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$30 plus shipping/delivery/free local pickup 🍃 This one of my favorite new finds for resale! Vintage Toyo Macao Bowl A beautiful decorative bowl (not for food/not food safe) decorativebowl pottery vintage vintagepottery vintagebowl toyopottery vintagefinds chinesepottery china macao macaopottery edosfinds

Since finding a studio and posting about here I’ve been receiving dozens of emails asking about coming to do internships or apprenticeships with me. I’m by no means against the idea, it’s the route I followed after attending a two year ceramics course and I’d argue it’s by far one of the best ways of learning this craft. That being said, the simple answer is that I just don’t feel ready. Perhaps having an intern or just an assistant to help glaze and pack up pots for shipping for when things get particularly busy I am but truth be told I’m only really just starting out. I’ve only just found my first ever studio and I still feel as if I have so much to learn in regard to running it and more so the business itself. My career is ceramics is still really just at the beginning and I’m still young, 27, and while I can throw pretty well, keep a busy pottery shipshape and operational, I don’t think I’m quite in the position to have dedicated apprentices or interns yet—but I want to in the future. To pass on the way I learnt to others. Ceramics can be a hard craft to get your foot in, production skills aren’t taught widely and having a studio you can work at, to practice endlessly and experience how a workshop has to be run without encountering the financial costs that actually go into running a business like that is priceless. I always feel so lucky for having undergone an apprenticeship myself as there’s really no other way to hone your skills in such a dedicated way. Don’t let this stop you from asking, who knows, come next year when everything should be fully operational and I have a marathon of glazing, firing and more to do I might immediately put out a call for an assistant, but time will tell.

New pieces available in my Etsy shop! Link in my profile. etsyseller handmade ceramics pottery

Hope everyone is enjoying there Thanksgiving weekend🍃🍂🍁🌊 There is so much to be thankful for💚 Count your blessings!capebreton capebretonshores novascotia canada discovercapebreton discovernovascotia seaglass sealove seaglassaddict nature eastcoast pottery beachfinds beaches sealove colors explore getoutside saltair whichwaytothebeach beachcomber sealove

سفال طرح سنگ pottery potterywheel #آموزش #سفال #سفالة potterybarn #سفالگری_با_چرخ #عشق

Excellent tape resist from Mr. Stevanov's Ceramics 2 class!!! crispy clean ceramics pottery

Even when times get a bit heavy, you gotta keep it real! keeppotsgreat pots pottery ceramics wheelthrownpots wheelthrownpottery wheelthrownceramics

Mis alumnos siguen sacando piezas del horno mientras continúan sacando piezas nuevas. En mis clases de cerámica sacan sus inquietudes artísticas. En mi taller en Alcalá de Guadaíra sacan su alma de artista.ceramica ceramic ceramist pottery potterylove art arte JuroaCeramista sculpture escultura esmalteybarro

Which plate is your favourite? ❤ ••• Follow @noamrosenberg.art for more! * Follow us @Johnnie.E.Bethel for more💝 *ceramics potteryvideo raku ceramica tableware ceramic potteryclasses potterypotteryclass potterystudio potterylove ir_life_time cramique glaze instapottery

Announcing our Gift Shop Trunk Show Fri. Nov. 15, featuring a wide selection of jewelry from @originjewelry in California and @amy_kahn_russell Jewelry from Connecticut. Swipe through the photos to get a sneak peek of some of the items, including an @amy_kahn_russell stone necklace and carnelian necklace. The @originjewelry bracelets feature a magnetic clasp that keeps them together for a multi-bracelet look. The Trunk Show will also feature hand painted polished silk scarves from Sea Island Imports, pottery from local potter Katherine Petke, selections of candles, and lightweight bamboo dishes. The Trunk Show runs from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Tasty nibbles will be provided for your shopping pleasure.trunkshow jewelry originjewelry amykahnrussell bracelets necklaces scarves pottery candles bamboodishes

- فروشگاه تنديس -اکسید آهن قرمز هلند- جهت ثبت سفارش ، اطلاع از قيمت ها و اطلاعات بيشتر با ما در تلگرام و يا واتس آپ شماره زير در ارتباط باشيد - 📱٠٩٣٠٥٣٧٢٣٣٤ - ☎️ ٠٢١٧٧٢٤٦٥٧٩ ‏tandisceramictandisceramicpotterypotterytoolssupplytandis_toolsclaykilnpotterywheelglazeartiranianceramistiranianpottery‏‎#فروشگاه_تنديس#تنديس#مواداوليه#ابزار#سراميك#سفال#كوره#چرخ_سفالگري#گل_سفالگري#لعاب#استين#رنگينه#هنر#هنرايراني#سفالگري#سفالگران_ايراني

