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stayhydrated with this functionalwater recipes from @plantifulfacts

We are seeing all of your great food pairings online, cooking demos and suggestions for meal planning. If you are looking for a bit more inspiration, check out our online recipes. These are all tried and true recipes from our wineries and lodgings. You can search by main ingredient (ie: what is left in your fridge), winery, wine pairing and more! Click the link in our bio and find the link to these recipes on our homepage. . . .wineroad wineroadlife winetourism foodandwine foodandwinepairing weeknight dinner homecooking recipes wine sipsonoma sipdutton winetasting winecountry sonomawine sonomacounty lifeopensup winetime duttonestatewinery StayHomeStaySafe

Another sugarless banana bread 🍌

Olives carefully lined up 👌🏼

Hola!! Acabo de publicar mi receta de Carrot Cake en taza, la pueden encontrar en mis historias destacadas ✨ Es una receta super rica, esponjosa, que enamorará a cualquiera, y en especial en sólo 5 minutos ya estará lista 🧡 Me cuentan que tal les sale ✨😍recipes recipeoftheday carrotcake tortazanahoria limaperu igersperu yummy

All the sides 🥗🧀🍊

I spend so much time in my kitchen trying to come up with ways to make eating fun on a restrictive, anti-inflammatory diet. In 2017, I was diagnosed with Lupus, effects of which I struggled with for an entire year before changing my diet to better suit my lifestyle. By dropping gluten, dairy, red meat, soy, processed foods and sugars, beans and some starches, I've been able to keep my disease in remission and reap the benefits of a healthy, well balanced diet. And so began my journey into food. I was never a super great cook before all of this...but when you're forced to cook for yourself, you become a good cook! I've learned a lot in my 3 year journey towards health and I am still always learning. My favourite thing is to share healthy eating tips with people struggling with chronic pain. And so here I am sharing my tips with you! In addition to recipes and lifestyle journals, I want to also share information about global food networks and security as well as other issues I've discovered on my journey that have led to a passion outside my regular realm of filmmaking. As a devotee to food equality and sustainability, I hope to enlighten some of you on some of the factors facing people in countries worldwide when it comes to our food system. Please enjoy! From my kitchen to yours, eat with gratitude 🙏🏼 Recipes Lifestyle Food antiinflammatorydiet lupus Sustainability Environmentalism EthicalEating globalchange glutenfree dairyfree sugarfree healthy health foodie

FISH CAKES O CROQUETAS DE PESCADO Muy muy buenas!!! Pescado blanco el que sea 600gr Leche para cocinar el pescado Pure de papá 400g Pesto 80g (albahaca, rúcula, espinaca, parmesano, ajo y aceite de oliva) Panko para rebozar ✍Cocinar el pescado hasta que cambie de color en leche sino hacerlo al vapor ✍hacer un puré de papa bien seco (yo cocino las papas con cascara al.microondas) ✍hacer un pesto mixeando todos los ingredientes que figuran arriba ✍una vez a temperatura ambiente el pescado y el puré mezclamos con el pesto y llevamos al frío. Condimentar bien ✍depsues de un rato pasar por huevo y luego por Panko. ✍cocinar en horno bien fuerte en una placa aceitada hasta dorar de ambos lados. La receta original indica que hay que freír en abundante aceite. Yo elegí hacerlas al horno y quedaron buenísimas!!! Se pueden congelar una vez apanadas. fishcake fish pescado instafood foodporn foodie deli delicious recipes recetas recetassaludables nutricin saludybienestar saludable healthyfood healthyrecipes comidareal realfood confortfood yomequedoencasa casero caseroesmejor recetasfaciles

