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Плевать 😈rsogang

Для ценителей вечного и прекрасного📚 Стикер пак "Литература" в наличии! _____ 200₽ _____comicsshopvladikavkaz comicsshopvlk comics_shop_vlk manga anime comics tvseries geekshop animeshop geek vladikavkaz vlk northossetia rso vlk marvel dccomics dc #литература literature

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Made CannaChocolate Brownie pudding last night & there's leftovers 😍🤤🤤🤤😍✌️💚🍫 ChocBrownie pudding cannaButter rso munchies ricksimpsonoil Baking Yumness SmellsSoGood Grateful Blessed GodIsGood Godprovides AllGloryToGod PersonalUseOnlyNoSales

HondoNoKuttz RSO YahMeYouKno First day of my Birthday weekend 💪🏾🤟🏾😎🆙 Jan18

Мерседес w 221 рихтовка заднего крыла и переднего крыла из алюминия. #владикавказ #осетия #рсо #алания #рихтовка #покраска #Мерседес #бмв #ауди #фольксваген vladikavkaz osetia alania rso alagir ardon beslan avtokuzovkamo avtokuzov armenia erevan hayastan tuning instacars koffee durex bunker bodyrepair tokyo losangeles

Why chemotherapy and not oil ?,simply because chemo is made to kill you in the end, and make huge amount of money for "them,". Anyone can make oil at a much lower cost, and there is certainly a far greater chance of actually healing yourself, and by the way you will not go bankrupt. simple as that.. 🏍 p.s.s. with this bill alone you can make 5 kilogram of oil , enough for 80 people full oil treatment..RSO thc  ricksimpsonoil medicalmarijuana cannabiseducation cancercure cancer ricksimspon terminalcancer chemokills fuckcancer childcancer cannabisoil breastcancer braincancer cannaconsultant chemo plantmedicine health cannabiseducation ricksimpsonoil cbd cancersurvivor cannabisoil braincancer  lifeaftercancer cannabissavedmylife cancerTeamLandon bloodcancer CannaKids Chemotherapy

Weekend ready, thanks @haveaheart (Bothell) for hooking up the RSO by @rso_go it’s been impossible to find in my area!RickSimpsonOil Stoner Edible Edibles WeedEdibles StonerLife StonerCommunity ProfessionalStoner

New room. I’ll finish it tomorrow 😁. 3 years ago I truly asked myself “how far are you willing to go for your health?”. As far as is necessary. Regardless! You can either continue buying into the products and systems put in place to poison us, or do what is necessary for your well being. I can’t rationalize how people will willingly risk their lives on a laundry list of pharmaceutical side effects instead of risking the legal consequences of treating yourself with something that works, is safe and can be grown discretely. I hear excuses all the time. All good. No wrong choices in life. Just don’t blame someone else for your health issues. Life is not fair. Either accept it or level the playing field. Your choice. I’ve made mine. 😊 cannabissaves medicalmarijuana medicalcannabis mmjpatient rso rsooil fullspectrum

💜One more way to show you how to kill the pain with RSO @dripoils. Just a little @smuckersbrand Peanut Butter and that’s how easy it is to medicate with Cannabis.Now that I’m on my feet most of the day, getting a good nights rest is important not just for me but for anyone. RSO is fantastic for my severe pain from back surgery and I get the sleep I need without the horrible side effects from synthetic drugs. 💜 @dripoils @skydispensaries 💜

Запомни меня таким счастливым 💚 . . . #пермь #пермскийкрай #спо #рсо #споантарес #семья #счастье #любовь spo rso spoantares perm permkrai family faceperm

Being passionate about your craft is something to Cherish. @kingsleyflower kingsleyflower dabs crumble shatter wax thc rso somethingnew cannabiscommunity