@elantransfers made this piece pop! Simple mug design with a complex pattern, glazed simply with one @amacobrent celedon glaze. I like how it turned out. . . .potter pottery potteryprocess potterymaking potteryofinstagram potterylife handmade craft crafter ceramics ceramicsdaily instapottery instaart wheelthrown wheelthrownpottery clay makersgonnamake lifegoals nevertoooldtodream madeinaskutt madeinatx amacoglazes howiamaco amacobrent elantransfers

Stoking the Anagama 🔥 "feeding the beast!" 😉 It's getting hot, hot, hot, but I still have my eyebrows! 😂 . . . . . . . . . .pottery womenwhowoodfire ceramics anagama woodkiln woodfiring pottersofinstagram instapottery ifeellikeabadass makersgonnamake makersmovement

This little hummingbird will be flying around the @brookhavenartsfestival in Atlanta Saturday and Sunday October 19 and 20. See you there. ltrpottery brookhavenartsfestival atlanta brookhavenga raku rakuartist rakuoninstagram handmade ceramics smallbatch pottery wheelthrownceramics

The Vessels of the Füzesabony Culture re-created with the original techniques by László Gucsi My statement as a creative artist: let’s leave to prevail the shapes, motives, surfaces and atmospheres, instead of talking too much. I am so happy if this can touch anybody, then I fulfilled my role in this intermediation between the legacy of people of the Bronze Age and the contemporary people. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me in this work!CRAFTER @crafter.eu bronzeage pottery reconstructed museum exhibition Füzesabony

This beauty is still unclaimed. stoneware pottery stonewaremug cone10glaze ceramicart

Spent several hours yesterday glazing a BUNCH of little planters and one lone vase 😄 (Check out the second picture for a full spread) Stoked to see how these white ones turn out! Prepping for some holiday craft markets next month so GET READY 👍

My cousin @sandra_petrash22 kindly sent me this photo of her morning coffee :) • • • •ceramics art craft pottery feminism gilded gold lips speaking petrification equality travel sun russia japan

Found some great stuff on Friday! Hit up @salarmystl and @mers_goodwill and found pottery, 80’s nostalgia, flowered combat boots, a nice leather bag, and several pieces of clothing. Spent around $25 for everything. @mers_goodwill had green tags at 75% off, so three of the shirts I bought ended up being $1 a piece. Not too shabby for a Friday evening! . . . .pottery 80svintage packman glassware combatboots purses handbags leather leatherbag cardigan cardiganlovers tshirt bohosweater thrifted thriftedfashion thriftedfashionfinds secondhand secondhandbags secondhandfashion 2ndhand 2ndhandfashion thriftstorefinds sustainablefashion ilovethrifting

#احیایی👌 #لعاب_احیایی #لعاب_احیا#لعاب_احیاء #لعاب_احیا_شده #سفالگری #سفالگری #سفال #سفالینه #سفالخام #سفالگر #سرامیک #سفالگری #سفال #سفالینه #سفالخام #سفالگر #سرامیک #هنر #سفال #سفالگری عشق است #سفالگریwheelthrownceramics arttraditionalceramicsfromhonduras traditional object ceramicstudio ceramiccup artist art arts glaze ceramicglaze pottery potterylife potterylovers potterystudio potteryart potterydesign potteryfun

Having a fun day making teapots!!!!!!!! I'm really excited that we've moved onto teapots so quickly as they are something that I would really like to focus on this year. There are so many elements and ratios to a teapot - body , spout, lid and handle are just the beginning! Getting to play with our own designs tomorrow!! So excited!!! xXxpottersofinstagram instapottery contemporaryceramics pottery ceramics handmade ireland clay dccoi throwlikeagirl teapot teapots excited eeeeee imalittleteapot

Our 40% off sale is almost over! 😱Take advantage of 40% off of pottery, trees, shrubs, perennials, and more before October 31st! Some exceptions do apply, talk to our friendly staff with any questions!

