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NYC FOSTER NEEDED FOR MARVEL, WHO SURVIVED BEING TOSSED OUT OF 6TH FLOOR WINDOW Reposted from @eastharlemcats (@get_regrann) - I’ve named her Marvel. This is her passed out asleep as soon as she got safe inside (her sweet face in the second pic). No one has stepped up to help. Rescue groups have turned me away. The only other person I know trapping here has refused to help or even hold her for a few days. I’m desperate for fosters. She’s in a tiny crate now, it’s all I can do. I named her Marvel because she was tossed out of a SIX STORY window and somehow, miraculously, survived. She’s eating and was so, so thirsty. I can not hold onto this cat. I am not a shelter. I am one person who will not ignore the call to rescue but I can’t do it all by myself. Again, I’m DESPERATE for FOSTERS. I was maxed out with one or two cats in my bathroom, but this is BEYOND beyond. I now have*****NINE*****cats with me needing fosters because they had nowhere else to go. I feel like I’m losing my mind. Tonight I’m unspeakably angry at cruel people who throw cats out windows and I’m crying in desperation because I just can’t handle all of this without help. Please. I can’t continue running out for emergencies and taking more cats in. I can’t. I hate to complain and feel terrible begging and begging for help but this is real. I’m broke, exhausted, emotionally drained and so maxed out. Marvel is so friendly and lovely and gorgeous. She’s under a year old. So far her injuries seem minor, superficially. I don’t know if there’s anything going on internally. She needs a foster so she can relax and be cared for ... care I can not give to her as I’m already neglecting so many others, including, and most importantly, my own two-year-old daughter. Please share. If you can donate to help, I really need it. Food, litter, toys, churu treats are top priority, all in my amazon wishlist. PayPal: eastharlemcats@gmail.com. Thank you 😔 eastharlemcats trapneuterrescue halfwaycats catrescue rescuecats pleasehelp - regrann

I’m testing out a theory that an instant way to improve your day is to look at a picture of an adorable kitty, and I think this picture of Rosie certainly qualifies, so let me know: Has your day improved since viewing this picture like mine has? 🙌🏻 . . . .cats_of_instworld cuteness potd cutenessoverload bestmeow russianblue rescuecats catstagram cutekitty catsofinstagram cat_features thatface excellent_cats

So huMum got this passport out of her drawer, fed us 2 hours before normal and disappeared with a small suitcase. We know she's ok because she has been sending us these pictures but we are worried about who is going to feed us later if she's not here! . . .rescue rescuecat catsprotection cats blackcat rescuecats rescuecatsrule adoptdontshop blackcatsappreciation ilovemycats itsacatslife cats_of_world gato thomasandmilly meow meowdel worktrip catsitter homelovingcats missmycats catmum crazycatlady

Bruno, explorer 🧭 of new terrain 🌎 🐈🐈🐈💗✨

😻😻😻😻 📹 from @bella_mial 😍😍😍😍😍 ~ double tap ❤❤ Tag your friends who need to see this. For more 👉 Follow us! 👉 @beautifulgatito

The adventures of the Bensters made it into a calendar (link the bio)! rescuecats persiancat siamesecats catcalendar

Am sichersten Platz der Welt schläft es sich einfach am besten ...zwischen Mama's Füßen❣️ . . . Best place to sleep, safest place on earth ...between my mums feet❣️ . . .cat cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world rescuecat rescuecats rescuecatsofinstagram rescuecatsrule kitten rescuekitten rescuekitty rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram sleepingcat sleepingkitten cutecats cutekitty lovecats lovecat catlover catlovers

