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Check out the link to the story below. It's one we hear so often when it comes to home warranty companies. Especially when it comes to the "Free 90 Day Home Warranty" included with a home inspection. It's simple math. These companies do not want to give out a free trial warranty and have to pay $6000 to replace your A/C system 30 days after you move in your house. Here at Your Inspector Guy we do not offer a "Free 90 Day Home Warranty" with our inspections. Our guarantee is that you cannot and will not find a team more dedicated to providing you the most accurate information possible on the day of your inspection so that you and your loved ones can make an informed and educated decision about your real estate purchase.YIGFTW RIPChrisFarley TommyBoy WarrantySchmarranty https://www.wxyz.com/news/home-warranties-may-deny-claim-if-your-ac-is-too-old

23yrs ago today BeverlyHillsNinja came out RIPChrisFarley

Like I have mentioned earlier. I had tried out for SNL, and Lorne Michaels played me like a fool...but seriously, who did it better? These are me, Eddie’s, and Chris’ SNL headshots....I think I win . . .ripchrisfarley fatorangecat fatcat catsofinstagram cats catlife catlovers catstagram orangetabby orangecatsofinstagram orangecatsrule orangecat felinesofinstagram feline petsofinstagram petstagram pets fishtacos

Mood right now after eating a whole tub of sherbert🤦🏽‍♀️😂 fatguyinalilcoat RIPChrisFarley TommyBoy MyFav IAteTooMuch Fatty

When you open your camera and it's in selfie mode😫🤦🏽‍♀️⁣ ⁣triplechin in full effect! 😂😂😂⁣ ⁣RIPChrisFarley silly goofy laugh IWasntReady ⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣

For real boo hoo-ing 😢😢😢. It’s crazy to feel so much love for a person I’ve never even met. 😢Love you Chris.❤️ Love you @adamsandler ❤️ BFF RIPChrisFarleyhttps://youtu.be/25IOsvWPQGQ

I hadn’t posted the finished version of this before but the pencil only version was by far my most liked post of 2019 and of ALL my posts on Instagram ever for whatever that’s worth. I sort of fell off posting on social media for a while due to raising kittens and battling self pity. I’m not taking any commissions next year as I have a lot of work I am behind on but I have some daily plans for 2020 see my latest patreon post for details. $2 a month and you can read about my semi private life and see more of my “work” process. Plus 10% on my store. Happy New Year’s Eve, y’all. I’ll be spending the night at home working so I don’t end up like mattfoley living in a vandownbytheriver chrisfarley ripchrisfarley pencildrawing watercolor illustration

Tribute to one of my favorite comedians. Joshua Pack Art - Custom Prints. * Pricing varies depending on size request. * PM Me for any Inquiries you may have. joshuapackcustomprints@gmail.cominktober art ink drawing illustration sketch tattoo sketchbook draw artist day inked ps artwork inktoberday instaart artistsoninstagram tattooed drawings inkdrawing inkedgirls sketching tattooartist painting arte chrisfarley snl saturdaynightlive ripchrisfarley

@thecomedystore main room @anthony_jeselnik davidspade @kateqfunny @brianmonarch thecomedystore hollywood thecomedystore @davidspade @nbcsnl ripchrisfarley @debradg @moleeds2737

Stripes, bangs, smirks, and side-eye my whole damn life. RIPchrisfarley thirtyyearslater

Happy Early Birthday to this awesome comedian Chris Farley I watch Beverly Hills Ninja in my Childhood But to be Honest I didn’t know He Died I discover his death back in 2014 May He Rest In Peace 🙏🏻rip chrisfarley ripchrisfarley beverlyhillsninja comedian


Rip to this American legend. Self-care, is the best care... americanculturethroughcomedy rip ripchrisfarley snl comedy america christmas funnypeople legend

22yrs ago today ChrisFarley died RIPChrisFarley

Remembering Chris Farley on this day RipChrisFarley ChrisFarley Comedian Actor saturdaynightlive

12 years ago today we lost Chris Farley, February 15 1964* - December 18 1997+ chrisfarley ripchrisfarley rip restinpeace restinpeacechrisfarley actor comedian saturdaynightlive comedy drugoverdose madison wisconsin 1997

🤣 CEO @bigpfromtn surprised the BigWheel crew with his spot-on mattfoley impression from @nbcsnl. Link to full video in bio.

