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CATURDAY. Saffy accidentally tore one of the lovely Orla Kiely bed sets, so we got her a new one from M&S, with elephants on. Brushed cotton is our very favourite. We do like to be cosy. caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat cat cats whitecat mands elephantsofinstagram cosy bed

DO YOU REMEMBER? When it wasn’t dark and pissing rain ALL THE TIME? Me neither. I came across these photos from summer which I must have forgotten about. Please hurry back, sunshine. (Swipe for bonus Saffy, forever getting in on the action.) throwback throwbackthursday wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit asseenonme zara hm adidas sunglasses midiskirt trainers leopardprint stripes tattydevine mytattydevine saffythecat

CATURDAY. Saffy is quite partial to a bit of animal print. In fact, the other day she sneakily made herself a cosy nest in my leopard coat. What’s a bit of extra fur between friends? It’s not like my clothes aren’t 75% cat hair anyway.caturday cat cats catsofinstagram saffythecat whitecat adoptdontshop leopardprint

CATURDAY. Saffy has had A Bad Week, because fireworks. The remedy for her ills has been to creep into our bed at 2am, and sleep on my back, like a baby monkey. The remedy for my ills is probably a very expensive chiropractor. Meanwhile, I’d settle for a massage. caturday cat cats catsofinstagram saffythecat whitecat fireworks rememberrememberthefifthofnovember bangoutoforder

CATURDAY. Saffy’s love affair with the cosy bedlinen shows no signs of waning. Imagine how delighted she’s going to be when the electric blanket gets switched on. Now if anyone has any tips for managing the clocks changing, I would love to hear them, please. caturday cats cat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat orlakiely bed springforwardfallback

CATURDAY. Saffy is very pleased that the flannelette bedlinen is back on the go. She would just like someone to fill her hot water bottle, pls. catsofinstagram saffythecat whitecat cat adoptdontshop autumn scotland orlakiely bed

CATURDAY. Saffy waits. Currently she is waiting on Richard coming home, but she is usually to be found waiting for her dinner. Note that I did not say “Saffy waits patiently”. catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat caturday waiting

CATURDAY. Saffy decided to help with my marking the other day. She got bored quite quickly, though. I reckon she’s better suited to life as a lady of leisure. SAME, SAFFY, SAME. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat workisproperbobbins whencanwewinthelottery

CATURDAY. Saffy enjoyed a break in the rain to undertake some surveillance. The weather is truly harshing our mellows, but the birds are probably grateful for Saffy’s reluctance to get her paws wet. catsofinstagram saffythecat whitecat adoptdontshop caturday scottishweather aberdeen autumn

Let me tell you a tale of Saffy's tail 😎saffythecat fluffycat catstail

CATURDAY. It’s getting colder, and darker, and Saffy is all about the home comforts. What she doesn’t realise is that I’ve been cheating on her. For about two years I’ve been desperately trying to make friends with the stripy cat down the street. Finally, on Wednesday the stripy cat called me over, then spent ten minutes making friends with me. Persistence pays. Swipe to see. Just don’t tell Saffy. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat yourcheatingheart

UNIFORM. My wardrobe is essentially made up of multiple versions of the same item. Does anyone else do this? Or just me? Swipe to see Saffy getting in on the action. wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit asseenonme whatiworetowork cos monki monkistyle tattydevine mytattydevine weekday adidas culottes stripes trainers sunglasses teachertogs saffythecat catsofinstagram

CATURDAY. Table Mabel here forever has her eyes on the prize. The prize being the birds. Thankfully, those guys are pretty fly. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat birdsofinstagram prettyflyforafeatheredguy

Tomorrow's Monday. Here's a picture of my cat. SaffyTheCat

CATURDAY. If there’s a patch of sunshine, Saffy will always find it. This one has barely left my side since I was struck down with plague on Wednesday. She’s not keen on the coughing, but I reckon she would make an excellent therapet.caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop sunshine therapet plague2019