James hard at work giving extra snuggles to adorable Miss Francis 😉 🐶😻💕🐾❤️❤️ HELLO TMVS COMMUNITY 🐶 😺 ❤ 🐾!! Meet Francis 😻🐾 a newly adopted tuxedo kitty❤️❤️!! She did ⭐️EXCELLENT ⭐️ for her Annual Wellness examination and manicure/pedicure 💅today 👍👍💕!! Initially very timid, Francis has found the purrrrfect pet guardian, the lovely and Beautiful Miss Shannon 🦋🌹 (photo to follow) to bring out her sweet and sunny ☀️😎personality. During her entire visit today, we were warmly welcomed by happy feet 🐾🐾, a happy tail and nonstop purring 😻😊!! It is clearly evident that little Miss Francis has adjusted very well into her new home 🏡 thanks to the unwavering love and care from her Beautiful and lovely guardian, Miss Shannon🦋💕👍👍🌹😘🌸🌼🐾😻❤️❤️!! * * *petsofinstagram catsofinstagram dogsofinstagram tuxedocat adorable blackcatsofinstagram unconditionallove adoptdontshop happycat purr purrpurrpurr shelterdog sheltercat rescuecats beautifulfamily family community tomobilevet toronto housecall veterinarians torontomobileveterinaryservices

Good morning 🌞 We’re ready to play while humans sleep, then insist on our breakfast (yum!), and then we’ll find a good place for our morning catnap😽 . .kittensofinstagram kittens fosterkittens catsofinstagram adorable cutekitten cutekittens rescuecats rescuecat fosteringsaveslives theodorable greeneyes orangecat orangetabby catsofinstagram ilovemycat catoftheday adorable cat cats animalovers animallovers fosterkittens

SAY WHAAATT? This is not fake news! Many employers allow pets in the workplace! My very first employer had a black lab puppy who was training to be a service dog. The call center was never happier than when he was running around wagging his tail while we worked! 🐶 Since then I’ve worked with nearly a dozen employers who’ve allowed foster cats to become “office cats” of course going home with a staff member at the end of the night! 🐱 Most recently I encountered an office bunny who hopped around from person to person spreading love and happiness! How’s that for a stress reliever? 🐰 Double tap if you want to see more office pets OR tag an employer eho you’d love to see go “pet friendly” 🐾 adoptdontshop rescue animalrescue adoption fosteringsaveslives furbaby shelter adoptanimals rescueismyfavouritebreed humanesociety adoptrescueanimals rescuecats thinkadoptionfirst fureverhome dogsofcanada dogsoftoronto dogrescue catrescue rescueanimals ratrescue rabbitrescue ferretrescue guineapigrescue turtlerescue rescuepetsofinstagram birdrescue fosteringanimals letssaveanimals animalrescues fosterbasedrescue via @preview.app

Comfy cozy

Playtime with Tye 🐱🤣🙆🏼‍♀️playtime catsofinsta rescuecats cat cats catlovecatplay play

"Hey, you sure I'm in the picture as well?" cats moroccancats rescuecats adoptdontshop

"The dead mouse on the sofa?... nope, it wasn't us"cats moroccancats rescuecats itwasntme adoptdontshop

Here’s a little backstory: I showed up at my mom’s work one Friday morning and she and my Jimmi (that’s my grandma), saved me. Mom wanted so badly to find me a good home. She ended up being that good home. I feel so thankful for the life I have now, my mommy and my two brothers (you’ll meet them later). Happy Friday Eve, friends! • • •kittens kittensofinstagram kittens_today kittens_of_instagram kitty kittycat kitties kittiesofinstagram kittyofinstagram rescue rescuecat rescuecats rescuekitten rescuekittens rescuekittensofinstagram rescuecatsofinstagram fergus outlander outlanderstarz adoptdontshop adoptlove kittensdaily @cats_of_instagram @kitties_of_lnstagram @kittens_of_world @outlander_starz

havada aşk kokusu var ❤️

Longing for more treats 😋

michelle making my lil black heart smile this morning. She's come a long way from being the shop cat at my last dealership. cat cats catsofinstagram catstagram catsofinsta catsofig rescuecat rescuecats tortie tortitude pinkpalace bullshitterie globalwarming catoftheday catlover catlovers catlifestyle

