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을이 새로운 묘기 . . . . . #땡땡 #땡땡훈련 #반려견 #반려동물 #강아지 #개 #개스타그램 #멍스타그램 #독스타그램 #펫스타그램 #멍멍이 #댕댕이 #일상 #데일리 #대구 #가을이 #가을 dog dogs doggie doglover pet puppy instadog adorable petstagram dogstagram

🦴 Finally something to chew on that isn’t the floor! 🐕 Opie JackChi kong dog puppy dogtoy cute dogsofinstagram

Whatcha looking at? happydog doglife

Oh boy I am excite!! Mom said I get to see my brother and sister!! siberianhuskypuppy siberianhusky husky huskies germanshepherd gsdpuppy gsd puppy kita_theshepsky

tbt to this little nugget claiming ownership of this chair from day one. Fun story: we've long since replaced and thrown out the matching couch, but couldn't bear to take away her favourite chair so it comes with us from house to house. ------- 💰 Coupon Codes 💵 INDIE to get 10% off any term subscription at bullybunches.com INDIE10 to get 10% off orders of $25+ at chewchewtreats.ca INDIE10 to get 10% off everything at novapaws.ca -------dogstagram dogsofinstagram puppylove instadog instapuppy puppy dogs goldenretriever dogstagram thepetground goldens retrievers goldenshepherd puppiesofinstagram barkpost mydogrunsthe6ix canadiandogs dogsofcanada woofwoof ilovemydog toronto doglover dogoftheday weeklyfluff dog bestwoof10k welovegoldens dogoftheday torontodogspot torontolovesdogs

Shine bright like a diamond 💎✨

days like these ☀️😎🍦puppy sun namedhimtyler notafterfightclub

NOVITÀ Biscotteria per i nostri amici a quattro zampe🐾💜 Un biscotto per ogni occasione🐕🐶 da 💛AMICI ANIMALI💛 . . . . . . . . .dog dogs puppy pup puppydog puppy dogfood amicianimali instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals food petsagram happybirthday photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies sweet adorable doglover instapuppy

Y pensar que en unos días cumplirás 6 meses de edad, mi bebesauria Nala. baby Nala dog puppy bed lazy loveyou daughter sleep snore Veracruz

Cette semaine c'est ma Tata @lana_vtl qui me garde et je l'aide à faire ses devoirs! 📏🖊🔢 bostonterrierlife bostonterrier bostonterrierofinsta bostonterrierlovers bostonterrierpuppy dogs puppy

Two questions - What are you eating? Can I have some? ISmellFood• • • • • •frenchie frenchie1 boopmynose bully bulldog frenchbulldog food hungry drool noseydog beg puppy dog frenchiesofinstagram dogsofig dogsofinstagram @boopmynose

Yes, I can!! Thank you for your service . .servicedog lovelifewithpets ilovedogs puppy doglove dog dogsofinstagram doglover

ㅤㅤ 요즘 아침 저녁으로 날씨가 너무 좋아 행복한 진저와 누나 진저 궁디 짤라줘야 하는데 따흑 😭🍞✂️ ㅤㅤ #웰시코기 #코기 #진저 #댕댕이 #댕스타그램 #멍멍이 #멍스타그램 #강아지 #코기스타그램 welshcorgi corgi corgistagram corgigram corgirules puppy dog dogstagram you_are_my_universe ㅤㅤ

@finjico game Overland is out today and you should all go check it out! I’d buy it just for @heatpenn art, just saying . .drawing sketch sketchbook digitalart digitalartist digitalpainting artistsoninstagram instaart dailyart procreate characterdesign draw illustration fanart dog puppy game overlandgame art videogames

Beach day 🐾 . . .beach dogbeach happy puppy dog

여기가 내침대니 너침대니 글고 표정 왜그래?😡

Hey guys! Aspen here! Mom and dad took me out to the lake & I had a blast! schnauzer minatureschnauzer lakelife puppy

The first time I discovered my voice 😅 but i wasn't happy being put in a crate for the duration and safety of my transport to my new home. 🐾🏡 lv frenchie frenchbulldog puppy bark talk

👉PURINA Nos trae EXCELLENT Puppy, adulto, adulto razas pequeñas, formula adulto.PrimeroTuMascota 🐕🐶🐩 ✅ Rodríguez 1644 ✅ WhatsApp 2494322889 ✅ Lunes a Sábados ⏰ 9 a 13hs- 16 a 20hs 🚗 Envió sin cargo!Tandil tandillugarsoñado tumascotafeliz puppy Perros perrosinstagram mascota mascotastandil tumascotafeliz

I think I found my cousin the other day 🤪

Welcome beautiful Bella to our walks. She's so lovable and an absolute pleasure. Congratulations to her new family as she's a very new addition and seems to be settling in very well. Looking forward to more walks next week 🐾

Mis días vigilando a mi mini humana y cuidándome de que no me lance sus juguetes. teckel miniatura perrosalchicha dog puppy

tbt calls for mommy’s favorite puppy picture! 🐶❤️ • • • •germanshepherd gsd gsdofinstagram puppy dog doggo dogsofinstagram dogphotography dogstagram dogmom

We all have one place that makes us feel at peace. mine is by far anywhere with nature 😍🙏 Where is your happy place and what does it look like ? Bandana by @pawafe_shop1 @pawafe_shop2 @pawafe_shop5 @pawafe_shop6 Shop Now ▶️ Link in bio ⬆️ Tag Your Friends 👬👭dog dogs puppy pup cute eyes instagood dogs_of_instagram pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram dogsitting photooftheday dogsofinstagram ilovemydog instagramdogs nature dogstagram dogoftheday lovedogs lovepuppies hound adorable doglover instapuppy instadog0 kpek


Reward your dog's good behavior with positive reinforcement. Use treats, toys, love, or heaps of praise. Let them know when's they’re getting it right. Likewise, never reward bad behavior; it'll only confuse them.

