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What does it mean to be an artist? At the present time I realize that the connotation in many moments has become even pejorative, a way to remember the fabule of the cicada that used to "sang and play" while the ants were working ... What happens is that, in real and scientific life, for the cicada to sing she trains and trains and trains for 17 years to finally sing and die .. is there anything more poetic? Likewise an artist to prepare himself/herself at least has to be dedicated, whether self-taught or not, day after day, tuning his/her instrument, training breathing techniques, studying, meditating, dancing, playing, connecting so that he/she can deliver to the public his/her soul with love and help them to remember their own capacity to love, to humanity, to die and to be reborn with each performance ... Yes, for me this is the true function of the artist, and it saddens me when it becomes distorted ... I miss too much in autobiographical films scenes that demonstrates more of this preparation ; unfortunately this leads us to the idea that the artist was born ready, when honestly, as Einstein said, talent is really 1 percent of the equation ... But what about you, what does it means to for you be an artist and how do you perceive this archetype at the current days ?detection artist # archetype sings dance touch tattoos carve paint evolution dedication rive art # music cinema films teatro autobiographies

One of my favourite CapeTown musicians and people . @danielleap8 ... doing an Aura-Lee apparently lol. Dan runs the musicevent evenings @shishahutcapetown and sings at other local musicvenues. Beautiful soulful man I have the pleasure of knowing. Rock on Dan!

doha_elya 🔥❤ @zouhairbahaoui  #زهير_البهاوي  #زهير_بهاوي .zouhairbahaouizouhair_bahaoui 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵music video videos new story stars starsinger song sing sings songs artworkmorocco algeria fan fans hastaluego dsolémorocco maroc algeria Algrie algerie

Despacito ♥️♥️ @justinbieber . . .justinbieber justin hollywoodunlocked hollywood hollywoodsongs sings songs

wordprompt 31daysofhallowenprompt purgehendrixprompt @purgetraumapoet @mikkihendrix prettyparasite breath yours invading venom longing sings shines sweetness despair flesh goddess lost Word Prompt: Pretty Parasite Pretty Parasite With each breath I take Every subtle move You absorb me I am yours. You’ve become My every breath Invading my thoughts My silent wishes. Your hands Softly you touch Venom tingles on my skin Leaving me longing for more Each silent sound As my own breath Your voice, I listen Magically sings to my soul The morning light Shines upon your face Mirrors mine, its sweetness Reflected back to me. Oh! Pretty Parasite,  I find myself in thee My very purpose In my poetry; Oh! How I deem thee my love Although so often contraire Pretty Parasite, you dance in the moon Rescue me from my isle of despair. Our entwined flesh, no mortal eyes perceive  Forever beyond mere pleasures scope For souls combined giveth passage Through wondrous seas unknown. It is you I see afar, standing Upon a marble pedestal A goddess, forever joined with me On such golden shores so fine. As we unfurl our sails for distant lands The Northstar shines once more Across life’s dark ocean wide Until I’m no more, consumed, lost in you. Michael J Dennis 2019

What an incredible voice✨🔥. Share and like if you also love music . Credit | @kariseedenmusic Follow me @vid_vocals for more videos.bestsingers vocals wow singing singer sings karaoke song sing thevoice voice 6secondcover giftedvoices talented music talent gifted hotvocals allaboutvoices musician justinbieber rihanna voiceviral vocalist acapella goodvoice amazingsinger brightvoices singers arianagrande

With @zouhairbahaoui #زهير_البهاوي  #زهير_بهاوي .zouhairbahaouizouhair_bahaouimusic video videos new story stars starsinger song sing sings songs artworkmorocco algeria fan fans hastaluego dsolémorocco maroc algeria Algrie algerie

I wanted to cover this song for a while now, so here it is... feel free to leave me some feedback so I can improve! *laurendiagle yousay sing sings singing vocal vocals vocally cover cover coversong instacover shortcover

@elojoquetodoloveenlaradio present @raulruizmateos illustrator cartoonist digital portrait before @cglotus sings rap phone morocco Announcer oskyperez interpreter @psymon_sez partner @lu_vargas36 seermusic news laughs tunein @excalibur_sur sunday thursday @exitmusicillescas spain madrid toledo

Billie Eilish - bellyache 🙊 What do you think about Billie?🤔 And sorry for my guitar part, i can't play it 😂🤷‍♀️tynam the singer sings billie eilish bellyache guitar song cover billieeilish

