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Back hurting? . Our therapy team are on hand now to help you mobilise and stretch just where you need it. . Hope on to the link in our bio and book your consultation. . .backpain sofa sportstherapy sportsinjury sportsmassage rehab physicaltherapy physio sportsinjury gym fitness fitnessmotivation instafit crossfit strength strengthandconditioning training manchester stockport

Медитация на этот день Будь спокоен, будь тихим, будь настоящим. Не надо расстраиваться из-за происходящего вокруг. Ощути эту глубокую внутреннюю уверенность в добре и смысле существования. Будь верен высшим своим идеалам. Не урони себя до прежнего уровня реакции на то, что вокруг. Твое оружие - дух. Всегда будь спокоен. Не отвечай и не давай сдачи, когда тебя обвиняют или обижают, пусть и несправедливо. Хулу принимай как хвалу. Лишь Бог один тебе истинный судья. Молитва на этот день Молюсь, чтобы не расстраивали меня суждения других обо мне. Молюсь, чтобы Бог один был мне судьей. #АА #АнонимныеАлкоголики #трезвость #жизнь #помощьзависимым #зож #трезваяжизнь #духовноеразвитие #лечениеалкоголизма #осознанность #здесьисейчас #сегодня alcoholicsanonymous recovery rehab sober clean 12steps 12traditions bigbook letitgo myrecovery 12шагов 12традиций #простожизнь #природа #любовь #медитация

Helping where I can. Moving Easter Eggs around the NHS. Every little helps. nhs colchesterhospital rehab sportherapy strenghttraining squats repzgym gym fitnessmotivation

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has met me... I’m a bit of a Star Wars nerd 🤓. When times are tough we can always turn to the wise little green alien for some words of wisdom. Have a safe week everyone and do something fun (I might rewatch Star Wars for the thousandth time 😂) . . . .motivationmonday lovestarwars wisdomfromyoda nerd starwarstragic 2and4osteo osteo osteopathy animalosteopathy canineosteopathy rehab rehabilitation animalrehab caninerehabilitation localosteo kilsyth montrose thebasin mountevelyn kalorama mountdandenong dandenongranges yarravalley

Мысль А.А. на этот день До встречи с: А.А., я жил без любви. Еще со школы я почти не уделял внимания отцу и матери. Я был сам по себе и даже не утруждал себя тем, чтобы сообщать им, где я и что со мной. Женившись, я стал так же невнимателен к супруге. Сколько раз я шел развлекаться без нее. И детям я тоже уделял недостаточно внимания, не пытался даже понять их или показать им свою привязанность к ним. И друзей, кроме собутыльников, у меня не было, а какие это друзья? А ТЕПЕРЬ Я ЛЮБЛЮ КОГО-НИБУДЬ, КРОМЕ СЕБЯ? #АА #АнонимныеАлкоголики #трезвость #жизнь #помощьзависимым #зож #трезваяжизнь #духовноеразвитие #лечениеалкоголизма #осознанность #здесьисейчас #сегодня alcoholicsanonymous recovery rehab sober clean 12steps 12traditions bigbook letitgo myrecovery 12шагов 12традиций #простожизнь #природа #любовь #медитация

Un riesgo real que se ve acentuado en este periodo de confinamiento.⠀ ⠀ Si necesitas ayuda, cuenta con nosotros.⠀ ⠀ 📞 932 779 322⠀ ⠀ www.forumterapeutic.com⠀ -⠀ -⠀ -⠀Salud alcoholismo Prevencin psicologia adicciones addiction tratamientoadiccin actitud coaching centroadicciones vida familia autoestima terapia bienestar drogas alcohol crece rehab love

6v postop och hälen lyfter! Alltid nåt, får man tänka när kroppen inte svarar på kommando. trben patellartendonrupturerehab postopprecoronawinter2021

