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It's Priya today on IG!

Final. Sacramento State - 3, Idaho State - 0. The Bengals return home next Thursday for their final home stand of the season. ROARGrittyCity

It's been 4 days since I've been back on program. I'm down .6 and very proud of myself. Today was an eye opening day; hence the pictures. The first 2 pics were taken at my workshop, the 3rd one relaxing on my couch & the 4th one, i actually tucked in my camisole for a picture. In what universe made that happen, im still not sure but there it is. I'm loving that im getting healthier and im embracing my curves at, well, every curve. Bring on the dress for my Christmas party 😉 I bypassed my step goal again today and retained my 5kCutie status. I will continue to rock my shit, reach goals and inspire others. Thanks to all of you for inspiring me😘😘😘CanadianCutiesWW cantstopwontstop whenlegendsrise roar 5kCutie weareww wwgoals weightlossjourney weightwatchers wwinstafam wwinspiration wwmotivation wwcanada wwcalgary wwaccountability thestruggleisreal allaboutme wwdivas teamgreen strongerthanmyexcuses dontgiveup makingbetterchoices bluedot trackingeverybite iloveww weightlossjourney

Concert day jessmynaesha roar #🐯

Last Night In Mumbai ♥️🥳 ________________________________________________________mumbai roar concert katyperryconcert livenight oneplusindia oneplusconcert katyperry @katyperry

「🐻Roar‼️」birthdaypresent birthdaydog dogtoy dogtoydestroyer roar

GAMEDAY!!! Roar vs Victory at 3pm QLD time. That man @aaronholloway93 makes his starting debut today!

I like GIRLS♥️💚 • • • 🌺@katyperry @orlandobloom @katyperrycollections @kpfragrances @dariakorlandokatyperry katycats women freedom snacks angel rainbow love mom adidas americanidol firework artist music art queen california roar beyou covergirl bonapetit indivisible pizza weirdness chickennugget wig witness pureness HarleysinHawaii 🌺

👼 • • • 🌺@katyperry @orlandobloom @katyperrycollections @kpfragrances @dariakorlandokatyperry katycats women freedom snacks angel rainbow love mom adidas americanidol firework artist music art queen california roar beyou covergirl bonapetit indivisible pizza weirdness chickennugget wig witness pureness HarleysinHawaii 🌺

Bruno and Simon are best of buds. Elliott is content to watch in his own space. @sir_bruno_kitty frenchie dacshund dogsofinstagram dogsofwestseattle catsofinstagram catsofwestseattle cats kittens kittensofinstagram felinefriends feline meow roar

Bruno and Simon are best of buds. Elliott is content to watch in his own space. @elliott.and.simon catsofinstagram catsofwestseattle cats kittens kittensofinstagram felinefriends feline meow roar frenchie dacshund dogsofinstagram dogsofwestseattle

Roar Katty Perry Live at one plus music festival in Mumbai... kattyperry oneplusmusicfestival roar katty

Reposted from @bronxstraycats (@get_regrann) - Yesterday as I was doing some errands I saw a homeless man selling a kitten. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I knew that if I didn’t bring that kitten home with me who knows where he was going to end up. (There’s a lot of mean people that use kittens for baits) Because we’re out of capacity, we had to move Sam to my mom’s bedroom and use the Master Suit Room aka the Bathroom to hold the kitten. We named him Tommy and we will be taking him to the veterinarian soon for deworming and vaccines. 💉🏥 We made an Amazon wish list with things we need for Tommy. If you’re interested in sending us supplies please go the link on our Bio and click where it says “Tommy’s Amazon Wish List”, also you can go to our Story and just swipe up! Don’t forget to follow Tommy’s hashtag to follow his journey. tommybscSwipe left to see how he was before I brought him home. ⬅️ . . . . .kitten kittenlove fosterkitten fosterkittensofinstagram fosteringsaveslives rescuekitten rescuekittensofinstagram rescuekittensrock rescuedismyfavoritebreed adopt adoptable adoptme adoptakitten adoptdontshop tuxedokitten tuxedokittensofinstagram spayandneuter spayandneuteryourpets pawsneedclaws meow whiskers paws purr roar toebeans love catsofinstagram crazycatlady bronxstraycats

| Daily Thought Provoker | From The De Sede Media Vault What does this 15-second video quote say to you? Daily De Sede Quotes shared to enlighten and inspire you as they have done for me. Share your thoughts on how this impacts you. Comment below. 👇 StephenDeSede ROAR ROARwithSteve ROARwiththeAngels DeSedeAngels DeSedeLand DeSedeHeartwarriors DeSedeROAR DeSedeGuardians heartwarriors DeSedePathfinders believeyourbrilliance believeinyourbrilliance

