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bigsweatysaturday @carldaikeler @shaunt SO there was this @dudewithsign that either thought it was FUNNY or @usweekly was trying to use “shock factor” to get business, fans, likes? The sign said “STOP POSTING WORKOUTS” ummm ok! Normally, it might not be a big deal and yeah some people may find it funny because they get annoyed (which is most likely an issue their personally struggling within themselves.....) but at a time like this! A time of PANDEMIC and SOCIAL DISTANCING and STAY AT HOME ORDERS.... this is not the time to discourage people to get HEALTHY and share A POSITIVE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!! In fact EVERYONE should be working out now more than ever!!! Do you know one of the reasons like 2/3 of US coronavirus patients end up in ICU with complications??? ———> health issues and OBESITY!! So yeah let’s encourage people to NOT workout and just sit around and WATCH TV and be a couch potato while quarantined! And these at home workouts ACTUALLY help with POSITIVE MINDSET and improving MENTAL HEALTH— again exactly what we need NOW MORE THAN EVER!! I get it @usweekly —> your business might be hurting because all the celebrities aren’t out and about for you to snap pics for your magazine- but seriously your MESSAGE is not what the world needs right now!! transform20birthdaychallengegroup shaunt keeppostingyourhomeworkouts

Sorry not sorry @dudewithsign and @usweekly - I’m posting another sweaty selfie for bigsweatysaturday 😅 Thanks @carldaikeler for getting this started and @shaunt for helping me get my sweat on even with a recovery workout! transform20 shaunt recoveryworkout keeppostingyourhomeworkouts

bigsweatysaturday “KEEP POSTING WORKOUTS.... you’re inspiring people and YOURSELF! @carldaikeler challenged us to keep posting our workouts despite what @usweekly @usweeklyvideo posted with message @dudewithsign Some people get upset, disgusted, annoyed, when seeing workouts posted- if that’s the case—-> just keep scrolling because you are not my peoples if you judge something that helps hold me accountable to MYSELF and a commitment I made to myself to become a healthier version of myself! I am grateful for my challenge group with @shaunt transform20birthdaychallengegroup because my FITFAM is that extra layer of support to help me press play daily! @beachbody shaunt dudewithasign usweekly usweeklyvideo

6 weeks right here! . Long post alert! . Today I completed a 6 week (at home) workout program! 6 weeks of working out 6 days a week! And it gave me all the emotions! . I am really good at putting on a smile and hiding my “true” feelings. I have never been one to really show and share my emotions. . 9 weeks ago things in my world changed big time. That’s when I found out my dad was taken to the hospital. And from there things continued to go downhill for the week and a half to follow. I still did everything I could to put on a smile and try to be “normal” around everyone including my closest friends, co workers, and family. This has nothing to do with them not being supportive (because they are and they’re all amazing). It has everything to do with me not wanting to share my emotions. I still do everything I can to keep it in. But that doesn’t mean I am not thinking about it or cry when no one is looking. . Once I got home after my dad passing away, I decided I needed to get back into my routine. I needed to commit to something and do it!! *insert this 6 week program* . This was something I had complete control of. Something that no matter what was going on, I could take 20 minutes to focus on (and take my mind of things). I could take time for me! That’s just one reason why I love working out! It makes me feel better!! Inside and out! . While to some it may not seem like that big of a deal, 20 min 6 days a week for 6 whole weeks is a huge deal to me! I can do hard things, both physically and mentally! And I am really proud of myself for that!!! . If you’re wanting a change or wanting something to commit to, let’s chat! I’m here to help!

Day 6, Week 1: BALANCED. Transform:20 Okayyyyyy, so this is a little recovery workout. Awesome. I can handle this today. DON'T. GET. IT. TWISTED. This is pure SWEAT in my hair. My heart was beating in my ears.....whatdidyousayyyy, @shaunt ? I can't hear you! No. Really. I can't hear. Wait. I can now...ohhhh, maybe not. Is that sweat in my ears? Yes. Sweat. In. My. Ear. Holes. All jokes aside, I am SO PUMPED that I made it through the first week! Sure, I modified the modifier on most moves, but damnit, I DID IT!!!! I know a lot of people are complaining about having to be at home during this pandemic, but this has been AMAZING for my health and wellness journey. (And my sanity! I was stressed to the max and EXHAUSTED from going into work!) bigsweatysaturday shaunt transform20 balancerecoveryworkout consistency backatithomeworkouts keeponkeepinon autoimmunedisease autoimmunewarrior healthwellness sweatpumpedperserve emptynesternomore