⁣ Galactagogues are foods that may help increase milk supply. Some known galactagogues are fenugreek, brewers yeast, oatmeal, blessed thistle and fennel. But you know what else can help lactation? Straight up calories. ⁣ ⁣ These bites include both, with plenty of heathy fats, carbs and even protein, along with brewers yeast and oatmeal. Out of all the bites I’ve made, I definitely like these the best! I included a variation for oatmeal cookie, too, in case chocolate isn’t your jam, you want variety, or baby is sensitive to chocolate.⁣ ⁣ Protein lactation cookie dough bites⁣ ⁣ 2 cups rolled oats⁣ 1/3 cup ground flax⁣ 3 tbsp brewers yeast⁣ 2 scoops vanilla protein powder⁣ 1 cup peanut or almond butter, warmed⁣ 1/4 cup honey⁣ 3 tbsp melted coconut oil⁣ 1 tsp vanilla extract ⁣ 1/2 chocolate chips⁣ ⁣ Mix together oats, flax, brewers yeast, protein powder and cinnamon. Add nut butter, honey, vanilla extract and coconut oil and mix well. Fold in chocolate chips (this part is done easier with your hands). Shape into 25 balls. Store in fridge. ⁣ ⁣ For oatmeal cookie variation, trade out chocolate chips for raisins + chopped walnuts, definitely use almond butter and 1 tsp cinnamon. ⁣ ⁣breastfeeding lactationbites lactation healthymom recipes nobakecookies nutrition postpartumrecovery fourthtrimester

Easy bread machine loaf 🍞

Trying to work out every day and eat healthy. Doing good except for the lure of the cocktails. This is lemon garlic shrimp with tons of fresh spinach and Portabello, served with cucumber, feta and tomato Greek salad. pandemiceats recipes cookingiscaring wellness shelterinplace

🍫Have you ever seen perfection? We have it in store just waiting for you. Torras Chocolate Glutenfree Sugarfree USA Miami Sweet Foodporn Love Romance Recipes Health HealthyLife Fit Fitness

BUDÍN DE ZANAHORIA 🥕 ___ 🎥 Las chicas del cable (amo). 🎥 YOU (la primera me gustó, ya me está cansando). 🎥 La 3era de Elite (to be continued). 🎥 Puerta 7 (lo más parecido a Amigovios desde 1995, qué vieja soy 🤦🏽‍♀️). 🎥 Poco ortodoxa (Corta y efectiva, fuerte). Ah, y Budín de zanahoria, pues cuarentena. yomequedoencasa___ 🔸Ingredientes: > 3 huevos. > 175gr de azúcar, la que tengas. > 130ml de aceite neutro. > 1 taza de esa zanahoria rallada antes que se pongan feas. > 220gr de harina leudante o 0000 con polvo para hornear. > 1 cucharita de nuez moscada, si querés, si tenés. > 1 cucharita de esencia de vainilla, si tenés. > Pisca de sal. > ½ taza de algún fruto seco que encuentres en la alacena. > Never canela, pero si te gusta… ___ 🔸Precalentá el horno en 180 grados. 🔸Batí los huevos con el azúcar, después sumale el aceite y la esencia de vainilla. 🔸Agregá la zanahoria, nuez moscada e integrá con la harina. 🔸Al molde y al horno 45’ o hasta que el cuchillo te salga limpio. ___ Después contame 😘

Momento "Mari Maria Braga" da Quinta-Feira vem de docinho mais leve pra você comer {quase sem} culpa na quarentena!! É um Danoninho Saudável do @igorochaoficial, quem não ama né?! Cremoso, gostoso! Vamos precisar de: . - 1 receita de leite condensado fake (tem aqui no feed). Não precisa deixar na geladeira por 6 horas, pode bater e usar direto; - 1 gelatina de morango diet; - 1 caixinha de creme de leite zero. . Depois de fazer o leite condensado fake, acrescentar a gelatina e o creme de leite, e bater até misturar tudo!! Coloque em um recipiente de sua preferência e deixe na geladeira por pelo menos 30 mimutos! 😋🍓 .receitas sp recipes receitasfit boatarde vidasaudavel dicasfit vidafit maripersonal health strawberrylover covid_19 fiqueemcasa ficaemcasa coronavirusbrazil healthylife cozinhasaudavel sucosaudavel docefit

Fried Fish pokish bowl! Super clean and healthy dinner all made in the air fryer!