Posted @withrepost • @marialenakogia Reposted from @bunbunmay (@get_regrann) - ⚠⚠URGENT ⚠⚠Donate or share. $70,39USD needed to cover Narutos medical expenses. Any amount is appreciated. Please help!! This an old cat's name is Naruto, he's a stray cat that lives in Bunbun's friend housing complex. Bunbun rescued him 2 weeks ago because his ear condition. Bunbun tried to treat his wound using the medicines that Bunbun have but because its too severe, its hard to be cured without proper medication from clinic. Tonight Bunbun took Naruto to Vet Henry and he diagnosed that the fungus in his ear is so severe that the vet need to remove his left ear. The surgery, medicines and clinic fee for Naruto will cost around IDR 1 million or US$ 70,39. Naruto really need your help. Is there anyone willing to help Naruto? If you would like to donate, you can send your donation via local Bank BRI account number 087201007098508 or via Paypal herramayda8@gmail.com Even the smallest donation will mean a lot for Naruto's recovery. Thank you and may God Bless you All 🙏 I'm so sorry for tagging, kindly to share if you don't mind 🙏 😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿😿 Ini adalah kucing tua, namanya Naruto ,dia adalah kucing liar yang hidup di area perumahan teman saya , sudah 2 Minggu ini Naruto saya rescued karena kondisi kupingnya yang seperti ini ,saya coba obatin seadanya tapi karena sudah parah jadi tidak ada perubahan. Malam ini akhirnya saya bawa Naruto ke Vet Henry,diagnosa Vet Henry adalah jamur yang menggerogoti kuping Naruto sudah sangat parah ,kuping kanan masih bisa diselamatkan sedangkan kuping kiri harus diamputasi karena sebagian kuping di bagian belakang sudah berlobang. Untuk biaya amputasi ,pengobatan ,rawat inap dan obat-obatan yang harus saya beli ,Naruto membutuhkan estimasi biaya sebesar 1.000.000 IDR atau $70,93 USD Naruto sangat membutuhkan bantuan kalian ,adakah yang berkenan membantu Naruto ? Jika kalian berkenan membantu silakan salurkan donasi kalian melalui rekening bank lokal BRI 087201007098508 atau melalui Paypal herramayda8@gmail.com Sedikit bantuan sangat membantu untuk Naruto yang ingin sembuh . Terima kasih banyak dan semoga Tuhan membalas kebaikan k

Takie piękne zdjęcia dziś zrobiliśmy w ogrodzie. W roli modeli oczywiście nasz Profesorek i Księżniczka. Może skradną czyjeś serce i zdecyduje się przygarnąć? . . .cat cats whitecatskittens kitty whitekitty ilovecats instacats kittenlovers aniamals rescuecats rescuekittens adoption adoptujniekupuj zaadoptujkociaka kociakidoadpopcji garden sammeragain green tree catonthetree catsingarden polishcat

I give Mom the sweeeetest kisses when she’s not feeling too good. angel


"We have a little reunion here... please do not disrurb, thank you"cats adoptdontshop orientalcats moroccancats rescuecats

. Por favor ayudanos! No podemos sobrevivir sin ti! Nos puedes llevar comida (siempre hace falta ), medicina, arena o darnos dinero. Todo ayuda ❤️ - Paypal: paypal.me/alberguesupercats - Banco Bcp: 194-31504561-0-87 - Banco Interbanking bub 2913066315188 - YAPE: +51998174276 O puedes hacer temporal con mini cats! Estamos en facebook : alberguesupercats Para adopciónes responsables: +51998174276 website: https://mirellatalledo.wixsite.com/alberguesupercats Please support our work! - Paypal: paypal.me/alberguesupercats Follow us on facebook (in Spanish): alberguesupercats Website: https://mirellatalledo.wixsite.com/alberguesupercats MIRA NUESTRA VIDEO / CHECK OUR VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBg3TbNIuxw&feature=youtu.belima peru adoptdontshop alberguesupercats adoptacat catsofins3tagram catshelter catlovers steriliseyourcat kittens fosteringsaveslives love compassion adoptanocompra communitysupport rescuecats animals catloversclub gato gatos gato_cats gatodeinstagram ayudanos ayudanosaayudar fosterkittens socialiseimmunisesterilise catofworld steriliseyourcats socialisewithkindness

Hooman, seriously ???