FOOT LIGAMENT SYSTEM ⠀ The foot has the highest density of ligament tissue per square inch in the body. Given the large amount of joints and ligaments, it would be reasonable that this complex is important to total body function. ⠀ This picture shows the specific ligaments of the foot and the intricacy of their structure and links: 1 Anterior Tib-Fib Lig 2 Ant. Talofibular Lig 3 Calcaneofibular Lig 4 Post. Talofibular Lig 5 Post. Tib-Fib Lig 6 Lat. Talocalcaneal Lig 7 Interosseus Talocalcaneal Lig 8 Dors. Talonavicular Lig 9 Long Plantar Lig 10 Dors. Cubometatarsal Lig 11 Bifurcate / Y Lig 12 Dors. Calcaneocuboid Lig 13 Dors. Cubonavicular Lig 14 Dors. Cuneonavicular Ligs 15 Dors. Intercuneiform Ligs 16 Dors. Metatarsal Lig ⠀ Recent research shows ligaments have two functions and can be grouped into two anatomical categories. One function is that of static stabilizers of joints and the second function is sensory or proprioceptive. The presence of mechanoreceptors implies a sensory role for some ligaments and that this afferent information could regulate the stiffness of the muscles surrounding the joint and improve its stability (see E. Haggert). ⠀ It now is clear that there are two types of ligament structure types: The ligaments with a high percentage of collagen fascicules are the static stabilizers or, in tensegrity terms, the tension elements. The ligaments with a high percentage of water and space are involved in gathering afferent information such as tension, position and speed of movement. ⠀ An example in the foot is the large, Long Plantar ligament (9) which is primarily a tension stabilizer with dense collagen. The Bifurcate/Y Ligament (11) is a receptor-rich sensory ligament informing the CNS about midfoot motion and position. ⠀ All of these tissues have a role in ensuring function of the foot but also giving the entire body proprioceptive information. ⠀ Credit: @anatomylinksanatomy fascia biomechanics biotensegrity chiropractic physicaltherapy osteopathy rehab orthopedics podiatry acupuncture chiropractic manualtherapy ligaments functionalanatomy running foot feet stability physiotherapy health injury therapy medstudent

@dee_vo2 setting the Monday Morning Mood 😁 Don’t be Negative. Be Happy @clubvo2 got your back 💯

The respiratory diaphragm is a thin muscle that separates the thoracic cavity above from the abdominal cavity below. It consists of a left and right muscular dome which meet in the middle in a fibrous central tendon. .. The superior aspect of the diaphragm is in contact with the pleura of the lungs, while the fibrous layer of the pericardium surrounding the heart connects to the central tendon. The right muscular dome of the diaphragm sits higher due to the position of the right lobe of the liver, and the left muscular dome sits over the left lobe of the liver, fundus of the stomach, spleen, left kidney and suprarenal gland. .. The diaphragm is the primary muscle of respiration. During inhalation it contracts and flattens increasing the vertical volume of the thoracic cavity, this allows lung expansion when drawing air in. During exhalation the diaphragm relaxes and returns to its original state, this reduces the volume of the thoracic cavity pushing air outwards. .. Here is a little work on the diaphragm to help improve deeper inhalation reducing apical (shallow) breathing associated with conditions like asthma, emphysema or for individuals who are seated a lot. _________________________________________________ Momentum Muscle Therapy: A holistic approach to functional manual therapy, using integrative techniques and an innovative approach to restoring optimal health. For appointments at MMT, book online: www.momentummuscletherapy.com.au ..momentummuscletherapy myotherapy muscle diaphragm diaphragmaticbreathing asthma breathing breathingexercises anatomy biomechanics myofascialrelease muscleenergytechniques deepbreath kayak deskjob officework rehab prehab clinic goldcoast