SO many thoughts went through my head today. 1. I keep getting intermittent chest tightness that do not correlate with any specific activity or thoughts. Talked to a few colleagues who feel similarly so I think it's just overall anxiety which I've never experienced before. Still monitoring symptoms. Nothing except for poor appetite which is a red flag for me because you know how much of a foodie I am. 2. Workouts are my saving grace. It's 20 min of time that I can dedicate to myself and a welcomed distraction from the world right now. 3. For those who say, you don't look like you've gained 20lbs since the holidays, belly belly belly! 😜 I don't say it to body shame myself rather to showcase the reality of the situation. We're all a work in progress. I'll never be those IG fitness models nor do I want to be. I've had a stomach and hips even at my skinniest/most fit. That's just how my body is built. I'm just a real life resident physician doing my best to practice what I preach. 4. My legs are definitely going to be sore tomorrow with today's workout. 5. I'm overwhelmed with the kindness people have shown me in the last week. I've had multiple people reach out from all parts of my life (high school, college, med school, intern year, coaching) asking how I'm doing, if I need anything, and forwarding me information from companies offering to donate PPE. I'm SO grateful for the outpouring of love. ♥ Keep them coming because we will need it, especially if this is to peak in the next 2 weeks in NYC. And with that, Day 3 of TRANSFORM:20. ☑️

bigsweatysaturday I didn't record my workouts but I did do them. Hailey started off wanting to workout with me but wanted to do something different. She pressed play in Ramp It Up then changed her mind, then she pressed play on Rockin Body Hip Hop and we got through 10 minutes before I shut it off because she said it wasn't fun... we talked about judging something before trying and then I pressed play and finished off Ramp It Up myself and then worked through Transform:20 Balance. It's Saturday so there were many interruptions but I made it through! Both girls started to get tweaky around 4 pm so we got dressed and headed out for our first family walk of 2020. The sun was shining and the temperature was +9° with almost no wind. We took a good 45-50 minute walk and then hung around the backyard until after 6 pm when I started dinner. Spring Break has begun so let's hope for a good week. @carldaikeler @Shaun T @Shaun T's Transform :20 Birthday Challenge Group @Shakeology® @Beachbodyproudmama mumofgirls csectionmama myjourney mywhyishuge familytime noexcuses transform20 shaunt 365er ThreeYearsofLove shakeology TeamBeachbody beachbody beachbodycoach energize beachbodyperformanceline

Double workout days are no joke when those workouts are designed by @shaunt These workouts challenge me every time and I love it! I know my form needs work in a couple moves but I am proud of how hard I pushed myself. transform20 shaunt commitclimbconquer weights cardio step progressnotperfection fixitnichole

Another insanity workout another towel down!COVID19 forcing us to do new workouts!TGBTG buildingbody fit30s ShaunT

This is what you look like after your hubby suggested one tough workout. I hated him 5 minutes into it but am glad he got us out there. max30 shaunt toughworkout

2 workouts and Saturday was done (yes it's 2am now 🍾😩🤩🙄😁) god I hated that work out cardio and Abs should of pushed harder but my body wasn't having it BUT I moved so was better than sitting on my arse xxbeachbody lifeishard insanity shaunt holidaygoals covid19 coronavirus uklockdown history2020 pushyourself goals weightloss behappylovelife

Week 1 done. Hasn't helped me overcome the stress and anxiety that has been draining me lately and rendered me unable to sleep....but it's something. ❤ That's all I can ask for right now. . . . .shaunt transform20 BeachbodyonDemand workout onedayatatime doingmybest

Sweaty tomato faced but feeling good 💪 Throwing it right back to the days of insanity aka the hardest home workout I ever did endure! Aiming to hit 2/3 daily of - easy block run with the doggo (1.9km) - yoga - home workout/insanity

Rest day means doing Cize again. It's Chevanice's 5th birthday and we wanted to dance!cize shaunt shauntfitness workout fitbit calorieburn homeworkout activerestday beachbody beachbodycoach