This month is absolutely intense!! I have never thought I will get any sort of awards... it’s crazy! Yesterday not only I received a super prestigious “Young Artist of the Year” Gramophone Award, but also I sang with an Early Music icon, a legend. Congratulations to you dear Dame Emma Kirkby for your “Lifetime Achievement” Award. For me singing with you is like a lifetime achievement. I will remember this day, for sure. Thank you all, so much for your continuous support. Because of you I have more and more motivation to be better and better. Happiness!!!! ••••• Photo by © Gramophone / Askew-Miller •••••OhHappyDay countertenor jakubjozeforlinski sings with DameEmmaKirkby at GramoAwards 2019 london uk ThisIsBoss LetsBaRock AnimaSacra

music is a peace of mind✨🙏🏻 . .music songs sings

Played around with his keyboard when I met him rehearsing. I never knew he sings.. it was really fun bro @dorojeremiah PsrE463. 🎹gospelworship Pianist vocalists sings keyboardist singersofinstagram christiansongs worshipmusic musicvibesbestvocal talentedsingers2day playingkeyboard pianopiano @afrikanmusicians

Te regăsești în postări? Dă un follow și like pentru susținere♡ Swipe ~ ~ ~ Nu tot ce zic este adevărat ~ ~ ~ Tags:zodii zodiac sings zodiilero berbec taur gemeni rac capricorn Vrsător leu fecioara pești Scorpion balanta sagetator Cancer picses lio virgo zodiacsigns zodiac zodii

Billie Holiday - "An Evening with ..." & "Sings" - back in my classroom for parent teacher conferences. Some early morning Elanora Fagan. Special guest appearance by Frank and Franklin the gnomes. . . . . . . .billieholiday aneveningwith sings jazz vinyl audiophile nowspinningrecordoftheday vinylcommunity hifivinyligclub vinylcollection  recordcollection nowplaying inmycollection 33rpm music recordcollector vinylcollector records instavinyl gnomes gnome recordcollector vinylcollectionpost

Good morning!❤️

I just took a nap from the time I got home to now. But uh, goodnight cuz I can STILL sleep. (I also slept after finishing the psat’s early so I’ve slept a lot.)

I just finished the psat’s and guessed on every single one. :) ~ Recommended song of the day: Xanny by BIllie Eilish ( @billieeilish ).

Good morning.🌸

I’m terrible at posting.

Same dress, different occasion. 🥰 ~ Recommended song of the day: Love On The Brain by Rihanna ( @badgalriri ).

❤️Good morning.❤️

I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.😖

I’m impatient so here. :) Koalatonix ~ Recommended song of the day: Oogie Boogie’s Song by Ed Ivory and Ken Page.



Oop- ~ Recommended song of the day: Vienna by Billy Joel ( @billyjoel ).


I suck at posting. :(

I have homecoming tonight. :( ~ Recommended song of the day: Welcome To New York by Taylor Swift ( @taylorswift ).

Good morning. :)


I don’t feel so good.🥺 ~ Recommended song of the day: Human by Christina Perri ( @christinaperri ).

Good morning.

Okay, but The Office A Musical Parody is SO good!!🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰

🥰 ~ Recommended song of the day: Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored by Ariana Grande ( @arianagrande ).

Good morning, Babes! Today is basically like a Friday for me because tomorrow is a teacher workshop day so I’m pumped! (Although I know I have a 4 day weekend, I’m not excited for the PSAT next week.)


I can’t wait. I want to post right now.❤️ ~ Recommended song of the day: Love You Like That by Dagny ( @dagnymusic ). (I might’ve already done that song but I love it lots.)

Good morning!


My stomach really hurts right now, I need food. Also, I’ve done 2 workouts today and I have to do a third tonight.😖 ~Recommended song of the day: Make Up by Ariana Grande ( @arianagrande ).

Good morning! ~ Big thanks to @invisiblekirstin for sending me the link to these!🥺💞

I hate being so tired.

I can’t wait to leave school.🥺 ~ Recommended song of the day: Listen by Beyoncé ( @beyonce ).

It’s been a roughhhhhhh time. :)


I don’t know how I feel right now. Like I don’t feel good or bad or anything really... ~ Recommended song of the day: So Strange by Polyphia ( @polyphia ) and Cuco ( @cucopuffs ).

Good morning everyone!💗

Soft as frick.💜

Okay, but this is illegal. She’s too cute.⭐️ ~ Recommended song of the day: La La Latch by Pentatonix ( @ptxofficial ).

Good morning!☀️

I went to bed at 8:30pm last night came home and took a nap and I’m STILL tired!? Also I love you guys lots and lots!💗

I’m in extreme pain. ~Recommended song of the day: Stand Back by PnB Rock ( @pnbrock ) and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

Good morning. Today, I’m a zombie!🧟‍♀️

I feel sick. :(

Headed homeeeee! ~Recommended song of the day: STFU by Mansionz ( @mansionz ).

Good morning!💕

Goodnight everyone! Sweet dreams!✨

💛 ~Recommended song of the day: Faded by ZHU ( @zhu ).

I really be feelin’ like a 🤡!!

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