One of the more terpene-rich “hemp” strains we grew this past year. Smaller buds than the mountain mango phenos in the background, but much more dense & resinous. Which is what I tend to look for when pheno hunting cannabis (as far as flower structure) whether high-cbd or high-thc. It makes for a smoother smoke with less leaf & stem and a richer aroma. Presses better as well. More pics of the 2019 harvest coming soon @evolutionextracts Stay tuned for giveaways over the next few weeks. You guys are going to love the rosin from this one and the cherry wine.evolutionextracts evolutiongrows organiccannabis livingsoil hemp soilgrown cannabis fullspectrum cbd thc thcv cbg hybrids cannasseur cherrywine acdc cannatonic newenglandcannabis cannabiscommunity cannabiscaregiver rso ricksimpsonoil cannabisgrowers solventless rosin freshfrozen bubblehash craftcannabis cannabiscures mmj

Future Billionaires💰 RSO TheMovement

Day 46 this is when she starts to shine. Extreme Cream my absolute favorite smoke. Last round tasted creamy, earthy, and smooth. Can't wait for this next round. Grown by me for my own medical conditions. No other strain frosts like her. cannabis medicalmarijuana medicalcannabis medicalgrower medicalgarden rso ricksimpsonoil thc growyourown chiari chiarimalformation occipitalneuralgia fibromyalgia spinefusion chronicillness chronicpain budshots

💚🌱Day 75 RSO Update!🌱💚 See full video on IGTV or YouTube link in bio 🙌🏼 Yesterday I started adding in some RSO made from CBD from @lebeau.joescbd I took it orally last night and this morning and it has lessoned my brain fog and I feel a bit more energetic. Wooohoooo! 🎉 For the rest of my treatment I plan to add in 1/5 of a gram of CBD feco/rso per day and continue taking my 1 gram of THC feco/rso. feco = Full Extract Cannabis Oil 🌙 My menstrual cycle has always been really regular (28-29 day cycles every month since I was 10 years old). Since doing the RSO protocol I have had much shorter cycles, about every 25 days, very emotional, lots of cramps and pain. I’m interested in learning more about the estrogen connection with the cannabis plant and it’s potential effects on hormones/menstrual cycles. 💃🏻Updates: —Adding in 1/5 gram CBD rso orally —Continuing with 1gram THC rso in suppository form —Eating tons of greens, green drinks and eating an alkaline diet. ♥️Much love to you guys. Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ♥️ . .rso ricksimpsonoil medicalcannabis cannabis legalizeit freedom endthewaronplants weed mota plantmedicine womeninweed crohns chronicpain chronic spoonie spoonielife healing Autoimmune ibd ibs colitis cure cancer invisibleillness chronicillnesswarrior chronicpainwarrior

ENGAGED// ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Dis you get engaged over the holidays? Do you need a badass wedding photographer? I’ve been doing lots of consults this week & booking the final dates I have left open. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’d love to work with you, so send me your date & let’s meet for your favorite beverage 🥰 🥂stacistackphotographysantiagooaks santiagooakscanyonregionalpark anaheimanaheimengagementengagedbridegroomshesaidyesanaheimweddingphotographerengagementphotosengagementsantarosaplateauengagementphotographeridolovekissingclickinmomsriversideweddingphotographerkentuckyengagementstacistacksspbridesexyengagementleocouplebackthebluersoriversidepolicethinblueline⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Who else loves RSO? White Sour syringe and 50mg RSO caps by @grassrootscompanies 🙏🏽👌🏾💨💨 Hope y’all are heavily medicaid and getting some lovin this evening👉🏾🕺🏽🙌🏾 RSO ricksimpsonoil rsoheals cannabiscommunity cannabisculture cannabis cannabiscurescancer cannabiscures freetheleaf sublingual cancerkiller ricksimpsonoilcures dabscurecancer deadhead deadheadbob pammj mmjpatient act16compliant act16 freepotprisoners grassrootscannabis

Super excited about our new swag! Come see us at the @women_and_weed_oklahoma event on Sunday in OKC! We are getting our gift basket together for the awesome giveaways! It’s free to go and there will be tons of amazing people there! Go RSVP and then come see us on Sunday! 💚

