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I have been doing hand written models in English and any lesson where a chunk of writing is involved. I start with... ‘this is how I would do it...’ when we have finished the model, we read it all through together. Sometimes the model is planned and written straight up, sometimes it is the result of shared writing. I let the children magpie ideas that they would like to use. When it comes for the children to write, I hide the modelled write and only give them the first line. I could use a computer typed model but I think it is important for my class to see me write. They see my handwriting (always room for improvement), they witness my thought process and ability to self correct, they witness how I include their writing targets. I would highly recommend modelling writing in this manner. It takes work, you have to plan it in carefully as it takes a little longer BUT the rewards really are worth it! model writingmodel sharedwriting writinginspiration modelledwrite sharedwrite english englishwriting writing teacherwriting handwriting alwayslearning resourceangel

Great time at @nationalarchivesuk in Kew. We got to see the original artwork of the propaganda posters that were used in World War Two. The prints that were distributed were taken from these originals. What a good school trip! We had the chance to watch original footage from the War and to examine photos that were used in the newspapers to keep morale up kew nationalarchives nationalarchiveskew history worldwar2 worldwar worldwartwo worldwartwopictures worldwartwopropaganda propaganda propagandaposters morale war artefacts historicalartefacts alwayslearning resourceangel

Some fantastic Year 6 newspaper reports! It’s all very well doing it in their books but it’s lovely to present it as it should be seen. The sense of pride and creating work for a purpose with an audience is mind has really motivated my students. newspaperreportsgenre newspaperreports newspaper keystage2 keystage2literacy eagleinthesnow michaelmorpurgo english literacy writing year6 awayslearning resourceangel

The cats needed their vaccinations but Patch, our rescue cat, has somehow got a massive cut on his leg. An antibiotic shot and lots of love later, he is making it worse by biting it. So now he has this inflatable leather neck brace to aid the healing. He is not impressed! I have given him lots of treats but poor little man doesn’t quite get it! cats catlove catsofinstagram cats_of_world catlovers catstagram patch poorlycat pet petcat petstagram petsofinstagram getwellsoon resourceangel

When your mum looks online and decides to clean her tarnished jewellery with egg! Excellent. We have months of mocking ahead! madmum jewellery tarnishedsilver tarnishedjewellery silver cleaning alwayslearning resourceangel

My class have been making their own Anderson Shelters as part of our World War 2 project. We have used fake grass, corrugated cardboard, glue guns, paint... I was so happy with the outcome. dt modelmaking junkmodels worldwar2 worldwar2models history andersonshelter andersonsheltermodel alwayslearning resourceangel

This actually happened today. This was the bill for a car service. Once the shock had passed, you can see the funny side! You would think I drive a Jumbo Jet! forreal richkid epicmistake howmuch resourceangel

Looking forward to trying this white wine! Thanks @hairbycharli.b Looking forward to trying it! neighbours whitewine wine wineoclock holiday relaxation vineyard resourceangel

The Harry Potter bus tour. Epic. Probably for all the wrong reasons- I found the guides hilarious! britmovietours took us to various points around London that featured in the Harry Potter films. It was fascinating and at points I found myself taking photos of walls and various doors... You can see places that were used when the characters made their way to the Leaky Cauldron and Diagon alley. You have St Paul’s Cathedral where a lot of the Hogwarts scenes were filmed inside, the same building was also used for Fantastic Beasts and you have the Millennium Bridge that was destroyed! Big thanks to @brennan871 for seeing the funny side and laughing with me. What a good day! harrypotter harrypotterbustour britmovietours london londonbaby bustours weekendvibes halfterm schoolholidays holidays vacations schoolvacation alwayslearning resourceangel

Does it get any better? Chocolate orange cake! Delicious. A treat a day makes the holiday happy. I really need to try and make this cake holiday halfterm schoolholidays schoolvacation vacation halftermholiday cake caketime chocolateorange chocolateorangecake atreataday treat treattime resourceangel