🔆 TeleHealth Available 🔆 Hey, you! Do you need some guidance on your rehab, chronic pain, or an injury - but you’re in isolation? Good news! TeleHealth is now here 🙌🏼 While many physiotherapists have kept their clinic doors open, we felt the risk of our valued and vulnerable patients health was absolutely not worth continuing hands on work. — If you’ve worked with me before, you won’t find it all that different! I’m not one for lots of manual therapy, I tend to teach you how you can move yourself better with exercises specific to you, your experiences and your goals. — I’m hoping that this means I can now work some more with all the mamas who’s ever reached out for guidance, and if we can build up some calls then we can keep this going! — Medicare subsidised Telehealth sessions have been approved, while Private Health Insurers have approved one to one Telehealth sessions as of April 14th (there are exclusions to this, I can give you more info if you’re keen). If you’re interested get in touch with me or call through to Namoi Physiotherapy on 02 6842 2881therehabmama telehealth physiotherapy physiotherapist videophysio isolationrehab postpartumrehab rehab chronicpainmanagement progress

✅ Perform single leg Deadlifts at home to train your hamstrings and also develop strength in your glutes . 🔥 If you don’t have any weight you could add up the difficulty by slowing the the reps down, adding holds at the bottom of the range, doing high number or reps like 30-40 reps in 1 set, making the movement explosive, etc. . ⭕️The same movement can be trained with numerous different variations . .decathlon corestability coreworkout corestrength posture movement posturecontrol bracing hipextentions functionaltraining bracing corebracing strength workout fitness abs backpain movebetter mobility injuryprevention rehab prehab glutes activations gluteactivations movementcontrol fitnessformula fitnessjourney fitnesscoach strengthandconditioning

2nd stage of the recovery process:  After one month and a half of physiotherapy and kinetotherapy the results are starting to show. There is still a lot of work to do to get back into shape. P.S. The outside scenes were shot on Friday, 27th of March, one day before the authorities shutdown the parks. slaviapharm clinicazetta rfhsports&management healing selfcare recovery motivation natural exercises strengthandconditioning mobility sportstherapy workout training positivity march  spring park rehab nocovid 2dor

Day 2 🌸 I had my first, (now online) meeting with a group of old faces that have been a part of my journey for the last 5 months. I was blown away by the kindness and support and the massive smiles and encouragement toward me. When I first came into the rooms I had such little appreciation for these faces and today I have an overwhelming gratitude for these wonderful people. I have finally learnt that I will not have all the answers at once, I do not need to be in any self perceived place of understanding. This isn’t something for me to “work out” so that I can tick off progress like a test. It is a journey that I will take ONE DAY AT A TIME. I’m doing everything with an open mind. Taking the pressure off myself and not overthinking. Just slowly does it. Picking up the pieces. Today I am grateful for this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .alcoholicsanonymous sober recovery narcoticsanonymous aa sobriety soberlife addiction odaat alcoholic chef soberliving ekisjoune wedorecover cheflife workthesteps rehab justfortoday sobermovement steps sobermemes na drugfree consciouscontact livelovrerecovery nicolene spiritualprinciples cleanandserene recoveryispossible anxietyrecovery

Happy måndag!🙌 🌟 ✨ Vi välkomnar en ny vecka och på onsdag är det en ny månad och ett nytt kvartal! Perfekt för att följa upp våra befintliga mål och kanske sätta upp några nya? Vill du städa bort några av dina befintliga vanor och etablera någon ny?🤔⠀ ⠀vanor inspiration ml motivation minrehab rehab rehabtrning sjukgymnastik fysioterapi physio physiotherapy

It’s all about those multidimensional, multidirectional movements. 🌀❣️ . .CadenceGaruda TheGarudaMethod

The goal of stroke rehabilitation is to help you relearn skills you lost when a stroke affected part of your brain. Stroke rehabilitation can help you regain independence and improve your quality of life. At Regions Rehab we ensure that all patients receive the best Neuro rehab treatment, which leads to better recovery.rehab strokesurvivor regionscares

Early morning views making my rehab bearable 👀🙏🏻💪🏻 nofilter beauty sunrise beach training rehab alonetime betteralone concentration

Rehab (musical clip in story). First little step. 20 months in hospital. rehab nevergiveup riseup

We are here to offer free advice over the phone to anyone needing our support, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Our phone line will be manned remotely from 9am – 6pm every day. Please remember you are not alone. We are here to support you all in this unprecedented time.