Jaguar You today 🐆🐆🐆mejoresamigos asitequeriaagarrarpuerca roar

Doing a bit of early scouting for red deer season this weekend. I’ll have my mate @madmk_outdoors hunting with me next year looking for his first red stag so need to find a good one. Had the @futurehuntress with me for an extra pair of eyes. reddeer redstag reddeerhunting redstaghunting deer deerhunting deerhunter huntingaustralia hunting futurehuntress huntress kidswhohunt girlswhohunt scouting huntingguide takethekids hiking getoutdoors rut hunter hunt roar antlers girlshunting girlshunttoo climbinghills

This day ❤😍 One plus Music Festival ▫️Katy Perry ▫️Dua Lipa ▫️Ritviz ▫️Amit Trivedi ▫️Dhvani Banushali ▫️The Local Trail ▫️Dark Knightoneplus oneplusmusicfestival music musicfestival dualipa kattyperry amittrivedi dhvanibhanushali ritviz roar fireworks opmf

Happy Caturday 😻 Check our Roary’s moonstone, it was a gift from the very talented @sarahweaslee 🥰 cat cats caturday catsofinstagram meow jewelry moonstone kittens kitty pets pethealth pet cute adorable love saturdayvibes weekend weekendvibes roar animals

thelionking roar 🦁

@bobmenery love ya bro but im from buffalo and I still don’t know what the feck that roar was! keeptruckin buffalowildwings bobisZapped zapparoo

🏐IT’S GAMEDAY!🏐 🆚 : Sacramento State 📍 : Sacramento, California ⏰ : 8PM 📺 : Pluto TV 📈 : bit.ly/351lLWaROARGrittyCity


When all is Said and Done, You'll Believe God is a Woman. - @ArianaGrande . © @katyisperrylicious . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .KatyPerry OPMF dualipa newrules HarleysInHawaii hih godisawoman arianagrande Firework korlando orlandobloom oneplus witness ROAR KatyPerrylive idgaf darkhorse cttr mumbai oneplusmusicfestival queen pop electropop ballad kpop dontstartnow

📅: 14 November 2019 DIABETES: PROTECT YOUR FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 . Today is the World Diabetes Day, the primary global awareness campaign focusing on diabetes. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, kidney failure and early death.The first step to prevent type 2 diabetes is knowing our risk. Simple action can also reduce the risk. Therefore, let us spread the world about diabetes in November!💙🏃‍♀️ .chsbpleo diabetesawareness roar weserve servewithheart district308B1 worlddiabetesday diabetesawarenessmonth

The dinosaurs have been invading my house.... 🙀🦖🦕 SeriouslyTheCat meow rawr roar dinosaurs catvsdinosaurs blackcatsarebest

Motorad __________________________ Bmw ga 310 r. Owns @_hrithik._ Snap @the_edition_x @frame_24_studio __________________________ @bmw @bmwmotorrad @bmwgsfans @bmw_gsom_official @automotivesofkerala bmwmotorsportmotoradmotographyautobiographygs310bikemotor#roarstockcoiloverssuperbikemachinespecMHSPECkochi

A great week, a great match and a great tournament against Dominic. But this is not the result we're hoping for. 😭 Unfortunately, Sascha lost to Domi in straight set with the score of 5-7|3-6. The score was so close but Sascha couldn't make it. And again I wasn't able to watch the due to the timing but looking at the match statistic, Sascha has 8aces and 4 DF which balance up. His serve was spectacular-83% win!!💪🏻!! I think it's time to say goodbye to Sascha and London. There's no need to be upset because you've played amazingly, strongly but Domi is an attacker. I hope to see you next in the next tournament Sascha. We are so proud of you, Sascha. We support you through anything. WE LOVE YOY! ❤️ @alexzverev123 🔥🦁 ~ Congrats to @domithiem and @stefanostsitsipas98 to be in final! GOOD LUCK! 💪🏻 • • 📸:[Getty Images] ✨ • •sascha zverev saschazverev alexanderzverev London UK o2london roar atptour nittoatpfinals fit headtennis_official adidastennis peugeot londonbridge

There is nothing more beautiful than the holiday seasons! The sparkle, the shine. It’s a season of giving and magic! We are kinder and more generous! To celebrate this beautiful season of giving, you must look your best! This Tommy Hilfiger Animal Print dress will help you shine like a Christmas present! The way it flows and glows is almost as magical as the sea on itself! Use your Macy’s card and save 25 percent off! Come in and see how much you can save! Shop the link in my bio! Thank you for shopping with Macy’s this Holiday season! macystacoma macysstylecrew tommyhilfiger Macys Dresses Fashion KatyPerry Roar

Got this amazing healed shot from @adkride0218 to share with you! Lets all live vicariously in this moment as we all suffer in these frigid temperatures. Thanks so much, Rich! This piece was done at @inborntattoonyc 🐉For appointments or commission art work, email me at megan.chimera.tattoo@gmail.com🦄coverup coveruptattoo healed tradtattoo guyswithtattoos lion blackandgraytattoo liontattoo realism nature naturephotography photography vacation roar animaltattoo animalportrait tattooartist