Baby mug came out! mugspottery

Pebble mug and pourover. As I was working today I was listening to How To Fail with Elizabeth Day (great podcast, I highly recommend it. Guests are maybe a bit UK centric for some of you though) and one of the most recent guests was Alain Du Botton, who is one of my all time favourite humans. For anyone unfamiliar with him, that podcast episode is a great place to start. He also has tonnes of content on YouTube, as books (also highly recommend these), and @theschooloflifelondon. He has such a refreshing take on what it means to be happy and live a good life. I hadn't actively thought about it for probably a few years, but listening to that podcast reminded me just how much of it I'd taken to heart and tried to apply over my adult life. It's stood me in good stead on the few occasions I both remembered the advice and actually managed to act on it.pottery clay instapottery claystagram potterylove potterylife pottersofinstagram kilnfolk ceramic ceramics contemporaryceramics handmade handmadeuk handmadepottery createmakeshare glaze cone6 wheelthrown oldforgecreations

El pueblo . Proceso de realización del body Limosna para la colección //OFRENDA// X @leandrocano . Making //OFRENDA// X Leandro Cano .ceramica ceramics alfareria pottery potter ceramist alfarero ceramista handmade hechoamano clay arcilla ceramicadelarambla larambla laramblacordoba leandrocano ofrenda art artist arte fashion moda fashionart luistorres luistorresceramics workinprogress

Jednak niebieski to mój ulubiony kolor, i nie wiedziałam o tym do czasu kiedy zaczęłam robić ceramikę 😁 Kiedyś ktoś mi powiedział "Mery, Ty masz wszystkie gary niebieskie" 😅 i nagle zdajesz sobie sprawę jak jeszcze mało wiesz o samym sobie 😂 . . . .blue blueplates ceramics handmade kiwifruit handcrafted passion favouritecolour glaze blueglaze stoneware stonewarepottery clay pottery

My custom stamp I ordered from Zazzle is here! It's not as clean as I was expecting, so I'll have to give it a go before I give it a review. I already know the embosing powders are full of glitter and suck at fine lines so I know I can't use those...so much for super cool earring cards.ceramics pottery handmade thrown madeintexas atx handbuilt

All you need is love ❤️ Encuentren los nuevos modelos en: 📍VIVO MUSICA - Shopping Quinto Centenario. Av 6 de agosto y JJ. Perez . . .cactus maceta macetaspintadas pot flowerpot pottery plantas decoracion deco decorations home decohome decor decoideas pintadoamano hechoamano handmade handpainted instahome artesanal art colors painting beautiful suculovers allyouneedislove life arte love

I’ve just popped this gorgeous little dish into my eBay shop (link in bio) 💙🐟💚🐟💙While reminiscent of Bitossi in style, there’s no backstamp to confirm the maker. The colours and embossed fish motif are just lovely 💚🐟💙🐟💚vintagepottery midcenturyfish ~ ~ ~italianpottery embossedpottery blueandgreen midcentury bitossi studiopottery pottery retrohome vintagehome vintageliving lovevintage vintage retro midcenturymodern potterycollector forsale vintagelife vintagecollector lovevintage potterydesign vintageseller

Aw man!! I'm so pumped about these tumblers, they are finally starting to look like the picture in my head 💭 What sorts of color combinations would you like to see with these pieces? Do you want this vibe on a mug? Let me know 👍

Frances Munar (Lima, 1990) Her practice studies the sound in the pre-Columbian world, proposing it as a healing space. She has an interest in investigating the body in relation to the inheritance, the identity of the Latin American inhabitant, the colonizing ideologies, the cult art and popular art. Munar attended the Matadero Residency in Madrid (2019) and Uberbau House residency program in Sao Paulo (Brazil, 2018). Among her collective exhibitions are: Generación Y en Y Gallery (Lima, 2017); Make the Instrument Cry in Ch.ACO (Santiago, Chile, 2017), The voice heard in the Amano Museum (Lima, 2018). She is a project coordinator at Pollen, a study of ceramics since 2017, where she has developed sound ceramic workshops, as well as revaluation and dissemination of ancestral techniques. FrancesMunar PolenStudio GinsbergGaleria MataderoMadrid UberBau residency artist ceramics pottery peruvianartist contemporaryart femaleartist

New design!