Distalation takes forever at 15 degrees rso

Мне нравятся, девочка, твои глаза. Грустные, что у чересчур умного ребенка. ▪️ ▪️ ▪️krasnodar krd krdtyt seawater blacksea waves travelpic riverwalk travacs krasnodar_kray armavir sochi inshot huaweinextimage video instalike spbgram abhazia south summer video rso rso21 #соп_чугунщул #штабсточгу #целина

Time to destress after a long week @rso_infuzionz @drteals . (Content for 21+)cannabiscommunity rso rsoedibles bathtime edibles relaxing selfcare

Words on wisdom going into the weekend @kennedylucasklp interviewing @ggc.lawsociety from this past podcast on @spotify @pandora @iheartradio @soundcloud @itunes at Grizzly Talk Podcast @georgiagwinnett 💯📲▶️🎵 ggc ggcpodcast ready student getinvolved RSO radio viral new podcast stream active voice radio mic Organization spreadtheword gogrizzlies video record progress build service radio radiostation host

injection of life cannabis RSO lfe healing “You can have anything in life that you really want, but you must be prepared to take the responsibilities that go with it”

We get asked what is different between your CBD products than others! We have seen many CBD products being tested that have zero CBD or half the amount advertised!! These brands are high street brands such as Boots! Holland and Barrett’s and amazon. What we provide is public open lab tests to show what our products contain. We also supply full spectrum CBD which has the whole plant full of other healthy nutrients. Our full spectrum products are very natural and have a earthy taste. We have this available in capsules for customers who don’t get away with the taste or they can select our Broad spectrum range which is tasty! fullspectrum fullspectrumcbd ukcbd ukcbdoil cbdoilsuk nature health natural uk walk anxiety anxietyrelief anxietyproblems sleep tired chill green weed rso fsoil feco forest doglife

My first three ever CBD rso runs last year. Not bad for a surprise being dropped in my lap. “Hey. You think you can figure out how to activate CBD?” Umm. I guess it was yes!😁 cbd cbdrso labtested rso rsooil fullspectrum fullspectrumcbd fullplantextract ethanolextraction ethanolextract medicalmarijuana cannabissaveslives

Ask and you shall receive. RSO is BACK! We’re carrying an RSO 1:1 and even a Cherry RSO. 🍒 Stop in today, we’ll be here until 8 tonight. . . .cannabiscommunity michigancannabis westmichigancannabis rso rsooil ricksimpsonoil medicalmarijuana exit9 local 420

Tänään Rso Perjantai-sarjan konsertissa upea Faustin tuomio. Ja kuorot, joista niin suuresti pidän. Jopa pysyin libreton seuraamisessa mukana. rso musiikkitalo oodinkymä helsinki

Family helps even when you think your all alone !! @buzzovenorganics thank you for helping me save my life !! fuckcancer RSOTherapy thcandcbdkillcancer cannabiscommunity cannabisculture RSO PlantsSaveLives

Take it practically everywhere! High THC RSO!❤️ 936 Total Cannabinoids! . RSO, known as Rick Simpson Oil utilizes the full spectrum of therapeutic compounds that cannabis has to offer. This interactive synergy between cannabis compounds has been called the entourage effect, meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Experience the benefits of Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil! . @whomamalou ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 📷: @spliffwizard cannabis whomamalou grownwithlove rso ricksimpsonoil thc cbd marijuanamovement medicated cannabismedicinal recreationamarijuana extractioneering pnwstoners kronic weedmaps growmagazine hightimesmagazine dopemagazine leafly fullspectrumoil fullspectrumextract fullspectrumextracts

