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My big blue Teddy bear 💙 blueboy silkysmooth sweetdreams mybaby teddybear chowpei puppylove 😘💙

Throw🔙to my favourite ever day when my family bought me home!😁💙🐾 dogsofinstagram cutedogs cockapoo cockapoosofinstagram puppy bestdayever puppylove

puppylove #チワワ

I’m borrowing dads pillow dogsofinstagram puppylove dogdays rescuepup

I love meeting new friends!

It’s the weekend 🖐!

Gamma lebt nun schon einiger Zeit außerhalb der Box wenn ich Arbeiten bin. Es läuft echt super! Bis auf....das sie anscheinend nun eine Vorliebe für "ich zerstöre alles was aus Papier ist" hat. Leider habe ich sie noch nie so richtig dabei erwischt! 🙄 Wenigstens lässt sie die Blumenerde drin 🤣 ° ° °bestwoof Toller Retriever novascotiaducktollingretrieverpuppy puppylove nsdtr White tollerofinstagram retrieverpuppy cutedogs dogsofinstgram weegobees hildesheim dogs Handball doglove dogphotographie doglover ilovemydog Nature Gundog dogsofinstgram school Labrador Goldenretriever Flat belcandomomente Futterhaus Wildesland Fressnapf

🇩 🇴 🇱 🇾 😁🐺🐩🎈💕🤩 . Una ternura de 7 kg de amor marroncita beige una linda Pug muy cariñosa juguetona y activa, viene a su correspondiente baño y deslanado para estar muy limpia, feliz, fresca y sin botar tantos pelitos, es una cachorrita de 5 meses de edad una tierna bebé de su mami @oliviaf776. . .ClubDePug. El doguillo, ​ comúnmente llamado carlino o pug es una raza canina con origen histórico en China, pero con el patrocinio de Reino Unido. Se trata de un perro pequeño de tipo molosoide, utilizado como mascota. El pequeño y adorable Pug es atractivo por su personalidad juguetona. Estos lindos perritos son una de las razas más antiguas, y les encanta amar, y ser amados. Tamaño: pequeño Altura: Hasta 33 cm Peso: Hasta 8 kilos Pelo: Corto Color: Beige con cara y orejas negras (llamada máscara) Energía: Baja Fuertes: Agilidad, obediencia y rally de obediencia. . Estética: @miloysusamigoscl Horarios: Peluquería Canina y Felina / Lunes a Sabado de 09:00 am a 06:00 pm y PetShop Horario Extendido hasta las 07:30 pm . .Grooming instacat DolyStyle.paseocanino watchfuldog perrimadre Cat kitten felinos perripadre perrihijos parquecanino santiagodechile picsdog fotografiacanina doglife diadespa smallpaws higieneperros acondicionadordog crueltyfree yoadopto tenenciaresponsable adoptachile happydog seniordog puppydog puppylove. El Hogar de Tu Peludo Amoroso ❤ .ElJefeMilo: me encanto recibirte soy un poco gruñon pero realmente soy inofensivo 🐶💘🌳☀

They don't get any cuter! 😍 This little guy is charting 3 lb 13 oz so I would estimate his adult weight in the 4 lb range. He is adorable, personality plus! ❤️. He will lighten to cream with a black mask. shihtzu shihtzuofinstagram shihtzulovers shihtzupuppy shihtzubaby#_shihtzu dog shihtzus shihtzubaby dogsofinstagram dog puppy dogsshihtzufans shihtzumania love puppiesofinstagram puppylove furbabychineseimperialpuppies chineseimperialbabies tinyshihtzu pocketpuppy cocktailbabies cocktailshihtzu cocktail_shih_tzu