Practicing for the zoom dance party we have coming up this Saturday. I'm grateful to have something to get my mind off everything. I've been feeling so much anxiety and panicky that I haven't even been able to post. It's a lot for everybody and you can definitely feel the energy and the air. But we're all going to get through this and panicking and having anxiety isn't going to fix or help anything. 💯calmthefuckdownThe one thing anybody can do to help their mental health is exercise! getupandmove This is practice too of this workout, It was so much fun I instantly felt better afterwards. Sometimes I think you need to just sweat out the anxiety! Or dance it out! 💃 Anybody else want to join our dance party DM me for the details👯👯‍♀️

So I took 2 days off. Helped my sister move so that in itself was a workout. And the next day I had to take care of some finance stuff At the bank and it was a whole day thing getting everything worked out. So today I doubled up on the yoga and did one t25. Tomorrow I have sat and Sun yoga to do and a double day of t25. :( - [ ] weightlosstransformation transformation newme yogapractice 3weekyogaretreat beachbody beachbody3weekyogaretreat lifestylechange healthylifestyle weightlossjourney weightloss t25 t25alpha shauntfitness shaunt beachbodyondemand beachbody beachbodyworkout

No gym? No problem. There is NOTHING WRONG with posting your HOME WORKOUTS. Face it. There WILL ALWAYS BE HATERS in this world. . COVID19 is known to be very deadly. There is a reason for “stay home” orders. . Continue to exercise...but at home!!!🏠 . Don’t let “not going to the gym” stop you from exercising. You need exercise to keep healthy! You can simply do them at home. And why not share it? You may be inspiring someone. I used to love sharing! (If you been following me😳) Ya I might be irritating many of you. You might think...who the fuck cares? Oh wells. Can’t please anybody. So ya. @dudewithsign why you so mean? @usweekly 🤔 @carldaikeler thank you for BOD @beachbody @shaunt I did your exclusive workout & I loved it! Quarantine? Press play! bigsweatysaturday bodshauntbeachbodyondemandpressplayfitnessinspire. . 😳wow...long time I never post this kine stuff.

Hiya! I haven’t introduced myself since I first started this account over a year ago. I have made some new friends since then so I thought I’d share some facts about me that you might not know. Tell me if we have anything in common! I love making friends on here and connecting with you guys. 1. I’m super introverted. I get spurts of energy where I enjoy being social, but I always need time to recharge after and I love alone time. 2. I’m more of a dog person than a cat person, but I really love all animals! 3. I am engaged and just recently had to postpone my April 2020 wedding to August 2020 due to COVID-19, but we are excited nonetheless. 4. I’ve been working out from home and doing Beachbody for a little over 2 years now. The first program I did was 21 day fix. My favorite program was 80 Day Obsession. Hello booty gains. 👋🏻 5. I am afraid of heights. 6. I love to the combo of sweet and salty. 7. I want to live at the beach. 8. My favorite type of pizza topping is pineapple. Yes, I said it! 🍍 9. My degree is in elementary education, but I currently work as an account executive. 10. I actually enjoy doing cardio. endorphinsYour turn- do we have anything in common or anything totally opposite? 🤪

Transform 20 again today only from phase two. You know, I forgot how much I need Shaun T in my life. His talks at the end of these workouts really get to me - like they hit me in the core because I've been struggling with so much lately. Starting Monday in beginning transform 20 for real because I needb this right now. We all do.transform20 shaunt staystrong transformyourlife loveshaunt quartineworkout beachbodyondemand shauntfitness

💪🏼🦵🏼 Friday Fight Round 1 (bcuz I missed it yesterday!).. holy effin jesus split plyo lunges keepin those legs toned up! Barely made it to 9:06! Cursin out @shaunt but said with love! 🙊😘 • • •fridayfightround1 max30 beachbody shaunt gottagetit homeworkout stayingfit stayinghealthy plyolunge ouch ketolife

Day 6 is in the books!!! 6 straight days of workouts and 2 of those days were double workout days. I’ve been going pretty consistently since early January! I think I may have developed a love for working out ❤️ noexcuses beachbodyondemand shaunt t20

