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I see you, fellow single parent, at this craziest of crazy times. Your mental load just increased by 1000 per cent, and the stakes have skyrocketed. But reach out, and you’ll find you’re not alone. ❤️💪🏾covid_19 singleparent Link in bio and @mamamiaaus

Hi all, about a month and half ago I signed up to become a life insurance agent. Lots of ongoing training, online classes and I took my licensing test 2 weeks ago and passed. If you are interested on what I’m doing check it out for yourself. If you’ve lost your job or have had a reduction of hours then this message is for you, stop clocking in and become your own boss! Message me for the link, you have nothing else to do while quarantines! hiring whatdoyouhavetolose beyourownboss extraincome workfromhome entrepreneur lifeagent bossbabe boss bosslady jobsearch job business businessowner entrepreneurlife entrepreneurship entrepreneurmindset entrepreneurs lifeinsurance lifeinsuranceagent lifeagent quarantine motivation bethebestyou singleparent breadwinner bossbabes phpagency workfromhomelife hardwork yourtimeisnow

Readers by V Valera is an adventure novel about the long-forgotten secrets of the Universe. Click the link in bio now to purchase print or digital copies, and for in-depth content. Available on Amazon.com!Tarot Intuitive Angels Psychic Moms SingleMoms SingleParent Books PsychicReading Kindle Podcast Spirituality Universe TarotReading IntuitiveReader LoveReading LoveTarot Astrology Capricorn Pisces Taurus Aquarius Leo Virgo Cancer sagittarius Aries Gemini Libra Scorpio

"So you say I'm just another dollar So you say I'm just another day yeah Once my blood was strong but now its jaded and its thin Unlike you I can still tell right from wrong Some day you'll know just how it feels While you left me there twice before Some day you'll know just how it feels Shattered, cast aside, stripped of your pride Like you were never nothing special Made you feel like another spoke in the wheel"caughtbetweenloveandhate . . .inked inkeddad tattoos tattoo tattooeddad singledad singledadlife selflove selfie singleparent bls blacklabelsociety doomcrew bnwphotography colorphoto darkselfieportrait yyc yycliving yycnow calgaryphotographer calgary

When you’re bored af because you’ve been in quarantine for too long quarantine isolation singlemom singleparent bored makeup 2020

I'm kinda bored. I guess. Why don't anyone use Twitter? lol I mean I don't either really but hell I didn't use IG much until I left FB over a year ago. Somebody go follow me on Twitter so I can share shit w you lolcrys crystal 42 42yearsold genx 1977 mom moma singlemom singleparent redhair dyedredhair redhead dyedredhead dyedhair unnaturalredhead selfie selfies filter filters snapchat snapchatfilters crysrockzzz befunkyapp effects tattoo tattoos tattooedgirls introvert socialmedia

I’m improving too @kaydenhines! Get your own blank copy @kaydenhines, and give yourself a pat on the back 🏆⁣ Any other parents hooked on tigerkingnetflix? ⁣ ✅ Follow @parentselfcare for daily self-care tips⁣ ⁣selfcare stayathome shelterinplace quarantine digitalart ⁣treatyoself reward begoodtoyourself bekind bekindtoyourself tigerking selfcareforparents parentselfcare selfcaretips wellness wellnessjourney dailycalm nourishyourself parenting singlemom singledad singleparent selfcarefirst ⁣

Leighton meester birthday countdown starts from today ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💥💥💥💥😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩😘😘💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💥💥🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰💥💥💥💥 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please follow @gossip1.girl . . . . . . . . . . . . .ronaldo rooney shahrukhkhan fashion happy cute selfie me like4like gossipgirl gossipgirledits chacecrawford chealseafc fernandotorres fashion family chuckbass karthikaryan love singleparent family football foodporn fashion family repost nature girl fun art candles deniserichards summer newyork

🌱First time mums, doing mumlife either: by yourself, with just the hubby, no grandparents etc...you guys are amazing & don’t you forget it!firsttimemom firsttimemum workmumlife mumlife workingmum mumsofinstagram mumslife workingmumlife singlemom singleparent mumsinbusiness mumsandbubs

This is my reason why! What’s yours? Comment below 🤍 Our children are our greatest teachers! They remind us daily the meaning of unconditional love, sovereignty and gratitude.motherhood is such a divine gift. moms if you need someone to talk to, have a mom moment with or an adult conversation I AM HERE for you. Click on the link in my bio- Lets connect! momsofinstagram singleparent momlife toddler son consciousparenting momtomom momsupportingmoms divinity sovereignty kids selfcare highestself gratitude