Barely squeezed everyone in this photo. 🥴 Thursday night dinner reflection: we eat way more carbs than I realized before I started documenting our meals. Take away: change nothing. 👊🏼 Creamed chipped beef or SOS on toast/mashed potatoes with salads cheese/fruit and banana bread. bigfamilies family bigfamily babynumber7 flashesofdelight motherhoodthroughmylens igmotherhood pixelkids thebump thepursuitofjoyproject childhoodunplugged babyfever mamabird homeschool cooking food foodie yummy homemade foodstagram dinner momlife bhfyp cheflife homecooking instagood slowcooking bonapetit recipes tabletogether

Alert 🚨 Easy Recipe Today we have Chicken Teriyaki with noodles. 1. Diced chicken & season with Salt and pepper 2. When the chicken starts turning into a golden brown add broccoli, diced pepper and sliced carrots. 3. cover and let cook until vegetables soften 4. Add teriyaki sauce and (if u have Sesame seeds) 5. Add your noodles and VOILA. Nice and easy❗️ . . . .stayhome foryou easyrecipes teriyakichicken recipes food foodie kamloops canada thompsonriversuniversity residence family trysomethingnew juanrecommends

Pasta salad & hot dogs for dinner tonight. We could have just went the easy route and bought hot dog buns but what’s fun about that. Not the prettiest looking buns 😂but very tasty 👏 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• You can find my bread recipe under “baguettes” highlight . . ••••••••••••••••••••••••• Pasta Salad 1 box rotini pasta 1/2 iceberg lettuce shredded 2 large tomato’s diced 1 can corn (drained & rinsed) or 1cup fresh 1 can black olives (drained, rinsed & cut in circles) 2Tablespoon feta cheese . . Dressing 2Tablespoon mayonnaise 1cup Italian dressing . . Boil pasta until tender then drain. Rinse with cold water. Mix dressing in small bowl. Add all ingredients in large bowl then add dressing & mix well. Allow to cool in fridge for about an hour. Serve with croutons. . . . . . . .dinner dinnerideas dinnertime dinnerrecipes cooking pasta pastasalad recipes easyrecipes food foodphotography foodstagram

air fryer falafel + couscous salad + fixings

KNOWRISH HOT CACAO ❤️ ⠀ There’s nothing more comforting than a hot chocolate 😍 ⠀ But there’s nothing worse than a sugar spike (that F L A T feeling all afternoon 😑) soooo remove all the refined sugars & throw in some goodness❗️ ⠀ Breaking down the ingredients: ⠀ 💛 MACA 💛 - for hormone balance ⠀ 🌍 Maca is a root native to Peru ⠀ 😉 Traditionally used to boost sex drive & fertility ⠀ ⚡️ Anecdotal studies show it boosts energy & stamina ⠀ 🥜 Tastes earthy & nutty - some people hate the taste, but it is easily masked and not much is needed ⠀ 🌈 Nutrient dense - 28 grams of maca powder contains 133% of the recommended daily intake (RDI) for vitamin C, 85% for copper & 23% for iron as well as containing polyphenols ⠀ — ⠀ 🍄REISHI MUSHROOM🍄 - for immunity ⠀ 💊 A staple in Eastern medicine ⠀ ⚡️Boosts the immune system - increases the activity of Natural Killer Cells (a type of white blood cell that fights infection & cancer) ⠀ — ⠀ ❤️ CACAO ❤️ - for mood & focus ⠀ 😊 Improves mood - this is due to cocoa’s flavanols as well as the conversion of tryptophan to the natural mood stabilizer serotonin ⠀ 🌈 Rich in polyphenols - these are naturally occurring antioxidants that reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure & improve blood sugar levels ⠀ 🧠 Brain power & focus - polyphenols found in in cacao may reduce your risk of neurodegenerative diseases by improving brain function and blood flow. This is because flavanols can cross the blood brain barrier & help produce nitric oxide - which relaxes the muscles of your blood vessels, improving blood flow and blood supply to your brain ⠀ — ⠀ INGREDIENTS: ⠀ 🤍 Almond or coconut milk (enough to fill around 1/2 a mug) ⠀ 🖤 2 teaspoons cacao powder ⠀ 🤍 1 teaspoon maca powder ⠀ 🖤 1/2 teaspoon adaptogenic of choice (I used reishi mushroom powder) ⠀ 🤍 1 teaspoon of sweetener (I used raw local honey but you could use maple syrup or your sugar-free alternative) ⠀ METHOD: 1. Heat the milk 2. Add in the ingredients one by one, stirring each addition in completely before adding more 3. Top the mug up with boiled water & stir

Our timelines are flooded with photos of baked bread! So we thought we’d get in on it too. Scroll for our Garlic Parmesan Focaccia Bread recipe and enjoy some well earned carbs! kitchendivas baking bread recipes carbs indulge indulgeyourself foccacia foccaciabread loaf