Between yoga and my buddy shaun t, I just might make it thru social distancing....seriously movement is good for the body and the soul....I even tried to learn the dance steps to a workout program called country heat but I literally cannot put the arm movements together with the feet (who knows maybe I’ll learn something new...talk about out of my comfort zone) but at least I’m showing up for me ...,. . . .yogashaunt transformshowinguppositivity

Pretty great workout day in my own home. Wow. Movement definitely eases the mind a bit. supersweatysaturday partnerworkout litcardio rampitup downbeatstrength gonnabesore morningmeltdown100 shaunt teambeachbody dontcomplicateit jerichomcmatthews

Take time to make your soul happy. Since the coronisvirus I started working out at home for 1 hr. I start off with 20 min Step workout from shaunt from beachbodyondemand then I run/walk after. Workout any anxiety or stress you may have. This helps make your soul happy 😉

Almost put this off for tomorrow, but nope, got it done💪🏾💪🏾 Day 6 ✅ Now I can really rest tomorrow. Did you get yours in??

lil snippet of @shaunt kicking my booty this morning with insanity max:30 made this instagram to track my progress whether it’s good or bad and I feel like I’ve been struggling a little with my nutrition mainly because I’m getting bored with my food so if you have fun, healthy recipes for any meals please let a girl know!!!

max30 done kicked my butt 😤 so I’m so glad that’s over shaunt and I go way back from T25 and he has great workouts that are 25-30 minutes boom imcomingoutofsocialisolationbetter ✊🏾

Workout 1- T25 Lower focus; Workout 2- T25 Ab Interval with Lebron 12 Cleveland(witness). Something about this silhouette I love Nike lebronjames lbj lebron nikebasketball beachbody t25workout shaunt workout sweat kicksoftheday kicks kickstagram WearTesters nightwingknows EmbraceYourSOLE igsneakercommunity brkicks solecollector peepmysneaks

To the dude who wants all of America to Stop posting at home workouts, you have no idea of how hard I’ve had to fight. Cerebral palsy could have taken me out. It didn’t, and what God did for me was absolutely amazing. He brought @beachbody into my life. He brought health, joy, a way to combat my CONDITION HEAD ON. I am a survivor, I am brave, I am empowering and inspiring people with my condition to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It’s not fair that the gyms are all closed. I don’t have that as an excuse anymore. Because God, @beachbody and the gym saved my life. Insanity week one in the books shaunt beachbody fitfam lifeisgood bebrave iamasurvivor

Never stop sharing something that you’re passionate about and that changes lives!!!! ⁣ My life would have never changed if it wasn’t for someone sharing their at home workout videos. I wouldn’t have this amazing community of support. I would still be 30 lbs heavier. I wouldn’t be the confident strong healthy person that I am today if I hadn’t learned the importance of taking that time to work on myself. To use working out as my therapy. To learn how to fuel my body with nutrient rich fuel it needs and mind with personal development. ⁣Because someone shared what they were doing, I found something that actually works, that has all the pieces for success, this is sustainable, and something that changed my life for the better so why wouldn’t I want to share it with others? I’ve been sharing my home workouts every single day for over 4 years now and I will never stop. And I’m so proud to be part of a community that STANDS UP for what they believe in! Keep sharing. Keep motivating. Keep inspiring. Keep promoting a healthly lifestyle. We need it more than ever now. In this time of uncertainty, we need all the inspiration and positivity even if it’s through posting home workouts that is helping someone during this difficult time. ⁣ Thank you @carldaikeler for changing our lives with such amazing products. bigsweatysaturday keepposting keepinspiring usweekly dudewithsign homeworkouts strongertogether everysweatmatters beachbodyondemand beachbodycoach athomeworkouts shaunt mytransformationstory bod onlinesupportandaccountability

Here’s our quarantine routine! What’s yours? coronavirus active healthy family friends gym athome stayathome fitness fitnessgoal socialdistancing fun yeah @chrisengel1978 @bridgerelerick @tamileighmommy @noahenge1_fg4 @elijaelerick @trinityelerick @beachbody @shaunt beachbody shaunt

@usweekly were making you and @dudewithsign famous.... but to show you.... we wont stop. Welcome to bigsweatysaturday and the beachbodyfam. @shaunt / shaunt helped me get where i needed to be. Im 6 days in to shaunttbirthdaychallenge. Im sore.... i hurt... i want to give in.... and give up... but why. Im 6 days closer to my finish line. I want to be a finisher. I deserve to be a FINISHER. I AM A FINISHER!!