CATURDAY. Sunshine and shadows. An eventful week, in which Saffy both caught a mouse, and flat refused to come in when we left for work in the morning. She was VERY pleased to see me when I got home at 5.30. I wondered if she was shunning domestic bliss in favour of wild living, but she quickly remembered about the heated throw. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat feralcat sunshine

CATURDAY. “I woke up like this.” I, meanwhile, woke up with Saffy booping me, patting me, and purring in my face FAR earlier than I would have liked. I swear, it is simultaneously the cutest thing, and the most annoying thing in the world. Obviously I am too soft to shut her in the kitchen, which is the only door she can’t open, so 🤷🏻‍♀️. saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop whitecat sleepisfortheweak caturday

SAUTUMN. That time of year when no-one quite knows what to wear. Swipe for bonus Saffy, who loves a photobomb. wiwt ootd whatiwore asseenonme otherstories newlook tattydevine mytattydevine adidas stansmith asos trainers cords stripes sunglasses catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat

CATURDAY. This photo popped up as one of those “memories” from 15 August last year. Can we all take a minute to appreciate just how pretty my cat is, please? caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat prettiestcat leopardprint

CATURDAY. Saffy would very much like the sun to come back, and is FURIOUS at all the rain. Likewise, tbh.catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat weather scottishweather aberdeen

INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY. How could I have forgotten? This photo was taken on the very first night that Saffy stayed with us. Her furry bed is currently being neglected, but I am sure it will fall back into favour when the weather changes. Right now she would live in the garden as long as she had regular access to snacks. I think she might get a shock when I am back at work next week, and the daytime confinement regime resumes. internationalcatday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat

CATURDAY. In another life, Saffy could have been big in rhythmic gymnastics. She generally prefers to take a nap, though. This one’s been up in the night with a bad tummy. She seems fine now, but we’re keeping a close eye on her, and will ring the vet if anything changes. Getting up to cat sick on the kitchen floor is not my favourite. catsofinstagram saffythecat caturday adoptdontshop whitecat gymnastics couldawouldashoulda naps

I might be biased but I have the most pretty cat. catsofinstagram cat 3leggedcat tabbycat saffythecat prettycat photogeniccat saphirathecat

TOTALLY TROPICAL. Saffy photobombing, as ever. We were due to travel to Glasgow today, but we both have the cold, and the forecast is non-stop rain, and thunderstorms, which doesn’t bode well for two outdoor gigs. So we’ve sacked it off, and are having a staycation instead. Sorry, Space NK. wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit assseenonme mididress trainers sunglasses oasis nike weekday tattydevine mytattydevine saffythecat catsofinstagram photobomb staycation

Saffy the cat loves feet saffythecat

Saffy love feet a unnatural amount :-) saffythecat

CATURDAY. 🐈➕🐆=✔️ Madam here goes in phases, and has taken to sitting on my lap this week. Last week’s moment with the business chair is OVER. Much as I love her, she is very hot. And very hairy. catsofinstagram caturday adoptdontshop saffythecat leopardprint fickle hotandhairy

Left 2019 and the right 2016. So much difference in 3 years. 3leggedcat catsofinstagram cat tabbycat saffythecat saphirathecat millie sassy sassycat

CATURDAY. Srs bznz in the business chair. Richard’s been away most of this week, so I have enjoyed catering to Saffy’s every whim on my own. Her leaping on me at 6.30 each morning, patting my nose, and purring in my ear, has been a particular favourite. Oh, yes. Swipe to see Not-Saffy, who caused me a split-second of utter confusion a couple of streets away on Wednesday. How did she get there? Didn’t I lock the doors? Then I realised that was Not My Cat. Doesn’t she have pretty eyes? catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat ohyes stepintomyofficebaby

CATURDAY. But not just any old Caturday - it’s two years since Saffy came to live with us! When we first met her we were told she didn’t climb, she didn’t hunt, and she didn’t eat tit-bits. Now she is often found sitting on the shed roof, the birds live in fear (last night she got a bloody mouse), and she begs for ham every time she hears the fridge open. She’s a wee monkey, and I really don’t relish the deads, but a total joy. Swipe to see my favourite ever photo of her. caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat killerqueen bloodonherpaws

