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Because not all positive changes feel positive in the beginning... I went from building doors to building walls and then lost myself keeping others out. Be courageous and confident in this life, you'll find what you feel is flawed is the exact perfection you needed to move forward. The exact treasure the world needed to see. doors walls ibuiltacastle nowineedamap life beautiful courageous confident treasure shesspecial somethingboutyou majorkey thursdaythoughts pictureoftheday itsalllove

my beautiful friend and my yoga teacher🧘‍♀️💜grateful shesspecial healer guru

Silk Full Length Printed Kimono (one size) $155 // Call or DM to purchase! shesspecial

Проект 365 " Погляд душі". Люблю фотографувати людей! Люблю, коли їм починає подобатись процес, коли починають кайфувати від себе... Валерія, неймовірна людина, що приносить у цей світ порцію щастя і позитиву, що дня! А я, велика щасливиця, бо мала змогу познайомитись із нею!!! portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite beauty smile tenderness deepness sight eyes warmness beauty she shesspecial uniqueness tania_susol_photography emotions mood people personality faces photooftheday instadaily photography📷 project project365 day80

The cat is a derp . .derpcat flurocollar shesspecial squid

“Why isn’t Lil’bean going out with the rest of the babies for a walk?” “She’s officially a puddle sitter...” “Oh” “Sooo, we prefer to keep puddle sitter’s contained until you bring some rain pants” “Have you had puddle sitters before now?” “They are rare but yes, I’ve encountered a few in my career” “Ah” ...daycare convos... . . .ohmygirl puddlesitter shesspecial gottaloveher thatmamalife wehaveaweirdone rainrain walkingintherain babiesintherain

Mama said it was dinner time, so I made sure to climb right into my seat at the table 💖🐶 izzie otisizzieandrue izziebizzieboo heifer kitchentable idowhatiwant malinois malinoismix shepherdmix dogsofinstagram rescuedog rescuedogsofinstagram fattypatty shesspecial

Man. I love this girl so much. My special friend, my ride or die, my down ass bitch.

You are the best daughter and the best sister ever! I love you to the moon and back... you are my princess 👸 daughter loveher shesspecial familylove

Thanks for the SOLID laugh at CVS today, J! 😂😂😂 kids shesspecial qualitytime

I’m so proud of this beautiful young lady! She made the tough decision to quit working at Papa Murphys after almost three years. She was just ready to try something new. After her first job interview she’ll be working at Flat Bread in the Old Mill now. If y’all eat there make sure you say HI to Miss Niah!! We are so darn proud of you!! ❤️❤️❤️shesspecial soproudofherourpeanut weloveyou @niahwinter

Неймовірні зустрічі і неповторні історії! Ти надихаєш і надихаєшся! Словами не описати красу цих очей і силу погляду! Красуня @darakurtash 🥰😍 Проект 365 "Погляд душі".portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite beauty she shesspecial shessobeautiful project project365 day78 uniqueness tania_susol_photography emotions deepness mood sight eyes faces people personality photography📷 photooftheday instadaily

I was loving on Luli & looking back on memories when I found these. She really is 1 of a kind...not only for how pretty & unique she is, she always stands out, but she has that little something special that makes everyone love her. She is smart, sassy, can hunt, hike like a badass, play hard & then snuggle in close like the sweet honey she is. I’m lucky to have her 😘 lulibaby weinerdogsofinstagram bluedapple snugglequeen shesspecial oneofakind shesprettierthanyours

Last night she was terrified of the driveway passed the barns, today she realized there’s good grass passed them😂horsesofinstagram paintmare shesspecial

Calm, Focused And Definitely Unstoppable MondayMotivation Looking Forward For The Weekend🍗🍟🍔🍕🍩🍰🍦😂😂😂 EVERYTHING GODisGOOD “Blessed Is She Who Believed That The Lord Would Fulfill His Promises To Her.” ThinkPositive HomeSelfie Calm Focus FamilyIsEverything ShesSpecial ImBlessed ThouhtsOfTheDay Fesoasoagi Aku Ai Foi I Se Agaga Ua Tau-Faavaivai... Fa'amalosi 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

I don’t even know why I try to close bathroom doors anymore 😂 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••gsd germanshepherd gsdofinstagram gsdpuppy germanshepherdsofinstagram gsdstagram gsdsofigworld gsdofig gsdpage germanshepherds weeklyfluff gsdsofinstagram ottawa thedodo puppiespedia fluffypiqasso dogvideos dogsofinstagram puppypost weeklyfluff bestwoof buzzfeedanimals collarbuddies limitlessdog puppiesofinstagram rykertheshepherd shesspecial sorrynotsorry sassy •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Happy Saturday ❣️ I just threw up all over my moms favorite blanket to let her know how much I love her and how excited I was to cuddle with her, I love you Mom, I'll watch you clean up my mess and you should probably take a shower too 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😭 🙊🤮🐕🐾💕 saturdaymorningswithmybulldog stillcutetho doggiehangover ruffnight shethrowsupwhenshesexcited shesspecial whatamess storyofmylife bulldogmom sheslikeachild mybullygirl pebbles218