Decided to try something different Crazy 8’s and 8count Abs. bigsweatysaturday epi empire carldiekler beachbody fitfam shaunt

Day 6 down with a much better result than the first time doing that workout only 4 days ago💪😅🤪 . . .hpiapparel insanity insanityworkout day6 shaunt insanityresults sweaty sweatlife shauntworkout reddeer reddeeralberta cardio cardioworkout plyometrics plyometricstraining intervaltraining

So I’m not sure if you’ve seen this BigSweatySaturday trend going around today. The gist of is that the usually very funny @dudewithsign account posted a big saying ‘Stop Posting Your In Home Workouts’ . I don’t know if he was serious or just trying to be timely funny with the state of things. Then @usweekly got a hold of it & it blew up. . Look I don’t know if it was serious or a joke but I do know in-home workouts SAVED MY LIFE literally! . I was 100 pound overweight 3x college dropout with no confidence or direction in my life. I saw a friend losing weight & after a long time of being too prideful .. I finally asked him what he was doing. When he told me in-home workouts I told him ‘no way that’s for chicks’ - Isn’t it interesting how we see someone else having results in life we want & when they share how they did it we immediately discredit it or explain why that wouldn’t work for us. Yeah ... that was me too. . But I couldn’t argue with his results. Not only did I finally find a simple system of fitness & nutrition with these programs that actually worked, but I was also introduced to an online community of support, encouragement, & accountability Id never had before. . Over 12 years later I’m still pushing play, still plugged into that community that I’ve met some of my best friends in, & have made it my life’s work to pay it forward to introduce others to the same tools that changed my life.

It times of insanity.. turn to Insanity. My only friend Shaunt

Posting my sweaty selfie!! Self Improvement starts with your HEALTH & learning to find the happiness within. So many people are working out at home, outside or, with their kids & we are causing a big stir. Everyone keep up the great work, keep moving. No need to give up on our goals just cuz we are stuck at home. Keep pushing, keep smiling & focusing on your GOALS🔥 Funny thing happens when you inspire yourself daily... YOU inspire others & motivate them to improve themselves, eat healthy & learn to love themselves too. 💕BIGSWEATYSATURDAY AtHomeWorkouts FocusOnYourGoals Smile FindTheHappinessWithin JustMove ShareTheLove carldaikeler JoelFreeman EliseJoan ShaunT AutumnCalabrese beachbodyresults keepostingyourworkouts sweatyselfie beyourbestself healthandfitness fitnessjourney2020

Some old school Insanity Pure Cardio with @shaunt Beachbody ShaunT insanityworkout homeworkout GymIsClosed

With my first pregnancy, I had no nausea but I was exhausted all. The. Time. This time around, I had nausea for 12 weeks, but all. The. Energy. So of course we are in lockdown and that energy only has very few outlets 🤪 I have been able to push myself more and more as the weeks progress and am loving the way I feel right now. Second trimester honeymoon phase maybe? . . .14weekspregnant secondpregnancy moveyourbody movementismedicine shaunt beachbody holisticmama athomeworkouts fitpregnancy fitpregnancyjourney weekendworkout sahmlife healthylifestyle healthjourney

Me trying my hardest to not lose my sanity during this quarantine by doing Insanity by ShaunT HadMeDead SweatItOut PostPoningMyNextMeal IMissMyGym COVID19 Workout Quarantine WhenCanISeePeopleAgain RunningOutOfThingsToDo

BIG SWEATY SATURDAY! Have you worked out today? Have you gone for a walk? What are you doing to stay motivated, happy, healthy and positive?? I’m so thankful for @beachbody right now. Keeping me going every day with a new workout to choose from. Having a community of people who are striving to be their best selves👏🏻 If you need this in your life right now, I’m here for you!🤙🏻 . Also shoutout to @usweekly and @aguywithsign for being dumb and inspiring thousands, if not millions, of people to move their bodies today and everyday. And yes we will post it👊🏻 @carldaikeler keep inspiring and kicking ass! . . . .bigsweatysaturday usweekly usweeklysucks active activelifestyle progressnotperfection beachbody beachbodycoach garagegym makingithappen selfcare selflove simplehealthyhappy selfdistancing quarantinelife fabletics shaunt transform20

