshop shoppedfortvthough vacuum dirt

Guarding from the night and watching reflections from orchestra and balcony. reflections catsatwindows poetswithcats

Beautiful young journal DOVECOTE has published my poem "Poetry is a Big Noise." poetrycommunity poetry ampublishing amwriting writingcommunity poetswithcats (there is a cat in this poem) noisy

Here I am! cats catsinbathtubs catsofinstagram poetswithcats

Apparently it’s National Cat Day. I think that’s every day— and so do they, as they perform guard duty at every window and make sure all work gets done. nationalcatday poetswithcats catsofinstagram catswithbooks

Someone is having a lazy Saturday morning. catsofinstagram writerswithcats poetswithcats

Enjoying October sunshine—sunbathing. cats catsinbaskets october poetswithcats catsofinstagram

Perry riveted to 1968 Japanese horror classic film Kuroneko featuring a black cat and ghosts. He had to get up and go closer to the TV catsofinstagram cats graycatsofinstagram poetswithcats rescuecat sheltercat adoptdontshop catswatchingtv horrormovies

Good morning! I like to start out my morning with some aerial exercises. cats catacrobatics poetswithcats catsofinstagram morningroutines

My sweet Kana claims her fountain. Don’t you love how cats’ tongues allow water to defy gravity? blackcatsofinstagram catsofinstagram cats poetswithcats adoptdontshop adoptonesavetwo blackcat sweetiepies sheltercat rescuecat defyinggravity

Bookminder, bookmarker. This is how I work. writerslife poetswithcats writerswithcats writing caturday cats catsofinstagram

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs checking in here. I need towhistle while I work. Seven tiny meals. Seven big litter boxes. work working adoptdontshop rescuecat sheltercat poetswithcats disneyprincess disney catsofinstagram cats P.S. this is my 6 plus my grandcat Izzie I am babysitting.

“My mama can’t see me!” Perry thinks he has a great hiding place behind the drapes. feralcat no more! toebeans poetswithcats adoptdontshop catsofinstagram graycatsofinstagram sheltercat rescuecat cutestcat sillyboy

Uh oh! What did my brother do? cats poetswithcats catsofinstagram

Tiger was at the vet again yesterday for more tests on her kidneys. Her irregular and very light eating is such a worry for a cat not even 7 lbs. They have this sign on the wall. Ilikecats rescuecat adoptdontshop oldcat kidneydisease felinekidneydisease calicocat tabicocat catsofinstagram onlyfifteen poetswithcats

Tiger’s new vet almost fell on the floor when he read she’s 15. Said she has kitten fur. Diagnosis: kidney infection. Note Clavamox drops on chin. . rescuecat adoptdontshop calicocat calicocatsofinstagram tabicocatsofinstagram tabico kidneyinfection cuteenough clavamox poetswithcats

Just watching the night roll in. cats catsofinstagram poetswithcats catsinwindows

The sound of silence. Hope it’s peaceful wherever you are. cats poetswithcats catsofinstagram catsonpianobenches calmbeforethestorm

Next one up is Tiger. Sick kitty year. Glad I’m here for them. rescuecat sheltercat adoptdontshop poetswithcats calicocat catsofinstgram poetswithcats

My poor Felix! The eighth visit to the vet in two weeks! AdoptDon’tShop TabbyCatsOfInstagram CatsOfInstagram AdoptOneSavetwo RescueCat BladderProblems SickKitty poetswithcats

“My work is done.” When you leave the cilantro unattended on the kitchen counter for a few minutes. cats catsinthekitchen poetswithcats catsofinstagram lovethemevenwhen

Last Wednesday Felix had a very serious emergency and spent three days in the hospital. Today Felix tells his life story in The Kitchener’s Tail, the 5th Caterbuddy Tail. Link in my bio above. poetswithcats adoptonesavetwo adoptdontshop rescuecat feralcat tabbiesofinstagram tabbycat Chaucer kitchencat urinaryblockage

Look what came in the mail! It’s a beautiful magazine, and of course I’m thrilled to have a poem in it! @nightingaleandsparrow poetry poetryjournal poetswithcats heat

My grandcat Izzie follows me up and down the stairs. When I go outside she waits at the door for me. I think she misses her mama. poetswithcats catsofinstagram adoptdontshop tabbycat tabbiesofinstagram rescuecat sheltercat babysitting

Thief captured on 24 hour cam. Made off with one artificial cleaning bird. Last seen under bed. Perry poetswithcats catsofinstagram adoptdontshop grayandwhitecat rescuecat sheltercat thief thievingways catsandbirds noposing seriousbusiness partmainecoon

‪Happy InternationalCatDay! ‬ . ‪Here is how Miso has been spending her day 🐱‬ . . .cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram academicswithcats poetswithcats catlife catlifestyle internationalcatday🐱

My grandcat Isabella Rose has settled in nicely. Kitchen counters with the best/rest of them. tabbycat tabbysofinstagram rescuecat sheltercat adoptdontshop poetswithcats granddaughter dontlaugh @marishacastle

“Mama said they’ll be days like this” Can’t you just hear the sigh? oneofthosedays cats catsofinstagram poetswithcats

Starting the day with great expectations. Hmmm...Maybe that should be a book title? watchcats catsofinstagram poetswithcats summermornings

The real reason for armchairs. cats catsrule catsofinstagram poetswithcats

It’s really time to feed us.cateyes poetswithcats catsofinstagram itsdinnertime

Happy Canada Day! Two weeks in Ontario and Quebec has been very fattening. My cats are calling me home. Blog post next Monday on glutenfreetravel glutenfree poetswithcats canadaday travel writersofinstagram writerslife poetsofinstagram

Good morning, World! Every day is caturday here! catsofinstagram poetswithcats riseandclimb

Saturday with Junior. I’m knitting, he’s sleeping. poetswithcats writerswithcats knitterswithcats catsofinstagram

No, I’m not alarmed. Why would you think that? . bigears bigeyes lovethisfunnyface poetswithcats catsofinstagram

Perry on his blankie. rescuecat sheltercat adoptdontshop Story of my failed jury duty up on blog today. linkinbio juryduty unplannedlife lymphedema poetswithcats

Sunday with Junior. He has a sandal fetish. As soon as I slip off my sandals, he slips in. I had an old pair that I left out for him, but I guess he prefers the “freshly scented” ones. And, yes, he does slip his front legs through the straps. catsofinstagram poetswithcats writerswithcats catsandalfetish

Perry in theemeraldcity thewizardofoz rescuecat sheltercat adoptdontshop poetswithcats poetrycommunity thanks to @catificationcouple for the tip on where to get this amazing tunnel for supersized cats! @home_fur_good

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