Cor De La Elsa. ⭐️🐴 5 year old mare by Checkmate cshababygreennorthherohomebredshesspecial

A squirrel came to the window this morning. Heres Kaiya's 3 stages of inquiry. schweetiepieKai schnepard ladybeard hja queenofsquirrels crazycanine bestfriend shesspecial neveradullmoment

What do you get a girl that has everything and wants nothing? A few hours with the most incredible company @partygoatsla Thank you for making my Sisters day memorable. Happy Birthday Sister!!iloveher mybestfriend animallover partygoatsla doc gizmo theirfamous famousgoats shesspecial anythingforyou goatyoga funnight happybirthday

Проект 365 "Погляд душі". Писати красиво і влучно, це також мистецтво, яке не кожному дано:) Чудових вихідних вам, друзі😊portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite beauty she shesspecial emotions mood soul touchthesoul project project365 day76 uniqueness tania_susol_photography people personality deepness smile sight photooftheday instadaily vsco photography📷

I went back and forth on whether to post this picture or not. Most people I asked said: ‘Don’t do it, it could harm your business, showing a bride smoking on her wedding. People could start thinking differently about you.’ ⁣ They raised their eyebrow when I showed them the picture and I knew immediately what they were thinking.⁣ ⁣ But honestly? It’s one of my very favorite photographs of her wedding day. It might even be one of my favorites so far. It shows a beautiful bride sneaking away from her wedding crowd to take a little break — to let everything sink in. She just got married and — let’s be real for a second — wedding days can be emotionally stressful and I don’t blame her for taking a moment for herself.⁣ ⁣ And for me, that’s what it’s all about. I am not here to judge and I refuse to just capture only the standard shots on a wedding day. I try to capture pure moments and emotions that make a wedding so unique. Those moments that show true personalities and true individuals. And I strongly believe that you should always be who you want to be no matter what others think! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣beautifulbride beconfidentinyourself franziannikaphotography uniquemoments momentsthatcount confidence breakout bewild haveastrongmind strongmindset beuniquelyyou noworrieshere takeabreak charlestonweddings lowcountrywedding youareawesome beautifulmind shesspecial pureemotion timeforyourself letitsinkforamoment itsaboutyou smallmomentsofcalm bestdayofmylife takeadeepbreath yourbeauty hersuccess designisinthedetails fiercesociety destinationweddingphotographer

Everyone Has A Friend During Each Stage Of Life, But Only The Lucky Ones Have The Same Friend In All Stages Of Life🍀 She’s The Peanut Butter To My Jelly🥜 Happy Birthday Beautiful, Today’s Your Day Cheers To You🍻 happybirthday mybestfriend todaysherday shesmypearson alwaysnforever thickandthin gotyourback shesspecial myginger

Get that evil reflection Maci! shesspecial labsofinstagram stillapuppy 🐶🐶

Love having this beautiful lady @zoe_ventoura in my chair ❤️ and having a giggle with you every time 😀 Luv u Cuz 😅 Girlsjustwannahavefun ShesSpecial 💃🏽💃🏽

Expectation vs Reality

Date with my niece😍😍😍that’s only photo of her with normal face 😄😄cutebabygirlgirltimeauntieniecefamilyseoulkorea#이모#조카#귀요미giabeautifulbabeloveshesspecial#장난꾸러기#백화점#데이트happyfamilytimeisntshelovely#이모와조카

Cheers for my favourite BLONDIE! It’s all about her today! All I can do is thanks God that she’s part of my life & say her HappyBirthday ❤️ @alespune! Photo credit: @arion.dan 📸shesspecial myblondielawer blondielady megrateful love

Теплота, вона іде зсередини... Проект 365 "Погляд душі".portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite woman she beauty shesspecial warmness deepness uniquemoment uniqueness tania_susol_photography project365 project day73 smile sight eyes emotions mood soul touchthesoul

In other words my nigga, nobody's perfect. NOBODY! She MIGHT have a few flaws, but if she's got your back no matter WHAT, and she's encouraging not discouraging, KEEP her around. onlife inreallife shesspecial choosewisely everyrosehasitsthorn