It's a scheduled rest day for my current 10-Rounds program @10roundsprogram, but needed something...I love this workout for some great balance & core work!! @joelfreemanfitness @shaunt @beachbody beachbodyondemand beachbody 10rounds insanity shaunt shauntkickedmyass joelfreeman core balance

Just checking in on quarantine day 17 for us... Lucky for us, our county is two days ahead of the rest of our state because we started our quarantine with a county wide water crisis 😐 I’m actually loving the fact that I’ve switched to “two-a-day” workouts + don’t want to lose track of my workout number for the year 😅🤓 I’m also feeling the need to document for proof of me actually loving the daily double workouts, you know, for when I go back to not liking it 😜

Had a date with Shaun T in the garage today! sweatyselfie homegym stayingfit lockdown shaunt fitness sportsperformance theasylum

This work out will not stand. I have already rubbed it out. I rushed to ‘get it in’ today and as a consequence ended up with Him and the Small Ooman spectating. I should have told them to leave. I could have stopped and done it another time. But I didn’t. And I was distracted. And today’s WOD was not the glorious sprint for the line I imagined it would be. And I was really really REALLY angry at myself, and them. Which is exactly what this journey isn’t supposed to be about. ☠️ And so it will not stand. ❌ I will do ‘balanced’ again tomorrow. In peace. For myself. And THEN I hope I will have earned and be deserving of my Conquer sticker. 🟩 Clearly I also forgot what my I Am card was today. When I had calmed down I checked back in with it and had a think about how I was or was not being resilient. My game plan to re-do today’s WOD is me bouncing back. 💌 Catch you lovely folks tomorrow when I hope I have better news! 🤞🏻 🌺transform20 beachbody beachbodyuk teambeachbody teambeachbodyuk BOD beachbodyondemand commit climb conquer shaunt accountable keepmeaccountable IAm barreblend barreblendworkout dailymotivation WOD beachbodycontainers challenge move movement fitfam homeworkout pushplay stayhome homefitness fitnessathome BIGSweatySaturday indoorphins

We all worked out together today!! Baylor didn't want to... feels good to get moving every day!! t25 homeworkout beachbody bigsweatysaturday shaunt fit stayhome quarantine fitness t25workout

channeling my inner @derekyates

MIND YOUR OWN BISCUITS AND LIFE WILL BE GRAVY!!! I don't care if you have a home gym, peloton, beachbody what have you!!! Keep posting your home workouts even after all this madness is over! You never know who you are inspiring or inspiring yourself to KEEP FUCKING GOING!!!! Don't let anyone dim your shine! committobefit bigsweatysaturday shaunt imhereforyou keepgoing mindyourownbiscuitsandlifewillbegravy teamshaunt trustandbelieve igotyou igotgoals

Hey bigsweatysaturday friends!! 👋 Just finished Shaun T’s Ramp It Up (free sample on the beachbody.com blog) and got my Saturday sweat on!! 💦 . Hello @elevationchurch ❤️ My fabulous coach @the.balancedbooty inspired me this morning with her athomeworkout from beautiful Spain. 💃🏻 If you aren’t going anywhere how about trying an exercise program from home? 🤷🏻‍♀️Every fitness level is welcome here and nutritional coaching is a big part of this supportive wellness group! Get moving! 💕👟

We workout from home and post about it because we FUCKING want too‼️‼️ @carldaikeler @beachbody . . First off this is NOT a untiltomorrow challenge post. (Seriously if you post a workout pic or video for this challenge that’s just sad AF, really). This is my EVERY FUCKING DAY ‼️ Yes life currently sucks World wide right now BUT what are you going to do about it? Bitch and complain about your gym being closed or improvise and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT‼️ Do something and post about it because you want too and because it makes you happy regardless of what negative judgmental fucks think about it. 😁😗✌🏽workfromhome homeworkout homegym quarantinelife quarantine fitcouple shaunt

2.5 mile walk with the dog wasn’t enough to clear the blues so dusted off transform20 because shaunt helps me sweat it out selfcare bipolarsucks hitthewall

Slight typo in yesterday’s post! Today is actually day 9! I really pushed it this time, man. I’m feeling super confident after the workout and it feels amazing! I think fueling healthy habits like exercise and proper diet can be such positive mood lifters! How are you staying positive? Do you workout, binge Netflix or play your Nintendo switch like I do 😉 I wanna hear!

