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We understand that life can get busy and sometimes we forget important things, such as shutting off our Nebulizer. 🙀 ⠀ ⠀ Briutcare's got you covered! Our Nebulizer goes into automatic shutdown when the medicine runs out in order to avoid wasting any battery! (yes, we thought about everything!) ⠀ ⠀ Have you used something like Briutcare before? Let us know how it went! ⠀ If you still don't have it, go to www.briutcare.com and get one that's yours! ⠀ ⠀ nebulizers practical medicine modernmedicine health pediatrics asthma copd meshnebulizer smarttech kidsapps childrenapps breathingproblems breath fluseason theflu cough coughingbaby sickbaby sicktoddler portablenebulizer latestmedicine babyproducts momproblems ⠀ ⠀

...please Mommy no more pictures... Three days of fever mania followed by a raging teething pain until midnight. 😳 Let’s just say I’m surprised I can open my eyes drag my self to work 😳 Kudos to all the SAHM I give you huge respect! Not even going to sugar coat this, I was totally looking forward to dropping Jaxon off at daycare this morning! noguilt 😳 Oh, and check out the pizza I call balancing Work-mom-sick baby life 💁‍♀️ isurvived sickbaby hello

เวลาที่ไม่ได้พ่นยา + ดูดจมูก ก็จะคึกคักประมาณนี้แหละค้าบบบบ 😅 ตะกี้แค่พยาบาลเข้ามาวัดไข้ก็ร้องไห้นำไปก่อนละ 5555 พ่อเดชเอ๊ยยยยยย 👶🏻❤️💪🏻💪🏻 perciemyboy percieathidet percie2 26monthsoldbaby sickbaby @phamie99

Current situation! 🤢 Six months old today and had her first ever sickness bug. Despite being poorly, she is still smiling and playing around and handling her fever better than I would, honestly! 🙈 Last night I paused her monthly b'day preparations due to this, and somehow made this grumpy face sleep after numerous unsuccessful attempts. So yes, six months mark has been touched while we were onto a kissing and cuddling spree. 👩‍👧 Will try to click the due pictures later this week but for now I'm at work and counting hours, to meet her again in the evening.. 💔 . . 6monthsold sixmonthsold grownupgirl obsessedwithher daughterlove babygirl realparenthood sickbaby babywithfever mylittlegoofball lovestocuddle grumpybaby downwithfever babywearing littlefighter motherhoodunplugged realsideofmotherhood mommyguilt momhustle growingup beingbabyishard motherhoodjourney

En toen was ons aapje ziek🤒 Voorlopig geen tijd om te schrijven of wat dan ook te doen in het huishouden. Gezellig cocoonen dan maar. sickbaby nogaltijdschattig kortenachtjes snotoveral levedepoepsnoepjes wordmaarbeter cocooningtime exit_grijzewolk

The face of a gal who is at home wearing these gloves.♥️😭 im seriously so happy. . . . 60lbs down ...& counting. lets do this⚡️ . . . Ps, anchor women, I’m starting a boxing connect group, dm me if you wanna come. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ love keto doterra

แอดมิทเรียบร้อยจ้าาาาาา กะแล้วว่าตัองโดน 💦 เมื่อคืนไข้ขึ้น 38.6-39 น้ำมูกย้อย ไอโขล่กๆ แบบหวัดลงคอ ร้องทั้งคืนเหมือนเดิม ที่เพิ่มเติมคือวางเตียงไม่ได้เลย แปะอยู่บนตัวแม่บ้าง แดดดี๊บ้าง สลับกันทั้งคืน 😱 เจอป้าหมอที่หากันประจำ ป้าหมอบอก พ่นยา ดูดจมูก เลยจ้า แอดมิทโลด 5555 ถ้าได้เจอป้าหมอตั้งแต่เมื่อวานก็จบละ เพอซี่ก็ชอบป่วยวันหยุดป้าหมอตล๊อดๆ 😅 ป้าหมอสั่งพ่นยา+ดูดจมูก 4 ครั้งต่อวัน นี่โดนไปครั้งเดียวก่อนขึ้นวอร์ดคือดีขึ้นเลยนะ หลับสบายเหลือเสียงครืดๆ นิดหน่อย ถ้าเทียบกะเมื่อคืนคือดีกว่ามากกกกกกก หวังว่าจะได้กลับบ้านภายในวีคเอนนี้ ❤️ ปล. ตรวจหาเชื้อไข้หวัดใหญ่ + RSV เรียบร้อย ไม่เป็นนะจ๊ะ (อย่าเป็นเล้ยยยย) ปีนี้เพอซี่ #ต้องรอด perciemyboy percieathidet percie2 26monthsoldbaby sickbaby @phamie99

