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Alat tempur paling populer dikalangan programmer tahun 2019. Andalan kamu yang mana?programming programmingmemes codeeditor visualstudiocode visualstudio sublimetext atom pycharmstackoverflow inixindojogja

⚛️ Relevant Push notifications are a great way to boost a user's engagement towards an application. According to some analysis, push notifications increase app engagement by 88%. It’s also curious to see that the click-through rate for push notifications in Android (4.06%) is much higher than in iOS (1.7%) . ⚡️ In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to implement push notifications as an app feature using React Native and Firebase . 🔥 There are two main ways you can send push notifications to your app users: local and remote. Local notifications are sent from a React Native application, while remote push notifications are sent from the server or a push notification service such as Google's Cloud Messaging Service (GCM). We explore both approaches. . 👉 Link is in bio .developer developers coding programming programmer code coder reactjs devlife technology development nodejs 100daysofcode buildtheweb vscode softwareengineering appdevelopment webev dev codes reactnativedevelopment reactnative tech blogger

Swipe ⬅️ for more With ABC's Quality training, you can crack any Interview off-campus or on-campus. We congratulate all csrbatch students who have got placed in various companies after completion of the Unified Course Training session from ABC. Best wishes to all your career goals. For more updates Visit Us:- https://bit.ly/2A4GLxh For Freshers:- https://bit.ly/2Tod31Z . . .training abcselects recruitment itjobs ITindustry abc placement it programming programmer classroom Aptitude Reasoning SoftSkills csr corporatesocialresponsibility csrprogram socialimpact Skill India NSDC National Skill Development Corporation

Follow @thetechpreneur . . Guess the output for python program🤔. . Comment as same format . Follow Us for more: @thetechpreneur @thetechpreneur @thetechpreneur @thetechpreneur . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ____________________________________pythondevelopers output programming programmingmemes programmingmemesandjokes programmings programmingfun pythonoutput pythoncoders pythoncoder interviewquestions interviewpreparation codingprep codinginterview developerslife developerslifestyle developerstuff developerspace javadeveloper frontenddev webdevelop webdeveloperslife webdeveloping techpreneur codeislife djangodjango pythonflask pythondjango

BodyPix 2.0 has been released, with multi-person support and improved accuracy (based on ResNet50), a new API, weight quantization, and support for different image sizes . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ . Follow us on @machinelearning2.0 for more updates . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ .machinelearningmldeeplearningcsitpythonRiotmitblockchainboatsrobotsprogrammingcodingprogrammerstechtechnologytensorflowbigdatadatainnovationtechstartupengineeringdeveloperneuralnetworkprogrammerslifedatasciencecoderartificialintelligenceai

The Wacky Weather Sticker Pack is here for iMessage! Send your friends and family a storm of stickers! This sticker pack contains several colorful animated stickers. Whether it is raining, sunny or partly cloudy, The Wacky Weather Sticker Pack expresses the weather with fun and excitement! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wacky-weather-sticker-pack/id1487516171tech coding webdev womeninstem women female techgirl girlsinstem womeninengineering programmerlife womenwhocode javascript ilooklikeacoder girldeveloper technology womeninbusiness ilooklikeanengineer coder coders programmer softwareengineering girlboss womenempowerment womenintech programming softwaredevelopers computerscience stemeducation builtbygirls music

Do you need a Strategic SoftwareSolution Provider? If you are looking for an offshore softwaredevelopment centre in the USA, look no further. Open up to a world of possibilities with Perception System! https://www.perceptionsystem.com/software-development-company.htmloffshoresoftwaredevelopmentsoftwaredeveloper softwaredevelopers softwaresolutions software likeforlikes followforfollowback dotnet java pythonprogramming coding programming follow4followback

Students writing code for their game they created. programming coding dallasisd

How do you plan your time? . . Follow @innovative_coder for more such content. Join Innovative Community where we discuss about these concepts in more details. Telegram username : innovativecommunity . For course coupons ----->>> @innovative.brands Complete Python for data science and machine learning tutorial videos are uploaded on the Youtube Channel. . Youtube channel link is in bio. . Complete Instagram Growth Hack Materclass videos coming up soon where you'll be learning how to grow your brand on Instagram and get deals and leads. ..........enterpreneurprogrammersoftwareengineerprogrammerlife programming developercodercodingdeeplearningsoftwaredevelopersoftwaredeveloperscomputerscienceprogrammingmemesinnovative_coderhackerlinuxcsshtmljavascriptartificialintelligencetechnologypython javacodinglifewebdevelopment machinelearningpythonloveandroidcodinghumour

