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Should be called shazam the pug • • • •pugs pugsnotdrugs pug pugsofinstagram puppy doggo melbourne

My bro is not a tough guy at all 😬 pug pugsofinstagram

Enjoying the southerly breeze on this hot day - HAPPY WEEKEND FRIENDS 😛

Willow: you no need to prepare for exams. You only need to give me belly rubs. pugsofinstagram puflife itsadogthing

Mom is putting in the doggyworldseatcover tomorrow and she's trying to get me to like it. I can tell you one thing; IT'S HECKIN WORKING 🤯🤯🤯🤤🤤🤤 I'm obsessed with my onlynaturalpettreats too, they're freezedried raw and grainfree just like I love them! (Sorry for all the hashtags, mom made me do it 😣 • •pugmix puglife pugsofinstagram dogsofinstagram dogstagram puppy puppyoftheday obediencetraining

I think dreams are in my future.

Tissue taste better than that nasty kibble🤮dog puppy puppies cute pug happy love pugsofinstagram whitepug creampug fatpug rare rarepug

“I’ll take another.” Moon knows what he likes. Thank you @lindaloowhoatx for this amazing photo hahaa pug pugsofinstagram pugswithbeer dranks

Thank god it’s Friday 😊 pugs pugsofinstagram pugfriday

Even raining I still love walking 😊lovewalking pugsofinstagram puglife🐾 pug #パグ #パグスタグラム #パグのいる生活

何か気になる。pug puglove puglife pugsofinstagram pugstagram #パグ

no lunch, really??! . . . . .Bunlc Bunthepug pug pugsofinstagram puglife puglove pugs

I’m back from da Dogtor after bein there all day .. I gots an ear infection & Mummah had to pay Billions of 💰, butt I’m better now 😊 ka-ching iou billiondollar billiondollarbaby pugsofinstagram phug mummahsbrokenow pugsondrugs meltingmoments

Fresh out of the bath because I was stinky @billythepug2k19 babypugs pugsofinstagram puglove puglove puglove freshandclean

Winter is coming. pug pugsofinstagram puppy

Anak manja...kalo mau mam, harus di elus2 dulu ama mama baru mau turun, pasang tampang memelas biar mama luluh 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ • • •mydog mylove myhansome dogsofinstagram dogoftheday doglove pug pugsofinstagram puglife puglia puglove pugoftheday pugstagram puggle

Did you hear the good news?! It’s Friday! 🐶🌸 Forget all the things you’ve encountered this week and have a great weekend sweet paw friends! ❤️✨ alwayssparkle happypug

I helped my mum with her sewing today!! She must’ve thought I was helpful because she gave me this cute bow ❤️. pugsofinstagram pugs pugslife

🧡MERRYMAKE CHRISTMAS EDIT🧡 Christmas is only 6 weeks away!!!!🎄Shop all your Christmas needs with us, delivered free to your door! We have gifts for everyone - women, men’s, kids, and pets! VISIT WWW.SHOPMERRYMAKE.COM NOW🎁🎄🧡💃🏻

Wowa: Kopi, smile! Kopi: Is it lunch time? It's lunch time! 😍KopiThePug PugsOfInstagram Pugstagram PugLife PugLove Pug

The looked at says "are you quite sure I should be locked in the bathroom for the afternoon? I could sit on the lounge couch and be a really good girl I could"! Flossy Xpugofinstagrampugsofinstagrampugoftheday pug puglove petsittingdiariespetsofadelaide petsofinstagram petsitting petsittingadelaidepet pets petsofinstagramcatafincdailypetphotodogsmile dogwalking dogwalkingadelaide doglover dog dogs dogsofinstagram dogsofadelaide dogcuddles

dont forget to smile 😊 . . . . pugsofinstagram #八哥 instapug pugs mochibooo dogsofinstagram dog mochipug pugslife sweetdogshub doglover pugstagram pugs dogsofinstagram dogstagram pugsloversclub #八哥 #八哥大聯盟 #八哥犬 dogsworld dogsdaily hkdogs dogfun hongkong #香港狗狗 #香港八哥 pugloversclub puglover hkpug hongkongpug @pugsofinstagram @pugvision_ @worldofpug @pugloversclub carefree_pet

we miss summer and dewy mornings😱 brrr chug pug pugsofinstagram chi bordercollie lab muttsofinstagram