Tweak Physio | COVID-19 Update Just letting you know that Tweak Physio is still OPEN and we're here to help. Physiotherapy is classified as an essential service and as such is being encouraged by the Prime Minister to assist reduce the load to the GP clinics. The COVID-19 situation is changing daily, but the health and well-being of our clients is priority. To reduce the spread, we have implemented extra hygiene and infection procedures in the clinic. • Waiting room magazines have been removed. . • Hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities are available for clients. • Increased frequent cleaning for high touch surfaces. • Removal of towels on the tables to allow for disinfection between clients. • Extended clinic hours as required to ensure adequate social distancing. Help us help you. Please advise us prior to your appointment if: . • You have returned from overseas recently and the date of your return. • You have a fever, cough or shortness of breath. • You have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. For individuals in isolation who require our services please contact us to see if a Remote Telehealth session is suitable (via telephone or videoconferencing such as Skype, Facetime or Zoom). We will continue to monitor the situation and if anything changes you will be advised. Until then if you have any questions or concerns, email info@tweakphysio.com.au or call 8221 6800. Appointments can be booked online at www.tweakphysio.com.au or by clicking the link our bio.updatetweakphysio tweaked tweakme getTWEAKed.exercise health physio injury physiotherapy sportsinjury sportsinjuries prehab sportsrehab physiotherapist sports recovery rehab stretching exercise fitness

Pentru acest început de săptămână, Veronica, a pregătit pentru dumneavoastră, câteva exerciții foarte utile în fasceita plantară. ✅ Deplasare laterală din stânga în dreapta din glezne- 20 repetări ✅ Cu un elastic la nivelul degetelor mari- tragerea elasticului spre exterior- 20 de repeări ✅ Strângerea și relaxarea degetelor cu menținere de 2 secunde pe mișcarea de strângere- 20 de repetări ✅ Ridicări pe vârfuri de pe scaun- 20 de repetări ✅ Rulaj pe un baston timp de 1 minut- 2 serii 🔴 Spor la treabă! Vă așteptăm zilnic cu exerciții noi, și cu întrebări pe adresa noastră: contact@centrokinetic.ro. Toată echipa noastră este alături de dumneavoastră! . . . . . .centrokinetic echipa recuperare rehab fasceitaplantara plantarfascitis kinetoterapie nodaysoff faradureri stamincasa stayhome stayhealthy staystrong therapist allforyourhealth

The health & fitness industry has completely changed within a few weeks. Online delivery is the new normal for strength programs & many health services.⠀ ⠀ We'll soon be releasing a free online tool for fitness & health professionals that can accurately diagnose client injuries.⠀ ⠀ For fitness professionals, you can confirm the source of a client's symptoms & adjust your programming. No more trial-and-error.⠀ ⠀ For health professionals, this is your first point of contact. Potential clients can search Dr Google or they use this tool on your website. Wouldn't you rather build trust & provide the 1st step to your telehealth sessions?⠀ ⠀ Link in bio.

Wil je wat stabilisatie oefeningen voor de schouder doen? Maak met deze oefeningen van onze kinesisten Ward en Kas, je schouder sterker flowlubbeek flow schouderklachten prehab rehab kine fitness health excercise

💥EXERCISES FOR A STIFF AND TIGHT NECK💥 Neck pain is super common! And it can be a huge source of stress for many people. Commonly, people that have persistent or recurrent neck pain are found to have reduced strength in their deep neck flexor muscles (muscles which nod the head). An easy test you can do at home to test your neck strength is the neck flexor endurance test by holding your head from the floor and holding for as long as possible. The normal hold time for men is 39s and women 29s (Domenech 2011). You can also try some of these exercises to relieve some pain, and stiffness, and to reduce the risk of neck pain or whiplash 👍therehabroomphysio injury trainingprogram training fitness physiostudentinjuryrehab running sportsphysio physicaltherapy physiotherapist rehabilitationphysio sportsrehab sportsrehabilitation trainingvideos sportsinjury injurypreventionexercise sportsphysiotherapy sportsphysiotherapist rehab Dpt physiotherapy PTneckpain neckrehab neckexercise