Coronovirus life is exciting - who can build the biggest tower! We can! singleparent socialdistancing fiveyearoldsrock stayhome bored groundhogday staywell homeschool virus

How my mom is surviving her last trimester 😂💕singleparent pregnancy calm calmalbum 5sos 5sosfam # pregnantlife chrisleo family music

Day88 - It’s the weekend! 😅 But wait, it feels the same as every bloody day in isolation... 🤷‍♀️ Today, the days have very much felt like they’re blending into one, and this rascal was very much being a rascal. 😬 Today was also the evidence of what’s happened to our support system. I took THREE breastfeeding support queries, and having just taken a look at my inbox I’ve got another two for tomorrow. With all of the breastfeeding support groups gone, I’m picking up more in my voluntary role, alongside everything else that’s going on. 🤱 Dad’s got her scan tomorrow, and I can’t take her because I’m still technically at risk of showing symptoms for one more day. Nonetheless, once that period is ended I’m going to come out of the lockdown and do the shopping etc for everyone so that my mum can continue to help my dad, and then I can reduce both of their risk factors that way. 💛 Stay safe, see you tomorrow. . . .366days covid_19 covid19 coronavirus mumofboys singleparent housebound cancersucks isolation breastfeeding breastfeedingsupport whatdayisit

#外出自粛 #コロナに負けるな #雪だよ #シングルマザー #ワーママ #こそだて #シングルマザーシェアハウス #シェアハウスmamaandkidsikumama2kids2girlssinglemothersingleparentsharesharedhouse

We want to connect with single and independent parents in a virtual peer to peer support group format! We are in a serious state of housebound and need to know we have more than our four walls and kids by our side. Co-parenting, in-home schooling, activity director, emotional manager, resource procurement, the list of jobs is long... Let's get together online to connect with peers in a virtual group! We will meet online via zoom, and come together to share our experiences, concerns, and triumphs!🤩 Together we will get through.theindependentparent community Guelph singleparent singlemom singledad divorce YourExSolutions virtualevent online lead mom dad covid19

I originally was going to put this dinner on a bigger plate, but realized that if I did, I’d want to eat more than I needed to; I’d want to overfill my plate because my eyes would trick my brain into believing that I didn’t have “enough”. By putting my dinner on a smaller plate, I can see that I am eating enough, and that this will keep me satisfied! I know I won’t be tempted to put more than necessary on my plate, because there wouldn’t be enough room! 👩🏿‍🍳Dinner tonight is Italian Meatballs with Fat free Catalina dressing, and roasted broccoli!!

My goodness I love him. I’m not even mad, he made this video x10 better!! 🥰

THE FIRST EPISODE OF OUR PODCAST COMES OUT TOMORROW!! Click the link in our bio to subscribe to the channel and click the bell so you can never miss an upload! • •parenting moms dads kids siblings raisingkids singleparent singlemom singledad advice parentingadvice mentalhealth family relationships dating education school life skills future lgbt

Do any other parents have them stupid thoughts about they’re children going to sleep and not waking up again? Tonight I’ve worried myself sick about it, she’s not very well again and it constantly scares me whether this time she’ll be okay! I hate it so much! So much worry comes with parenting and I just love her more than anything in the world, she’s my entire world! poppymae mybabygirl scared parentingishard worthit scaredoflosingyou parentsthoughts parentsbelike singleparent parentsworries parentslove parentstruggles stressed myworld mummysworld smiles poser daddysworld mummyslove daddyslittlegirl unconditionallove forever

The Eldest was having his 1-1 night stay-over at his father’s place ... So I finally got my 1-1 night with Riley as I never had such chance due to elder bro who doesn’t allow. . . . . . So We finally had the whole bed to ourselves, Riley had his alone playtime and night bonding with me. A happy boy he is! And a wefie goofing time with Mama is a must on a bright Sunday Morning! momandson sundayfunday sundaymorning momlife mom singlemom singleparent myson memories creatingmemories

Doing something I’ve never done before this week - If you want to... . 👀 Be a secret fly on the wall to hear about this new business project I have been working on. . 🤜 Win some free liquid collagen (giving away 4 bottles)🤯 . 😄 A months worth of clean energy to 5 others! . 💰 Win some cash money as well ...🙌🏼 This might be for YOU.📱 . Best part is you can tune in anywhere, anytime from your phone ⏱ Its going down in a private, 72 hour ONLY Facebook group💪🏼 . 🏆 Health, Nutrition, Performance, Anti-Aging, and partner with me on an Online Income Producing Business🙌🏻 . ☝🏻 BEST PART:: Just show up from the comfort of your home, dressed however you want! 😄 Just say LINK👇🏻 and I’ll send it to ya!