This parrot feeding his dog brother chips is everything i needed to see today!! ✌ Tag a friend to show them some cute @leo_cool_tex and raise awareness for this beautiful breed! @leo_cool_tex @leo_cool_tex @leo_cool_tex @leo_cool_tex @leo_cool_tex cutenessoverload cutepuppies Please follow @leo_cool_tex. Nice days for my friends <3 --------------------- Please email gearlaunch968@gmail.com if you are the owner and you want to remove the video or we mistakenly. Thank you very much !!!! ------------------------- Follow @leo_cool_tex for more Videos and pictures and if you like the lovely designs of Pitbull, please visit the link on my profile to seepitbulllovers puppylove doglover pitbulllove pitbullawareness pitbullfans pibbleface doglife pitbullsarelove pitbullsofig pitbullrednose pitbullofinstagram pitbullsofinsta dogslife pitbullsofinstagram pitbullpeople_feature

Most people don't realize the story of a sad dog...... This is MK i found her a couple month ago in the highway old 94 abandoned i was going to run her over it was dark but managed to stop in time there was no house for miles and no collar. She looked like she hadn't eaten in DAYS only bones showed. I took her in because of her sad face i knew she had been through a lot. I couldn't keep her because i lived in apt my brother couldn't because he has a doberman already. So i asked my mother in law she quickly judged her because she's a rott mix. After some insisting my mother in law said yes. Now she is part of the family and a happy little mutt we all love her she's a super active loving and guarding dog not to mention obedient very obedient. She gained the weight she had lost and now plays with 3 other dogs i love YOU MK 😍💓💞💕 . . .dogs dogsofinstagram dog dogstagram puppy instadog doglover pets instagram of dogoftheday puppies love cute pet doglovers puppylove doggo dogsofinsta puppiesofinstagram ilovemydog cats doglife doggy animals dogsofinstaworld petstagram adoptdontshop petsofinstagram bhfyp

What do you have in the snack department?

@anjelic_af tried walking me but a nap just felt better 🐶😴

👀 I always get treats at @petco and one of the employees snapped a perfect shot as I dog into the sweet cronch cookie. Yummy 👀 . . . .frenchbulldogfeature daily_frenchie frenchieworld frenchiebulldog frenchies1 frenchie1 dogsofinstagram puppy puppylove frenchie frenchiesofinstagram puppyeyes frenchielove puppiesofinstagram frenchielife puppyoftheday dogoftheday dogsofdenver frenchiesociety petsoriginal

LUNCHTIME 🤪 what do you have for lunch? My mum puts half my lunch in my bowl and half of it spread out in different chew toys 🤦‍♀️ she says it keeps me occupied while she eats her lunch 🤷‍♀️ . . 💩 sincerelybellaluna . .chewtoy chewbella feedmemore lunchtime

Koda loves to lay the bath mat while I get ready in the morning(s). It is quite cute that he waits outside the shower for me. puppylove puppydad puppydaddy morningroutine friday

Transformation Friday for little Lilo 😍 this was only her second visit to a groomers and she’s already so confident and now a little more comfortable 😉 daschundmix puppylove puppylife puppygrooming feelingfresh dogsofinstagram dogs groomtime doggrooming pamperedlife

It is in this spot that I ponder what today holds for me. Possibly naps? Yes. Possibly walks? Well of course. Possibly lots of chicken and rice? Indeed. ❤️🌙 sirknightsmiles

When you hear your little sister sneaking up on you 😂


Because sometimes you just need a snuggle buddy.

🐾Whoa Doods, I’m on my first road trip to meet @dood_ollie_g in the Bay Area for the weekend! Can’t wait to see him! @dood_its_coop and unclebaxter are coming too. It’s going be @dood.crew party time! 🐾

Getting settled in my new home ☺️🏡

My handsome lil buddy while I feed the feral kitties n try to get Zoey. 🐺🥰 I went to Dunkin Donuts to get him a snack and came back, he was so excited lol. 🖤 ——————————————————————————— feralcat feralcats tnr trapneuterreturn adoptdontshop dog petstagram dogs dogsofinstagram dogoftheday dogstagram husky naturephotography animals rescue huskiesofinstagram instacat nature animalrights photography vegan germanshepherd germanshepherdsofinstagram malamute #🐶 pet puppy puppylove love photooftheday

Celebrated my FIRST birthday yesterday🎉🎁🎈

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