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If looks could kill 😂 We still don’t have any seedlings yet! I attempted to give her a little pat this morning but she gave me a very clear NO 🙈 Don’t worry Nyxie girl, we will be friends soon enough 🐾

Greetings from atop the book shelf

How I feel when mom gives me kisses kittensofinstagram rescuekitten

How I feel when mom gives me kisses kittensofinstagram rescuekitten

Kaladin Stormblessed has accepted me as his humanblackcatsofinstagram rescuekitten

A year ago I was rescued with my two sisters and brother. My human was suppose to temporary foster us and failed miserably. She ended up keeping two of us my brother Palomo and me 😬 I don’t blame her, look at me 🖤😽 blackcatsofinstagram blackkittycat blackcatsofig blackcatslover rescuecat rescuekitten rescuedontbuy rescuedontshop rescueandadopt

Took MTP to the vet today because his eye has been a bit watery. Ended up chatting with this sweet lady who was there sign her 15yr old cat named Harold. She was telling me how she loves kittens so I offered for her to hold Mr Tiny Pants. He curled up on her and fell asleep and I think she was in heaven. She held him for about 30 minutes. ♥️ I love how happy Mr Tiny Pants makes people! mrtinypants rescuekitty fosterkitty kittensofinstagram fosterkittensofinstagram rescuekittensofinstagram kittensoftheday rescuekitten fosterkitten photooftheday petstagram petsofinstagram dailyphoto instadailyphoto

Don’t worry little one...Friday is almost here! rescuekitten fosteringsaveslives

When he play too much 😐😽 catkisses

Planning your weekend? Come on over to @piedmontfeedgarden this Saturday from 11-2 to meet adoptable kittens and do some shopping! We are excited for the opportunity to host a fair there! 19 (NINETEEN!) kittens will be attending! chapelhill durham piedmontfeedandgarden kittens mebanenc burlingtonnc adoptkitten rescuekitten raleighnc carync apexnc

🚨 500th adoption alert! 🚨 VHS had their 500th adoption this week and we couldn't be more thrilled! We still have more animals waiting to find their forever home, so stop by VHS and let's see how many we can get in 2019!! . . valleyhumanesociety vhs secondchance pleasanton trivalley savealife hometohome savethemall rescuedog rescuepuppy rescuepuppy adoptdontshop adoption adoptme adoptabledogsofinstagram takemehometonight puppiesofinstagram dogstagram cats catsofinstagram adoptablecats bayarea 500thadoption 500 alameda rescuecat kitten rescuekitten

And people say after 8-9 weeks you can’t “train” a kitten to not be feral. I didn’t train my foster buddy. He decided he likes other cats, dogs, and is increasingly less afraid of humans everyday. Here he is, on my bed hanging out. Someday, he’ll have a forever home of his own, we just gotta work with him a bit, and give him time! feralspectrum rescuekitten rescuekittens reacuekittensofinstagram groundcontrol2majornoms majornomsandfriends

Kittens kittens kittens! fluffy orange Leo has pending adoption in a few weeks. fosterkitten fosteringsaveslives rescuekitten kittens kittensofinstagram

A second goodnight from Kiara, who is already almost asleep 😊❤

Goodnight friends!! ❤❤ enjoy some playing before bed for these little sweethearts 🥰lionkinglitter lionking2019

Please excuse the saccharine tone of my voice if you can’t stand that sort of thing, but that’s your problem 😉 Video from last night of me chatting with sweet fosterEleanor after seeing she’d found her bed in our temporary quarters. Ellie is, incredibly, still looking for a forever home, after being returned by her adopter because of her allergies (the adopter’s.) If you’re on the look out for a well-adjusted, happy, tiny purring snuggling lap lady tortie, please head to @puppykittynycity’s website and apply for her! She’s an absolute doll and has been fully vetted 💛 _adoptables tnr foster spayandneuter adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives rescuekitten bayridgekittens catstagram tortiekittens puppykittynyc fosterkittensofinstagram beatleskittens adoptme

This heart shaped nose girl needs a forever home. Her previous adopter can no longer adopt. Raven is still a bit skittish but is super curious so it’s easy to get her out of her comfort zone chasing after a toy. She will even purr up a storm while playing. I had a ton of interest in her when she was little and sick. Can we find her a home now that she is 3 months and healthy? ❤️ She will be available to adopt at Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC) in Kent, WA Friday, September 20th. Her ID is A591585 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• RASKC RASKCfoster kingcountypets RASKCVolunteer fosterkittens adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives excellentkittens bestmeow catsofinstagram rescuekitten dailykittenRavenKingCountyPetsA591585

this weekend dad and I are gonna become besties😻! mom went on a trip this weekend, miss her 😿 • • • • •catsofinstagram kittycat kitty kitten rescuecat rescuekitten catstagram cats_of_world cats cat cats_of_instagram catlovers catoftheday catlife

Timon and Kiara being silly ❤❤

The kittens got a few very important gifts today! Thank you so much to @jax_porkchop for donating their favorite wet food and baby food, along with 80 pounds of litter!! We are so appreciative here ❤ we could not do what we do without the generosity of others. Thank you again! These babies sure love it!