This is my friend and roommate Felix the cat. I love him dearly but sometimes he scares me and won’t let me go by him. I fear his claws will grab onto my fleshy neck. Ahhh puglife pug pugs picklesthepug pugsofinstagram pugsnotdrugs puglove

See this photo in color and 100+ more cute Pugs in thebookofpugs 📘 🐾 --> https://thedogbookcompany.com/thebookofpugs⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

I think I am allergic to mornings.pugspugsofinstagrampetdogs9gag

散歩前のエレベーターにて、乗車率200% あれ?メー子の方が横幅でけー😱 . 【今朝のこと】 家を出る前にナースメー子にブーの事を頼むの忘れまして 午前中メー子はブーと離れた違う場所にいまして ブー君、遠吠えしてました😭 んもーー、寂しがり屋さんが過ぎる 今はメー子、ちゃんと仕事してくれてます(2枚目)

Эти глаза напротив 🎶 Или встретились два толстуна и теперь жизни друг без друга не представляют 💕 #доброеутро☕️ #доброеутро☀️ #доброе

Doing some yoga poses to alleviate her post tub n’ scrub agita chugsofinstagram chugs chugginggloria gloriasteinem glorilla pugsofinstagramrescuedogs agita

Что интересно видят пёсики во сне🙄🤔? . Несётся сломя голову неизвестно куда, сшибая всё на своём пути...? А может он охотится в стае волков на зверей и птиц...🐀🦆🦋? А может он увидел козу и побежал от неё, потому что она бодается...🐐? А может он увидел зайчонка и погнался за ним...🐇? А может он увидел сладкую косточку или любимую игрушку и бросился к ней со всех ног...👣👣👣? .pug pugs puglove pugsofinstagram puglove pugslife puglife pugpuppy puglovers pugmania pug_paty #мопс #мопсы #мопсики #мопсолюбовь #мопсяш #мопсомания #мопсятина

It's already been a year and I remember when we first had her. 😭mochi mochithepug babypugs babypug growup stopgrowingsofast pugsofinstagram pug pugs ilovemydog dogsofinstagram dog dogs doggy animals furbaby I hope you like this baby picture of my dog

PAWNANA (with dog treats) Banana, coconut oil, honey, almond, egg, rice flour, baking powder, creamcheese, dog treats 。 . 📍surabaya Line: naomiishii Wa: 081217925555 .peyakitchenkueulangtahunanjingdogbakeryjualkueanjingkueanjingsurabayapeyapeyopeyapeyopeyaforpresidentdemipeyadogsdayoutpugofthedaypugsofinstagramilovemypuginstagramdogspetpugdogdogloverdogsofinstagram#パグ#犬#ペットmydogiscuterthanyourbabypugsdoingthingsdogsloverpugstagramcutecutepug

After 6 long months of begging my human for my own IG account .......I FINALLY SUCCEED!! HI IG FRIENDS! Welcome to my puggy world! MY NAME IS LUNA 🌙 but mom sometimes calls me Lulu. The last 6 months have been the BEST with my humans!! PugLifeOfLunaGpug pugsofinstagram puglife pugpuppy pugslife blackpug blackpugsofinstagram

Братишка, дай я тебя расцелую! ❤😘 Мой песель самый любвеобильный пацан на свете! Мы обожаем и хотим обнимашки всех: прохожих, бабушек на лавочках, нетрезвых дядь у подъезда, детей, орущих детей, котов, собак, гулек... Это у него от мамы! Я всегда говорила, ЛЮБОВЬ СПАСЁТ МИР! ☝️ #чарлиблэкли #черныймопс #мопс #щенок #щенокмопса #мопсы #собака #любимыйпес #любимаясобака #пес #песик mops instapug ilovemypug pugs e_mops mops pug blackpug puppypug puglovers pugworld #собаки #французскийбульдог #щенки #играют #щенкииграют pugismylove puglife pugsoftheday pugsofinstagram


teeny tiny momo 🥺

momo is scared of the pumpkins 🎃

found momo playing with my baby brothers soother 🥺


tb momo’s first time on a leash last month 🥺



momo tries broccoli


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