Finally home to my sick baby girl. Poor little T had a very rough night last night, very high temps, fast heart rate and low oxygen. Hoping we can manage from home and avoid another hospital stay. 🤞🤞🤞 babyT cerebralpalsy epilepsy vestibulardisorder digestivehealth workingmum sickbaby hospitallife

I was feeling sick on our trip but I tried to be a trooper! trooper littleexplorer handmade sickbaby cassandraelizelara endofsummer ootd

Un poquito enferma y ligeramente consentida... muñecademami mipeque pequequerida sickbaby sweetbaby

Spencer is feeling much better and he’s lungs are clearing up pretty well. Today was such a beautiful day that we spent some time out in the yard gardening 😊 gardening ecomama lowwastefamily

HEALTHY VIBES NEEDED!! 🙏 AND YEP, SHE ONLY WANTS MUM 🎀 This is us today. She is vommitting from the coughing, sleepy and breathing quick. Responding well to ventolin and for now we are home. If you know Sadie - if you have been here with me for a while, you'll know this always results in a ED trip amd admission for Sads... her respritory issues are killing us. But we have learnt what to look for. So fingers crossed she perks up. 😕 Healthy Vibes needed. Coffee needed. Sleep needed. sendcoffeeandhugs

A MILLIONAIRE??? Nice headline but not quite right!! We loved telling our story to That's Life magazine this week but anyone who runs a business knows that a million dollars in revenue is very different to a million dollars in profit!!! . . . Check out our STORIES for more details! . . . Our team in Brisbane work hard every day (and sometimes into the night!!!) to run this business and while it provides my family with an income, we are not retiring to the Bahamas any time soon! I wouldn't want anyone to read this article and get the wrong idea! We want to always be authentic and real with you all, as many of you are small business owners yourselves and know how much work goes into a business, hopefully with some profit left over at the end. . . Business is tough and the US dollar exchange rate is making it even tougher right now!! . . . Thank you for supporting our business and we hope we can continue to offer great products at affordable prices and the best service in Australia. Laura and the team Brisbane xx . . supportsmallbusiness millionaire thementor mumsinbusiness mumssupportingmums ausmumpreneur ladystartups mumswithhustle thatslife millionaireclub brisbane brisbanekids brisbanemums brisbanelife snotty snottynoses sickkids sickbaby mumlife bossmum entrepreneur

On this episode of Thoughts of the Parent Sick babies and deployment Since my husband has been deployed, my child has been sick twice. That's twice in 4 and a half weeks. She started a new daycare and school started back so I'm not overly worried. In these 4 short but extremely long weeks, I have missed my husband more that I thought I could ever have. It's not just I miss him as my husband, but as my partner for everything. He's an amazing father and gives off a calming energy that I can't. He's a wonderful cook who knows what I want even when I don't. He is the best husband and gives me breaks before I get near my breaking point. And he's the best friend who I miss talking to about dumb shit. My daughter won't sleep without clinging to me and while I love it, I'm at a point that my husband, as an extrovert, doesn't understand. I get to a point where I don't want to be touched. It's a tired/ stressed thing I'm working on. With 2 dogs and a 9 month old, that's not really an option. I miss my husband taking over and filling the needs of our family that sometimes overwhelm me. Let me know what the hardest part of having a sick baby is for you. • • • • thoughtsoftheparent sickbaby armywifelife deploymentsucks imissmyhusband newgerms newexperience whatissleep