How old are you ? Comment down... . . . . . . . . .engineers. . . Subscribe now and get a chance to win this amazing programming for fun T Shirt ! Link In Bio . . . Get featured with us Tag us on @programming_for_fun Use programmingforfun . . . For more visit @programming_for_fun .Those days in schools ...Comment down your answers now!! . . . . Subscribe now and get a chance to win this amazing programming for fun T Shirt ! Link In Bio . . . Get featured with us Tag us on @programming_for_fun Use programmingforfun . . . For more visit @programming_for_fun . .machinelearning ml programming programer coder developer coding css html java python javascript wedeveloper php software softwaredeveloper computerscience tech cryptography hacker hackers cracker blackhathacker

To Apply Visit :- www.makemytuition.com -- Contact us ☎️ :- 9140724426, 8564886808. -- Do WhatsApp for more details 👇 9140724426 -- hometutor tuitionteacher education makemytuition programming maths computer goals qualityeducation lucknowtuitions bestteacher best science chemistrymemes lucknow goodeducation hardwork localteacher inventions discovery languagelearning

11.20.19 Day 3 of the program. Getting some gymnastics today. Stay focused on the C&Js, tight and clean reps all the way thru!!noweaknesses

Sharda unversiteti talabalari uchun juda ham katta yordamini ayamagan inson Abduganiev Nodirbek hurmatimiz cheksiz bro!!!) Picture of @abduganiev__n If you want to share your pictures than you can drop your pictures in the direct 📥 @sharda_uzb_life @sharda_university_uzbekistan @sharda_university sharda_uzb_lifesharda shardauniversity online boys men it toolsofthetrade progress programming italy workandtravel usa germany france parijs india polska russia asian sp onlineshopping

ES6FEATURE6 - ModuleImportsAndExports. In JS, a module is a small unit of independent and reusable code. Modules are great to provide maintainability, re-usability, and name-spacing. We can export functions or variables from one file and import them wherever required. You can also export all functions and variables of a file with "export * from '.filename'" and also use "export default function name" from a file to make the import cleaner. . . .we3 we3academy webacademy webdevelopment codingbootcamp techbootcamp es6 es6features webeducation web codesnippet codelife codelove programming weblog coding programmers programmerslife devcommunity ProgrammerRepublic learntocode learntocodewithwe3academy

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Most popular sites🔥😍 . . Follow us @cyber_tech_society🛡 Post Credit To The Respective Owners . . Keep loving🎀💓💓💓🎀 IKE AND SYE😇🤗🤗 Be Safe😇Keep learning ✌✌ . Follow us @cyber_tech_society .coding programming programmer developer code technology indiancyber software tech python computer computerscience development codinglife linux programmers web softwaredeveloper design webdesigner bhfypcybersecurity. @cyber_tech_society

[HARI ANAK SELURUH DUNIA] Dalam rangka memperingati hari anak seluruh dunia, Rainboard ingin berpartisipasi dalam merayakannya dengan memberikan diskon 10% pada pembelian Rainboard RGB Rev2. Syarat dan ketentuan dapat dilihat pada foto slide selanjutnya. Berlaku dari 20-23 November 2019. (stok terbatas) Dengan membeli Rainboard, kamu sudah mendukung Rainboard dalam dunia pendidikan dengan memberikan workshop gratis di sekolah menengah dan universitas yg ada di Indonesia! Yuk tunggu apa lagi, saatnya kamu juga berkontribusi dalam dunia pendidikan anak Indonesia :) *pembelian khusus whatsapp . .bandung engineer indonesia teknologi komputer rainbot rainboard arduino technology elektronika robotic robotik programming business robot rainbotsolus telkom mikrokontroler promo diskon anak

Program to print 1 to 5 in a single line using Recursion in Java. . . Recursion is a process where a function or a method is calling itself. . . Follow @equinoxprogrammingadda . . .learn learning learningisfun learnprogramming programs java python coding pythonprogramming new studygram computer programminglanguage code coder equinoxprogrammingadda programming javaprogrammingcode programming programmer coders coderslife coderslife java python