•People in the body of Christ are coming to God as a servant not a son and daughter. ⠀ ⠀ —> Just as the prodigal son.⠀ The older brother was angry that his father threw a party for the 1 that came back after rebelling yet he was slaving away, never left his side. His father said you’ve been by my, everything that is mine is yours.<— ⠀ ⠀ **Its already YOURS, quit begging God and step in and up to what is already given to you and yours!⠀ ⠀ •People are wanting all that God has to offer but without the discipline or time.⠀ ⠀ —>disciples tried to cast out demons but couldn’t. ⠀ Jesus said “What a generation! No sense of God! No focus to your life!⠀ Another version- unbelieving and perverted generation⠀ Or faithless and twisted ⠀ ⠀ Again SPEAK with authority, don’t beg. Declare, decree, believe in your authority and walk in a self-disciplined life which is the spirit God has given you! ⠀ ⠀ 🔥thanks for the live Ron Carpenter Jr🔥

I CANNOT believe my baby boy is 5 months old ! 😱😭 Elliott has grown up so much the things he does are unbelievable. He loves to talk and play ALL the time. This is one of his fav toys atm. He also loves to go in his walker, he even moved himself in it ! Everyday he reaches a new milestone like today he’s been throwing himself back like he wants to just fly out of my arms he’s such a daredevil, he scares me sometimes! He’s getting his first tooth and he tried a little bit of avocado on my finger and liked it ! He’s soo smart and knows what he wants and is not afraid to let you know. 😂 Oh boy do I have my hands full with this little one he’s such a lil stinker! But I love every minute watching you grow and develop. You’re my best friend and you amaze me everyday. 🤩❤️ • • • •firstimesinglemamafirsttimemamasingleparentsinglemamasinglemomsinglemomlifesinglemamablogmomblogpersonalblogbloggerboymombabyboybreastfedbabychubbybabychunkymonkeycutiepie5monthsoldadvancedbabygettingsooldgrowingupsofastmyfavpersonmilestonesgettinghisfirsttoothtroublemakerlittlestinkerladiesman

Di antara penyebab lamanya seorang istri hamil atau belum hamil-hamil, salah satunya karena sperma suami kurang berkualitas, volumenya tidak banyak; ada tapi begitu encer, tidak aktif, dan akhirnya tidak berhasil membuahi. Ada tapi tidak terlalu aktif. Ada pula yang volumenya sangat sedikit sekali bahkan cenderung tidak ada, namun ada pula yang volumenya sangat banyak tapi sangat encer. Semua itu biasanya disebabkan berbagai faktor alamiah. Mulai dari kelelahan, pola makan hingga gaya hidup dapat menyebabkan menurunnya kualitas maupun volume sperma seseorang. ° ° Selain itu karena enjekulasi dini (kondisi ketika seorang pria mengeluarkan sperma (mencapai klimaks) terlalu cepat ketika berhubungan seksual) yang menyebabkan tidak terjadinya pembuahan. Ada pula karena pasangan tidak bergairah melakukan hubungan, dan tidak memiliki tenaga yang prima untuk itu. ° ° Follow dan DM📩👇: @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan @sepesialis_kehamillan Dapatkan info seputar kesehatan organ kewanitaan atau tentang keterlambatan kehamilan _______________________ Contact person : https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6281252022749 _______________________ Like 💜💙💛, komentar dan tag teman kamu untuk saling berbagi tentang info kesehatan.!! .

Stay home, stay safe ✌️

It’s the end of March & you still haven’t started improving your credit, get started TODAY!!! We have a great rating with the Better Business Bureau, because we earned it 💪🏽. We get great results!! :: ☑️Qualify for a lower interest rates for homeownership & other major purchase ☑️Get negative items removed from your credit report across ALL 3 BUREAUS ☑️Get tools to make and keep a financial plan so your improved credit score stays ☑️COMMENT/DM “READY” ::creditrepair creditrepairservices creditrestoration badcredit badcreditproblems badcreditproblem businessopportunity workfromhome workfromyourphone workshop studentloanpayments studentloanpayment studentloandebt bankrupcy entrepreneurship entrepreneur family familyfirst singleparent singleparents singlemom singledad singlemoms singledads futurehomeowner bugdet budgethelp budgethelper financialplan financialplanning

. KID OIL COLLECTION!! Perfect touch system for all the littles!! Easy to use and apply "ALL BY MYSELF" Kids are resilient and are super smart on what they need for their bodies. They will tell you exactly which oil they need. Easy application on the bottoms of the feet or insides of their wrists. . "A unique collection of essential oil blends formulated with little ones in mind. Now with ten loops, add more of your favorite roll-ons into your Kids Collection bag." . ORDER Link in bio.