MANCHESTER. SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR. Cat-sitter problems means it was more of a flying visit than anticipated. Now we are home. Manchester was four trains, Pizza Express, the sound being killed at the gig bang on 10.30pm, getting properly soaked, a 5.30am alarm and airport dash. Here is photographic evidence we were actually there. manchester thenational wiwt ootd asseenonme outfit whatiwore redlipstick leopardprint asos nike monki stripes thisiswhistles mididress saffythecat trainsplanesandautomobiles

HUMP DAY. I am living my best first-class life, en route to Manchester to see @thenational tonight, and @shesmiledyes tomorrow. On my face is Urban Decay 714, swipe for the rest, and snoozing Saffy, who I am already having a nervo about leaving. wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit asseenonme saffythecat urbandecay idles thenational misselfridge adidas redlipstick whatweworeonwednesday brownsauceisthebestsauce

LAZY SUNBATHERS. We keep having to move to catch the last of the sun, but Saffy and I are united in our quest. Madam here was almost a fur hat at the weekend, after she killed a small bird, then sauntered nonchalantly along the roof of next door’s shed, completely ignoring my pleas it was bedtime at 2am. Her pen at @mrsmurrays is reserved. catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat wiwt ootd hm zara adidas stansmith outfit asseenonme whatiwore sunshine scotland aberdeen

CATURDAY. Saffy very much approves of my @idlesband t-shirt. She showed her appreciation by fully coating it with hair before I even had a chance to try it on. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop whitecat idles idlesband bandtshirt

SPOTS AND STRIPES. (And triangles.) Why yes, yes, I did buy that @Monki skirt in another colourway. Swipe for a Saffy photobomb.wiwt ootd whatiwore asseenonme outfit monkistyle hm asos adidas tattydevine midiskirt stripes sunglasses catseye saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop whitecat

CATURDAY. Much as Saffy and I both love the sunshine, neither of us enjoy the Suncream Struggle, reminiscent of the Great Mouthwash Battle of February. Yesterday she gave up and spent the day sulking in our bed instead, punishing me by shedding hair all over my side. Oh, life.caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat sunshine mystruggle everybodywearsunscreen

AN OLDIE, BUT A GOODIE. This ASOS dress is the gift that keeps on giving. Bonus sunbathing Saffy in the background. wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit asseenonme asos nike leopardprint mididress sunglasses saffythecat

CATURDAY. Helpful paperweight cat, available for all your garden marking needs. (Although easily distracted by high-flying birds.) caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop helping

Lazy, side-eye giving bitch, who's cute as shit! SaffyTheCat

COOL FOR CATS. Saffy longs for days when she can sit in the sunshine, with her shades on. caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat whitecat sunshineplease everybodytellsmethatitscooltobeacat

CATURDAY. Saffy very much approves of my purchases, and would like me to go shopping more often. caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop shopping oliverbonas warehouse

When shes hungry and wont leave you alone until you feed her! Meow SaffyTheCat

🐾🌱🐾🌱🐾🌱 ᷀ົཽ✧ ᷀ົཽ✧ ᷀ົཽ✧ ᷀ົཽ✧catsofhastings russianblue cat sleeping sunshine naptime kangaroocat furman hastings saffythecat

CATURDAY. This little lady has been keeping me company in my sick bed. Tbh, I don’t know if she realises I’m poorly, or if she would usually be there while we’re at work. I do, however, know that she takes up a lot of space for a small, and that she is very hot when one is already feverish. catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop caturday sickbed sickday plague2019

HUMP DAY. Today I am mostly traumatised because yesterday Saffy had her first ever kill, a teeny, tiny wee bird. I actually cried. Thank god Richard was around to deal with the body. Here is my pre-incident face, in Nars Yu. Why, yes, I am still wearing jumpers, even though it’s June at the weekend. FML. humpday nars yu lipstick narcissist wiwt ootd topshop tattydevine mytattydevine whatweworeonwednesday saffythecat killerqueen doesanyonewantacat weather rainraingoaway