Sempre in ricordo dei tempi in cui potevamo uscire... una variante del plank. Provare per credere: dalla posizione di plank neutra, provate a staccare da terra: - un appoggio alla volta per almeno 10 secondi... SENZA modificare l’allineamento del resto del corpo. - due appoggi incrociati (piede dx e braccio sx) per almeno 10 secondi SENZA modificare l’allineamento del resto del corpo Più tempo resto in tensione, più il lavoro darà i suoi frutti! Mi raccomando, mantenere sempre un’ottima consapevolezza del corpo, di com’è allineato e mantenere sempre il controllo del “core”. Torneremo presto!💪🏼 iorestoacasa vogliaditornare bassanodelgrappa workout personaltraining postura benessere wellness rehab eserciziofisico fitness addominali @h3om_officinadelbenessere

No Gym No Worries 💪🏻 . Plenty of ways you can use 'simple' bands to manage your injuries and keep fit during the covid_19 pandemic . Here's a great patient of ours performing T flies to help manage her neckpain . Appropriate social distancing was practiced too! . If you're at a loss with your exercise or rehab plan then book in either face to face or from home via TelePhysiochoosephysio physiotherapy physio rehabilitation rehab exerciserehab exerciserehabilitation selfisolationexercise yanchep tworocks alkimos jindalee alkimosbeach jindaleebeach quinnsrocks mindarie joondalup burnsbeach

Листайте карусель. Счастливы представить совершенно новый элемент в формировании фирменного стиля monochrome° - нанесение основной айдентики в тон используемого полотна. Таким образом мы знаменуем, своего рода, поворотный момент в создании своих премиальных коллекций и смещение акцента с брендинга изделий на непосредственно их дизайн. Первой ласточкой в премиальной коллекции стал наш культовый Hoodie REHAB, уже доступный для заказа с БЕСПЛАТНОЙ доставкой по всему миру! Важное применение: мы по-прежнему работаем в штатном режиме, большая часть наших сервисов переведены в онлайн, а надёжные партнёры обеспечивают непрерывную логистику и своевременную доставку ваших заказов. 15,000₽monochrome monochromeyou lifestyle oversize fashion oversized hoodie rehab new newstyle newmodel original premium freeworldwideshipping love unisex

"You’re a thinking, caring, listening and communicating clinician". . Exactly right! Yes I can't do deep Tissue Massage, Dry Needle or be there in person right now but I can help by Listening, Educating and helping with your Exercises! . . . Please reach out if you need any assistance at all! .Repost @wordsmatter_education

Getting my exercises in and soaking up some time during isolation 🐾🐶💪🏼

Vi ställde om till sommartid och då blev det vinter ❄️ @skavholmenrehab sorg ngest utmattning psykiskohlsa psykiskhlsa hlsa ngest stress stresshantering rehab grnrehab naturen mbättre trtthet energi andning levnu utbrnd terhämtning hlsa energi vlmående vinter sommartid

Piccoli istruttori crescono, la nostra Giulia! Ecco in ricordo dei tempi in cui potevamo uscire, un bellissimo side plank! Torneremo presto!💪🏼 iorestoacasa vogliaditornare bassanodelgrappa workout personaltraining postura benessere wellness rehab eserciziofisico fitness plank sideplank addominali @h3om_officinadelbenessere

Another DIY hack squat - this time with belt assisted loading.

We just ran our first Virtual Strength and Conditioning Class and it was AMAZING 🤩🤩🤩 100% supervision from a highly skilled physiotherapist not your physio busy demonstrating and unable to keep an eye on participants techniques. We’ve even modified a heap of your favourite Pilates reformer exercises so you can do them at home. Comment ME if you’d like more information.