Garbanzos "crocantitos". Ideales como snack o para ensaladas. Poner los garbanzos, lavados y escurridos, en un bowl. Condimentarlos con: jugo de limón, una cucharada de miel (o jarabe de agave), cúrcuma, ajo en polvo, paprika (pimentón dulce va muy bien, también), curry y un chorrito de aceite de oliva. Mezclar bien. Poner en una placa y llevar a horno por 15/20 min aprox. . Van geniales en ensaladas o como picoteo 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .dinner glutenfree singluten cena unidosarencuarentena veganrecipes sinharina lunchideas saludable recetasparatodos snacks veganlunch cocinar recetas receta recipes familytime family chicasencasa dinnerideas dinnertime casero fitness homemade foodie homemadefood foodgram foodgram plantbased vegano

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezablefoodprep

Zucchini Boats: •the same recipe as the stuffed peppers, just in a different veggie• -Beef -cauliflower -peas -carrots -tomato sauce -zucchini Scoop out the center of the zucchini, stuff the center & add cheese to the top. Cook on 350° for 25 minutes 😛😛 • • • • • •food recipes healthy eating dinner lunch home cook kitchen diy life pnw washington design dog dogmom engaged wedding planning shredforthewed health coach

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezablefoodprep

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezablefoodprep

Vanilla-Glazed Apple Cookies, recipe from my Dad. ❤ . It's been 8 years since the man that made me love the kitchen died. Every year I like to make one of his recipes to make this anniversary easier. These cookies didn't turn out as good as when he made them, and I didn't have the powdered sugar to make the glaze. ( I tried to make a glaze with brown sugar but it didn't work) But, it's the act of baking that is important rather than the outcome...still, I ate a ton anyway!! . .itsakeeper letseat recipecollection recipes foodislove imissyoudad

100% success! First pineapple upside down cake! Super moist 💦 and the cake is delicious! Need to step my game up with @kitchenaidusa stand up mixer!! 🤞🏾 • • • • •quarantine baking westseattle home pineappleupsidedowncake firsttime castironskillet recipes bridgeclosed feedtheonesyoulove oldhobbymoretime needastandupmixer

Rosemary baked fries- There's no question that the French fry is a loved side dish just about everywhere. This recipe is easy nicely seasoned with a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior without the excess oil of frying. Recipe: https://hubpages.com/food/Baked-Rosemary-Friesfrenchfries rosemary rosemaryfries bakedfries food recipes

⚡Quiz Time⚡ Are you... 1. Getting those at-home gains (homegym) 2. A Netflix Warrior 3. Asking yourself if lunch is too early for cocktails… 4. Finally organizing and getting that honey-do list done 5. Running out of kids craft and recipe ideas (I got recipes coming at ya sion👍) 6. Begging Amazon to stay operational… 7. Still driving to work every day. ME: A mix of all of the above!!! Except no cocktails (maybe some mocktails 😜) and I'm not running out of recipes YET! PLUS getting my child's energy out with free online workouts for kids...!! (...OH YES, you read that right!!!! momwin🙌 ) Your turn...👇👇👇

Picadillo 💃🏻 I made it with potatoes (how it’s originally made) because kids. I have a full keto recipe in my highlights, but here’s how I made this tonight. 2 lbs ground beef 1 tbsp Salt, pepper, cumin 2 bay leaves Brown the meat, don’t drain Add the asparagus and potatoes Add 1 cup hot water Cover Make the salsa & add to the pan Salsa: 3 tomatoes (roasted) 8 tomatillos (boiled) 15 chiles de arbol (roasted) 2 chiles guajillos (roasted) Salt Garlic Turn off and cover for 15 minutes. ENJOY 😉 dinner picadillo mexicanfood lowcarb cooking lifestyle blessed mexicanketo keto ketorecipes recipes

•MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY🤤🤤😍😍 - - - - - - - try these yummy mealsfoodie foodwatch foodporn breakfast yummy omg tgif lovefood foodpics foodpictures funfoodideas foodideas recipes funfood foodrecipes foodies love alwayseating eating beyonce