This little dude is still sick. Say a little prayer for Rem tonight... he’s having difficulty shaking off this respiratory junk. 🥺😷 remstagram mybaby momlife

🚫Confirmed🚫 Our little Flame has coccidia, hookworm and roundworm despite being pre treated for these during his 5 weeks in my care. 😫 thankfully it was caught quickly when symptoms came up and treatment has been started. My poor little guy. tnr fosteringsaveslives singleton coccidia sickbaby orphanedkitten Flame

Mommas boy is not feeling well.. Poor guys has hand foot and mouth and strep🤒😷 so ready for him to be better 😔prayers for a speedy recover ♥️ sickbaby feelbetterbabyboy speedyrecover

I've been developing what i believe to be a cold for a few days now, what do you do to pass the time and feel better? . . sickbaby queer genderqueer lgbt melaninmagic queer aesthetic afroculture black qpoc naturalbeauty melanin poppin thicc fat photography art enby love zepeto zepetolife

New school 🏫 year = new germs 🦠

This little treasure has been a sickbaby all week! No daycare, but tons of mamalove babytime familyfirst figureitout 🥰 @_ssstephanieeee_ teamwork makes the dreamwork who knew a sick baby would equate to a beautiful week?!!?

This week we had our first sickbaby experience, Oli had fever, lost of appetite, he was extremely fussy and now we’re waiting for the sling rash post-fever to go away... we took him to the doctor but it was only a common virus, momma and baby are recovering now! sleeplessnights😴 babyflu littleoli 6monthsold babyboy vegasborn fever tiredmom mybabyjournal

Puked on DAD this time. nailedit sickbaby

Poor sick Mr. he handled them poking around at him like a champ again. 💪🏻 momlife sickbaby love family littleman

The world just kind of slows down when your 800 lb 2 yr old has a sore tummy gunnerthesuperhorse.aqha younghorsessickbabylearninghorsemanship

We are truly the walking wounded! Rushed our baby girl aka Ayda aka little general to the vet. IV ,antibiotics and tummy meds she is back home with us. She ended up on these stack pillows! yikes sickbaby beauchampanimalhospital bestvet #❤️ourvet onthemend shot meds #🙏🙏🙏🙏 #❤🐕

Poor little fellow isn’t feeling very good. We were up all night together, so needless to say this has been a very tiring day. I am holding up my force field to not get sick regardless of what these children bring around me this cold and flu season. I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will NOT get sick. | | | notfeelinggood sickbaby wontsleep mommastired getwellsoon cuddlybaby macrame boho bohoroom bohobaby bohomom bohomomma neutral beige skintone redhead ginger gingerhair crystals crystalhealing rosequartz crystalpendant (macrame by @loveandfiber)

Someone’s not feeling well... poor baby 🙁 yegmomlife sickbaby sleepingbaby

Sick baby means all my plans for the afternoon have been cancelled. momlife sickbaby couchpotatoes snuggle whentheyneedmom

I am 7 months old today! I haven't been feeling well the past couple days so I've been cuddling with mom lots. She made me some popsicles today and I'm not sure if I like them or not yet. I love to pull myself up on the side of the couch and on the first stair. Mom says I'm not allowed to go up the stairs by myself though. My favorite breakfast is toast fingers with cream cheese and fruit. That's all for now! Talk soon! -Walter dailyparenting acupofmotherhood stopdropandmom thehappynow celebratechildhood childhoodeveryday themommydiary momlifeisthebestlife momlifestyle thatsdarling bestofmom mybeautifulmess bedeeplyrooted momswithcameras ohheymamas ig_motherhood familyfirst nestingly mytinytribe familyforever whereiwork sahm beingboss iammom sickbaby poorguy lovehim bigbaby boymom

Sick day with my favorite toddler strepsucks sickbaby frozenmakesitbetter thankgodformeds

Well, Dominic is sick 😥 skin to skin, nursing and Tylenol until we can see the dr tomorrow 😫 babyboy lovehim poorbaby sickbaby