Huge thanks to SOS Gatos Murcia for taking Freddy Mercury. His blood test came back negative and he’s been castrated today. He will then be up for adoption thru them . You can follow their page here https://m.facebook.com/sosgatosmurcia/ good luck ginger whinger. He literally whinged his way to being rescued 😂 ~~~ Muchas gracias a SOS Gatos Murcia por quedarse con Freddy Mercury. Su análisis de sangre resultó negativo y lo han castrado hoy. Luego estará en adopción a través de ellos. Puedes seguir su página aquí https://m.facebook.com/sosgatosmurcia/ Buena suerte pelirrojo rompedor. Literalmente conquistó a la voluntaria para que lo rescatara 😂 Gatos cats rescuecats rescued rescuedogs rescuecat

Look who debuted at @petvaluhollickkenyon yesterday! Thanks to his fans, Geneviève & Kim, he has a trendy new hut to receive guests. Oakley is a 5 1/2 month sweetheart, full of purrs & love. Come meet him & be prepared to fall in love. www.littlecatslosttnr.org

Harper Rasse: europäische Hauskatze Geschlecht: Kater Alter: 21.04.2019 Reisefertig ab: 30.09.2019 MMK: folgt Kastriert: nein (noch zu jung) Standort: Spanien Startpate: Geneviève S. Pate: Denise B. Mit Katzen: ja Mit Kindern: folgt Mit Hunden: folgt Weitere Infos unter: www.parenaspfotenhilfe.comtierschutz zuhausegesucht adoptierenstattkaufen tierliebe refugio tierheim parenaspfotenhilfe katze katzenliebe cat catlove adoptme adoptdontshop catsoninstagram rescuecats rescue animalrescue

We reached 2000 followers! Can’t thank our furriends enough! We appreciate all of mews and look forward to making 2000+ more! Please follow some of our most special/supportive furriends @marg.bonbon.reese @my_2_calico_girls @blindcatromeo @blindbobothecat @feisty_lil_babe 2000followers cats rescuecats adoptdontshop blindcat calicocat tabbycats brothers tuxedocat instagramcats catstagram catstagramcats meowdels instacats instagood thankyou hugs kisses boops helenthefelon papi rudy gus 3boys1girl catsofinstagram

What?! You want the toy? Come and get it from me!! I am the keeper of toys 😏mybabies sheera peaches sidney theiceage rescuecats fishtoy play mine comengetit idareu comecloser ifucan

Month old kittens and their mamacats kitties kittens felinelover rescuecats meow meowzers

Hello! Let me introduce myself—I’m Eddie, a white and orange boy with gray green eyes, born in 2017. 🧡 STATUS: AVAILABLE 🧡 My friend, Crow, and I came to MaxFund when our owner’s health got too bad and they could no longer care for us. The shelter decided we weren’t strongly bonded, and Crow got adopted. I’m very happy for him, but I hope every day that my turn will come soon. 🧡 I am a sweet and friendly boy. I’m young and playful, but I enjoy lap time, too. It can be stressful being in such close proximity to so many cats, but I do my best. I always enjoy the attention of volunteers and potential adopters. 🧡 I guess my dream home would be a permanent one. I’d love to get to know you and become an important part of your life. A window would be nice, and maybe my very own scratching post, because I like the ones here at the shelter. I hope you’ll come to meet me and give me a chance! 🧡MaxFund AnimalShelter CatShelter CatLovers CatsofInstagram KittyLove Meow DenverCats NoKill AdoptDontShop Adoptable RescueCats Denver RescueCatsofInstagram Colorado ShelterCats CatsforAdoption CatsofMaxFund