A bit of guided reading planning for this new book called ‘Mute Button’ by @ellie_irving Such an interesting book that gives a different perspective on children that struggle to make their voice heard. Looking forward to teaching this and seeing what my class make of the book mutebutton ellieirving guidedreading guidedreadingplanning newbook books ilovereading childrensbooks childrensreading reading readingisfundamental readingtime📖 readingtime guidedreadinggroups readinggroups alwayslearning resourceangel

If children haven’t read the night before or they are in trouble and need to stay in for 5-10 minutes, we give them reading to do. Staying in to read becomes the punishment. The pleasure has gone. If I have to keep children in I now set them some work or have a discussion with them about the situation and what they could have done instead. If they want to stay in and read, I set it up as a treat. Goes down well on cold and rainy days! reading readingisfundamental readingtime📖 loveofreading powerofreading storytime readingisnotapunishment books childrensbook childrenwhoread alwayslearning resourceangel

Woke up today and went for breakfast. I had the vegetarian version! Just what I needed, now time for some relaxation on the couch and some spring cleaning! springclean breakfast cookedbreakfast holiday vacation halfterm schoolholidays schoolvacation relaxation resourceangel

How does this happen? I had cupboards to sort, places to visit, friends to catch up with... I wanted to take myself to lunch, drink a glass of wine, read my book... I wanted a bubble bath, to maybe bake a cake, try that recipe I have had my eye on... It was not meant to be. The sleep sure felt good though! halfterm firstdayoftheholidays lazydays schoolbreak schoolsout vacation schoolvacation schoolvacationweek reatandrelaxation rechargingthebatteries resourceangel

The sea life centre at chessington was amazing! I love the atmosphere, the lighting and the discreet music. It makes you feel that you are underwater. It is magical and you stand there is awe. I like the fact you can also get a good photo! chessingtonworldofadventures chessingtonsealifecentre sealifecentre underwater underwaterlife sealife alwayslearning resourceangel

My half term starts here and never has a girl been more ready! What a week! Double parents evening, tired students, grumpy teachers, meetings and meetings about meetings. I can’t wait to relax octoberhalfterm halfterm holidaytime holiday schoolholidays relax relaxation schoolsout tired tiredteacher resourceangel

Not quite sure what happened to my eye... maybe I am winking? My year 6 child took the time to paint this picture of me. It’s up on my wall. Very sweet! teacher teacherpicture childsart artwork art drawing painting picture pictureoftheday pictureformyteacher resourceangel

My new door display of the books I have read and the book I am currently reading. Hopefully it will encourage others and as I need to keep it updated, it is encouraging me to read! reading read childrensbooks childrensliterature books teacherreads ilovebooks bookworm bookdisplay alwayslearning resourceangel

Hearing of everyone who is on half term is making me jealous. ESPECIALLY when I have two evenings of parent teacher conferences to get through. I then have a week of meetings and trying to look clever. My brain just doesn’t function that late, this far into term! Trying to stay upbeat. At least I have so home made pizza to snack on before my first meeting! parentteacherconferences parentsevening halfterm ineedhalfterm jealousmuch longday wishingiwassomewhereelse resourceangel

When you ask your students to describe what kind of reader you are... I could not stop them from telling me what I like about books and reading! This is displayed in my book corner and the Bitmoji is just the icing on the cake. What kind of reader are you? whatkindofreaderareyou bitmoji reading readingprofile books bookcorner studentsknowtheirteacher alwayslearning resourceangel

My sister is my opposite. Although we have similarities, generally speaking, we are chalk and cheese. We are either best friends ready to fight to the death for each other OR worst enemies that will fight each other to the death! Over the past year and a bit I have really come to appreciate her. She doesn’t judge me, she supports me and she has had my back like no other. If I have a dream, a want, a need- it is my sister that moves hell and high water to make it happen. This is her latest gesture. She sent me these in the post. Sure, we will lock horns again... but today... I appreciate all she is sisters resourceangel

When your children don’t want to go out for play in the cold and rain? Let them make some multiplication board games! They loved it, learnt and I can use them in my lesson tomorrow as a treat! We are all winners. boardgames mathsgames multiplications multiplicationgames timestables timestablesgames alwayslearning resourceangel