Crazy story... - I was born and raised in Wisconsin right outside of Milwaukee. Almost exactly one year ago I moved to Chicago... well to the burbs. - Decided to put my then 4yr old Daughter in a Private Catholic School. So touring the school the Principal kept mentioning Father Matt Foley. I'm thinking "damn that name sounds familiar" finally I said "Hey why's that name sound so familiar." The principal laughed and says "Yea he was roommates with Chris Farly (Comedian for Tommy Boy, Beverly Hills Ninja and SNL) in college at Marquette University in Milwaukee. - I started laughing and said he's the Matt Foley that Chris Farly played in the Saturday Night Live sketch "Van down by the river"...Omg YouTube it ull be in tears! - It gets better. So obviously I meet Father Matt Foley and him and I hit it off and heck he even lifts at my gym. - So I see this shirt from the SNL Skit online so it's a no brainer Christmas gift. So this morning as i gave him this shirt he bursts out laughing and says this is crazy. He says it was exactly 22yrs ago to this day that Chris Farley passed away...talk about perfect timing. 🤪😄🤙ripchrisfarleyhappyholidaysmerrychristmasTeamum live life love peace happiness joy snl chrisfarley

It’s so crazy to know it’s been 22 years since we lost one of the greats....ripchrisfarley chrisfarley

ChrisFarley died on this day in 1997!!!! One of those most tragic loses of all time in the Buisness. The guy was and still is a legend. ripchrisfarley chrisfarleyRIP

22yrs ago today ChrisFarley died RIPChrisFarley

22yrs ago today ChrisFarley died RIPChrisFarley

22 years ago today, Chris Farley passed away of a drug overdose at the age of 33ChrisFarley SaturdayNightLive TommyBoy RIPChrisFarley

It’s too damn cold for a mermaid 🧜🏽‍♀️ to be walking around, so for now I’m sitting my booty in the sand! Can’t wait for @lighthousebeachbarokc to open back up and see all my regulars! C’mon March! Don’t forget to text 6BARTENDER to 55678 then when you get the text back, text C and vote for me for best bartender in OKC! Thank you guys and see y’all soon! 😘🥰😍🏐🧜🏽‍♀️ Beautiful leopard hoodie ::: @themermaidsealon @mermaidhairxoadamsandler billymadison favoritemovie favoriteactor favoritecomedian celebritycrush ripchrisfarley sillypenguin davidspade lighthousebeachbar bartender voting ivoted okc oklahoma okcnightlife ossosports mermaid themermaidsealon

Next week will be 22 years since he passed. He was one hell of a comedian who just happened to live in a van down by the river. RIPChrisFarley

I'm a superfan of my wife! snl bears bears🐻 chrisfarley ripchrisfarley georgewendt

We chillin’. Livin’. He smells like lavender and pop tarts. whackcats iluvhim haru oftheTAKAGURADOJO ripchrisfarley manthatdudewasfunny ha

Take us back to Thanksgiving and bring us home another W! beardown ripchrisfarley tnf cheers

Up on the graffiti bridge today! Decided I wanted to try something a little different this morning. For some reason the thought of painting Chris Farley (one of my all time favorite comedians) the other day and just couldn’t shake it. This concept was honestly just the result of my inability to do a legitimate portrait so I decided to do my version of the “hope poster” originally made for Obama. This was my first real experience with any kind of portrait painting and I think it turned out alright but maybe I’ll just stick with the landscapes and wildlife 😂 ——————————— “Tommy 2020” on the graffiti bridge, let me know what you think! What was your favorite Farley skit?

A lil tbt to the time I had to motivate a couple of young slackers that they should be using paper to write and not rolling doobies or they’d end up living in a van down by the river. mattfoleymotivationalspeaker summerofjoe ripchrisfarley snlclassic davidspade iliveinavandownbytheriver shutyourbigyapper

Well, I think it’s safe to say I burned off whatever remnants of our Thanksgiving feast I had left in my system this morning! Kicking off my @orangetheory 12 Days of Fitness at @otfwheaton with a crew rowing workout and @thattransplantfitchick as our coxswain! It’s been a while since I’ve seen that calorie burn pop up over 1,000, but definitely happy to see it, along with a new splat point PR (if that’s a thing)! orangetheoryfitness orangetheory otf otfwheaton orangetheoryillinois splatpointsfordays rowmania crewrowing rowrowrowyourboat rowuntilyouregreen callahanautoparts represent tommyboy ripchrisfarley neverforget

When you are living in a Van down by the river! @davidspade ripchrisfarley

You can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking your head up a butcher's ass... No, wait. It's gotta be your bull... TommyBoy ChrisFarley chrisfarleyforever ripchrisfarley davidspade graphicdesign illustration graphicart logo merch Louisville art photoshop logodesign Branding screenprinter vintage halftoneart halftone flyer flyerdesign snow

Have you ever seen a Subaru Domingo? Well, we have one! 5 speed manual, awd, 1.3 litres of gas-suckin’ power! Seats 7! All the kids are living in vans nowadays! Buy this and get 30+ mpg while ur LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! ripchrisfarley vanlife subaru rhd savethemanuals limobus limo rv motorhome subarudomingo

HE LIVES IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! Cody is living the life, a dope vanlife van, he unloaded a bike he wasn't riding too much with @theproscloset and he picked up a sick @salsacycles Journeyman Apex 650b. He also threw on a @whiskypartsco No. 7 seatpost, @rideissi Flash III pedals and @sidicycling Trace MTB shoes. Keep an eye on our blog, we're going to try to get Cody to sit down to tell us why he loves the vanlife so much and maybe take a closer look at his sick rig. Enjoy your new bike Cody! . . .salsacycles salsajourneyman apex 650b whiskypartsco issi sidishoe theproscloset RIPchrisfarley