ON BRAND. We got delightful new bedding on Friday, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Swipe to see the full picture, and Saffy’s take on it. What we don’t get, and I couldn’t be unhappier with, is a bank holiday today. Or half-term. So, here we have L’Air de Rien, and YSL No 1, for Monday. I am GRUMPY. lipsandspritz ysl millerharris lairderien perfume redlipstick leopardprint leopardsofinstagram personalbrand grumpy bankholiday saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop

CATURDAY. Richard has embarked upon the epic task of transferring every CD we own onto iTunes. Saffy is helping. saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop music itunes helping

NATURE IS A LANGUAGE, CAN’T YOU READ? The blossom was over before it even began, and it’s been so wet that the blooms on my lilac tree are rotting away. But. 👀 My @bloomandwild tiny tree is actually, properly flourishing - it has buds and everything! Swipe to see it, and bonus Saffy. nature garden greenfingers blossom weather aberdeen scottishweather spring christmastree tinytree bloomandwild saffythecat catsofinstagram natureisalanguagecantyouread

CATURDAY. When we want to go to bed, Saffy wants to be out carousing. When we want to strip the bed, Saffy wants to be in it. Obviously Saffy is in charge, but I could really do without clambering through next door’s hedge at midnight, armed with Dreamies, plz. catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop bosscat dreamies

FRIDAY FLOWERS. This week has been loving the sunshine, freckles on my nose, being appointed as an External Verifier for SQA, wrangling Saffy from next door’s garden at 1am, and threatening to turn her into a fur hat, reading Mad Girl by @bryonygordon, which prompted yesterday’s post, eating all the biscuits, and a strike-day lunch with my friend Jane. fridayflowers sunshine freckles saffythecat madgirl bryonygordon sqa biscuits strike negotiatenow eisfela whatimreading bookstagram

IF YOU HEAR HOOVES, IT’S PROBABLY NOT A ZEBRA. Oh, wait. Yesterday’s outfit, with a bonus Saffy photobomb, worn for eating delicious brunch. wiwt ootd whatiwore asseenonme outfit zebrasofinstagram thisiswhistles adidas weekday tattydevine mytattydevine catsofinstagram saffythecat

CATURDAY. Saffy is delighted that the shopping ban is over, because packaging is her favourite. This bag contained a rather fabulous pink leopard print skirt, which, of course, it’s too bloody cold and wet to wear. Ah, life. saffythecat catsofinstagram caturday adoptdontshop weather scotland aberdeen topshop

CATURDAY. Today I am making like Saffy, and hunkering down against the weather. Which is hailstones, and sleet. May, you need to up your game, sharpish. catsofinstagram caturday adoptdontshop saffythecat mayday hailstones sleet weather scottishweather aberdeen winterishere

FOUR SEASONS IN ONE DAY. We started this morning with sleet, then came gales, followed by rain, and finally now sun. I know which one we prefer. I am SO happy it’s Friday, and a three-day weekend ahead. wiwt ootd whatiwore outfit asseenonme warehouse oliverbonas asos teachertogs weather scotland aberdeen saffythecat

CATURDAY. Saffy understands the importance of wardrobe building blocks, and considers a black leather biker jacket forever a classic. caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat leatherjacket thisiswhistles cathairdontcare worldsmostexpensivecatbed

CATURDAY. We have a primary school at the end of our road. On Wednesday I spotted this one preening in the window, with an admiring audience of small children gazing in. WORK IT, SAFFY. (While we’re here, just another plea - I need to win pizza, because I never win anything. So please vote for me on the @madformozza page.) caturday catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop pizza helpme mozza madformozza aberdeen voteforme

Elegant and beautiful that’s my Saffy Waffy Woo ♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