Special movie celebrating the life of a special person roar

Es hermoso poder disfrutar lo que el Señor nos permite. @larissarivmamatuhonduras lugaresmagicos relax honduras🇭🇳 catrachas lindamitierra roar 😉😎

What an insane night watching @dualipa and @katyperry perform live at the @oneplus musical festival here in Mumbai. Such a deep newfound respect for pop acts, for the amount of work and just sheer scale of production to create an unforgettable experience. Especially Katy Perry. Check out this little snippet of Roar from last night. Man, that was some serious stuff. Night to remember, for sure. OPMF KatyPerry Roar Live

So when i was omw home from work the other day i found some alleys to cruise down. Ton of dope art in all of them. But this is ome that stood out the most. I love the shape of the R's and the colors used. Fun fact. Purple is my favorite color. Shading on this piece is dope too. roar lords lordscrew graffitiphotography graffiti streetart streetphotography painttheworld aresolart. masterpiece runner oaklandgraff oaklandgraffiti getuporshutup townbiz

Snow day selfie!!! Tasmin ❤

. . 🔶✂️閲覧いただきありがとうございます✂️🔶 . フォロー&イイねお願いいたします🙇 . . 【✨✂️インスタ割引あり✂️✨】 ⏩質問、ご予約は気軽にメッセージください!! . . 📷▼image▲🕶️ 【※JELLY※GLITTER※SWEET※VIVI ※ageha※Scawa】 . . . ★大阪⏩心斎橋で美容師してます(^○^) . 心斎橋駅から徒歩2分‼️ . . ★完全分煙🚬 . タバコを吸う方、吸わない方も気持ちよくご利用頂けます‼️ . ★最先端の技術✨最新の商品取り扱い💲 . ★豊富なドリンクメニュー🍹 . 🎁✨🎁✨🎁✨🎁✨🎁✨🎁✨🎁✨ . 【✂️当店のこだわり✂️】 . . 🔷透明感抜群の外国人風カラー💇を得意としダメージに配慮したブリーチも可能に💣 . 🔷最高級毛質のエクステを導入👌バリエーション豊富なエクステで様々なスタイルに適応💡馴染み抜群エクステを是非お試し下さい‼️ . 🔷トリートメントメニューも豊富に取り扱い★オッジィオット★オージュアトリートメントをメインに一人一人を髪内部から修復していきます💚 . 🔷こちらのご予約は僕が責任を持ち担当させて頂きます🕶️🌺 . 🔷分からないことありましたら気軽に連絡ください(^○^) . 👑ROAR👑 【ロアー】 . 📞0665637903 . 加藤【店長】 💇 大阪市中央区心斎橋筋1丁目3-3*SOPHIA心斎橋ビル三階 . ★10:00~20:00 →年中無休✨ .ROAR#心斎橋#外国人風カラーWカラー#透明感#派手髪#グラデーションカラー#メンズカット#ヘアセット#お洒落さんと繋がりたい##インナーカラー#シールエクステ#編み込みエクステ#オッジィオット#オージュアトリートメント#インスタ映え#ハイライト#インスタ萎え#撮影モデル#アパレル#学生#イルミナカラー#コーディネート#相互フォロー#アッシュベージュ#グレージュ#美容室#ハイトーン#デザインカラーが得意

Bumped into an old friend! Con nuestro cuate! 🦁FatherandSon Roar

Had a great day @jurassicquest Someone loves her dinosaurs! jurrasicquest dinosaurs Trex roar

He liked his birthday present. 2 two godson cousin happybirthday dinosaur truck roar

Альбоми Witness & Teenage dream стали платиновыми у Індії 1)Witness ×3 2) Teenage dream ×2 Witness & Teenage dream albums have become platinum in India 1) Witness × 3 2) Teenage dream × 2katyperrysexy kp5 oneoftheboys orlandobloom katyperry newsinglekatyperry teenagerdream prism witness neverreallyover smalltallk hearlysinhawaii justloveyoureself livelaughcry @katyperry @orlandobloom swishswish katyperry bestthismoment lovemenagget smalltallk grammy2020 katythebest firework 12billion ilovekatyperrykatyperrymyworld legend ittaketwo thismoment legendarylovers roar loveme thisishowwedo

Palestra com a Dra. Lisa Coney, Access, ROAR, Como ter uma Vida mais divertida e Feliz????accessconsciousness roar barrasdeaccessbrasil

Oh you know just a T-Rex.. itsjustlikeadog newpet trex Roar @jurassicquest

Ordinary moments roar sundaymorning

Number 9 Joker @sixflagsdiscoverykingdom I love this ride I know it's not super airtime focused and it's considered one of the worst RMCs but it is unique and no other RMC does what Joker does. rollercoaster themepark amusmentpark 9 rollercoasterenthusiast rollercoasterphotography joker dcvillains dccomics dcuniverse dc rmc hybrid sixflags sixflagsdiscoverykingdom sfdk ridewithace ace acenorcal americancoasterenthusiast coasterenthusiast photography photographer nikon nikkor nikond7200 nikonnofilter roar vallejo california

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