I’m feeling better today- thanks for asking! 👍🏼🤧 babyA firstcold

This morning is Te Rerenoa’s first time going to baby gymnastics 😊 it’s the first time she’s going to be doing an activity outside of home that involves being in a class since she finished swimming lessons over a month ago. It’s been hard trying to get her to do things outside of home because I enrol her, pay for it and then ends up back in hospital. I just feel sorry for her because she loves the company of other children so much (she can get sick of me sometimes 😂) swimming ended up being too much for her during these cold months but I really wanted to get her out there and this got the tick from her doctor so fingers crossed everything goes well this morning 💖 nzmums nzmum postnataldepression pnd sickbaby learning happybaby

Its been like this all day sickbaby AddPillowToMyResume

Virus and teething, both hitting at once. Poor baby is so tired, and fussy. So here we are just laying around with all the baby cuddles. raisingmanning teething sickbaby mommacuddles

Check our “must have” Baby Essential from 5Th Star. . Available on Amazon.com, exclusive colors,FREE shipping and FREE GIFT for all orders. . Baby Nail Trimmer - Exclusive colors . http://bit.ly/babynflb . baby babyessentials babythermometer babyboy sickbaby babygirl babybump expecting expectingmom expectingababy expectingtwins firstaid mom momlife motherhood motherhood motherday pregnancy pregnant pregnantbelly babyphotography babyreveal babybath babyregistry babyshower babyannouncement newborn newbornphotography maternityphotography toddler

What an adventure our vacation was! I am sure glad I brought along some of littlest monkey’s books - it’s a bit boring to be camping when you can’t walk yet! However, she also ended up sick which meant a trip to the hospital to check her out (all good, luckily!), so I was extra glad we brought entertainment. ‘That’s Not My Zebra’ is a new favourite, for sure! She loved feeling all of the pages, and the contrast is especially exciting, at her age (lots of black and white in this one!). And I loved getting to read this series to one more baby ❤️. . . . . . . thatsnotmy usbornebooksathome usbornebooks usborne touchyfeelybooks zebras sickbaby campingbc beautifulbc lovecamping getoutside parksvillebc vancouverislandbc kidsbooks childrensbooks keepthembusy wfh wfhmom workfromanywhere canadianmom langleymoms claytonheights babiesofinstagram

@monet192 - T‘es pas toi même - - - - - - - - - - monet monet192 tespastoimme 192 sickbaby singing sing song songs cover musik music

Snuggling with our stuffy little striped sickbaby

Petite colleuse sickbaby 🤒❤️

YES, we want your treatments to be quick and easy! ⠀ Thanks for sharing! 👊 ⠀ ⠀ @chronically_ali So so excited to finally have my new nebulizer , best birthday gift I’ve gotten , it’s seriously so quiet and so fast 😍 in love with the color as well ⠀ ⠀ asthma asthmaproblems nebulizer cysticfibrosis copd portablenebulizer medicine modernmedicine nebulizing steam chroniccough cough theflu healthybaby sickbaby homecare homehealth newlungs fight2breathe breathingissues breathingproblems dailystruggles

Running on empty but On a Happy note we are sick and still smiling! This pretty girl will not give mommy a break today! Of course it’s the toddlers birthday party and there are a million things to do! Lol seriously - who can relate? Always seems someone is sick at the most inconvenient times right?!?!? I need a momcation! Who is with me?!?!? • • • OOTD - LuLaRoeNicki @lularoe

Woke up to a sick baby this morning 😔 so we are stuck at home - - This 30 minute workout took me 2 hours to do - it was not easy with a fussy baby who is fighting sleep, but moving and sweating always helps my mood 😆 so I got in a little here and there and now I’m set for the rest of the day 💪🏼 • • • • • zyiaactivewear zyia boymom toddlermom healthymom healthylifestyle texasmom fitnessmom fitmom momswhoworkout backyardworkout workoutdone fitness athomeworkout sickbaby workoutdone