Motivational Speakers are getting really bold these days. chrisfarley ripchrisfarley @nbcsnl

My identity must remain mysterious and my mission secret. 😂😂😂 This is a awesome video clip of Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja. • • •videoclipsilike happycool hilariousvideos sharingthelove loveitfindit finditloveit beverlyhillsninja ripchrisfarley chrisrock

Stay in school kids or you’ll end up LIVING IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!! 📸 & 🚎 : @ceddinger12 • • • • •chrisfarley mattfoley vandownbytheriver snl vwbus warwagon thankfulforwealthyfriendslikecasey martinguitar getoutdoors outdoors northcarolina peaceful lifeisgood fall acousticsongs vwvan

R.I.P CHRIS FARLEY (1964-1997) . Cause Of Death: Overdose . MOVIE CHRIS FARLEY: {1} Tommy Boy (1995) {2} Black Sheep (1996) {3} Beverly Hills Ninja (1997) {4} Almost Heroes (1998) .chrisfarleyripchrisfarleyiamchrisfarleytommyboyblacksheepbeverlyhillsninjaalmostheroescomedymoviecomedymoviesactionmovieactionmovieshollywoodmoviehollywoodmoviesmemorycauseofdeathtrafficcollision1995movie1996movie1997movie1998moviemoviefilmfilmpecintafilmandikmoviedisc

This is a representation of what my introverted self and my motivated self look like when they are interacting. I have piled on so much love I have become the Chris Farley to my completely checked out and defeated Adam Sandler who just wants it all to end. See also... Matt Foley The motivational speaker. At some point wouldn’t mind living in a van down by the river although I’ll keep my freak outs to a minimum ;) dayandnightshetalks holycannoli ripchrisfarley polarities zagats howistayhealthy

When Chris Farley came on the scene, he was an absolute tour de force in comedy. His slapstick work was flawless, he had an abundance of charisma and whimsy, and there was an underlying vulnerability which set him apart from the rest. Though brief, his bus driver role in "Billy Maddison" was my favourite. Effortless performance. chrisfarley ripchrisfarley chrisfarleyforever chrisfarley billymaddison busdriverlife

RIP Chris Farley. You are my favorite SNL alum and Madisonian. Well done using your gifts and abilities to make the world a little brighter. chrisfarley ripchrisfarley madisonwi

Happy Halloween from The Lunch Lady, Beverly Hills Ninja & Matt Foley ripchrisfarley

Id shack up with @mrsclairejomcc in a van down by the river mattfoley snl halloween ripchrisfarley

Tried my hand at Chris Farley’s Matt Foley halloween ripchrisfarley inavandownbytheriver

“Sausage. Ditka. Da Bears. Da Bulls. Sausage” 👻🎃 ripchrisfarley

Last minute has always been the name of my game. Like my grandfather, a Baptist preacher who prepped his sermons only days before, I thrive under pressure. I love the thrill of the challenge to force myself to be creative with hours to spare. Stressful, causes meat sweats and abundance amounts of coffee- but the results are always better than planned. Last minute costumes have become one of my favorite things with having kids! Swipe to see my favorites over the years: 1. Matt Foley (@nbcsnl character by Christ Farley) 2. Sharknado 3. @disney Star Wars wagon turned into a figter jet 4. @squattypotty unicorn 5. The Incredibles- turned out dog into FROZONE 6. The palindrome TACOCAT Which is your favorite? I can’t wait to hear!

🖤Monday, December 18, 2017 | On this very day in 1997, marks the 20th Anniversary of Chris Farley’s death. The family wishes to extend sincere thanks for all of your kindness, prayers, and support for the last 20 years ************************************************************ Chris was an Hollywood Star and Comedian. He was known for his Loud, Energetic, Comedic Genius, and was a member of Chicago's Second City Theatre. Between 1990 and 1995, Farley was a the member of a golden age NBC Studios sketch comedy show of all time called “Saturday Night Live”. In 1997, at the age of 33, Chris was found dead by his younger brother (John P. Farley) in his apartment at John Hancock Center/Chicago, Illinois. Soon after, An autopsy revealed that Farley had died of an overdose of “Cocaine” and “Morphine”, a combination called a “Speedball”. Advanced Atherosclerosis was cited as a significant contributing factor. Over the years, Farley became a “National Icon” of all time. ************************************************************ForeverInOurHearts / HollywoodStar / GoneTooSoon / GoneButNeverForgotten / ClassicComedy / RestEasy /FatGuyInALittleCoat / BeverlyHillsNinja / BillyMadison /TheSecondCity / AlmostHeroes / KevinFarley / ICON /DrugAbuseAwareness / PhysicalComedy / DrugAbuse AddictionAwareness / AlcoholAwareness / WeMissYou IAmChrisFarley / ripChrisFarley / ChrisFarley / SNL40SaturdayNightLive / WaynesWorld / ConeHeads / RIPAlwaysRemembered / SubstanceAbuse / SorelyMissed ************************************************************

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