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezeablemealprep

Papitas gajo versión light: 1️⃣Corta las papas en forma de gajos. 2️⃣Mezcla aceite de olivo o aguacate, pimentón, ajo en polvo, cebolla en polvo y sal. 3️⃣Baña las papas con esta mezcla y humecta bien todas las papas con tus manos. 4️⃣En una charola coloca papel encerado y coloca en el horno por 30 minutos a 150•C por 25-40 minutos (depende de tu horno). 5️⃣acompaña con guacamole o con tu salsa favorita. nutricin nutriologa nutritionist papa Salud saludable potatoes papas recetassaludables recipes

My ultimate on-the-go breakfast! Inspired by the Playing with FIRE Documentary 🔥 where making burritos in bulk comes in handy when mornings are hectic! 🌯🍳🏃🏻‍♀️ As you would any burrito, expect filling and deliciousness 😋 Click the link in bio for recipe!

Need an EASY side dish for dinner tonight that even the picky eaters will love? 🥕⠀ ⠀ These Slow Cooker Honey Glazed Carrots are made with a bit of butter, brown sugar, honey, and a bag of mini baby carrots!⠀ ⠀ They're like a sweet treat that doubles as a vegetable. *WIN-WIN*⠀ ⠀ And... you'll only need FIVE minutes of prep time to plop it all into your slow cooker! ⠀ ⠀ RECIPE: https://www.evolvingtable.com/slow-cooker-honey-glazed-carrots/⠀ ⠀ @alessifoods @redmondrealsalt @wholesomesweet @dominosugar @kerrygoldusa⠀eatingfortheinsta recipeideas eats healthyrecipe dinnerideas foodspo vegetarian foodphotography glutenfree healthyrecipes delish yummyyummy vegetarianlife recipes ketorecipes recipeoftheday instagood sidedish easyrecipes dinnerparty healthyfood glutenfreelife slowcooker yummyfood goodfoods crockpot foodiegram healthyeats carrots dinner

Crab cake salad 🥗 (don’t mind my puzzle in the back 🥰) dressing: olive oil, lemon, Dijon mustard, garlic powder food recipes quarantinecreations healthylifestyle health nycfood eatwell

Not as beautiful as @chefludo but super great recipe and flavor. Thank you chef.

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezablemealprep

Made some more jerk chicken but instead made a jerk chicken Alfredo 😩 soooo good! I also made a video on how to make for my YouTube channel 😏 Are y’all excited 🥳? • • • • • •foodporn foodie yummy homemadefood foodpic recipes hungry foodpornography instafood atlantafood valdostafood goodeats cheflife blackchef

This kidzwerks kitchen stool issa lifesaver guys. Bevy cries and screams to be held all the time, mainly cuz she can’t see what we’re doing up above. Now she will quietly stand there and even help us make smoothies, bake bread, make coffee and teas etc. Definitely the best purchase of the month! Here she’s stealing my breakfast again. Cc @cloudyting: NUTS! . . . . . . . . .blw babyledweaning weaning babies babiesofinstagram babyfood happybaby igbabies babygirl blwideas blwmenu blwrecipes recipes instafood igfood whatifeedmybaby toddlerfood momlife parenting kitchenstool parenting101 healthybaby blwinspiration kitchenstool weaningrecipes hkig hkbaby hkmom 19monthsold blw19months

Our March 2020 cooking weekend.⁠ ⁠shiftloadoffood mealpreplife freezablefoodprep

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges

A friend asked what my top 10 picks where in the pantry! 🐒 ⠀ It was hard to narrow it down to just 10 🙈 So go check out the videos to hear my top 10 or 11. ⠀ Other things I would add to my top items would be potatoes, oats , garlic , maple syrup & pasta. ⠀ 😀 Even with a bare pantry - with these staples you can make a whole lot of yummy things! ⠀ 🧅What are you top 10? ⠀newzealandfood nzfoodie top10pantry instafoodie homechef dinnerideas easymeals recipes leftovers newzealandeats instaeats hopeandsaute

After almost 10 years of Dutch Boerenkool (sausage and kale potatoes) I’ve found a recipe that is up to both Jeremy and I’s standards in a delicious soup version. _homemade dutchoven boerenkool soup recipes mamamade livingofftheland