Watching this sweet babe not feel well is so heartbreaking. And while I love her only wanting her momma, momma just needs to be able to pee and drink a cup of coffee in peace 🤷‍♀️⁣ ⁣ .⁣ Can wait to get her happy sassy self back. And to stop going through a box of tissues a day

Knowing all that I should be doing right now, this seems more perfect😍 The housework can wait! cantstoptime sickbaby mommysboy eastonallan💙

Gedanken tanken, Gedanken festhalten und die Stille genießen babyschlftgedankentankensickbabyvillachnaturgenießenrauskommen

She won't let me put her down sickbaby wants and needshermomma but old reliable vicksbabyrub , nosefrida , and snuggles it is 💞💯🍼. thesnuggleisreal @vicks_india @fridababy .

My poor little man was sent home from daycare with 101 fever. 🥺😔 I know in the long run this is good for him and it’s building up his immune system, but it breaks my heart to see him sick. 🥺 sickbaby myheart sickday littleman owenwilliam mommasboy💙 feelbetterlove

Do you like sleep? Yeah, me too. When baby has sleep support, a healthy tummy, and has no runny nose... all is possible. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ When you add Sleepyize to your essential rewards order... you’ll leave it for the next months order. You might even double it. I did. I have to say I’ve been using the Kidscents line since I tried Sleepyize on my first Essential Rewards order. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I now order TWO of these suckers per month since she also has her diffuser running for naps. I have recently added the Kidscents Calm as well. Now she’s sleeping in a bit. Which momma loves! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Just last month she has a runny nose so I added sniffease with the sleepyize for nap and bed. With thieves and lemon going during the day... she cleared up in about a day and a half. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ve also used tummygize when she just won’t 💩 and the fussing just won’t stop. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ essentialoils essentialoil healthyhome holistichome essentialoilsforbaby healthymom yogamom yogalife momblogger organic wellness fortlauderdaleblogger coralsprings sickbaby browardcounty safehome plantbased naturalwellness nongmo sleepingbaby essentialoilobsessed theoilylife plantbased safeproducts thehappyhome mamahood naturalmom crunchymom nochemicals Babysleep

Day 7 of snuggles, rest & nasty germs. Life has a way of slowing you down & allowing you to clear your mind at the most perfect time. Today, I will be drinking coffee on my couch & holding this sick baby. sickbaby dayofrest slowdowntime

🤕🤒We had a baby come to the Angel Kisses Nursery's hospital. Swipe for progress pictures. Her arm is all fixed. 🤒🤕 Check out my Facebook page "Angel Kisses Nursery" for my full body of work & to order the custom baby of your dreams! . . . . . Angelkissesnursery rebornbaby reborncommunity hospital sick reborndoll reborndolls follow art artist artdoll artdolls lifelike followme realistic baby babygirl babydoll sickbaby love babiesofinstagram babyfever gift giftidea stlart stl stlouis stlouisgram handmade instagood

The struggle is real, My little helper does not want to @poshmark today. babiesofposhmark poshmark reseller thestruggleisreal sickbaby poshlife poshbabe uhuhno nottodayposhmark

But you just have it all together as a mom... says every mother to another mother. But really we don’t say it to ourselves. Am I right? Lily has to take antibiotics. Today is day 2. She is a master of holding her mouth shut or spitting them back out. She has white marks on her face and hands. She screams like she is dying when she sees the syringe. It took me three tries. A lot of tears and a lot of trying with different play time rewards. And as I went in to give them a third time I thought damn... some other mother must not have this problem. And then I smacked my head to my hand and thought. Meh why am I comparing some other mother to me. Lily laughed I put the meds in her mouth and thought that was easy next time just inflict pain on myself make her laugh and boom meds consumed! lifeasamother sickbaby babymeds

打呵欠的过程, 可爱吗😘😘😘 病好了可是整个人还是软软的, 发现妈妈总是帮我量耳温, 现在我拿到耳温计,自己也会做出量耳温的动作啦😊 sickbaby happybaby baby life mummydiaries babydiaries thermometer lazy sleepy getwell love