おはようさんです☁️ #定点観測仙台 (7:35) #無加工 #イマソラ #ソラ sky  アマゾンで冷蔵庫用のドアストッパー注文して一週間。予定日過ぎても届かず…。クレームを入れたら中国だよ💧ヤられた…。 息子氏、昨日は珍しく掃除機かけたいと。始めてやると言ってやらせた小学生の時は真似したかっただけで雑すぎて取り上げた。今回は細かい隙間とかはやってなかったけれど、概ね🆗今日は夕方合氣道。 §:高嶋ちさ子 #新型コロナ による #品薄騒動 は「備蓄してる人に限って…」→『一歩も外に出られない』って言いながら、朝からトイレットペーパーを探してスーパーを歩き回ってるって…。なんかお袋からこの間似たようなこと聞いたわ…。 §:感染者数、日本は過少?首相「隠してない」→これは誰も信じてないよ…。申し訳ないけど。 §:「全ては #五輪 延期が発表されてから…」久米宏が『 #外出自粛要請 』の裏事情「かなりの確信」持って語った→久米さんの言うとおり。 #オリンピック のために国民の健康を犠牲にしたんだよ。 §:昭恵夫人に批判「花見する神経、理解できない」立民→言うてることはわかるけど、己等の料亭ではまずいからホテルなら🆗もワケわからんけど?ブーメランw #福山哲郎幹事長 #福山哲郎 己等の行動も見てから発言したれよド阿呆‼️ §:たけし コロナ関連用語「 #不要不急の外出 」に「用もねえのに外行くなって言えばいい」→これが一番分かりやすい👏👏👏 §:福島で保管の #聖火 5月にも東京へ→東京の方が人集まるよね?で、コロナは?なんか大事なこと忘れてない?復興のシンボルやったんちゃうんかい?もう既に今大会はコロナに世界が打ち勝った記念大会ってことやもんな。おかしいよ。結局東京のための五輪よ。こんなことに気付かない国民もどうかと思うわ…。やっぱり中止になれ‼️ 今日も haveagrateholiday #シングルペアレント singleparent #一人親 #父子家庭 #父子世帯 singlefather journalIntime diary #日記 finstagram

Still March? 🤣😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Gratitude...in abundance!! I wont tag anyone because I would not want to forget anyone. Words of such kindness 😥💖🥰 Yes brought tears to my eyes. The stories of how some of your lives changed- in most cases...I had no idea of my influence. My heart. Love each of you! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To my friends...words cannotnexpress those of you I have talked to...the support, the phone numbers, the resources. In a few cases the money and a big shout out to you who organized my brain by helping me budget (stepping outside of myself is very helpful). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I am in this with others and we will find our way through. I will be on the phone with our MLA and MP next week. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Also a few wonderful Astrologer friends...💖💖 my heart again melts. Your words were both kind and butt kicking 😂🤣 I heard. I listened. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I will be looking to offer some online events for those in the lower incomes who need the support and encouragement and who work so hard and slip through the cracks in society. You are not alone. I am here fighting the same fight!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Love, support and kindness shared shared with me will be overflowed onto you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ If you are stuck, alone and single parent with alot of questions above you. Reach out. There is light shinning and I would like to see us all rise together. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💖💖💖 Much Love, much gratitude...without all of you I could not be me!! singleparent survival lowincome together canadian eastcoast maritimes Astrology

Times have been hard on everyone during this outbreak of COVID-19. Here are some things that we have found helpful during social distancing: Sing a new song Read a new book through online library resources Play a new or favorite game What are some thing that have been working for you? teenparents singleparent stayhome saferathome stayhomenevada

Today was a lazy day. No activities with the kids, no cleaning, minimal cooking (frozen waffles for breakfast, chicken nuggets/rice for lunch). But, this was a necessity! Use boxed cake mix. No one will know you're cheating! pineappleupsidedowncake sogood baking yummy dessert homemade cravings quarantinebaking momlife singleparent singlemom