Googled a few random ingredients in the fridge parsnips ( @loisnatural), ghost pepper sausage (fresh approach), Parmesan (@micuccigrocery ) broccoli (can’t remember where this was from) to see what recipes it came up with for something different and found one from @skinnytaste https://www.skinnytaste.com/broccoli-rabe-and-sausage-parsnip-spiralized-pasta/ Have tried this one out several times now with several kinds of sausages from chicken and vegetarian etc. and personally the Ghost Pepper ones seem to bring the best flavor to the dish. If you try this out and choose to use the ghost pepper you’ll REALLY appreciate the Parmesan to balance out the heat. Trying to shop at our smaller local grocers as much as possible! Any recommends for recipes you’ve been trying out recently? Let us know! Oh, and the bowl’s a favorite from @maplelanepottery - pick up a piece of their pottery every year at the Common Ground Fair. If you’re a chef or other culinary artisan please don’t write a yelp review on the presentation 😉 homecooking buylocal buoylocal portlandme supportsmallbusiness recipes healthyrecipes somelikeithot ghostpepper sausage toosmalltofail chooselocal

This Peach Cobbler recipe is absolutely the best! You’ll want to make this dessert again and again! 🍑💛 Recipe link in bio —> @lifeinthelofthouse

Was an 😇 today and had a salad for lunch 💚 romaine lettuce 💚 chickpeas 💚 shredded purple cabbage 💚 diced tomatoes 💚 kalamata olives 💚 green onions 💚 fresh dill 😍 💚 homemade balsamic dressing . . . . . . . . .workfromhome lunch healthy healthylunch homemade stayhome coronalife quarantinelife whatiate day21 salad recipes mom momlife eatclean organic vegan veganlove mtlvegan vegansofinstagram veganfood love cavabienaller itwillbeokay peace postivevibes staypositive mtlfoodie eattherainbow canadastrong

Every next level of your life ⁣ will demand a different version of you..⁣ 𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐄 up to meet her 💪🏽👑 ⁣ ⁣ Download your FREE 7 day guide of body, mind & soul to unlock a greater version of yourself! Click the link in my bio 👉🏽⁣ ⁣fitness strengthtraining fitnesscoach healthylifestyle yasqueen followforfollowback strongisthenewsexy giveaway empoweringwomen levelup freechallenge nutrition recipes yoga meditation mindfulness

🌶 THE BEST CHILI RECIPE🌶 . Hi, Friends! Tonight is typically my book club night (we meet the first Thursday of every month), and while we are about to Zoom soon, I am absolutely missing seeing all of them in person!❤️ . One of the things I always serve every month (besides desserts😘) is my Mom’s famous chili recipe. This recipe is SO flavorful, freezes well, and is even better as leftovers. AND it’s easily adaptable (which is something I know we all need in a recipe right now). So, in honor of my wonderful Book Club, I give you all...Sue’s Famous Chili recipe! This recipe is for a single batch (but I usually double it).🌶 . Sue’s Famous Chili:🌶 •Ingredients: •1 lb of Jimmy Dean Sausage. •1/2 cup of onion (or more). •1/2-1 tsp of minced garlic. •1 can of pinto beans (or beans of choice), rinsed & drained.. •1 can of petite diced tomatoes. •1 can of Rotel Tomatoes @roteltomatoes . •2 tsp of chili powder (we prefer @penzeys2.0). •3/4 tsp of cumin. •1 tsp of salt. . •Brown sausage with onions. Add garlic and the rest of the ingredients. Let simmer on medium low for 15-20 min. Freezes super well and is even better the next day!🌶 . This chili recipe is simple and foolproof! And I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t love it. Enjoy, my Friends!🌶 . . . .bookstagram bookstagrammer bibliophile bookblogger bookworm chili recipes roteltomatoes juliachild masteringtheartoffrenchcooking fromscratch onmytable williamssonoma crockpotrecipes crockpot williamssonoma pieladybooks pielady bookclub pieladybookclub booknerd food foodphotography f52grams foodnetwork gloobyfood betterhomesandgardens

Simplicity is the common goal in the kitchen lately. Every day has become a new opportunity to create with what happens to be on hand. In a way, it’s kind of a nice change of pace learning to make do rather than continuously rushing out to the store for ingredients... • • • What convenient dishes are you all making in your homes?? Would love your inspiration! ⤵️👩‍🍳(Pictured here: a baked sweet potato stuffed with quinoa, kale and cranberries)

oh HEY👋🏻 remember me? it’s been a minute, but now that I’m back in America after my European stint now seems like an even better time than ever to bring back the foodie content we all deserve. my time in Europe over the past 6 months was about experiencing the culture through local cuisine more than doing cooking myself. however, NOW that I’m back, the Q is providing the best opportunity to try some new recipes, but today was all about bringing back the old. almond flour 🍌BANANA BREAD🍌 you are lookin mighty finnnee tonight🤤 got this recipe from @healthymoodsf so head to her page to make it yourself!