Day 6, week 1 of @shaunt 6 week T20 birthday challenge done!! I didn’t miss a day! Thank you to everyone who supported me this week. Enjoy your weekend! shaunt shauntfitness fitfam shauntbirthdaychallenge thankyou proud

Been keeping extra busy and working extra hard in my workouts because I have absolutely nothing else to do, I did the absolute hardest insanity workout. MAX Interval circuit. Over an hour of everything Shaun T can legally throw at you. It was horribly hard. Thank God for Beachbody on Demand. Seriously thank God. I'm getting stronger than ever and I have no reason to slack on my training and my fitness because I have every reason to be home right now. This is the perfect time to do this. It's a life saver!

KEEP POSTING YOUR HOME WORKOUTS! (YOU’RE INSPIRING PEOPLE!) BIGSWEATYSATURDAYI am SO grateful for these at home workouts... especially on days like today when it is so gross out! 🌧 💨 These workouts have helped keep me sane throughout all this craziness... ...& if it wasn’t for this amazing community of fitness friends, I don’t know if I would press play everyday... or go out for a run... so thank you for inspiring ME!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️☺️ Let’s continue to support one another and keep the positivity flowing! Enjoy your Saturday everyone! 😘homeworkouts shaunt trustandbelieve getmoving pressplay fitfam positivevibesonly

So, I haven't posted any postworkout pics in a while. I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks 😭 because I have been SLOWY recovering (I hope) from a very exhausting "respiratory" type illness 😕 Today my breathing felt almost back to normal so I decided to try and gently break myself back into some exercise ☺ shaunt of course 🤷🏽‍♀️(obviously not insanity 🙄) ❤ a bit of dancing to start me back on track...cize. My body does feel better after working out but it was hard going and perhaps a bit much for my first workout since becoming unwell. So tomorrow I won't do cardio instead I will do some floor core stuff 🙂 . . .imback dance recovery fitfam fitnessjourney fuckcorona exercise homeworkout dancing covid-19 isolation quarantine coronavirus slowandsteady takingmytime staysafe fightcorona stayhome checkonyourneighbour checkonyourfriends #❤ lookafteryourbody

I didn’t realise it was on slow mo 😂😂😂 but I really needed this today! It was slow but still an arse kicker! Made me really want to do yoga tomorrow on my rest day to have a nice stretch! Day 6 complete!! 💪🏻💪🏻 weightloss fitness healthy loseweight weightlossjourney workout motivation fit fitfam fitnessmotivation lifestyle weighttraining diet training instagood nutrition healthyfood bodytransformation healthylifestyle bodyfat fatloss getridofthefat fitspo summershredding caloriecounting shauntbirthdaychallenge digdeeper shaunt

Saturday began with my man, Shaun T..... rest days from 10 Rounds .. but this chick needed to see Shaun T this morning......the day started off good.. but now... ummm ask me another day..... too much! firedupforfitness shauntfitness shaunt 10rounds saturday toomuch goals goals2020 lifegoeson spring angry beyou needtopray love

Another insanitymax30 workout done via Zoom with my friend as we self isolate! The hubby came down and asked why I had created a tower on the stool. I told him it was the best way for my friend to see the tv! Lol! selfisolationworkouts selfisolationworkout covid19workout insanitymax insanityworkout shauntfitness shaunt connectingwithcorinne workoutwithfriend zoomworkout workoutonzoom

Another insanitymax30 workout done via Zoom with my friend as we self isolate! The hubby came down and asked why I had created a tower on the stool. I told him it was the best way for my friend to see the tv! Lol! selfisolationworkouts selfisolationworkout covid19workout insanitymax insanityworkout shauntfitness shaunt connectingwithcorinne workoutwithfriend zoomworkout workoutonzoom

Not to Shabby, rain and thunder might've heled🤪😜 springtraining2020 feltsogood shaunt digdeeper outdoors rainraingoaway saturdaymotivation

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