Outfit laid out and ready to go. Just say when! 😉😏😜 singlemoms singleparent singlemommy singlemum singlemom singlemothers singlemomlife soupromom

Watermelon for proper immune function. lifecoach healthcoach pivotallifestyle motivation healthtips irie familymedicine singleparent singlemoms mom caribbean WestIndian functionalmedicine success weightloss blackdoctor telemedicine yourcaribbeandoctor 🇹🇹🇻🇨🇵🇷🇦🇬🇧🇸🇧🇧🇧🇷🇨🇦🇫🇰🇬🇩🇬🇾🇯🇲🇭🇹🇱🇨🇰🇳

Little photo shoot with my favorite pup Miley 🐶 couldn’t have asked for a better quarantine buddy singleparent

We’re not doing this “being inside thing” well. She’s got a smile that a star couldn’t out shine. ⭐️❤️✌🏻

As a single mamma I find this super valuable for the following reasons .... ❤ time management ❤ keeps me on track with budget ❤ keeps food fun ❤ no repeats of dishes already made ❤ emma learns how to budget and meal plan This and many tips I offer over @ my Creative Conscious Single Parenting Group 🔥🔥 LINK IN BIO !! singlegroup singlemom singleparent menuplanning budgetingtips timemanagement

I can’t get over how much he has grown up and all the things he has be through and over come! He still is climbing mountains and reaching his goals. I don’t think it would have happened if the events that happen didn’t happen. hessostrong love singleparent itsokay healthy happy thriving

Just remember how blessed you truly are . Not everyone can have children, pray over your children and always ask for strength and wisdom because nobody said life would be easy singleparent

Financial need -just under $46k a year -sure. Let me pull that out of my pocket!!! What a joke. singleparent

Today's been a hard day. I look like shit, feel like shit. This is lockdown day13 for us (I took the kids out of school early because of the risk to Ada) and I'm absolutely KNACKERED. Home schooling has gone out the window, we haven't been for a walk in a couple of days, everyone (including me) has had a screaming fit today and none of us know when it will all end. There's no routine, no order and oh my god I've nearly run out of sodding snacks. There is no way I'll ever master Yoga or BSL and Arthur's American YouTube accent is getting stronger by the day.This photo isn't even an untiltomorrow I just don't care anymore 😂🤦 THIS IS HARD.covid_19 lockdownisbullshit stayhome fml parent mumstress thisishard singleparent parentsofinstagram

Owning this Ninja Air Fryer has been life altering! As a parent and single parent,I love how much it cuts down dishes and cooking time on meals for my daughter and I. Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, meatballs, tater tots and more come perfectly crispy, and I can even cook salmon and broccoli in under 20 minutes - INCLUDING prep time. Link in bio to other air fryers on Amazon! . . . . .abbyapproved airfryer airfrying ninja ninjaairfryer ninjakitchen food foodie cooking cookingforkids cookingforkids mom momlife singleparent single mom foodforkids foodfortoddlers kitchengadgets chickennuggets instagram

One of the most important lessons I learned as a parent is to prepare my daughter in advance for any upcoming transition - no matter how big or small. I use these timers at home to help her have a sense of how much longer she can spend on an activity, how long quiet time may last, and more. With the help of the timers and some straightforward communication with my daughter, transitions between activities are smoother and more tear-free than tear-filled. The timers have also come in handy when I’m cooking and taking care of other timed tasks around the house. Link to similar timers on Amazon in my bio! . . . . .abbyapproved time timer timers transition transitions newactivity children kids kidslife toddlerlife toddlers toddlermomlife parenting parenthood preschool preschooler mom momlife singleparent singlemom singlemomlife amazon amazonprime amazonkidsandfamily shelterinplace stayathome instagram

A friend of mine suggested I purchase this VTECH Kidzoom camera (link in bio) to entertain my daughter, and it has delivered! This is a real digital camera that allows for photos, videos, selfies, filters, and games. You can even save the photos your child takes to save and share. I also get a big kick out of taking photos of my daughter taking photos 😆 . . . . .abbyapproved vtechtoys vtechcameraforkids vtechkidizoom photography kidsphotography childrensphotography amazon amazonprime amazontoys amazonkids amazonkidsandfamily toys kidstoys parenting parenthood toddlerlife toddlertoys preschool kids kidslife camera kidscamera shelterinplace stayathome momlife mom singleparent singlemom instagram

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