Meet DIESEL. Rescued last week with his 5 siblings. Can you guess the theme? Siblings are Reilly, Cooper, Penn (as in Pennzoil), Val (voline) and maybe Rich (Goodrich). . We are accepting applications for adoption. He’s only about 5 weeks old and quite tiny so it will be October before he can be adopted. Black cat lovers don’t worry. We screen ALL adopters thoroughly. We know the concern during the month of October. We worry about all cats all year long. Apply at www.sparklecatrrscue.org .blackkittens blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule adoptblackcats housepanther rescuekitten kittens cutekittens fosterkitten fosteringsaveslives burlingtonnc greensboronc winstonsalem charlotte chapelhill mebanenc

Baby Ollie and Becky. Last October.

How handsome is Hunter??? Link in bio if you would like to apply to adopt him. rescuekitten @kittensofinstagram stamford stamfordct darienct fairfieldct 203 kitten cat adoptme

You'd almost think this page isn't gonna show any yarn stuff but fear not! I am currently working on two WIPs that'll be posted as soon as I get far enough to do so, haha! In the meantime, meet Stitch's new brother. His name is Baymax but we call him Maxii. He walked with us to our home when it had been pouring rain for multiple days. He was underfed and we wanted to patch him up whilst looking for his owner but no one seemed to be looking for him so, about two weeks later, we decided to give him our place as his new forever home. Stitch is still very much unimpressed but I'm sure he'll warm up soon enough, as the first week he was hissing non-stop and they now sleep on the couch simultaneously with only 1ft (30cm) between them with only an occasional hiss.redcat gingercat rescuekitten adoptdontshop🐾 smolbaby furbaby fourleggedson instacats catsofig igcats

Henry VIII looking adorable in my authentic 1950 Ford pick up. You can’t fake this awesome patina and wood bed. Swipe to see more. Poor Pim! She’s so sweet and harassed by her little brother. Siblings can be jerks! ❤️🐾🐱

Rory rescuekitten at 6 months. Of course loves the cardboard boxes as part of his play complex. recycle

By: @kittenhotel ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••SouthCountyCats SCCFoster woodpilegermankittens fosterkittens adoptdontshop fosteringsaveslives tinybutmighty themeowlife kittens excellentkittens bestmeow catsofinstagram rescuekitten dailykitten TheWoodFamilyKittens

He’s feeling a lot better and acting like a kitten should good ole Kiko makes me very happy kittens kittensofinstagram kitten rescuekitten rescuekitty kiko

Bon Appétit!

Sometimes I think I’m in cat hell with these guys tearing shid up all day n night, but then they snuggle up to you like this with their innocent lil angel faces, and my icy heart melts. My lil baddy, Bandit. kittensofinstagram cutenessoverload rescuekitten rescuecats TNVR dontabandonyourpets farmcats adoptdontshop

Here’s our 1 reason why Cat Matchers need your support: so that little guys like this who lost their mom and everything else have a chance at life. Orphaned and alone, this sweet 3-week old baby kitten was at Tri-City Animal Shelter. They sent the SOS to catmatchers for help. Our tireless volunteers mobilized transport to a foster and he’s on his way as we speak. He’s a Giving Day rescue! Tomorrow, he will be up at the vet for a check-in and then a lot of love, cuddles, and kitten milk before he will be ready for adoption! Donate at: www. Northtexasgivingday.org/cat-matchers. northtexasgivingday2019 northtexasgivingday catmatchers catmatchersrocks kitten rescuekitten catselfie

Reposted from @thomaskattus (@get_regrann) - Little rescue kitten post bottle feeding. cat catsofinstagram rescuecat rescuecatsofinstagram kitten kittensofinstagram rescuekitten rescuekittensofinstagram - regrann @tattoocharisma42

Here’s our 1 reason why we need your support: so that little guys like this who lost their mom and everything else have a chance at life. Orphaned and alone, this sweet 3-week old baby kitten was at Tri-City Animal Shelter. They sent the SOS to catmatchers for help. Our tireless volunteers mobilized transport to a foster and he’s on his way as we speak. He’s a Giving Day rescue! Tomorrow, he will be up at the vet for a check-in and then a lot of love, cuddles, and kitten milk before he will be ready for adoption! Donate at: www. Northtexasgivingday.org/cat-matchers. northtexasgivingday2019 northtexasgivingday catmatchers catmatchersrocks kitten rescuekitten catselfie

Today... Lola and Nellie found the PERFECT HOME together❤️ I can’t wait to watch them grow by pictures and videos that are sent to me❤️ kittens kitten rescuekitten rescuekittens kittensofinstagram kittenofinstagram

Friday funny! ⠀ ⠀ Donate to @catrescue_901, The link to our site is in our bio.⠀ ⠀ Their paws are in our hands. ⠀adoptdontshop cat catsofinstagram catlover rescuekitten rescuekittensofinstagram fosterkittencatoftheday catlife available whiskers sydney derp kittensofinstagram catrescue_901

Me practicing my eye wink shot, lol! (Looks more like I have something in my eye) Almost there to stardom ♡ Never give up. You can be anything you want to be. You are loved. GODS not finished yet with me.paparazzikitty richkitty cutestkitten russiathecat purinakitten kittenprincess rescuekitten youareloved nevergiveup godsnotfinishedyet

Well I was taking a bit of a break but sometimes animals in need find you. Please welcome little Penelope. She will be my foster for the next few weeks until she is ready to find a forever home ❤️ Thank you to all who voted on my poll to help name her!