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[Day 18 / 100]: Java 100daysofcode 💻 _ Restarted my java journey on @codecademy _ Today was kinda slow, I went over very very😅 basic Java stuff such as Catching errors, Compiling Java with terminal commands, creating executables then transitioned to variables. Yes I already know most of the content that went over but w/ java I think it’s very important that you soak in most of the basics…At least for me. _ How’s everyones week so far? Happy coding ❤️ _ _ _ _ _ _ softwaredeveloper coder cameroon webdevelopment webdeveloper frontend html css javascript charmcity programming baltimore coding java technology MacBook douala yaounde 237 frontenddeveloper fullstackdeveloper baltimoreblogger bmoreblogger coderlife

Serverless computing is a method of providing backend services on an as-used basis. Servers are still used, but a company that gets backend services from a serverless vendor is charged based on usage, not a fixed amount of bandwidth or number of servers. - Double tap if you agree❤️ Tag your friends 👥 - 👉👉Follow @geeksradarhq for more updates..!! -data programmer programmerslife programming programminglife programmerrepublic worldcode coding codinglife webdevelopment webdeveloper java javascript code sql python perl php html development software linux learntocode linuxfan nerd geek coders opensource computer

We feel proud to announce that we have placement tie up with more than 50 IT companies. So, what are you waiting for ? Join Akash Sir today to make your career in IT industry. akashsir akashpadhiyar akashsirdotcom career ITIndustry placementinIT ITcompanies ahmedabad ITTraining softwareTraining Programming ProjectTraining

This is an animatronic jaguar, what do you think? Follow @brain.fresher for more! Every day new posts! . .artificialintelligence instagram robotica diyengineer sensor programming electrical toyssoftware drawing electronicsolution dronetransformers stem space

Picture of @khasanov1__ If you want to share your pictures than you can drop your pictures in the direct 📥 @sharda_uzb_life @sharda_university_uzbekistan @sharda_university sharda_uzb_lifesharda shardauniversity online boys men it toolsofthetrade progress programming italy workandtravel usa germany france parijs india polska russia asian sp onlineshopping

Do you want your website to stand out? Here some tricks that help your website look better.. 👉https://topwebdesign.in/blog/top-5-web-design-tricks-to-grow-your-business/webdevelopment webdesign webdeveloper programming digitalmarketing html css coding seo website marketing developer javascript web webdesigner websitedesign wordpress design graphicdesign code java socialmediamarketing programmer ecommerce technology webdev softwaredeveloper software business

Hello there! Are you guys : ⠀ - Seeking for part time job - Have strong knowledge and experience in Angular 4 (or newer) and Ionic framework - Experienced in converting design to web layout using SCSS/CSS - Having accounting knowledge is a plus - Able to work independently to meet deadline ⠀ If you are all of the above, please contact and send your CV to zefanya.h.putra@gmail.com Subject : "FE Programmer Part-Time" ⠀ Cause we're hiring 5 members of Front-End Programmer now! ⠀ Thank you! ⠀ Warmest Regards, Zefa. ⠀software design uidesign uxdesign uiuxdesigner investor venturecapital venturecapitalist hardware development developer company android web ios mobile desktop bandung indonesia softwarehouse startup hiring programming programmer IT informationtechnology

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Streaming can be an expensive career or even hobby to start with. In order to present the best quality to the public, you could use high end rigs and equipment. But are they all really necessary as a new streamer? Check out today's article on how to start up your own low cost budget for streaming

Nice gameBoy + girl 😁 . .pubg pubgmobile memes gaming gamer game pubgm fortnite games #بوبجي gamers xbox StatStory #ببجي #بوبجي #اكسبلور pubgmobile pubgmemes #فورتنايت #انمي #اكو pubgfunny hacker hacking programming technology tech coding cybersecurity