➡️ Продаю частный кирпичный 2х эт.дом. ➡️ ул.Интернациональная площадью 175 м2. ➡️ Косметический ремонт, полы-паркет, дубовые лестницы, перила, частично мебель, техника. ➡️ На 1м этаже-прихожая, просторный зал, 2 спальные комнаты, санузел раздельный в кафеле, кухня. ➡️ Высокие потолки 3,5 м. ➡️ На 2 м этаже-2 спальные комнаты, большой холл-зал. ➡️ Под домом имеется подвал. ➡️ Двор выложен тратуарной плиткой. ➡️ Железные ворота. ➡️ Кондиционер. ➡️ Видеонаблюдение. ➡️ Длина фасада 13 метров. ➡️ Цена: 8 млн.р. ➡️ Рассмотрим обмен на 3х ккв с доплатой. ➡️ Фото и видео объекта по запросу 📲 Ватсапп,Вибер,Телеграмм +7-(918)-821-23-24 ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ #осетия #алания #агентствонедвижимостивладикавказа #рсоалания #всярекламаосетии #объявлениявладикавказа #обьявленияосетии #рсоrsovladikavkaziristonosetiaossetia #владикавказ #объявлениявладикавказа #купитьквартирувладикавказ #осетия #севернаяосетияалания #севернаяосетия #владикавказнедвижимость #снятьдом #иристон #осетиямоя #домвосетии #купитьквартирувовладикавказе #осетия #алания#агентствонедвижимостивладикавказа #рсоалания#всярекламаосетии#объявлениявладикавказа#обьявленияосетии #рсоrsovladikavkaziristonosetiaossetia #владикавказ #объявлениявладикавказа #купитьквартирувладикавказ#сдатьквартирувовладикавказе#посуточновладикавказ#осетия#севернаяосетияалания #севернаяосетия#владикавказнедвижимость#снятьдом#иристон#осетиямоя #домвосетии#купитьквартирувовладикавказе

SALE ✅ ✅ ✅ Продается iPhone 7 32𝑔𝑏 📲 Продам айфон 7 32gb.📱 Оригинальный iphone, покупался в МТС в 2017 году за 45т.р. в комплекте коробка , документация, наушники и не оригинальный кабель питания. отпечаток работает. на корпусе всего две мелкие царапины. TOTAL PRICE цена:11 000🔥 PHONE NUMBER☎️ Тeлефон : ‭+7 (928) 928-57-49‬VldOsetinOsetinkaKavkazRsoProdamrsoAlaniaIristoniphonex#Владикавказ#Осетия#Осетинки#Осетины#Иратта#ВипvipvladikavkazsaleSamsungHonor#Куплютелефон#Продажа#Иристон#Молодеж#Качество#кавказprodamrso#лучшийтовар#кавказ#чечня#дагестан

Bmw or mercedes?rsogang

Participa en la rifa de 2 entradas para el festival. . . . Como?? Comenta con quien irías y compartan la publicación.. (DEJE UN MENSAJE POSITIVO 🤷🏽‍♂️) FESTIVAL SIBÚ BY @awagrowersquartzmafia quericofumarrico weed wax extractos rosin rawlife rso THCA tricomas thc unionhacelafuerza organico purohash piedrasnegras apoyenocastigue amolamarihuana amorporlaplanta aceitedecannabis autocultivo amoelcannabis sourdiesel fuckquimioterapia fuckcancer green hash KIEF cannabismedicianal FESTIVALSIB

cbd doesn't always do the trick for me 😪 toleranceissues I've been ingesting heavy indicia RSO for 10 years 🤗 I need that THC baby 🎓 so when my skin starts showing tolerance to CBD I bust out the fullspectrum THC RSO topical for relief... but my stash was empty! 😯 what 🤨 lol so I made more smart 🏆 The skin is our largest organ show it love everyday 💝 rsoqueen medicatedmadame rsoworks geneticmemory natureknowsbest beeswax alchemy

Great to see Sheriff Q and his new partner K9 Storm of @riversidecountysheriff! Looking forward to making mini K9 Storms for the community! k9 k9unit workingdog rso

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