TCMR would like to welcome our newest rescue kitten, Legoless! This little guy was hanging around someone's home and they noticed he had something wrong with his leg. Fearing it may be broken, they knew he needed help, but being semi-feral (timid of people) and possibly injured they worried if he went to a shelter he might face euthanasia. Fortunately we were in a position to offer help. The good news is, his leg is not broken! It's just not all there... he only has a small nub where his leg should be. This appears to be a birth defect, and this little guy doesn't seem to know there is anything different about him! He is still learning to trust people but is already starting to settle into his foster home. Stay tuned for more on Legoless in the weeks to come! rescuekitten specialneedskitten tcmr catsmeow kittensofinstagram

From starving on the streets to an absolute unit on the sheets! glowup rescuekitten allgrownup lovemeow

Cody learned a valuable lesson today: when taking me to a bookstore, limits are essential. My need for more literature has no limits. Therefore, 20 new books.... ❤️📚🐾 • • • •reader readersofinstagram bookworm bibliophile bookish theunreadshelfproject2019 bookhaul halfpricebooks bookstore usedbooks onmyshelf eclecticreader mauithecat catsofinstagram catlady tuxedocat rescuekitten

So this little treasure has totally messed our day up, or has it realigned our day to be exactly what it was meant to be? We are not sure if she will be staying here furever, but she will be here definitely until a furever home presents itself. We have no issues providing safety, shelter, food and lots of love to this tiny tiny little baby. Our Sienna wants to be mom and our Maggie thinks this would be a great snack... and Fat Cat is NOT impressed. She is booked in at the vets for Tuesday. We will cover all expenses to ensure her health. She looks healthy, like she may have just been dumped when we found her. So glad we were where we were this morning 💗🙏🏽 This little baby has a chance at life 💫rescuekitten safety kittensofinsta tiny lotsoflove fureverhome newbeginnings

Welcome to the WAGGZ™️ Family, Moose!🐾

Good evening Good evening 😺 Tonight's cat post features the utterly gorgeously dressed @ashby_the_aristocat 🐾✨ check out this kitto's threads, better dressed than I am! I loved doing the finer lines for the bow here, and the coat collar 😺 😺 😺 ~ I am still taking requests for pet drawings on a "choose your own price" donation basis. please pm me for details 💖 You can donate to help support my work at Ko-fi.com/Luxurychoccie 💖 ° ° ° °illustration artrequest watercolour kittens kofi catsofinstagram catportrait catstagram adoptdontshop likeforlikes likeforlikealways likeforlikeback petportrait cutecats catstudy catartwork gingertom catshelter catrescue gingercats gingercat rescuekitten animalshelters catcouture catfashion petfashion catsinclothes catcat catoutfit ashby_the_aristocat

Naan is truly just the sweetest little thing. She has super soft, silky fur and rolls over for belly rubs when she’s being pet. She also LOVES treats and will sit on her hind legs like a meerkat when she’s trying to get a good look at something. She’s just such a lovely little kitty.cat cats kitten kittens foster fosters fosterkitten fosterkittens fostercat fostercats coi coicommunity catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catstagram kittensofinstagram rescue rescuecat rescuecats rescuekitten rescuekittens thebreadbabies

tbt to when I used to get breakfast in bed

Talk to the 🍑 cause the 🐱 ain’t listening. Sassy

Marius is now balllessandflawless! He did GREAT with his surgery today and was happy to be back home after. He ate some food and is already playing. It truly amazes me how quickly they bounce back! Spay and neuter is SO important. There are cats and kittens being euthanized every day in shelters and his neuter will ensure that there’s never a chance of Marius contributing to the overpopulation problem. Altered cats also tend to live longer, and for a boy kitten like Marius it typically will eliminate unwanted spraying and marking behaviors, eliminate his risk of testicular cancer, and reduce the chances of him getting prostate disease. spayandneutersaveslives • • • •fosterkitten fosterkittens fosterkittensofinstagram fosterkitty kittenlove kittengram ilovekittens kittensofig adoptdontshop kittensareawesome tinybutmighty adoptasheltercat kittenseason kittenfoster fostercat rescuekitten rescuecats adoptable adoptme spayandneuteryourpets orlandoflorida igersorlando orlandodoesntsuck loveorlando iloveorlando

Tobi the 🦁?

This is the first picture my mom and dad ever took of me! I was three months old when they found me at Petsmart. I sure am lucky that they picked me 😻opie opieg troublemaker hellraiser chronicnapper kittenhead blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule rescuekitten adoptdontshop throwbackthursday tbt instagood like follow rescued saved spoiled minipanther shopcat catstagram petsmart pricelesspetrescue chinohills

Obligatory photos of lil Queso in my little backpack rescuekitten lifeofquesco

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