CrossFit Performance 3 Rounds for Time: 21 Box Jumps 24/20 18 Kettlebell Swings 70/53 15 Toes 2 Bar Every 3 min for 3 sets: 16 Single Arm KB Box Step Down (8/side) 30 Plate Pull Through in Plank Intermediate 3 Rounds for Time: 21 Box Jumps 24/20 18 Kettlebell Swings 53/35 15 Toes 2 Parallel or 9 Toes 2 Bar Every 3 min for 3 sets: 16 Single Arm KB Box Step Down (8/side) 30 Plate Pull Through in Plank Fitness 3 Rounds for Time: 18 Box Jumps YL: 20/16 Brea: 18/12 15 Kettlebell Swings 35/26 12 Hanging Knee Raises or Leg Raises to Post Every 3 min for 3 sets: 16 Goblet or Bodyweight Box Step Down (8/side) 40 sec Plank Hold Resolution Burn 3 Rounds of: 45sec Side Plank 15sec Rest 45sec Side Plank 15sec Rest 45sec Russian Twists 15sec Rest 45sec Shot Guns 15sec Rest 6 Rounds For Time of: 12 Pull-Ups 12 Push-Ups 12/10 Assault Bike Calories (18min time cap) Resolution30 5 Rounds For Time of: 200m Run 21 Box Jumps/Step Ups 200m Row 21 Double Unders/42 Single Underscrossfit resolutioncrossfit wod affiliate crossfitters crossfitcoach yorbalinda brea fitnessmotivation fitnesstransformation fitnessjourney fitnessaddict trainingday workoutmotivation workoutoftheday workouttime programming athletes athletelife exercise exercises exerciseroutine

I wrote a thing that uses an FFT convolution to use an images mean pixel values as a coordinate map for a different image. memes dankmemes meme art nightmarefuel creepy surreal surrealism furries furryart furry furryfandom machinelearning ai artwork art neuralnetworks neuralnetwork deeplearning programming digitalart

We haven’t posted in a while, but we can assure you we’ve been working! We smell a launch in the near future 😉... Follow @osmiksoftware . . .code design programming hack web app mobile apps startup startups work hustle nodaysoff workflow workinglate working follow followme followus love hacks hacking software tuesday tuesdays transformationtuesdays swift tuesdaymotivation grind

(323/365) Moving on to the 2nd unit of my linear algebra course tonight! It’s still not too hard, but it’s getting there. Tonight I was reading about the inverses of matrices. I also had a good workout after work today! My diet wasn’t so great today, but hopefully I can do better at that tomorrow! - - - -app appdeveloper appdesign programming programmer reactnative android ios androiddeveloper androiddev iosdeveloper startup startupdeveloper mobiledeveloper webdeveloper webdevelopment entrepreneur tech techentrepreneur python pythoncode pythonprogramming data datascience datascientist founder technology app appdeveloper appdesign

Athlete Profile: @adityap0046 Program: Vyom60 Rank: 229 (First Open) . . . Aditya has been following the Vyom60 program for over 3 months. Some of his key achievements from the program are: - He got his First Ring & Bar Muscle Up - He is now comfortable with Olympic Weightlifting coming from a point where an overhead squat with a PVC also was challenging - His Gymnastics is close to perfect - He PR'd his C&J in 20.4 . . . . The Vyom60 program is for someone who is looking for something more than just the GPP program and also is looking at competing. The Vyom60 is a Program that helps in working on your weaknesses and improve overall as an athlete and requires to spend about 60 mins in only one session 5 - 6 days a week. DM for more details . . . .vyomathlete vyom60 programming crossfitvyom crossfit fitness athlete

Check out our latest article, link in profile: "Do or Do Not: Patterns and Antipatterns with the Try type". Learn how to effectively use this functional programming tool in languages like Java 👩‍💻softwaredevelopment software scala java functionalprogramming programming softwareengineering development

@mr_cipos learning the science of Arduino programming at TM's Corporate Responsibility Showcase 2019. tmcrs2019 myizad binizads arduino programming stemeducation stem

This wireless phone mount has made a dying GPS a thing of the past. Single-handedly mount your phone in seconds and have it charged back to 100 in no time. . Shop Now (Link in Bio) Shop Now (Link in Bio) . Follow us at @trendygeniuslabs .tech technology iphone innovation android technews smartphone gadgets techno apple business instatech computer tecnologia coding ai startup electronics software samsung programming iot engineering gadget techie oneplus pro developer design bhfyp

My NEW BLOG — ’How to Get Started Teaching Coding.’ Thank you Edutopia - George Lucas Educational Foundation 🤟🏼😎 See here: edut.to/34BEnM3 . . . . . . . . .Coding Code CS4All JorgeDoesPBL LifelongLearningDefined edtech programming educationispower article blog bloggersofinstagram bloggerstyle bloggers important career skills skill information of value writer writerscommunity writers For All read reading howto computer science

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