Did you know we have an amazing post-operative ONLINE rehab program for knees - that you can do at home? . The ACL + Knee Surgery Rehab program suits people who need a set, structured and intensive rehab program of rehab exercises, stretches and video instruction to help them recover, rehabilitate, and strengthen their knee after surgery. It is most suited for people who have undergone an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction operation, medial or lateral ligament repair operations or general arthroscopic knee surgery operations for injuries such as meniscal tears and repairs. It also suits people WAITING for surgery as prehab. . Recovering from a ACL injury, reconstruction or any knee surgery operation is not a breeze - It's far from it. And it requires a strict, intensive and regimented rehab regime for ultimate success, and then a maintenance program to follow. . Tim Keeley personally suffered an ACL rupture and a meniscal tear to his knee in a skiing accident in 2009, and therefore has had first hand experience in the injury, operation and the rehabilitation all the way through to full recovery. He knows what is needed in a post-operative knee surgery program, the exact exercise regime, how long it takes, the effort required and the determination needed to get through each week. . In this 24 week program you will be shown all the exercises and mobility work that is needed each week, with detailed instructions, videos of the exercises and weekly videos of patients just like you, who are going through the same stage each week. The videos help you keep motivated and on track through your knee rehabilitation journey, as well as giving you great tips and inspiration during each stage. . To find out more and take a look at some FREE weeks of this great program - head to physiorehab.com/programs .knee acl aclsurgery kneesurgery onlineprogram onlinerehab onlineexercises kneeinjury injuries sportsinjury vmo physio rehab kneeexercises aclrecovery surgery physiotherapist physiotherapy sportsphysio physiosydney physiobondi bondiphysio sydneyphysio physiofitness physiorehab physicaltherapist rehabilitation physicaltherapy

Maximising time ✅ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Getting more treatment in the allocated time. Using the cups whilst performing massage allows us MAXIMISE our treatment and get most effectiveness. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ This video was taken pre isolation and I’m currently missing work a little lately. Can’t wait for this all to be over so we can get on with our lives. In the mean time hold, enjoy trying new things and try new skills. Don’t look at this period as a negative, try and find how you can explore other areas of your life 🎻 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Stay home everyone 🏡🤞

With life moving a little slower these days, this is the perfect opportunity for you to make stretching and self-massage a part of your daily routine. Put on your favourite playlist or tv show and spend even 10 minutes at the start or end of your day just stretching out. While it might be a little painful at times (…ITB…) you will feel SO much better for it. So grab your tennis ball, golf ball, spikey ball, foam roller, rolling pin…you can even use a can of beans - and give your muscles the TLC they deserve 👌🏼

Today’s 9.30am livestream workout was Pilates-based and slower-moving but still packed a punch for those of you who like their workouts challenging - see pic. 😎 We’re in our online group next at lunchtime, then outdoors in the early arvo (that’s afternoon for our non-Aussie mates). One-on-one trials with @solwalkling are still available today between 1.30pm - 4.30pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm. We’ll shortly be posting an updated availability chart for new client trials. Please note, if you still want to make use of the 50% off offer for new SoMe clients, intro sessions must be completed by April 14th to qualify.livestream pilatesonline yogaonline exercise physio personaltraining onlinept workoutplan tairoredsessions tailored copenhagen sydney hamburg fitness posture rehab bodymindsol bodymindsoul