Who remembers these bath time treats? bathtime relaxation resourceangel

When you have been marking books all evening and you have an editing lesson tomorrow... well, you create a smart board like this! I am showing you the crazy parts and rest assured it gets more positive than this. This is will be delivered with humour and thank goodness for a bitmoji because tomorrow we are sorting out some basics. Year 6 and we don’t know how to use a capital I? No more! year6 writing editingwriting simplemistakes improving improvingwork improvingwriting alwayslearning resourceangel

Just started reading a jonesbo book. Always seen them and never got round to reading them... currently reading theredbreastbyjonesb and thoroughly enjoying it. It’s quick to read, a fast moving plot, set in various time periods and I am starting to pick up on the threads that run throughout. This weekend I had a precious 2 hours to myself. Phone off. TV off. A nice cuppa, a comfy couch and 130 pages later... I have been so busy reading children’s books for my class, it was nice to take time out to read what I am interested in! jonesbo theredbreast books reading weekendreading precioustime weekendvibes alwayslearning resourceangel

On a school trip where my students are learning about safety and how to be a good citizen. This is from a display set up to promote fire safety. Such a practical trip with life skills. The best part? Teachers can sit down with a cuppa tea! citizens safety lifeskillsforkids lifeskills safetyfirst publicservices students alwayslearning schooltrip schooljourney learning learningoutside learningoutsiderheclassroom resourceangel

How exciting. The charity shops around here have some hidden gems. The amount of books that are sold, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a book shop! These books are good as new, well kept and £1.50 each! It’s so good to encourage my children that reading is for everyone. You can go to the library but if you want to buy your own copy then look in a charity shop! You don’t have to be rich to afford some good books. I am setting a new trend! Obviously I picked up some books for myself but I also found these classics! charityshop charityshopfinds charityshopbooks books childrensbooks reading booksforall booksforeveryone kidsthatread readingtime readingtime📖 readingaddict bookstoread booksbooksbooks bookshopping booksofinstagram resourceangel

When the family takes a weekend break... Launceston, Boscastle and Crackington Haven. Always nice to have a little mid term getaway, remind yourself what life is all about! longweekend weekendbreak getaway boscastle boscastlecornwall crackingtonhaven launceston cornwall schooltomorrow mondaymorninglooming weekend weekendvibes relax relaxingweekend resourceangel

No filter. Hate getting up so early for school but I know I get my best work done before lessons. It’s the time I can get organised so that I face the day with confidence and it runs smoothly. Well. As smoothly as a day working with children can go! When you wake up and are greeted with a sky like this... it’s time to stop and smell the roses! Thankful 🙏 goldensky sunrise earlymorning earlybird earlybirdcatchestheworm mornings morningmotivation goodmorning morningsky morningsun london londonbaby earlyriser offtowork offtoschool resourceangel

When your teaching partner can’t stand the messy tables anymore! Excellent. No one wants the shame of having something in the box so our tables are very tidy now! tidytables teaching thorninmyside resourceangel tidyup messykids classroomproblems problemsolving

Had an interesting talk today on The Zones of Regulation. I have to read the guide on it so I fully understand how to integrate this into my classroom in a meaningful way. Who can concentrate after school? Not me. So, from what I did pick up it is a way of recognising how you are feeling and having practical exercises to calm you down or to help you focus. Whatever you may need. Some good ideas, although I can see myself claiming ‘I am having a red day!’ when things get tough! zonesofregulation regulatingemotions wellbeing mentalwellbeing emotionalwellbeing wellbeingforchildren handlingyouremotions resourceangel

Come on! Give a girl some time to herself in the evenings! Love that they like to write a lot (and it’s good most of the time!) but I do like an evening off from marking. Teacher problems hey! teacherproblems qualityandquantity writing marking English Englishlesson resourceangel

Was amazing to be able to watch this today! All my years in London and I have never seen the bridge open. Amazing! towerbridge towerbridgelondon londontowerbridge towerbridgeopen london londonbaby londontrip visitlondon resourceangel

When you have a weekend with a little one and she has forgotten her reading book. @michaelmorpugo hits the spot every time. This book is kasparprinceofcats. We discussed the time period, looked at words related to that time period, looked at the general tricky vocabulary and completed chapter one. She is now in bed. I want to read more. I love how these stories have an element of truth to them. It makes the mind whir! michaelmorpurgo cats loveagoodread childrensbooks morpurgo reading readingbook alwayslearning fiction childrenswriters resourceangel