Just get my good side please. Just kidding, every side is my good side ————————————————————- • • •dog puppy dogs puppies dogsofinstagram dogsofinsta corgi corgisofinstagram jackrussell jackrussellterrier jackrussellsofinstagram dogslife doglife doglove puppylove instadog instapet happypuppy instadog instadogs instagramdogs instagramdog instacorgi  instagramcorgis instajackrussell corgiclub jackrussellclub catsanddogs rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram ————————————————————-

쿠션 빨아줬더니 둘 다 벗어나질 못하고 있다😂😂 . 등 맞대고 자는 모습 보면 항상 찡하다

. なんて書こうか全く考えてなくて . とりあえず書いたのがこれ✍️😂 . . 1年前だったんだねこれ🍁☺️ . . 次はいよいよ焼きあがった完成品です🐾 . . て、まだあんのかーい✋ . . . #マイペース投稿🙃✌️ . . . . .2歳7ヶ月dogdogstagramdogsofinstagramdachshundsofinstagramdachshundkaninchendachshundcutedoginstadogeast_dog_japanall_dog_japantodayswankopuppiesofinstagrampuppydachspuppy#닥스훈트#강아지#サンデイ#パピー#ダックスフンド#カニンヘンダックス#ダックス#チワックスpecoいぬ部#いぬのきもち#犬のいる暮らし#犬と陶芸#犬とお出かけhondadog

🐰КОМАНДА "ЗАЙКА"🐰 Да,наконец-то я решилась написать пост об этой команде. Уже очень много людей писали мне в директ с просьбой именно о зайке🐇 (Учить будем пошагово) 1️⃣ Возьмите лакомство в руку,заинтересуйте собаку. Поднесите лакомство к собаке,выше её носа,чтобы она пытаясь достать вкусняху вставала на задние лапки,в этот момент когда оторвутся передние лапы от земли,скажите команду "зайка" ,отдайте лакомство и похвалите. 2️⃣ Конечно собака не будет сразу садиться правильно,поэтому вам нужно её усадить в положение зайки,после чего хвалить и давать вкусняхи. 3️⃣ Если собака прыгает,встаёт слишком высоко,придерживайте её рукой. Дело в том что скоро собака поймёт что вы от неё хотите,но ей будет все же сложно держать равновесие,поэтому вам нужно запастись терпением и...вкусняшками😋 Мы учили команду примерно неделю,тяжело ей было держать равновесие,но как говорится,терпение и труд, и всё получится 😀😜 Желаю успехов😉💖 . #тренькиДженьки А ваша собака знает команду "зайка"? Или вы только хотите научить? . .amstaff staffordshireterrier americanstaffordshireterrier bully dogs doggy puppies sfaffy pitbullterrier pitbull staff stafford puppy bluepuppy amstaffpuppy amstaffukraine ukraine #амстафф #американскийстаффордширскийтерьер #стаффорд #собака #стафф #питбуль #питбультерьер #булли #щенок #амстаффукраина gryffindorfamily

Min fina tjej som börjar valpkurs imorgon❤ 🐶😏

Yesterday I was up to my usual shenanigans 🐶 When dad takes me outside to go potty while mom is at work, I prefer to stay outside and enjoy the weather. So I protest going inside by playing dead. However, a few weeks ago I did this and someone actually turned around and stopped their car to make sure I was okay 👌🏼... My mommy and daddy were not very happy with me 😂

Descansando después de un buen paseo por Tecate puppy dog

I have arrived to this Instagram thing my little brother @frasierthekittycat keeps telling me about... 😬🐩 MollySilvaTheMaltese DogsOfInstagram Dog Maltese Pup Puppy Love Happy Selfie PetsOfInstagram NorthernCalifornia Baby Cute Pretty Joy Follow Like

Sadly ,yesterday my best friend Frankie passed away. He was so kind and patience , to be honest I’m a little out of sorts, we all are.He will be sorely missed 🙁❤️❤️❤️❤️

_ ※ 화상사진있음 . 2개월된 강아지 눈을 함몰시키고 뜨거운물에 담군채 버린 정신병자 잡읍시다 👊 . 아놔 맘이 아파 그냥 못지나치겠네 🤬 . 프로필상단 링크걸어뒀어요 귀찮아도 한번씩 해주세요🙏 . 길에서 발견된 어린강아지는 고통속에서 치료받다 결국 눈을감았네요 살아있는게 더 지옥이었을 이 강아지가 너무불쌍해 말이안나오네요 이런짓을 한 인간은 이보다 더한짓을 또하게되있어요 사전에 응징해야함 . . #인천#부평#어떤새끼냐#동물학대#미오#학대견#화상학대#추모#국민청원#지겨주지못해미안하다dogpuppyabuseanimalabusescaldburnpain

DoP/Documentary Day🎥_Philippines🇵🇭🍃

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