Breast milk is truly amazing! Tag a momma! Repost by @milkingmommas My toddler came back from day care super congested and generally not feeling well. It was just the start of the workweek and I wanted him to feel better to avoid getting an ear infection or the infection getting worse. I gave him some orange slices, some water, and let him nurse all night long. He was super clingy that night! But guess what? He woke up the next morning and was all better! 👶🏻🙌🏼 . . . . . . . . . . breastfedbaby breastmilkisamazing sickbaby firsttimemom postpartum fourthtrimester pregnancy breastmilk liquidgold breastfeedingmom

Hello Thursday. Today you bring me puffy sleepy eyes. Day 2 of a sick child. Running late with the other children. Worrying about my oldest while he is at band practice till 6:30. And Mandatory Parent Band meeting tonight. But, I know I’ve got this. Won’t kill my vibe. . Wontkillmyvibe hellothursday sickbaby momlife supermama lovedecencyrespect bandmom bandpractice

Got Lincoln feeling better to turn around and have Grace sick. 102 fever and she’s throwing up. My poor baby 😭 missing work again today, which I feel bad about. graceoliviawillow sickbaby

Home whit sick kid today. 👶💙 kos med lillebror som er syk i dag 💙🥰 Godt med et fang og mammakos 👶🥰 homewhitsickkid homestyle sick sickbaby littlebrother🐱 takeanapp sleepingboy loveyoutothe🌙and🔙 holdingmybabyboy cutest aloneathome

Today my family and I were supposed to attend an event in Copenhagen with @flexashopcopenhagen which was something I was super excited about, but instead we are couch bound. I’m on my day 3 with antibiotics to fight the mastitis (brystbetændelse) and starting to feel better, but I’m still feeling super worn down. Olau got called home from daycare yesterday with a fever, so of course there was no way we could make it. So a day on the couch it is for us instead, and that’s okay, because Olau has deemed this setup “coooozy” ❤️ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ____________________________________________________ lifewithkids momoftwo sickbaby honeywildpresets myhome familyof4 babylife mastitis momlife mommylife instamom momsofinstagram motherhood motherhoodunplugged childhoodunplugged growingupwithsiblings siblings momswithcameras honestmotherhood igmotherhood motherhoodjourney babyspam morlivet livetmedbrn livetsommor mortilto barsel morblogger

生病的孩子,突然的感冒,咳嗽跟發燒同時來的時候,換來的是睡不好跟狂吐-sickbaby ✿昨天一晚吐了三次,最後一次吐到沒東西的狂乾嘔- ✿可憐的孩子- ✿媽媽跟孩子都累了- ✿病毒快走開-

For my people who wash their hands regularly.🙋🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ . . . this bottle of foaming hand soap (on the left) has lasted us 6months. All you gotta do is fill up the soap dispenser maybe a fourth of the way and the rest with water 💧 💦 BOOM. Done. Smells great, protects against germs, Non toxic, smooth of the hands, clean and safe for the kiddos. . . . 25% off till Friday! . . . Don’t miss, stock up. All the cool kids are doing it. 🙅🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ doterra ♥️ ⚡️ Link in ma bio

My little gremlin 🧟‍♂️😂🤪😍 Henrik love babiesofinstagram sleepisfortheweak sickbaby smile

Being sick on vacation is somehow worse when it's also your 1st Birthday. 😢😢🎂🎂1️⃣🎁 sickbaby firstbirthday babytravelwoes hallasiatour2019

Un petit gars en petite forme ici, encombré & irritable 🤧 ... Mouche bébé, sérum phy et patience sont mes meilleurs alliés, et beaucoup de câlins. Heureusement pas de fièvre, car j'ai tenté le rdv chez le médecin...pas avant 10 jours. ========================================= Sinon j'ai commandé un petit carnet de liaison 🖋pour les journées de Sacha chez la nounou, je vous montre après si ça vous tente. Il est super bien pensé. ========================================= sacha mrsachapanda lngbnl monfils babyboy eurasianbaby momsofinstagram momswithcameras picoftheday mood sick sickbaby tired

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