So true! No excuse for bad grammar and glad the message has stuck! Awaking the beast though? Really? kidsquotes childrensquotes kidssaythefunniestthings outofthemouthsofbabes theretheirtheyre grammar teaching english teachingenglish writing teachingwriting resourceangel

I only thought of taking a photo just as the gloopy bubbles were slowing down but this was such a cool experiment. Definitely worth a try! All you need is food colouring, oil, water and salt. science lavalamp scienceathome experiment kidsscienceexperiments kidsscience sciencefairproject sciencetime resourceangel

Summer was so good and feels so long ago! Have been pulling my hair out over my English set and today their writing was so ‘pop a paracetamol as I have an excited headache’ good that it was a pleasure to mark! Then I realised the pen I was using and had some happy memories! thedonkeysanctuary donkeysanctuary donkeysanctuarysidmouth sidmouth marking English writing greatwriting breakthrough teachers teacherstuff teachermarkingpens teachermarking resourceangel

On the theme of reading, my school bought these books ( I could only display a few and kept replenishing them from my massive stock in the cupboard) and I was allowed to GIVE THEM AWAY to children. Someone said that reading is new and current books is set up for middle class children. Why? Because new books by new authors are expensive! Yes, going to the library has its place, second hand books, gifts... but a fresh new book that is all yours? Priceless. It was amazing to be able to give multiple books away to kids who really appreciated them newbooks books readingforpleasure readingforfun readingforgrowth readingforkids kidsbooks everyoneshouldread childrenbooks schoolreading resourceangel

It’s the weekend! Well done to everyone for surviving the week. Hope you can relax and enjoy the next couple of days. We have a jam packed few days of seeing friends and going into London city. Living life to the max! Remind me when I am tired on Monday that I thought it was a good idea to have a busy weekend! I already have a cold coming on... weekendvibes friends schoolsout relaxation fridayfeeling makethemostoflife resourceangel

We are really pushing reading at school. The teachers are being encouraged to read a variety of children’s books so that we can make genuine recommendations. One of our staff meetings involved going to a local book shop and buying a children’s book to read to our class. I chose this one for my Year 6 children and so far so good. It’s about a boy who wants to be a footballer but lives in India and works at a shoe making factory. I am reading this with my class so I can’t tell you much more yet. My boys and girls are both engaged and... so am I! I keep looking forward to story time! mitchjohnson kick readingbook classbook storytime year6reading endofdayreading alwayslearning readingforpleasure resourceangel

Such a busy weekend with lots of fun things planned but I have a mountain of marking to do! I have a box of maths marking in the bedroom! The only time I have to do it is this evening, so yes, I am marking on a Saturday night. Powering on. Must not be distracted by photographing the marking, designing an Instagram picture and posting it. Focus. All about focus. saturdaynightmarking marking boringtimes weekendvibes resourceangel

Check out @pastkeepers if you are interested in finding out about your family history and having it written down for future generations. This one was done for a gentleman starting with a marriage in 1747! It is beautifully done on parchment paper with photos. Amazing! pastkeepers whodoyouthinkyouare familyhistory futuregenerations family history familyheirloom resourceangel

Does anyone else feel my pain? Someone pointed this way of speech out to me and now it is all I can hear! It’s become my pet peeve! wewas iwas petpeeve feelmypain grammar teachingpetpeeves oneofthosedays resourceangel

After a busy, fun packed weekend and with the thought of work looming on the horizon... it is time for some Rest and relaxation. Fresh, sweet strawberries from the local market with a generous serving of yoghurt. Getting that last bit of summer whilst I can! strawberries ww wwfreestyle treattime busyweekend sunday sundayvibes sundaynight resourceangel

The children are back and on day two we took them on a local school journey. Using public transport. Before I was a teacher, there was nothing worse than having to share a train or a bus with a group of school children. That’s why I am so hot on etiquette. I offered rewards if I was to see good manners. Obviously my rewards were too good to pass up- I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! 👩🏻‍🏫🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️schooljourney newterm publictransport academicyear mannerscostnothing ettiquette students studentsonabus resourceangel