FRIDAY FLOWERS. This week has been not-long-enough lies, because Saffy jumping on my head, a haircut, two coffee dates, watching Glow Up on BBC3, and reading Lost Dog: A Love Story, by @spicerlife, which I can’t even begin to tell you just how much I loved. Richard’s off today and yesterday to keep me company, so now we’re off to @madformozza for PIZZA. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 fridayflowers saffythecat lostdogalovestory katespicer mozza pizza coffee bobbedhairdontcare glowup bbc3 easterholidays whatimreading

Apparently it’s nationalpetday2019. This pet is going to be furious when we swap out the flannelette bedlinen for the summer stuff at the weekend. As am I, tbh. WE BLAME YOU, RICHARD. saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop nationalpetday2019 nationalpetday itsstillbloodywinter

Apparently it’s nationalpetday2019. This pet is going to be furious when we swap out the flannelette bedlinen for the summer stuff at the weekend. As am I, tbh. WE BLAME YOU, RICHARD. saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop nationalpetday2019 nationalpetday itsstillbloodywinter

CATURDAY. Saffy disapproves of working in the holidays, and makes sure to thwart all attempts.saffythecat caturday catsofinstagram adoptdontshop holidays easter sqa igetpaidextraforthis

CATURDAY. Saffy gears up for another busy day massacring mouses. An exhausting business, I think you’ll agree.catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop caturday theresamouseinthehouse

HUMP DAY. And 21 days into lentreinvent. I HAVE NOT CRACKED. A proper mugshot from yesterday, in MAC Girl About Town, because Richard was taking my photo for a railcard thing. Bonus outfit, and a Saffy photobomb, if you swipe. wiwt ootd MAC girlabouttown whatiwore topshop topshopboutique whitecompany adidas tattydevine mytattydevine catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat lentreinvent whatweworeonwednesday

FRIDAY FLOWERS. This week has been fighting the urge for emotional clothes buying, SO much marking, reading Animal Matters: Diary of an Inner City Vet, by Charlotte Rea (and weeping throughout), Saffy inexplicably appearing in our bed at 5.30 each morning instead of waiting for me to get up at 6.30, and debating deleting my work email app from my phone. Should I, could I, limit my work to my actual working hours? ONE week until the Easter holidays! fridayflowers bloomandwild letterboxflowers animalmatters charlotterea whatimreading lentreinvent easter hurryupholidays saffythecat

Saffy - mummy loves you like no other, you are so annoying and demanding but I do t care,I will do anything for u ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I AM SO FED UP. Here are some things I want, in no particular order. To sit in the sunshine, and drink a cup of tea. My mum to stop her constant cry that I am just like my granny, who she absolutely loathed. Or maybe I am? To hang washing out on the line. To go out with bare ankles, and without a big coat. To go shopping, and fuck lentreinvent. Not to have the cold - I have genuinely forgotten what it’s like to be well. To be on holiday. FML. saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop sickofwinter hurryupholidays hurryupspring classcold lentreinvent fml

CATURDAY. Saffy, sitting in a sunbeam. The very picture of contentedness. Yes, I know the windows need washed. DON’T JUDGE ME.catsofinstagram adoptdontshop saffythecat sunshine whenimcleaningwindows never

BLACK AND WHITE. A few of my students are doing their final research projects on online influencers. Does this carefully curated world actually make us feel dissatisfied, needy, wanty, less than perfect, and sad? Is it really healthy to take 45 photos to find the one that makes the cut? Here I am yesterday. Picture imperfect. No makeup, unwashed or even brushed hair, and my glasses. Saffy still loves me. But I didn’t want to post this in colour, because my skin-tone is so uneven without makeup, and my nose is a flaky, scabby mess. So... 🤷🏻‍♀️ saffythecat catsofinstagram adoptdontshop makeupfreeselfie influencers blackandwhite noir nofilter

CATURDAY. “Paint me like one of your French girls.” Madam here has been keeping me company in my sick bed, but I suspect she will be pleased when I go back to work on Monday and she doesn’t have to share. catsofinstagram saffythecat adoptdontshop classcold plague2019 sickday

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