Morning porch time is Harriet’s favorite time

Hi there! My name is Havarti – Not to be too cheesy, but I’ll make you melt! That is, only if you have an endless supply of love, chin scritches, some yummy food and another cat sibling for me. After some snuggles, we can play – I love mouse and wand toys! I’m a little curvy (just a little more of me to love) and will let you know when it’s time to chow down – Pets while I munch are appreciated. I am an empty nester and while I am certainly happy that my kittens have all gone to good homes, I really require another feline in the house for some companionship. I know that my future fur sibling will help me come out of my shell a lot easier when I first come home. My dream is to be a part of a quiet cat loving household that can give me the love that I know I deserve. If you’re looking for the finishing touch in the charcuterie board that we call life – Add some Havarti! - The following profile represents a cat currently available for adoption through Team Cat Rescue. To learn more about them, or apply for adoption, please visit www.teamcatrescue.ca and submit an Adoption Application Form.

Chrissy can hardly sit still when she meets someone new! Check in on our website for availability! AdoptDontShop Adoption rescuecat rescuecats Kitty kittycat cats meow catoftheday

I know this is your pillow, but it’s more comfortable than the exact same pillow that I lay on. You can sleep on the other pillow hooman. 🐾 cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram adoptedcats rescuecats rescuecatsofinstagram duchessthemarahmallow

Time to start planning this week's "To Do" list. On ours we have let the dogs out, let the dogs in, pick up LOTS of 💩 and find them all homes. On yours... Go to the Waggin For Wine event page and purchase your tickets for this event and get your team of 8 together and registered for Tricks or Trivia for Pawz and Tails night!!!! homewardboundwaggin triviaforpawzandtails wagginforwine trivianight trivia rescue rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram rescuecatsofinstagram rescuecats adopt adoptdontshop foster volunteer donate share fundraiser fun love savethedogs savethecats savetheanimal

“Maybe the mouse ate it.” . . . Name the quote! . . .cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram cats_of_world cats_of_instworld cat catlovers catoftheday catloversclub persiancats catnap catnaps catnapping rescuecat rescuecats catsofnashville

Very excited to announce our second musician for Waggin for Wine!!!!!! Zeke Cernea will be sharing his talent with those in attendance from 8 pm - 9pm!!! So pre-purchase your tickets for this event that is all about raising money for the animals in need!!! homewardboundwaggin wagginforwine zeke zekecernea fundraiser rescue rescuedogs rescuedogsofinstagram rescuecatsofinstagram rescuecats adopt adoptdontshop love

Is it Caturday yet?

Look at this sweet face! Joshua 😻 Did you know you can see all of the kittens who are available for adoption if you go to my Instagram profile (@charlies__army) and tap on the highlight titled Adopt us!? I have a lot of babies in search of their forever homes! . Interested in adopting? Want to support us by becoming a monthly donor or sending a needed item from our Amazon wishlist? All those links can be found in my profile or at linktr.ee/charliesarmy ♡

. Life is good! You want to make it better by rubbing my tummy? 😺 . . On a sad note our friend, Genghis Khan @khancats crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. Our hearts are breaking for his mom & sibling, Pookhie. 💔🐾🌈 . . Also, this is our entry for neonlittersalmostfallgiveaway ~ . . Happy Panther Thursday & Happy Purrsday! . . 🖤Timmy. . ✨Follow us at jonesfids . . ************************************* .adoptblackcats blackcatsmatter pantherthursday purrsday adoptblackcats black_cat_crew blackcatsmatter blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsofig blackcatstellall blackcatsclub blackcatsrock minipanther housepanther coicommunity iganimal_snaps pawshcatclub pet_delight balousfriends catstagram meowstagram pettalkmag pettalkmagazine rescuecats texascat

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