Had to do some serious teaching today but it felt lovely to get back in the swing of things and do something I am passionate about. The children were willing to learn, attentive and a little tired from having to wake up early! I couldn’t help thinking back to summer school when we made these marble runs. We timed who had the marble that took the most amount of time to travel from the start to the end. How is this an English lesson? We then designed an advert as to why our marble run was the best. Fun times. hiddenlearning alwayslearning marblerun englishlesson adverts summerschool newterm summerisover academicyear resourceangel

Back to reality... oops, there goes gravity... and we are back. Second inset over and done with and very happy we were given ample time in our classrooms to finish them! Starting with my new class tomorrow, in a job share, so it’s all new and exciting! Can’t wait to see what they make of the room, the resources I have prepared and the privileges that come with being the oldest children in the school. Summer is officially over. Roll on tomorrow! rollontomorrow summerisover jobshare meetnewclass inset teacherpreparation teacherclassroom classroom backtoreality alwayslearning londonteacher resourceangel

First day back ✅ done. Tiring, a lot going on and lot to get your head around but it’s like I have never been away! I am now going to soak in a long bath after spending way too much time creating an avatar that looks like a glamorous version of me. In real life I have my hair all scrunched up, make up all smudged and my eyes are heavy BUT I survived! firstdayback feelamess isurvived newterm newacademicyear teacherblues teaching teacher teacherfirstdayback resourceangel

School starts back tomorrow. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sabbatical and the thought of going back to work fills me with anxiety and excitement. We all know those ‘night before school starts’ feelings...I am looking forward to sharing my classroom practice, my students work and my ideas to maximise their learning. Why have I included these cards? Well, I have started to post little cards to people when I think that they need a little lift. I love using stamps, going to the post box and knowing that they will enjoy the little surprise coming their way! I love when I receive post that isn’t bills! It makes me realise someone cares, it cheers me up for the day and it becomes a little highlight within your day. Try it. Send a little note to someone to remind them how special they are. Dare you. letters showyoucare post cards specialcards nightbeforeschool newterm newyear newacademicyear resourceangel

Loving my clock. Can’t tell the time? You will learn quick! time tellthetime clock clockdisplay learningtotellthetime classroomdisplay display resourceangel

Today we worked on making paper aeroplanes in summer school. We planned them, discussed what made a good plane and sketched our designs. We had to measure how far they travelled and of course we wanted to make them eye catching! Children then had to write the instructions of how they did it. Our instructions had to be clear and concise as well as using time connectives. We now have children excited to return to school and wishing it was sooner. Mission completed! summerschool alwayslearning summer getcreative DT raidingtheartcupboard paperaeroplanes paperplanes instructionwriting instructions timeconnectives returntoschool summerteaching education resourceangel

My book corner is all set up I just need to label the boxes on my book shelf so that children can access different authors and genres. Very proud of it and think it looks quite a relaxing place to settle with a good book. In fact, I was tempted to take a little snooze there earlier... bookcorner books reading childrenreading readingforpleasure readingnook readingcorner readinginclass childrensbooks loveofreading ilovereading resourceangel newterm nearlytime alwayslearning english

Getting there with my displays for the next academic year. It’s a balance between putting up what you know they need to know and leaving space for their work that is yet to come! It feels nice to have a bright classroom and I love that is starting to come together! classroomdisplays classroom learning alwayslearning classroomdecoration learningenvironment englishdisplay mathsdisplay worldwar2display resourceangel

Wearing my new morsecodejewellery from @elsiesbow and it goes very nicely with my other bracket purchased from her! What does my bracelet mean? It means ‘strong’ which is ironic as often I feel far from it 🤣😂 elsiesbow newbracelet morsecode bracelet jewellery resourceangel

Awesome @kimkardashian is very funny! Thank you @elsiesbow it has made me chuckle. LOVE IT kimkardashian KIM pocketkimwisdom toofunny sowise didshereallysaythat resourceangel