Punjabi Samosas with Muli Paratha bread. Green sauce is Pudina Chutney and the red one is Khatti Meetyi Chutney.and a hot mango pickle sauce. Delicious dewufitkitchen dewufitprep plantbasedlifestyle veganfriendly vegan foodie recipes DewUFit chocolatesuperman MrDewU indianfood indiancuisine

Mango Salsa Grilled Salmon Http://makecaloriesgreatagain.com/mango-salsa-grilled-salmonsalmon cedarplanksalmon healthyrecipes grilledsalmon mangosalsa mangos bge biggreenegg foodporn recipes instacalories makecaloriesgreatagain mcga

📌Quinua con fruta❤️ 🍶 Leche de almendras 400 ml 🍚 Quinua 200 g 🍓Frambuesas 60 g 🌱Higo 2 pies 🍯 Miel de Agave ‼️Preparación: Hervir la quinua, a fuego lento durante 18-20 minutos, la leche debe ser absorbida. Después de verter fruta encima y verter miel de agave!!!! Omnomnom 🤤 PROVECHO!!! 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Quinoa with fruit❤️ 🍶 Almond milk 400 ml 🍚 Quinoa 200 g 🍓Raspberries 60 g 🌱 Fig 2 feet 🍯 Agave honey ‼️Preparation: Boil the quinoa, over low heat for 18-20 minutes, the milk must be absorbed. After pouring fruit on top and pouring agave honey !!!! Omnomnom 🤤 PROVECHO !!! comida food provecho bonapetit breakfast desayuno frambuesa util healthyfood health delicious bueno recetas recipes

Albóndigas for diner tonight! This is confort food for me. momsrecipe confortfood albondigas albondigasoup albondigascaseras

Chicken chow mein - A must try recipe! Ingredients: 1) Egg noodles (readymade available in supermarkets or you can buy a packet and boil your own) 2) Carrots 3) white cabbage 4) black pepper 5) soy sauce 6) onion (1 medium sized) 7) boneless chicken breast pieces (2lb) 8) monosodium glutamate (chinese salt) 9) Salt 10) chilli flakes 11) ginger and garlic paste. Marination: Put the chicken breast in a bowl, add soy sauce (4 teaspoons), salt (as per taste), chinese salt (3 teaspoons), ginger and garlic paste (spoonful of each), chilli flakes, black pepper (I add alot but its upto you). Marinate for 2 hours. Now add oil in a pan, once the oil is heated, add one medium sized thinly sliced onion. Fry the onions until light golden, now add the marinated chicken. Cook the chicken on medium flame (approx 20- 25 mins), once the chicken is cooked, add thinly sliced white cabbage, two thinly sliced carrots and two thinly sliced green chillies. I usually cut a quarter of a cabbage and 2 carrots. Continue cooking the chicken and vegetables for 5 minutes, taste the salt and add more if needed. Sprinkle black pepper. Once cooked, I lower the flame once the carrots are half cooked and half raw. Now add the noodles (boil if not readymade). Mix everything and chicken chow mein is ready! Any questions please ask below. Enjoy!food recipes chickenchowmein delicious hungry foodie

GF PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES 💙 INGREDIENTS 1 cup peanut butter 1/3 cup sugar 2/3 cup desiccated coconut 1 egg or egg replacements equivalent METHOD Place all the ingredients in a bowl and mix. Use a teaspoon and the mix into balls. Pop the balls on a baking paper lined tray, gently press the balls with a fork. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 12-15 minutes. 💙TIP💙 Using desiccated coconut is a great way to reduce the sugar in recipes. Just substitute sugar for desiccated coconut. If recipe asks for 1 cup sugar, you could use 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup desiccated coconut. . . . .glutenfreecookies glutenfree glutenfreerecipes recipes peanutbuttercookies peanutbutter healthy healthyrecipe thenatalnutritionist bakingwithkids baking nutrition nutritiontips

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