• How Many Times Have You Heard These Words • ⠀⠀ • Online • Remote • Private ⠀⠀ Maybe you have heard them more often than not in the 'Personal Training' world but very seldom do you hear MSK Therapists such as Sports Rehab, Physio, Chiropractic, Osteopaths etc.. ⠀⠀ As an MSK Therapist quite clearly it is important to be physically present to assess, diagnose & treat certain injuries. However, maybe COVID-19 is exactly what we needed in order to up-skill & become more adaptable by providing 'Video Consultations' to current & prospective clients ⠀⠀ As part of being associated with BASRAT, Camden Sports Clinic has teamed up with @rehab_guru to provide all of our clients with their personalised rehab plan ⠀⠀ Some of the key features include: ⠀⠀ • Video Exercises • Sets/Reps/Tempo Advice • Written Description Of Each Exercise ⠀⠀ All of the sessions are delivered on our app & consultations are scheduled through Zoom 🌬 ⠀⠀ So if you feel that this is for you, then you can follow the links in our BIO and book your appointment now 🙌🏻 ⠀⠀ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌐 www.camdensportsclinic.com⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀MSKTherapy COVID19 StrengthAndConditioning BackInjury CamdenSportsClinic Rehab FitLife HealthAdvice GymLife PersonalTraining Physio PhysicalTherapist StrengthTraining OnlineCoaching AchieveGoals Health WarmUp Workout Fitness TeamCamden PhysicalTherapy

Knee pain and worn out joints are damn achy... And there is much anxiety about surgery. Should you operate...or not??? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ We explain to you what it's all about and most importantly...what to consider when making that decision Link in the bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Starting too heavy when you lift is a MAJOR problem. Common offenders: 1) People that have plateaued 2) People that are often injured 3) Ego lifters/people that lack self awareness 4) Skinny people trying to add weight in any way possible cause it leads to "gains" I used to be all 4 offenders in one! People get the wrong idea when they just watch a video of someone doing a heavy set. Here I put together all of the reps I did before hitting a 295 front squat PR. I went 45, 95, 135, 185, 225, 255, 275, and finally, 295. Please take note of 4 things: 1) I treat EVERY SINGLE REP as if it's super heavy - my bar approach and set up is exactly the same each time! 2) I started VERY light - with the bar! No one is too strong to start heavier than the bar. 3) I only use my belt for the heaviest sets. 4) This is after a complete total body warm up, activation, and my injury prevention routine. I used to just hop into heavy weights. It DOESN'T work. You don't get better. You get injured. I REPEAT: I built all the way up to 295 from 45. I see all the time in the gym, on social media, etc people trying to get to whatever their 295 is, but doing their first reps at 185 or 225 or worse with the attitude that starting heavier is better. It's not!! Starting light prevents injury, let's you be in tune with how your body is actually feeling, primes your body to actually lift heavy weight, and gives you plenty of reps to practice - without taking away from your workout! START LIGHT DO IT RIGHT. . . . . . . .pcf parksidecrossfit gethuge rehab crossfit startlightdoitright crossfitnorthhollywood coach onlinecoach fitnessjourneyinprogress fitnessjourney frontsquat PR motivation fitnessadvice fitnesswisdom warmup injuryprevention @parksidecrossfit @lipsticksandbarbells @davediaz67 @stephy_5 @rubybudgetsonketo @pairofcellos @pambition @danielsteinerfa and everyone else that this might benefit!!

Calf strength . . Good calf strength (>25 SLHR) showed a substantial decline in foot, ankle and calf injuries in dancers . . Clinically, I note a similar outcome with other athletes (running sports, jumping sports), as well as my general population group . . With no equipment required, they are a great exercise to get started on. Just be sure to keep a steady speed, with long, flat toes and equal weight along the ball of your foot, and rise up (towards the ceiling), no forward (towards the wall). . . If single leg is too hard, consider starting on two feet instead, or check back in for some variations in the coming days . . This great infographic was put together by my amazing colleagues @australianballet (for some reason the logo was chopped off on insta! -I’m still learning) . .physio physiotherapy physiotherapist dancerehab dancephysio rehab strength bodyweighyexercise footandanklerehab footandankle calfrise calfraise slhr stronger calves calf sportsmedicine dance dancer sports injury infographic

Pre social distancing days 😢 🤗👐🏻🤲🏻🙌🏻 lifepause bebacksoon getincontact exercise rehab moveyabody isolationrehab