Enjoying the last bit of sun and the last few days of freedom. Look at these old poster advertisements for Kew Gardens. I found some more gardens around kewpalace and a gallery that had sketches from the 1800s of various plants. Quite something! alwayslearning kewgardens kew adverts london londonbaby summervacay holidaytime holiday summerholidays railwayposters enjoyingthesun resourceangel

Getting ready for school, taking refuge in a small coffee shop and reading the first text that I am going to be teaching. @michaelmorpugo is a good read, even for adults. I loved kensukeskingdom and this book is just as good. It is fiction based with some truth at its core and it gets the mind racing! aneagleinthesnow is going to be fun to teach michaelmorpugo teachingtext english englishlessons historicalfiction preparingforanewterm alwayslearning worldwartwo worldwartwohistory coffeeshopreading resourceangel

My new notepad ready for the start of a new term! How cool is this? A little birthday gift from @elsiesbow and I am really looking forward to whipping it out in a boring meeting! 🤣😂teachernotepads newnotepad newterm summerisnearlyover summer gettingorganised resourceangel

A lovely lunch at thebowdinnsidmouth followed by some time at beervillagedevon Yes, there is a place called Beer! Check out the converted phone box into a mini library. The place is full of history including the smugglers, prehistoric animals and making the lace for Queen Victoria’s wedding dress. Beautiful weather as well! beer beerdevon beerdevonbeach devonbeer devon summervacay summerholidays escapinglondon relaxation food alwayslearning resourceangel

Went to visit buckfastleighottersandbutterflies again. I have been before and I really do enjoy watching the butterflies and otters. Although the weather hasn’t been the best, it has not mattered. When the sun peeked it’s head out again we were off for a stroll in Sidmouth where the fog from the sea hid the cliffs. It looked quite magnificent. sidmouth otters butterflies devon summervacay summerholiday summer relaxation devon escapinglondon alwayslearning exploration wedontcareabouttheweather resourceangel

A trip into Sidmouth for a mint and lamb pasty from thedairyshop which is a little find. The pasties are really good with a variety of flavours and there are various cakes, treats and drinks! Opposite was another quaint shop advertising Christmas already! We then found a little cafe tucked away next to the car park called selleys which did a nice ginger tea. relaxation sidmouth relaxationinsidmouth devon summervacy summerholidays escapinglondon sidmouthtown resourceangel

Trip to Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary. Such lovely animals, rescued from all around the world. Lots of interesting facts and a lovely walk through the green fields. sidmouth donkeysanctuarysidmouth sidmouthdonkeysanctuary donkey devon holiday summervacay summervacation relaxation timeaway escapinglondon summerholidays resourceangel

Visited pennywellfarm today in Devon. Such a well thought out attraction. Loads of animals and events. We fed the goats and sheep, cuddled a tiny little pig, petted some animals, went on a small train and took a tractor trailer ride 🚜 Very child friendly with some cool play areas, crazy golf, big slides and heaps more. Looking forward to going back for round 2! pennywellfarm pennywell pennywellanimals farm farming devon summervacay familyholiday summerholidays break relaxation resourceangel

Sweet Sunday! Watching The Lion King at an old fashioned (compared to London) style cinema. It has its own bar with a balcony overlooking the town, a popcorn stand, a small screening theatre and some very nice looking toilets! What makes it even better is that we have a deal on our tickets! Boom! sidmouth oldschoolcinema cinema thelionking thelionking2019 devon summervacy summer holidays relaxation resourceangel

Hunt the dragon and then watch the sports from the Tudor times. hamptoncourtpalace always has something good going on for the kids! dragonhunt dragonhunters hamptoncourtpalace hamptoncourt tudortimes holidayfun summervacay summer alwayslearning resourceangel

I experimented with a pizza base I found from the amazing @mybizzykitchen and look at the result! It is a healthy base made with Greek Yoghurt of all things, low fat mozzarella and lots of vegetables. It’s nice to know that you can treat yourself to your favourite foods without piling on the pounds. I love following her Instagram as there are so many ideas for healthy treats mybizzykitchen resourceangel pizzabase pizzadough healthyalternatives healthychoices cheattreat pizzatime sundaynightchill

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