Happy Birthday to my beautiful queen @misstiffanysade!!!! Wow big 25. I’m so proud of the person you are and continue to be everyday. All that you’ve been through and have overcome has strengthened you to become this beautiful person that I love and adore. I’m very lucky to have you in my life, you’ve helped me become a better person each and everyday and you’ve showed London nothing but love and warmth since you two met and that means the world to me. Thank you for being you and accepting me and all that comes along with being with me, you’re truly a gift. You’re my lover, my best friend and we will continue to grow everyday as time goes on. It’s your special day but you’re special everyday my queen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU ❤️ 💍 . .birthday 25 happy love queen king together strength bond bestfriend heart twinsouls shesspecial

Coworkers 😍 workfam friends blackandwhite shesspecial @lind1120

Happy birthday to my sister and our family would not be the same without you. You bring a lot of goofyness and puppy love into our family. Cheers to another trip around the world.shesspecial goofball virgo cockapoo jokster sisters makesthebestfaces getsawaywitheverything wegowayback

Проект 365 "Погляд душі". Кожна людина має свою особливу внутрішню магію і силу🥰portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite beauty she shesspecial shessobeautiful project project365 day72 uniqueness tania_susol_photography emotions soul touchthesoul mood people personality deepness sight eyes photooftheday photography📷

It’s a longer one this time. My kid is odd. textsfromsyd shesspecial roadtrips nevadaorbust futurefelon

I just want to wish my Fiancé, rock and best friend a massive happy birthday 🥳( @mrs.s.badger ). You make everything so amazing and I can’t imagine not having you and celebrating this day with you. Hope you have a nice chilled day and love your present. 🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉🎁🎉 birthdaygirl birthday birthdaylove celebration lifegoals bikerchick sexy loveher fiance futurewife shesspecial specialgirl bikergirl instafamily instafam bikerfamily instamoto instachick photooftheday photography selfie kawasaki zx10r ninja superbike mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth ptsd lovelife loveyourself

🤣 Can't fetch in broad daylight, insists on playing in the dark and does surprisingly well...... YouBeenPunkingMeAllThisTime ShesSpecial DidNotExpectHerToFindIt

@lindsaymichellebreen, my darling, happiest of birthday wishes are being sent to you today. My wish for you is that you receive all of the love, positivity, selflessness, kindness and friendship that you radiate out into this big beautiful world. I want you to know just how much your love, support, loyalty and friendship means to me- You are more special than you’ll ever know! Thank you for being you!! I hope this next year is the best yet- here’s to you!! I love you!!!!!🥂❤️🥳🧁🤗 birthdaybirthdaygirlshesspecialherestoyouloveyoucheers

Проект 365 "Погляд душі". Внутрішня краса, вона особлива🥰 вона значно глибша!portret psychologicalportrait blackandwhite beauty she shesspecial project project365 day70 people personality deepness emotions mood soul touchthesoul sight eyes instadaily photooftheday photography📷 uniqueness tania_susol_photography

The best to have and the worst to lose💯shesspecial shesakeeper

Happy Caturday from the professional lounger @rubytuesdaythecat caturday torbiecat torbielife ladybirdanimalsanctuary sunsalutation yogawithruby sunworshipper shesspecial ladybirdanimalsanctuaryalumni 🧡💛🖤🧡💛🖤

Baby Taylen got a gift today, she loves them all and can't wait to wear them... If you need any gifts ideas hit up tays auntie @mrowkat stylishbaby custommade shesspecial oneluckygirl

Genuine Leather White & Gold Cracked Bar Earrings 😍 Available @ www.luvhergurl.com giftshoppe giftideas shesspecial noveltystore noveltyshoppe giftsforher woman girlythings earrings leather gold shop onlineretail

Qwitty was starting to rub at her mouth, so I took her to the vet for a Depo Medrol injection. She'll need these injections periodically, until her allergy drops are fully effective. ••••••○○○••••••○○○••••••○○○•••••• Silhouette qwitty graycats allergies depomedrol femalecats catadvocate cat mygirl sheloveshermama thatface october2014 almost5 #🐈 #🐱 #🐾 meow shesspecial

Feeling extra lucky this morning so this is just an appreciation post for my beautiful amazing wife @aline_mellopaul ❤️. I am extremely lucky to be able to call her my wife, it has been just about 4 years to the day that we met in NY during a @goruck event for 9/11 to honor those who had fallen that day. And ever since our first date to an Eagles v Giants game in 2016 I knew there was something special about her, something different. Just feeling extra lucky this morning so I’d thought I would share, I love this woman with all my heart and more and it only grows stronger every day loveyou love truelove mywife mygirl shesmine shesspecial myworld

This is how we hide from the menagerie of kittens around here. . . .cat catsofig catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram instacat beauty beautyrose tabbycat tabbycatsofinstagram calicocat calicocatsofinstagram shesspecial

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