Preparando la serie de vestidos medievales .... esperando la dureza necesaria para todos los detalles😱 paperclay @tiendaboucle ceramicagres paperclay pottery handmade hechoamano chile

Teapot 4Making marks - thinking about land and the home and my girlfriendceramics clay vcu pottery rva

Colanders for @yonobistudio from a month ago, having just been glazed but not fired. I love the quality of the velvety coating before it melts, and I love this little sneak of sunlight that’s coming through. rip the sun :(!

Lots of glamour shots to swipe through for this guy. Glazework is kinda butt, but I kinda knew that would be the case 😅 Handle's angled waayy steep and is kinda off-putting, but actually functions extremely well. One of the best pouring pots to date, perhaps? . . Kyusu ~ 160ml . . . . . pottery potterylovers ceramics ceramic wheelthrown wheelthrowing wheelthrownpottery tea gongfucha gongfutea teacup teacups teabowl teapot kyusu chawan #茶碗 glaze glazedandconfused stoneware #陶芸 yunomi partialglaze gaiwan keramika oolong

Gorgeous beachwalk and visit with my cousin Marty today. Found some beautiful beach glass and of course sportin' my Tim Horton cup lol capebreton capebretonshores novascotia canada discovercapebreton discovernovascotia seaglass sealove seaglassaddict nature eastcoast pottery beachfinds seaweed timcup beachcomber explorecapebreton whichwaytothebeach

Rinconcitos de mi balcon Clases de pintura sobre porcelana Bernalpaoleria paolaallara pintura pintadoamano clases clasesdepintura vajilla pottery 2019

Les inséparables 🥄

Vase blanc mat associé à un vase rectangulaire noir avec des reflets blancs ceramics cramique pottery pieceunique paris poterie art artisanat stoneware dorotheepicard decoration gres handmade white blanc noir brut black wabisabi clay

A duo of red bowls. So my thing has always been that I am easily bored with plain rims on bowls. So why not spruce them up a bit. Decorative rim demo.

Happy Mug Shot Monday! Fresh out of the @DACC gas kiln made from C10 @aardvark Black Mountain @romerohouseceramics . Glazed with my version of Leach White. These will be available for purchase @LCPG Holiday Sale, Las Cruces

Dala Horse Milk Jug and conkers. Anyone still play conkers?

Announcing, November First Friday Artist Feature: Marité Acosta Pottery. This hand-thrown stoneware is all implied lines and dreamy textures and come November, FOUND will be full of it! We can’t wait to show you what’s in store. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Find the link to RSVP for November’s (Nov 1st) First Friday Artwalk in our bio.

Home Collection Drop 1 is posted! Check out today's story for a look at all the new home products. See something you like? ...Head over to the website to buy.

💥🎉جشواره و مسابقه بزرگ کلوت 🎉💥 #صنایع_دستی_کلوت قصد داره به سه نفر از افرادی که شرایط زیر رو دارند به قید قرعه هدایای با ارزشی از صنایع دستی اهدا کنه 😍 ضمنا افرادی که در بازه زمانی 23 مهر تا 13 آبان از ما خرید کنند، به ازای هر 200 هزار تومان خرید #بن_هدیه_50هزارتومنی_کلوت دریافت می کنند 💰💰😍 حالا شرایط چیه؟! 🤔⁉️ 🔸فقط کافیه یکی از فالوئر های پیج @kalootgallery باشید 🔹در کامنت ها دوستان خودتون رو تگ کنید (مسلما هر چه کامنت بیشتر شانس برنده شدن هم بیشتره 😍)

/遊記分享/大阪HS (HAYASHI SHOTEN) 空間中有許多在日本已頗富盛名的陶藝家作品, 和選品的物件輕鬆地穿插於其中, 提供了店主在看待藝術上有自己獨到的呈現! 比台灣人還愛台灣的日本人! 特愛八寶冰和滷肉飯, 去了好多台灣的建築標地,好多都沒去過~ 邊看邊聊作品推薦喜歡的陶藝家Jack Doherty , 默默秀出去過他英國家的照片, 不吝和我們分享他所見所愛, 對喜歡的事追求到最極致、用最大力氣去接觸~ 希望下次有機會能去奈良看太太開的店 @stylingspacebyhs FB 🔎:Kuwadokuwadoceramicpotterycrafttaipeicity#陶藝#中山捷運站#陶藝#陶#陶瓷#台北#工作室#手作studiohsosaka

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