Our first work out together since forever ... probably about 5 years haha A broken wrist and elbow last year and and well gerannes given birth to our beautiful daughter Elizah who's 2 month old .. So it's time to get back to getting fitter and healthier .. Thanks @rexfitbody for the quarintine fitness plan .. Gonna hit it hard and fast .. Follow us on our journey peeps ;) And show some love ..getupandgetfitfitparents recovery rehab nopainnogain nopainmoregain love fitness home mom dad hashtag

REMINDER: This too shall pass 💫. . Ok, so if you’re feeling completely out of control and lost right now .. you’re not alone! . We all have ways of escaping the demons in our head and it usually involves some kind of distraction, right? Well during this self-isolation time it’s very hard to not confront the toxic thoughts, as you are literally stuck with them 24/7. I feel you. . I am just trying my best to deal with every day as it comes. This is not something we have ever had to deal with, so. . 🧠 it’s going to be hard - & that’s ok! 🤯 we’re going to freak out - & that’s ok! 😓 we’re going to be scared - & that’s ok! . Just remember, like everything else on our journey, it will take time to adjust and it will take time to come to terms with it. . At the moment, it’s very hard for me so I needed to write this down for myself but also so that others who feel the same can find comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. . @edrecoverygurl . Sending love beauties x Monique

Amy Winehouse’s ‘until tomorrow’ be lookin’ a lot like me. circa2010 rehab valerie fuckmepumps loveisalosinggame backtoblack blakeincarcerated / And yes, that is a fuckin’ cape

Hip Abduction/Extension ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Pretty much anyone has had a therapist or a PT harp on about how important the glutes and hip/pelvic control is, so I won’t bore you with why the glutes are important. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is one way that I like to train the glutes and find it gives more activation than taking the leg straight back or straight to the side. The best part is it actually works out the stance leg more than the moving leg, so you’re getting a work out on both sides. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A side note: I haven’t hurt my elbow. I just donated blood today. The blood bank are desperate for donation given the current pandemic, so if you’re healthy and able to donate, you could consider donating.

Missing the stair climber at the gym? Me too. Well miss NO MORE!! Simples

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” - ‘What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smartphones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.’ - I’m a fan of @johann.hari ✨ and even though I’d seen this short clip last year, I saw the complete ted talk last night (find link in the bio) I remember doing a post which said: Addiction is not a choice anybody makes. It’s a response to emotional pain. - Gabor Maté If you do decide to watch the complete talk, do think of other addictions in our lives... not just restricting it to alcohol or drugs, but work, shopping, eating, scrolling, tv... (will share the post I’d written on this in the stories today) We want to numb the uncomfortable emotions in an attempt to escape reality, because feeling our feelings is hard. I hear you. But feeling through it, is the gateway to healing yourself 💛 And because, we can’t selectively numb emotions, like @brenebrown says. When we numb the uncomfortable ones, we numb the ones we live for as well. Speaker: @johann.hari Video by: @ted

Flexibility is the key to stability. Be willing to change because life won’t stay the same. . Ps. Online Group and Private classes now available. Message me or book online. xo .CadenceGaruda TheGarudaMethod

Jumping into a new week like 💥 we’ve got this! . .CadenceGaruda

I hope wherever you stand, you stand tall; you stand confident, humble and open - Open to new things, new ideas, new ways of living. And open to continually becoming a better version of you. . .CadenceGaruda

Your thoughts shape your vision. You choose what you see and you choose what you think. And ultimately, your vision shapes you - Choose wisely. 🖤 . .CadenceGaruda

Happy Sunday! 🌻 I hope you’re wearing your favourite colour, doing your favourite workout and listening to your favourite music. Anything and everything you can to keep things bright, positive and hopeful. . .CadenceGaruda

A little barre workout coming soon! (If you have a railing or bench top at home that you can hold onto, then you have a barre!) 💁🏼‍♀️💜 . .CadenceGaruda TheGarudaMethod

Remember, your only limit is you. . Even now with Covid-19 - can you find ways to keep moving forward despite the circumstance you’re faced with. And it may mean you have to change, adapt and do things differently. But you can do it... be brave - keep pushing - keep moving.🖤 CadenceGaruda

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